One Less After Gardasil

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Imagine for a moment having an outgoing, vibrant daughter, just turned 21 years old – her whole life ahead of her. She’s a bright, outgoing, athletic, college student, kind and compassionate. She has hopes and dreams just waiting to be fulfilled. No parent could ask for more. All parental bias aside, this was our daughter, Brittney, before Gardasil.

When Brittney received her first Gardasil injection in June of 2007, she was told that the only real risk involved was the possibility of her having a small seizure shortly after the shot was administered. She did not react within the 15-minute window, during which the medical staff monitored her. She thought she had nothing to worry about. She admitted later, after she took the first dose, that the doctor had told her she could get the HPV viruses that cause cervical cancer through a lab accident at college, (where her blood might mingle with someone infected). She had been in a lab accident just a few months previous, so the fear of being infected was immense.

When she passed out the next morning on our family room floor, she got up wondering what had happened. Britt chalked it up to the possibility of being dehydrated. She had been quite active for several months. Several years before she had fainted from dehydration, so she didn’t think much of it. She was so unconcerned she didn’t even mention the incident until over a week later. By this point, she had experienced two other unusual episodes.

The next incident occurred nine days after her HPV vaccine injection. She had what we now know was a partial seizure. Three days later, her legs gave out while she was at a water park. Hammering pain spread up and down her legs for 15 minutes, then disappeared. As a parent, I was beginning to think the incidents were related, but was not sure how they were connected.

Britt is a fighter. She never backed down from anything, but charged head-on until she accomplished her goals. The nagging leg pain and the strange episodes of blacking out were just one more challenge to conquer. She pushed through summer determined nothing would prevent her from achieving her goal to graduate college and pursue a dream of becoming a singer/dancer.

Sometime mid-July, our doctor reassured us that what Brittney was experiencing had nothing to do with Gardasil. We were relieved – at least we could relax on that score…

In July, we took Britt to Myrtle Beach for a belated 21st birthday celebration. During this week, Brittney began to lose control of her emotions off and on. She would be completely normal, then suddenly explode. She would scream at us that we were trying to upset her, or prevent her from living her life. She had never acted this way in her life. Both my husband and I were shocked at her unprovoked outbursts. We spent the entire vacation walking on eggshells when she was present. It seemed the most innocent remark could set her off. The only thing that seemed to soothe her during that week was going to the ocean and walking the beaches.

In August, she had another ‘episode’ as the doctor called them, this time in the company of several college chums. One of them had a sister who experienced many seizures while growing up. She told Britt’s boyfriend at the time that it looked like Britt was having a partial seizure.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend would not accept this reality and shoved an inhaler in her mouth while she was unconscious and depressed it. Britt came around, choking on the aerosol. She told me about the incident later, which was upsetting. She also mentioned the incident to her doctor, but nothing more than a blood test was taken. The results showed that she was a little low on Potassium so she was told to eat more bananas.

In late August 2007, Britt received her second injection of Gardasil – again with no reaction during the 15 minutes of post-vaccination observation. But, within a week she began to have nagging issues with head pressure, like a cap with too tight of a band around her head. Over the next couple of weeks this progressed to the point where she could barely open her mouth because the muscles in her jaw were so tight. She began falling down for no reason. After three weeks, she began to experience blurred, doubled vision. She was extremely sensitive to light of any type. The pressure in her head was so intense, she was passing out daily. She developed a swelling that appeared to be filled with fluid at the base of her skull and along her spine. Along with all of the other symptoms, severe pain was raging through her body. As soon as her doctor examined the swelling, Britt was sent straight to the hospital.

Multiple tests were done, but nothing showed up on any of them. Britt was sent home with a couple of pain tablets. The resident on call felt she had some sort of brain virus and that it would go away in a couple of days.

From this point on, Brittney’s health deteriorated quickly. She couldn’t read anymore because the words seemed to run together or off the pages. She could no longer tolerate light or sound of any kind. We had to speak in whispers when near her or go up to the third floor and speak very softly. Her hearing was so sensitive that she could hear sirens more than three to four miles away and conversations several rooms away. She couldn’t sit in the same room with a television or radio on. Her pain was so bad, she cried all of the time. We bought noise cancelling headphones so she could tolerate trips to the doctor’s office. She had to have wrap around dark glasses – regular sunglasses were not sufficient to protect her from the severe sensitivity to light.

The nightmare didn’t stop there. Her face would sometimes droop to one side like it was sliding off her skull as pressure in her head grew worse. Seizures and stroking migraines began to happen 24/7. Her stomach was upset all the time. She could hardly keep anything down. She lost sensation in her legs and fingertips, she became completely bedridden, and simply longed to die.

Over the next three years, Britt was seen by over 60 doctors, including teams at Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic and the University Of Cincinnati Hospital. None of them could help her. She was so sick to her stomach, she could eat nothing but three ounces of protein drink at a time, fed with a baby spoon. Not one doctor suggested we have her stomach looked at. They simply dismissed it as being stressed, over-reacting to life, or a conversion disorder.

Just to give you an idea of what her new life is like, I will briefly touch on a few events:

  • January to March 2008 – Britt was totally bedridden and seemed to be wasting away. She nearly died before we found a doctor who helped alleviate some of her more severe issues. Unfortunately, she became intolerant of the medications that helped her. She began reacting to everything the doctor gave her. She was sent to many specialists who threw up their hands in frustration at her body’s resistance to treatments.
  • Early 2009 – We found an alternative chiropractor who recommended Okra Pepsin3 with Multizyme to help settle the lining of Britt’s gastro-intestinal tract. After several months, Britt was able to eat many organic and natural foods for the first time since her second Gardasil injection.
  • June 2009 – Brittney seemed to improve for a couple of months, including strength, but this didn’t last. By December she had lost all feeling in her legs, plus the head pressure had returned more intensely.
  • January 2010 – After being seen at Johns Hopkins Hospital Britt’s legs were put into massage bladders. This seemed to relieve some of the loss of feeling – when she left she could feel her upper thighs again. By spring, she was working with a researcher who was willing to try to help with some of Britt’s other issues. He suggested CoQ10, vitamin K Complex, magnesium, calcium and Vitamin D3 supplements. Britt’s sensitivity to light and sound diminished and some of her pain was alleviated. She had a boost of energy for the first time in three years.
  • April 2010 – A migraine specialist administered pain blocks to the back of her head (scalp) which relieved a great deal of the head pressure, jaw pain and complex migraines. She began to eat better.
  • June 2010 to January 2011 – Brittney seemed to be doing well. An alternative doctor had made some modifications to her diet that seemed to mitigate some of her more severe symptoms. She began a gluten-free, casein-free, sugar-free diet, avoiding Citric Acid, MSG, artificial preservatives, and mushrooms.
  • January 2011 – She was exposed to a virus. Her immune system could not handle it. She physically collapsed. The doctor told us that her immune system was crashing and he couldn’t help her. Britt’s grandmother sent over what we thought was homemade chicken with dumplings to boost her health. Brittney gained 60 pounds during the following 24 – 30 hours. We discovered there was Citric Acid in the broth. Nothing would bring the swelling down but time.
  • May to June 2011 – Her more severe pain symptoms calmed down a bit, but she was still vomiting. Her abdomen and stomach swelled to the point where she looked like she was six months pregnant.
  • 2011 – We finally found a gastroenterologist who was willing to examine Britt’s stomach. She was horrified at what she found – Gastroparesis – a damaged Vagus nerve in Britt’s stomach which prevented normal digestion and emptying of her stomach.

Last summer, 2012, we started taking Britt to another alternative doctor. Gradually Britt began to have a small semblance of the life she had before Gardasil. After months of IV treatments, she has been able to handle a large crowd at a cinema, a very busy restaurant, and even go to the mall briefly. Understand that these events have taken place weeks apart. She still has a long way to go. She has been able to enjoy her favorite music with the speakers “normal” without suffering. She wears her wrap-around low vision glasses only on very bad days. She is able to walk on her own for short distances despite the lack of feeling in her legs.

January to April 2013 – Britt has had a huge setback which we believe was triggered by an LH hormone test. This test was to check the levels of these brain-based hormones to try to regulate them. She felt like the Gardasil nightmare was starting all over again before the hormone was neutralized. Within days of the test she began a slow increase of seizure activity, which built from a couple over a four month period, to multiple, daily events. Some were so severe that her power port shifted under her skin. After four weeks of non-stop seizures, we were able to get her in to the doctor’s office for a much needed IV. It took her nurse three tries to find, then flush the port, before the IV therapy could begin. Her seizure activity has now slowed to a minimum. As long as she stays on track for the IV’s, (basic vitamin/mineral infusions that help boost her immune system, calm physical issues, improve mal-absorption of nutrients), she can maintain much of her homebound activities. There are still periods when we talk with her that she displays signs of confusion, memory loss, and inability to concentrate.

Brittney has been ruled “Disabled” due to residuals of Gardasil by the SSA. She receives some compensation through the SSI which is helping pay her myriad medical bills.

Nearly six years ago, Gardasil changed our lives forever. It has been a nightmare without end watching our daughter suffer through every stage of the past several years. She has literally become ONE LESS!


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  1. Becky Trossen – Obviously you have never known anyone to have a severe reaction/intolerance to an allergen or you would understand that every cell in the body swells to the stretching point. The tissues are saturated with the histamins. Not until recently have Britt’s cells begun to release the inflammation – she’s lost 2 sizes in a period of days – after beginning a cleansing protocol. To see each layer come off is a relief as the original edema (Yes, it came on over a 24 hour period) caused so much pressure to build over her heart, lungs, torso, legs, arms, face and neck she could barely breathe. Now she is breathing normally, she doesn’t labor when moving around the house, she has some energy, though pain is still severe.
    This whole mess has been heartbreaking enough without someone stating their “DISBELIEF” at what actually did happen.

    • I’m sorry someone could leave such a cruel comment.
      But, obviously, Becky Trossen is a doctor of some sort…
      My daughter will not ever receive this vaccine, in fact my husband and I decided to stop vaccines totally.
      And,until the CDC conducts a credible test between vaccinated children/people and UN-vaccinated children/people, we will keep things this way.
      We find it odd, that every drug on the market is required to go through a blind placebo test, but not one vaccine, ever, has.
      I’m so sorry you, your family, and most of all, your daughter are going through something so horrific, and it’s awful that this is your story.

      • Thank you, Ashley – as of today Britt has dropped another 38 lbs of inflammation through thiamine/riboflavin/biotin therapy. She is also walking much better, but she is being checked for further injury to her thyroid from Gardasil. We will never vaccinate again. (I was my mother’s medical power of attorney until her death, this year, and never allowed her to be vaccinated against anything each time she was in the hospital- she had strokes and you wouldn’t believe the flack I got..)

    • So sorry . I just never had heard of anything like this. Sorry for your pain. I am always curious about how the body works and natural health so just read some of these but didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I found this response so late when googling my name so never read it before now. Hope you are better now, Peace.

  2. This is very sad, but I found it sort of hard to believe because nobody could gain 60 lbs. in 24 hours. That would be physically impossible unless they drank water nonstop, which may indeed kill them. How could this be? Really?! I don’t like VACCINES MUCH EITHER BUT THIS CLAIM MADE ME WONDER ABOUT THE VALIDITY OF THIS INCIDENT. OOPS DIDN’T MEAN TO CAPITALIZE.

  3. Chandler Marrs, PhD on September 18, 2013 at 5:04 pm said:
    From Dr. Lonsdale – There are two clues to Brittney’s story. 1. a low potassium is characteristic of thiamine deficiency (TD) though there are,of course, other reasons for it. 2. Gastroparesis, said in her case to be “due to damage to the vagus nerve”. The vagus nerve is now known to be the route through which the brain controls inflammation. This is recent research into what has come to be known as the “inflammatory reflex”. We know,from research at Cornell, that TD gives rise to brain inflammation so it is not a “simple vitamin deficiency”.Thiamine is critical to the production of the neurotransmitter known as acetyl choline, the neurotransmitter upon which the vagus nerve is dependent. Pure TD or its destruction has different effects from those seen in beriberi and the enzyme in Gardasil, known as thiaminase destroys thiamine. With the ingestion of sugar in ALL its forms, this enzyme is likely to be more dangerous in causing a very destructive situation that is unparalleled in my view. Girls affected should completely cease taking sugar AND sweeteners——-period! See his post here.

  4. These stories make me so sad (and angry). Beautiful young women who might have NEVER contracted ANY stupid social diseases have been irreparably harmed so pharma can profit from using them as unpaid lab rats. They should be in jail. They should also be in jail for THIS story:

    Mother ‘killed autistic son, 13, and daughter, 10, and left them in a hotel before trying to kill herself by crashing propane-filled car’
    Jaelen Edge, 13, and Faith,10, were found dead just before 8am Saturday morning – Jaelen is believed to be autistic
    Marilyn Edge, 42, faces two counts of murder for their deaths after at least two known failed suicide attempts
    It is not clear how they died, no weapons were recovered
    By RYAN GORMAN-The Daily Mail-UK
    PUBLISHED: 09:07 EST, 15 September 2013

    “The doting mother sued the Secretary of Health and Human Services in 2004, alleging a vaccination gave her son autism, court records showed. The case was dismissed only last year.

    Citing a lack of medical records supporting Ms Edge’s claim, and the LACK OF A VALID MEDICAL OPINION to further bloster it, Chief Special Master Patricia Campbell-Smith dismissed the suit for ‘INSUFFICIENT PROOF.’

    Ms Edge was awarded a judgement in the amount of $7,692 to settle legal fees owed for the suit. It is not clear if or when she ever received that money.”

    So the vaccine maker and the lawyer for Ms Edge got compensated. Ms Edge got to take home her broken child to raise and no help to do it.

    WTF is WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???? The same thing that is wrong with why these girls all got harmed.

    Moral: Whenever a doctor/nurse/pharma clerk/etc suggest vaccination, tell them you will consider getting one when they sign a statement confirming they are 100% safe and are willing to pay ALL your medical bills if/when they are found not to be.

    If they refuse then tell them to GO FARK THEMSELVES.

  5. my heart breaks for you. please familiarize yourself w/the ingredients involved in this vaccine and then continue on to detox the heavy metals using healing clay and cilantro. next, follow an alkalizing diet, such as the Body Ecology with immense immune supporting food and herbs. her life will improve dramatically. may health and justice find their way back to your lives…blessings

  6. This is a tragic story and I have heard of many more like it. I know you must get lots of recommendations, but if you haven’t considered it yet, please think about getting her to a homeopath. Homeopaths deal with vaccine damage a lot and have much success. There was a case just recently in the UK of a girl who got chronic narcolepsy after the HPV vaccine – sleeping 23 hours a day for months. Homeopathy has brought her back and she is now back in school and living a normal life.

  7. I wish that the medical community would stop telling patients that 1) you need to take this kind of crap or else you will get a disease and 2) that vaccines are perfectly safe and have no life threatening reactions. It’s total BS and lies. And what makes i t even worse is how the government protects doctors and pharmaceutical companies from litigation. Shame on all people involved. Parents also need to their homework about the side effects of vaccines and educate their children. NEVER blindly follow the advice of a medical doctor because they are just brainwashed in medical school that all vaccines are good with no side effects, which is total BS.

  8. A mother’s courage…
    A daughter’s daily battle.
    I’m just amazed, appalled, saddened. Wish I could do more. Prayers to you…

  9. I am so angry after reading Brittney’s story that I don’t have words to describe how I truly feel at this moment! If ‘fate’ had done this to her, it would be horrific and beyond tragic. Fate didn’t do this to Brittney though. Modern medicine did this to her! Brittney’s doctor and the makers of the Gardasil vaccine did this to her. There are ‘known’ consequences to this vaccine. At least doctors and the vaccine maker know about them.

    I consider what happened to Brittney to be a form of medical abuse at best and criminal assault and battery at worst! I can’t imagine being disabled at her young age. I’m disabled too from medical abuse but I was at least 46 before a doctor ruined my life by performing an unnecessary hysterectomy.

    I applaud Brittney’s courage to soldier on in the face of overwhelming trauma. I also applaud her mother’s courage to boldly share her story here. Brittney’s story needs to be told far and wide. The medical abuse of women must end. Women aren’t guinea pigs to be experimented on, and yet this is what’s been taking place for far too long.

    I shared the Gardasil survey on my hysterectomy Facebook page. I hope many will complete it. Thank you Chandler for being a vehicle for transparency in women’s healthcare. You have started some very important discussions which I hope will create much needed change!

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