The Sisterhood

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This disease is fraught with stress and strife
Not your ordinary woes occurring
When sad women go under the knife
With no hope of pain or struggle ceasing

Further still the creeping curse has grown
Theoretical, semantic splits and factions
Until those who formerly had known
True sisterhood, must bear division.

Each facing the same battle without pause
Each stretched beyond limit, each with cause
Each of us, each maiden, wife, or crone
176 million women, all very much alone.

Endometriosis won’t depart
Just because we’ve settled on the terms
We’ll agree to use in future to impart
Just how, to whom, and when it will return.


Lisa GrahamLisa lives in Homer Alaska with her amazing husband, and is an advocate for endometriosis awareness, education, and higher standards for women’s health worldwide.  She works in Quality Assurance, and she dreams of saving the world with poetry and organic vegetables.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Project Management. 

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