Pink Slime Bankruptcy

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An update to Pink Slime: It’s what’s for Lunch?

Need proof that consumers have the power to change the food industry? Well, here it is: AFA, one of the largest ground beef processors in the United States that produces more than 500 million pounds of ground beef products filed for bankruptcy on Monday, April 2, 2012. While you might feel helpless when learning about the hidden dangers lurking in our supermarket, from unlabeled gnetically modified organisms (GMO) to pink slime beef, this is proof that we can make a difference by paying attention to where our food comes from. For more information check out, Bankruptcy Over Pink Slime.


Photo by maxstraeten, Creative Commons 2.0



Lisbeth Prifogle is a freelance writer, Marine officer, and globetrotter currently in San Diego, CA. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles and a BA from DePauw University. Lisbeth spent six months in Iraq and is working on a memoir about her experiences. She keeps a blog titled The Next Bold Move and her work can be found in the 11th issue of Poem Memoir Story, The Splinter Generation, and In the Know Travel. Lisbeth has had problems balancing hormones since she was a teenager and is constantly researching and exploring natural remedies including diet, exercise, and alternative medicines.


  1. Now, if we can keep the momentum going and eliminate other dangerous additives to our foods!

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