176 Million Reasons

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I have a disease which cannot be described-
Its symptoms vary and its cause is unknown;
Doctors routinely mistreat it to the dismay
Of 176 million women worldwide.

As women we are captive to this farce.
The promised cure an enigma, a cruel mirage.
Young girls not yet women left hollow,
Emptied of their organs, told to smile wider.

We find that diagnosis leads merely
To more confusion. There is no
Medical consensus. We are sheep,
Dosed and herded, penned together.

We are the women that doctors fear,
we stumble in crying, we live with pain.
Nobody wants us to say what we need.
The stigma is worse than the disease.


Lisa GrahamLisa lives in Homer Alaska with her amazing husband, and is an advocate for endometriosis awareness, education, and higher standards for women’s health worldwide.  She works in Quality Assurance, and she dreams of saving the world with poetry and organic vegetables.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Project Management. 

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