We Exceeded Our Research Goals: Help Crowdfund Data Analysis

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A little over a year ago, Hormones MatterTM set out to collect real world data on medication side effects and surgical outcomes. It was an ambitious plan for an organization with no funding, working with volunteers to survive, to launch multiple, very large, online studies on a range of common medications (and one surgical procedure) in order to determine how these treatments performed in the real world, with real people, who have real health issues. Why would anyone do such a thing? Well, those data are needed by patients, physicians and researchers. From our work on Hormones Matter, we suspected the side effect profiles articulated by the pharmaceutical companies did not match those we saw in the real world, but there were no data to support those suspicions. Absence of evidence is not the same thing as evidence of absence. Do we wait for funding, which may never come or do we jump in and do what’s right and what’s needed? We chose the latter.

And here we are, a year later, with five large and growing databases of real world treatment safety and efficacy profiles. We exceeded our goals on each of our studies.  The data contained therein are rich and tell the stories of patients from around the world, of different ages, races and with disparate backgrounds and varied health issues. These are real world data, the kind missing from clinical research, the type of data that might save a life. Results from these studies need to get out to broader public, to physicians, researchers and patients, but there is a hitch. With no funding, we cannot hire or contract with a statistician to analyze the data and so the data sit and the databases continue to grow.  Although, growing databases are ultimately a good thing, as long as those data sit, buried in a database, they are of limited utility and cannot serve their purpose: to inform medical decision-making. These are the studies awaiting analysis:

Why Should I Help? Won’t Someone Else Pay for the Research?

There are no grants available for third party, real world safety and efficacy studies for companies unattached to pharmaceutical organizations or academic institutions. Grant money in general has dwindled significantly over the last decade and we have no interest in pharmaceutical or other conflict-of-interest entanglements. (For more details regarding pharmaceutical industry conflicts-of-interest, see Patients Must Drive and Crowdfund Research).

Investors, those we have met thus far, seem only interested in the next Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or the like. Tackling critical health care issues with something as simple as data, just isn’t interesting to them. Forget, of course, that these data will save lives and billions in healthcare dollars; if it’s not an app, it’s not interesting. So we here we are, sitting on mountains of life-saving data, ready, willing, and able, to design and crowdsource additional studies, but with insufficient (read non-existent) funds to analyze and report the findings. Here is your opportunity to support medical research, crowdfund Hormones Matter’s research and data analysis.

We Need your Help: Crowdfund the Data Analysis

We’ve undertaken a few smaller scale crowdfunding campaigns in the past – the unsubscription plan –  directed at maintaining Hormones Matter. Those continue (please consider contributing), but now it’s time to get serious and crowdfund the data analysis portion or our research. These data need to reach the public and for that we need funds.

The analysis and reporting for each study will cost approximately $25,000, a minimal amount in comparison to the investment already made in designing the studies and collecting the data; and miniscule in comparison to the potential value of these data in lives that will be saved, side effects averted. Help us get the data out to the public, crowdfund data analysis. The funds collected will enable us to contract with statisticians to analyze these data sets.

Yes, I want to help Crowdfund Hormones Matter Data Analysis!

We’ve set up paypal contribution accounts for each study.

Crowdfund Data Analysis for the Oral Contraceptives Study

Crowdfunding Options for Data Analysis

Crowdfund Data Analysis for the Hysterectomy Study

Crowdfunding Options for Data Analysis

Crowdfund Data Analysis for the Lupron Study

Crowdfunding Options for Data Analysis

Crowdfund Data Analysis for the Gardasil Study

Crowdfunding Options for Data Analysis

Crowdfund Data Analysis for the Fluoroquinolone Study

Crowdfunding Options for Data Analysis

Learn more About Hormones Matter

How Else Can I Help

Hormones MatterTM is unfunded at this juncture and we rely entirely on crowdsourcing and volunteers to conduct the research and produce quality health education materials for the public. If you’d like help us improve healthcare with better data, get involved. Become an advocate, spread the word about our site, our research and our mission. Suggest a study. Share a study. Join our team. Write for us. Partner with us. Help us grow. For more information contact us at: info@hormonesmatter.com.


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