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LucineTM and Hormones MatterTM believe that the women’s healthcare sector is misaligned and often contrary to a woman’s actual health needs. We intend to change that. In addition to providing cutting edge and sometimes edgy health stories and undertaking important women’s health research, we feel it is important to tell physicians, insurers, policy leaders and politicians what we think and where we want change.

Everything from access to care and the right to make critical healthcare decisions to the type of research, medication and procedures used in women’s healthcare is at stake.  We must make our voices heard.  Internet petitions allow us to do that in a way never before possible.

Hormones MatterTM is working with like minded organizations to petition the necessary parties. As we grow, we will create our own petitions to change women’s healthcare forever. Take a few minutes, browse the petitions, sign the ones that are appropriate to you and then share within your social networks. Together we are strong.

To suggest a petition or list your health petition on our site, please contact us at:

Petitions for Better Women’s Health

Thyroid change petitionA ThyroidChangeTM sponsored petition that brings awareness to the enormity of thyroid patient suffering and will be sent to 30+ professional medical organizations worldwide. To learn more and sign this petition, click: Endocrinologists: Patients with Thyroid  Dysfunction Demand Better Care


hysterectomy consequences Hysterectomy Consequences by Robin Karr sponsored petition. Every year in the U.S., over half a million women undergo hysterectomy and approximately 75% of those women also undergo ovary removal (castration). Some estimates suggest that up to 90% of hysterectomies are unnecessary. As women, we demand better health options. To learn more about unnecessary hysterectomy and sign this petition, click: Help Stop Unnecessary Hysterectomy and Castration.

Stop Gardasil Cervarix Petition The HPV vaccine has induced severe adverse reactions in thousands of young girls and boys worldwide. We have featured some of these stories here on Hormones Matter and are currently researching the adverse events: Gardasil, Cervarix HPV Vaccine Survey. In an effort to prevent additional vaccine-related injuries, German researcher and osteopath Christof Plothe has initiated a petition to STOP the HPV Vaccination program for immediate scientific reevaluation. The petition is German, but translated into English. Please help prevent future HPV vaccine injuries and initiate additional safety research by signing this PETITION. It only takes a few seconds to sign. Thank you.

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  1. Hi! I am 60 years old and just very recently decided to use HRT for my menopausal symptoms. I’ve weighed the pros and cons and made an educated decision to go ahead and try to make myself feel better and live better. I’ve struggled with deppression, anxiety, insomnia,night sweats, irritability, mood swings- and I mean an emotional roller coaster ladies. So, after many years of merely treating the symptoms I thought it was time to get at the cause. My body is still in adjustment phase, but I’m going to stay on this as long as needed. Some years ago I sat in a doctor’s office waiting to talk to him about the huge blood clots I was passing during my periods. I happened to come across an article about just that in a magazine. It talked about a very new procedure to avoid a hysterectomy. They simply cauterize or remove the lining of the uterus. This fixed my problem, and I was very happy with the results. There are other options besides hysterectomies. You need to take charge of you health and your bodies. Do your homework,ask questions,research, do whatever it takes to do what is best for you! Good luck everyone- it’s only menopause- just another part of life. I also find exercise is a great tool for everything that ails you.

  2. I’m writing because my daughter had ESSURE IMPLANTS in 8 years ago. Over time she has had many health problems she never encountered before them. 1. She has very painful periods 2. ESSURE IMPLANTS are not where they are suppose to be. 3. She has stomach issues 4. thinning hair 5. being poisoned from the inside out with the nickel that is one metal used to make the original ESSURES. Several doctors have told her if she doesn’t get the surgery done in the next 3 or 4 months she will be too sick to get the surgery 5. She has bowel issues. 6.She is 30 years old lost all her teeth 7. She is a single mother unable to raise 2 children one boy 8 years old and one girl 10 years old. And also raise $8,000. for surgery to take those bad things out, insurances wont cover yet someone so young will cover a hysterectomy at such a young age, she was even told that doesn’t give you a 100% recovery, some fragments may puncture organs. 8. She was told they cant find 1 of them. The other is lodged in her hip!!!! As her mother I’m trying to have fundraisers to help her get the surgery because of Bayer & FDA with their falsifying records, and allowing them to still use these E-KILLERS! THE PREEMPTION LAW WAS OBTAINED ILLEGALLY. Not only that $8,000 but in order to be tested to make sure the nickel is out another $1,000 for a complete body scan and $400 for a blood work to see how much the organs have been affected. Those that have already died left loved ones behind. Bayer and FDA can you live with yourself knowing you brought on pain, suffering, loss of life, mothers of children dieds babies that have been miscarried because the ESSURES were not where they should be??? Permenantly disabled women many many women. Well Ive lost faith in Bayer and FDA,,,,,how horrible for the all mighty dollar!!!! sick!!

  3. I am now 64 years old and had a hysterectomy in my mid thirties due to Endometriosis. I had a super good doctor that tried to save my female parts, but after an ectopic pregnancy, after they removed the pregnancy did the surgery for the Endometriosis and was in surgery for 7 hours while they cleaned up all that mess inside me. I was truly blessed to have 1 baby, but my doctor told me that I would have to have a histerectomy soon. It has never had ill effects, but I felt so much better after the surgery healed because the pain was to the point of unbearable and my doctor told me that it could become cancer.

  4. Im one of those women with endometriosis and fibroid tumors! This world need better studys and more help for us poor women who go through this painful disease.

  5. I am writing my story of 23 years of thyroid

    I began researching my concerns 8 months ago
    and am writing my story at present

    I discovered many things doctors overlooked which could have saved me from so much grief. do you pay for stories?

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