Not Your Grandmother’s Nutrition Class

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not your grandmother's nutrition class
A few years ago, as I was just beginning this journey towards the nutritional components of mitochondrial health, I gave a talk on what I had learned about nutrition to a group of pregnancy and postpartum professionals. The talk was recorded but the video had been lost until recently. Since most of my talks seem to befall some technological mishap or another, I was thrilled to see this one after so many years.

Listening to the talk, years after the fact, I was surprised not only by how much I had forgotten, but also, by how much more I have learned about mitochondrial health. Namely, that everything really, truly does come down to the health and functioning of the mitochondria. If the mitochondria are healthy, they, or rather we, can withstand all manner of insults, but if the mitochondria are not healthy, are not functioning optimally, sometimes the most seemingly innocuous stressor will send our health into a tailspin of epic proportions.

Similarly, I was reminded how that in only a few short generations we have lost our relationship with food and by association, the absolute need for nutrition as the basis of health. Indeed, I would argue, we have forgotten altogether what real food is and supplanted it with a blind love affair with the prowess of modern industrial chemistry, but I digress.

This isn’t your normal talk on nutrition. I won’t tell you what to eat or how to lose weight, but I will provide a framework for how to think about food and by association nutrition and health.

The talk is long but chalked full of insight. If you have an hour or so, have a listen.


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