My Story of PCOS and Infertility: Laureen


I have been struggling with my hormones since I can remember. I have had irregular periods, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and infertility following me for years. I think my story starts when I realized that I had to take drastic measures to have children. I went to many different doctors throughout this time, but none were able to tell me why I have had these problems. That is, until I went in for infertility treatment. I have had all the basic infertility treatments done. Clomid, Insemination, 5 different cycles in a matter of 2 years. Of course this was all after the mandatory 12 months trying and not getting pregnant wait period mandated by Kaiser’s doctors.

It was only when I went into infertility treatment that was I diagnosed with PCOS. PCOS can cause infertility as well as excess of testosterone, excess hair growth on the body, loss of head hair and much more. Let’s just say it’s not fun. When all the cycles of clomid and insemination failed, I underwent ovarian drilling; a barbaric procedure where they puncture hole in every cyst and let them drain out naturally into your system. The drilling did help regulate my periods a little and I did see some symptoms dissipate although it is only temporary because cysts come back again and again. My husband and I gave up hope of being able to afford in vitro fertilization (IVF) and took a break from this trying time in our lives where sex is scheduled and you’re such a mess that you can’t handle much of anything. It was especially difficult to face all my friends getting pregnant when I could not.

After a year break and saving up we went to see a amazing doctor. He helped us figure out many issues with our infertility and was able to finally help me get pregnant through IVF; twins even. So I guess there is a ray of hope in everyone’s life. We just have to find the right person to help us and be our own advocate. Becoming pregnant did help in the long run because it kicked something in gear and I was able to get pregnant again with my 3rd son 2 years later. I still face difficulty with the PCOS and am working on natural ways to help regulate my hormones. I hate having to take drugs and hope that there is something that will help me down the line to be a better advocate for myself.

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Laureen Botticelli

Laureen Botticelli is a freelance writer and educator out of San Diego, Ca. She has a Master’s degree in Education and has a credential in family and consumer science, and health science. She graduated from San Diego State University with her BS. Laureen also owns a baby planning business called Kiddie Loot and is mommy/review blogger on her own blog called The Momccupation .

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