The Hysterectomy Survey

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Hormones Matter is pleased to introduce the second study in our Real Women, Real DataTM series: The Hysterectomy Survey.

About The Hysterectomy Survey

By the age of 60 one in three women will have had a hysterectomy. Hysterectomy is one of the most common surgical procedures for a range of women’s health conditions. It is becoming increasingly prevalent in younger women for:

  • Endometriosis
  • Adenomyosis
  • Fibroids
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Cancer

For some conditions, hysterectomy works wonders while for other conditions, it is only nominally successful. The purpose of the hysterectomy survey is to learn more about why hysterectomy works for some women and not others. We’d also like to learn more about the long term health affects of hysterectomy – does a woman who has had a hysterectomy have a higher or lower risk of other health conditions?

Who Should Take the Hysterectomy Survey

Any woman who has had a hysterectomy. It does not matter if you had the hysterectomy yesterday, a month ago or 20 years ago, we want to hear from you.

Why Should I Take the Hysterectomy Survey?

There are sparsely few data in women’s health. Women’s health research has never been a national priority – ever. In fact, a recent report found that only 30% of Ob/Gyn Clinical Practice Guidelines were based on evidence. That means for 70% of all Ob/Gyn medical procedures there are no data or evidence. We find that unacceptable, you should too. Your data will help change that and may save a life.

How Long Does the Hysterectomy Survey Take?

The survey takes only 10-15 minutes to complete.

Is the Survey Anonymous and Secure?

Yes. We do not collect personal identifying information and the survey is hosted with SSL encryption using a verisign certificate Version 3, 128 bit encryption.

How Will the Data be Used?

To inform future research and women’s health decision-making.

Who is Conducting this Research?

Lucine Women, the women’s health research arm of Lucine Biotechnology, is conducting the research. We are a small, woman owned and led group, focused entirely on improving women’s healthcare through better research. For more information on Lucine, click here.

Go to the Hysterectomy Survey.

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  1. I am 9 years post complete hysterectomy, they took everything including me. I have a lot of doctors now & not one in 9 years has mentioned the possibilities of my depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia etc. being from the hysterectomy. It is pitiful that all these so called highly educated & experienced doctors really have no clue about the female body other than having babies. I,like so many others here disappeared right after having the surgery. I was NEVER depressed before, always busy, always happy, considered very smart by most people & bosses & extremely organized before the surgery. Now I’m just mean, in pain all the time & I have short term memory problems VERY BAD,(I set my kitchen on fire causing almost $30, damages) I could have killed all of us. I had gone back to bed & never remembered even turning the stove on. I’ve gotten lost on the road, in a store I’d been going to for years etc. I went thru memory tests $9000. when if any one of my Dr.’s would have told me about the memory issues post hysterectomy/menopause I could have avoided the bills since their giving me nothing for it still. I have been shoved with so many different pills, pain pills, muscle pills, anti depressants & anxiety meds which I NEVER needed before the surgery. I had back issues but was still basically strong, I was a happy go lucky person who loved her life, family & job & was good at it all & now I can’t even bring myself to talk on a phone to anyone, I have become a recluse because of anxiety issues & can’t deal with people & constant pain & fatigue. I even got arrested for getting into a fight with someone. I scream, yell all the time, something I NEVER did before. My poor daughter has to deal with it & that’s what I hate the most. I hate that her memories of me will be of this evil person I have become. I would get into arguments with bosses etc. & that was never me, I was always the one getting promoted to supervisor on almost every job I ever had. I was always the one to work harder, stay longer etc. Post surgery I could barely bring myself to go to work & watched the clock all day to hurry & get out of there. I am always aching all over. I always use the expression that the cure is the ailment. Yes I stopped bleeding to death but at what a price. I cry all the time, something I never used to do. I want to die most of the time. I feel bipolar only there is no high of happy, only crying or meanness. We post menopause don’t make estrogen anymore. The thing that makes us women is gone & Dr.’s don’t want to give us the estrogen we need to function. If they are worried about cancer from it, I would rather live out my last days happy & close to the person I was & die of cancer than live one more day the way I am right now & wanting to commit suicide daily. I haven’t done it so far because it is still obvious every day how much my daughter still needs me. Once she graduates from college & has a career & life of her own I’m done unless some Dr. finally get’s me on something that actually works on all this. Insurance will pay for men to get Viagra but won’t pay for hormone replacement for women. It’s still a man’s world unfortunately, & men could care less about us & they just chalk it up to it’s all in our heads. We can’t all be (really)crazy if we’re all saying the same things.

    1. Dear Rose, I have shocked many people who have not been able to understand what’s happened after such as similar surgery by explaining it in this manner Poland how would it be for a man to have his balls removed and a third of his penis cut off? How would he feel about himself and how would he feel being in the world? This is the question that women who have had hysterectomies are faced with, made worse because this truth is invisible to the world because our organs are on the inside of our body. Not only that but we have also had to deal with extremely painful and invasive surgery for this to happen, so it feels like a bit of a betrayal to one’s self to allow oneself to be so cut up, with a key piece of the essence of our selves, the person we are, cut and ripped from our bodies.
      Btw, you might look into a transdermal, natural progesterone cream. Many of the things that we believed wfere due to low estrgen, like brain fog,could be low progesterone. Goog,luck

  2. Hello,
    Yes,I agree we need to make changes and inform others about uninformed and unnecessary hysterectomy.I have put up flyers and ads to start a support group in my area.I was thinking about contacting The Institute for Documentary Filmmaking Columbian College of Arts &Science, my quest into finding a college student;To tell my story about my Hysterectomy and a opportunity to have an open discussion about the devastating effects this so called routine procedure has had on my life and the family that cares for me.Im not a writer or a speaker.I AM A VICTIM…

  3. I had a hysterectomy/oomph erecting in 2010 because my on/gyn frightened me into the surgery and said he was putting me on schedule for surgery the next day. I was not in any medical emergency. I believe he didn’t want me to have time to think about it. I told him NOT to take my ovaries and wrote that on my hospital paperwork pre surgery. My only problem was heavy menstrual periods. My life has been TORTURE since this surgery! The dr gave me a minuscule dose of estrogen patch that did not stop the anxiety, sleeplessness, change in bonding/nurturing personality lost. PLEASE HELP ME ?
    Kim O’Nan

    1. I plan my suicide constantly since week 6 post op. It destroyed me. I’ve lost me. I am only here for my family but really, the person they loved is long gone and it’ll be doing them a huge favour. The Drs lie.
      I just wish I died during the surgery so at least I’d be remembered and not this dust I have become.

      1. Sharon, My heart breaks for you. I know all too well what you’re going through. Suicide was on my mind 24×7 for a long time after my organs were needlessly removed. The thought of what that would do to my family kept me from taking that path. Although hormones aren’t the answer for everyone, getting a decent amount of estrogen in my body did wonders for the depression and suicide ideation. I would be lying if I told you it was a miracle cure. Although I am still not the happy, vibrant woman I was before surgery, I am a far cry from the suicidal basket case I was back then. This article talks about the link between hormones and suicide – There are a lot of articles about hysterectomy and oophorectomy here on Hormones Matter. You can use the search box to find them.

        Individual and group therapy may also be helpful in dealing with the after effects of the surgery as well as the betrayal by doctors and other medical professionals.

        It really is sad and appalling how these doctors lie to women to get them to consent to these surgeries. Who could ever imagine this happens and has been for decades? We owe it to future generations to fight this abuse of women. We need to make our voices heard LOUD AND CLEAR.

        Best of luck to you in moving forward.

    2. Kim, You describe how I feel. This has been torture. I had a hysterectomy in Aug 2012. The doctor said that I needed a hysterectomy and I trusted him. I told him not to take my ovaries but he did anyway. I woke up from the surgery and the first thing I said was something is not right. However, I did not know that my ovaries were gone until about 8 weeks after the surgery when I was having a nervous breakdown. I went to him and said you have to check my hormones, something is wrong. He laughed and said hormones, what hormones, you don’t have any. I have spent $500.00 every 4 months on hormone pellets. they helped, but it is not a cure. Now I can no longer afford the pellets. I lost my job, my home, etc.. I feel like I am the butt of some horrible joke. I can not get over it , or heal because what I need is gone. I feel as though part of my soul was ripped away. The person I was is dead. now its just torture. I wake up wanting to die and go to sleep wanting to die. My personal and professional reputation is ruined. replaced by crazy lady. I keep telling the doctors that it is physical, not mental. I do not want to be remembered this way. you can not make anyone understand unless they are going thru the same thing. The doctor RUINED my life. It has also affected the lives of my children and other family members. I am lost. I don’t know what to do anymore. I wish the doctor that did this to me was castrated so he would know what this feels like.

    3. I started seeing a chiropractor for pelvic adjustments since my hysterectomy/omph May 2017 which was supposed to check for cancer as an initial biopsy from the endometrium was found to have malignant cells so I was told i had uterine cancer never saw the pathology prior to surgery. The surgeon has refused to see me since I have only seen her residents post-op even on the same day as the surgery back on the ward Now after all this mutilation, the post-op resident said surgeon {she was at work but never came to seeme, sent the resident instead}said it’s so unusual to not find any evidence of cancer in anything that was removed during my surgery so I am glad and sad all at once – relieved that I probably do not have cancer so no need for radiation and chemo but i will never be the same woman as I know i used to have uterine orgasms and I will not know until I find another man since my husband of 33-yrs now wants a divorce. We were separated, he left after I had a stroke prior to the surgery so he’s no better than the mutilators. in my gut I felt like cancer was the scare tactic that was used to get me to agree to this surgery because this surgeon was always aloof from the very first day I saw her for the diagnosis and treatment options the room was over-crowded with her resident researchers conducting some study that they needed me to participate in and wanted an answer at the same time i was being given this terrible news. I know from fondling my nipples and reading sexually explicit stories that I have changed sexually permanently without having to deal with any man. I am very lucky to survive this surgery given my current medical health but I have great faith and that has sustained me throughout my ordeal and since these recent chiropractic treatments, I have better, more restful sleep.

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