Some Good News and Bad News About Your Thanksgiving Meal

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So the good news is that the family will be together (now that might be the bad news for some) but there are a few questions to be addressed here. Why is it that when food is served and eaten no one is willing or capable to help clean up? Well, there might be a reason. Read ‘Does Turkey Make You Sleepy?’

It’s not all bad news, if you use fresh ingredients then there are actually many beneficial in the feast. Cranberries have the highest level of phenols, a type of disease-fighting antioxidant. (Among Fruits, Cranberries Are Richest in Potent Group of Antioxidants ). And who can deny the benefits of the green beans, butternut squash, a healthy stuffing with celery, mushrooms and walnuts. (Of course, those are the ingredients in my secret recipe. If you’d like me to share this recipe, just ask for it in the comment section).

The Lucine Team wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

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