Names of DES Drugs Given to Pregnant Women

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Diethylstilbestrol or DES type drugs were given to pregnant women for decades to prevent miscarriage. DES was later found to cause cancer and a host of reproductive abnormalities in the sons, daughters and now in the grandchildren of women who were prescribed this endocrine disruptor. DES was sold under dozens of different names by over 200 companies across the US and Europe from the early 1940s through the 1970s in the US and thru the 1980s in some European countries.

DES Drugs

If you think your mom or grandmother was prescribed this medication, ask her, and then learn about the health conditions you might have inherited as a result.

DES Drugs Given to Pregnant Women
Nonsteroidal estrogens Gynben Stilbestrol
Benzestrol Gyneben Stilbestronate
Chlorotrianisene H-Bestrol Stilbetin
Comestrol Hexestrol Stilbinol
Cyren A Hexoestrol Stilboestroform
Cyren B Menocrin Stilboestrol
Delvinal Meprane Stilestrate
DES Mestilbol Stilooestrol DP
DesPlex Methallenestril Stilpalmitate
Dibestil Microest Stilphostrol
Dienestrol Mikarol Stil-Rol
Dienoestrol Mikarol forti Stilronate
Diestryl Milestrol Stilrone
Diethylstilbenediol Monomestrol Stils
Diethylstilbestrol  dipalmitate Neo-Oestranol I Synestrin
Diethylstilbestrol  diphosphate Neo-Oestranol II Synestrol
Diethylstilbestrol  dipropionate Nulabort Synthoestrin
Digestil Oestrogenine Tace
Domestrol Oestromenin Vallestril
Estilben Oestromon Willestrol
Estrobene Orestol Stilbal
Estrobene DP Pabestrol D
Estrosyn Palestrol
Fonatol Restrol
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  1. Searching for possible affects of taking in 1968 Oragesterone — Oragestern, Oragestin??while living in Brazil. Manufactured by a Laboratory in the Netherlands which prevented a possible miscarriage. My son is now 46 years old. Are their any side-effects for him such as infertility? Please respond.

    Thank you.

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