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Chandler Marrs MA, MS, PhD. Founder of Hormones Matter and Lucine Health Sciences writer, editor and fierce advocate for women’s health and hormone research. Follow Chandler on twitter at: @chanatlucine or @hormonesmatter.

Regular Contributors

Lisa Bloomquist. Lisa was “Floxed” on her 32nd birthday by Cipro, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. After 2 years of battling the mysterious health ailments that come with an adverse reaction to a fluoroquinolone, she has fought her way back to health. She is now fighting for recognition of the harm that these drugs can cause and hoping to help those who are suffering from them through their fluoroquinolone induced illness to find recovery. Her web site, highlighting stories of hope and recovery, is FloxieHope.

Philippa Bridge-Cook PhD, is a scientist working in molecular diagnostics at Luminex in Toronto, Canada. She has a PhD in Medical Genetics and Microbiology from the University of Toronto and a strong interest in women’s health issues, in part due to her personal experiences as a patient with endometriosis, adenomyosis, and related complications. Philippa serves on the board of directors of The Endometriosis Network Canada, a non-profit organization that promotes a patient-centered approach to managing endometriosis, to improve the quality of life for those living with this disease.

Derrick Lonsdale MD, FACN, CNS. Dr. Lonsdale is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition (FACN), Fellow of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (FACAM). Though now retired, Dr. Lonsdale was a practitioner in pediatrics at the Cleveland Clinic for 20 years and was Head of the Section of Biochemical Genetics at the Clinic. In 1982, Lonsdale joined the Preventive Medicine Group to specialize in nutrient-based therapy. Dr. Lonsdale has written over 100 published papers and the conclusions support the idea that healing comes from the body itself rather than from external medical interventions.

Angela A Stanton, PhD. Dr. Stanton received her BSc at UCLA in mathematics, MBA at UCR, MS in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford, PhD in NeuroEconomics at Claremont Graduate University, and fMRI certification at Harvard University. Dr. Stanton writes about neuroscience and neuroendocrinology. Follow her on Twitter at: @MigraineBook.

Dr. Leslie Wakefield MS, PT, CSCS, is a doctor of physical therapy specializing in Women’s Health and Pelvic Rehabilitation. She is the owner of Wellsprings Health, a holistic therapy clinic in Hollywood, Florida, and Director of the Miami Clear Passage clinic. She can be reached with questions at

Guest and Former Contributors

Sergei Avdiushko PhD, research scientist.

Nancy Bonk. Nancy Bonk is a patient advocate for living with migraine, a regular contributor to Hormones Matter and other online journals.

Kelly Brogan, MD.  Dr. Brogan is an M.I.T/Cornell/Bellevue-trained psychiatrist specialized in holistic women’s health. She is a mother of two and has a busy practice in Manhattan. A passion for understanding the intersection between health, nutrition, and the environment are the bedrock of her wellness approach with patients and at home. Visit her site at: Kelly Brogan, MD, Holistic Women’s Health Psychiatry.

Lynda Chang. Lynda is a freelance writer in San Diego, California with a deep passion for human physiology and what connects the mind, body and spirit. She has her biology degree from the University of Texas at Austin, with 12 years of corporate communications and investor relations experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. A certified group exercise instructor since college, she advocates health and fitness as a lifestyle, and aims to motivate others to seek the same state of well-being.

Lauren Chmiel MA. Lauren is a medical research assistant currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. She holds a Master of Arts in Cultural Studies from Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland as well as Bachelors’ degrees in Anthropology and Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her interests are expansive and include diabetes research, hormones and diet, traditional and alternative medicine, dietary transitions and the effects of globalization on health and diet.

Jordan Davidson BS. Jordan is a health journalist and editor focusing on women’s health and chronic illness. She is also the co-founder of Endo Warriors – a support organization for women with endometriosis. Follow her on twitter at: @JA_Davids.

Amanda Gregory. Amanda is a military attorney aspiring to be a sustainable homesteader. She writes regularly about eating and living healthy and sustainably Hormones Matter and on her own site: The Urban Earthworm.

Lana Hanson has no college degree and no awards. She’s blessed to run a brush through multiplying grey head-hairs, to feel the crows’ feet deepening grooves around her eyes. She’s finally started to admire herself. She aims to help women rise up and repair their spirits. Lana lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her two sardonic sons, three perpetually vomiting cats and a 69 year old boy toy.

Robin Karr has a B.A. in English and has worked as both a teacher and a writer. Her passion, since undergoing an unconsented hysterectomy in 2007, is researching and educating women about the adverse consequences of hysterectomy and ovary removal (castration).  Robin spends most of her time now advocating, writing and blogging about hysterectomy and women’s healthcare. Follow her on Twitter @jiggaz31 and on Facebook at Hysterectomy Consequences.

Angela Kawakami, patient advocate. Angela has suffered from endometriosis for years and shares her story so that others may learn from her experiences, and be encouraged to share their own. She lives in Canada and is happily married with one child. Angela likes social networking, raising awareness for endometriosis, learning about health, hanging out with family and friends and being her daughter’s number one fan. Follow Angela on Twitter at: @endendoforever.

Carlie Partridge MA. Carlie  is a freelance writer with a strong interest in health and social justice. When she’s not writing, she can be found working as an advocate for education in jails and prisons. Carlie has covered health and sustainability issues for  newspapers and magazines including the Honolulu Star Bulletin and Curve magazine. She frequently writes about the intersection of technology, social entrepreneurship and healthcare policy.

Elena Perez BAElena has an interest in environmental issues and the role environmental toxins play in our growth and development. Elena writes about the interactions between the environment and hormone health, healthcare policy and other women’s health issues.

Lisbeth Prifogle MFA. Libby is a freelance writer, Marine officer, and globetrotter currently in San Diego, CA. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles and a BA from DePauw University. She spent six months in Iraq and is working on a memoir about her experiences. She keeps a blog titled The Next Bold Move and her work can be found in the 11th issue of Poem Memoir Story, The Splinter Generation, and In the Know Travel. Lisbeth has had problems balancing hormones since she was a teenager and is constantly researching and exploring natural remedies including diet, exercise, and alternative medicines.

Susan Rex Ryan. Sue is a regular contributor to Hormones Matter, covering the latest research on Vitamin D. She is the author of the book, “Defend Your Life,” which provides detailed information about the benefits of vitamin D3 and is scheduled to be published this year.  Follow Sue’s commentary on vitamin D3 and other health topics via Twitter @VitD3Sue.

Amy Roost MA. Amy passion is public health and policy. She earned a BA in political science from George Washington University and an MA in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York. Presently, Amy is moving in the direction of social entrepreneurship. As a blogger and marketing strategist, she hopes to speak for others whose voices are not yet being heard in the policy and research arenas.

David M. Wiseman, PhD. Dr. Wiseman is a recognized expert in the science of the prevention of surgical adhesions. A pharmacist in the UK, with a doctorate in Experimental Pathology, Dr. Wiseman headed up the Surgical Adhesions research program at Johnson & Johnson Medical. He has conducted extensive research in the area of adhesions and has been involved in one way or the other with almost all of the products that have been developed for adhesions in the last 26 years. Dr. Wiseman founded the International Adhesions Society (, providing patient advocacy, information and support. It was instrumental in founding the world’s first center for treating adhesions and CAPPS. The IAS’s own research found that a wearable therapeutic ultrasound device, PainShield® MD, reduced pain in severely afflicted CAPPS patients.


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  1. Hi Lisa,
    My name is Lillian Metcalf, I am a breast and thyroid CA Survivor. Also, I am a retired nurse. I worked until I was 78 years old, I am now 82. Ever since I had breast cancer I have wanted to warn people of the danger of the treatment (Chemo). In fact, when I was in my early 40’s my oldest sister was diagnosed with leukemia.
    The diagnosis was given on her first trip to the Er and the next morning she was sent to a bigger hospital where Chemo was begun. For two years she received that drug with absolutely no improvement. After that time she refused to continue. The oncologist got angry and began yelling at her and told her she would die before Christmas (this was about 3 weeks before that date) if she didn’t allow them to try a new formula. She asks if it had been tried before and if so did the person survive? His answer was “no” but you have nothing to lose because you are dying anyway, but you should allow us to do that because it might save someone else!!
    When I was diagnosed a few years later I refused to take chemo I did have 25 radiation treatments. My Oncologist was angry also. A couple of years later when I was told I had Thyroid CA I refused to take more radiation. That was a better experience. The physician agreed with me that I did not need it. In the interim, I had lost a brother that had been given an overdose of radiation with the diagnosis of Thyroid CA; He died of bone CA 9 months later. I have had several friends who were diagnosed with cancer after I was and they have been “dead” for several years. They all received the treatment.
    You are so right, its a money game. You will meet you MD’s on the street and they don’t recognize you. I believe they don’t even see you as a person they just add the money to their budget. So go the “Food and Drug Administration” and the “World Health Organization.”
    What a mess, and we are forced to allow our under-age children to go through that kind of torture. I think it is euthanizing without a license and getting by with it. Why was Dr. Kevorkian in prison? At least the patients made the plan to die and he just did what they requested, No manipulation on the part of that doctor.

  2. This site is awesome, at the same time enlightening… Finding out just how bad things are concerning woman and our bodies and what doctors are doing to us leaves me speechless and enraged…Mainstream doctors make me wanna throw up. What they do to us is barbaric and it’s not just with woman, I speak from experience… I lost a child to cancer, tried to escape their barbaric methods by running with him and ended up in Germany. It was too late they had already in the 20 months of forced treatments ruined his body and chances of recovery. But I will say this by taking him away and running he was able to live normal like a little six year old boy
    should and make friends, play football, ride motorcycles etc for 8 months with no pokes, no feeling of pain, no swelling of his body and no feelings of extreme sickness. I have no regrets. I say all this to try and open people’s eyes to the fact that our medical system is corrupt. It is completely money driven$$$$$$
    Make no mistake it’s big business keeping you sick…Think about it, wake up, take charge of you…Stop agreeing…and think!!

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