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Lucine Health Sciences, the parent company of Hormones MatterTM and Heal with FriendsTM, was featured in a recent piece on women’s health, in International Innovation. Entitled Data, Decisions and Discovery, the article is a first in a series of articles that will highlight our unique approach to research. From the article:

Medical science was, and still is to some degree, predicated upon physicians and researchers having a controlling view of patient health. Among scientists, there is a tendency to favour pristine and highly controlled experiments that address just one variable at a time. Yet while this may result in neat, publishable studies, it fails to take into account the complexities of life and human physiology. “When you isolate one variable at a time, you may obtain some interesting insights into the operation of that variable – but this does not address the complexity of  the systems in human health and disease,” Marrs elucidates. “Science will only move forwards if we successfully capture the messiness of multiple variables and understand how they interact with each other within the context of health and disease.”

For modern research to be effective, it must take into account the patient’s knowledge about his or her health and move beyond the paradigm that equates health with simple linear equations. By putting the patient at the centre of the research equation and considering multiple variables, Lucine Health Sciences is well-placed to explore the efficacy of medications, as well as their potential side effects.

To read the full article: Data, Decisions and Discovery.

About Lucine Health Sciences

Lucine Health Sciences is a social-benefit company committed to improving healthcare by providing critical and credible health information to consumers, physicians and industry. We leverage the broad social media reach generated by Hormones MatterTM to conduct large-scale and much needed research in the field of women’s health. Studies address the side effects associated with common medications, vaccines and surgical procedures used in women’s healthcare. Contract research services are available.

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