Progesterone in Poetry – Can it be done?

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I got some progesterone in my eye
And now my vision is slow
My acuity is hungry and yet
Not sure what to eat –
Except for potato chips
Or perhaps chocolate
Followed by potato chips,
Chocolate, and
French fries.

Each eyelash wants to take a nap –
But each one also wants
To take a nap, separately,
But with the cat.

I got some progesterone in my eye
And now my eyelid is much heavier
Than normal,
And my eye itself
Is slightly miffed
At my heavy, cheerful eyelid –
But just too apathetic
To address the issue.

I got some progesterone in
My eye
And although
I have plenty of work to do,
I’ll gaze fatly out this convenient window
And not look very hard
At any one thing.


Lisa lives in Homer Alaska with her amazing husband, and is an advocate for endometriosis awareness, education, and higher standards for women’s health worldwide.  She works in Quality Assurance, and she dreams of saving the world with poetry and organic vegetables.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Project Management. 

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