Patients as consumers: where do you stand?

A blog post published earlier this month in the Harvard Business Review  (HBR) caused quite a stir in the e-patient community.  E-patients or empowered patients are driving discovery in healthcare by demanding participatory and personalized medicine. Healthcare is best when all involved are educated and responsible for the outcomes is a theme of the e-patient movement. The authors of the HBR blog assert that the e-patient trend unwisely positions patients as consumers of healthcare and notes a number of problems with this newly found empowerment. Namely, they suggest that patients have neither the requisite skills nor the education to manage their own health.

It’s a common refrain, that patients are just not capable of collating or understanding all of their health information. The examples the authors provide suggest this could be true in some instances. A deeper dive reveals that the barriers may be more administrative than fundamental.

Read the blog and tell us what you think. Lucine supports educated, empowered patients.

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