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crowdfund hormones matter

We need your help. In order to maintain operations, Hormones Matter needs funding. Our research grant was recently cut and because of our commitment to independent health journalism, unbiased by commercial interests, we allow minimal advertising on the site. That means all funding must come from you, our readers. To generate those funds, we’ve re-initiated our crowdfunding campaign.

As with everything we do at Hormones Matter, this crowdfunding campaign is a little bit different than others. Technically it’s not a crowdfunding campaign at all because we don’t offer kitschy certificates, t-shirts or other products you don’t need or want. Neither do we offer equity in the company or a tax deduction (we’re a B-corporation). Nope, we will not offer you any of the standard fair associated with traditional crowdfunding campaigns. All funds go directly to maintaining operations. What we do offer is the opportunity to support independent health research and media; a rare commodity in today’s highly commercially biased environment.

The unsubscription model, also called the pay-what-you-can model, allows those who can pay to pay and those who can’t afford to pay to still have access to all of the great health and science information we provide. Make no mistake though, without reader support, Hormones Matter will cease to exist.

Support Hormones Matter

If you have a few bucks and like what we do, send them over. If you have a few more and want to really see us grow, then buy a big unsubscription. If you’d like to surprise us, contribute using the Donate button. Please be advised though, you are not donating to a non-profit entity. We are B-Corp (a C-Corp with the added impetus to do social good) and therefore your contribution is not tax-deductible.

If you’d like to support or commission a study on a specific medication or surgical procedure, we can do that, too. Contact us.

Buy an UnSubscription

$12.00 per year – $1.00 per month


$60.00 per year – $5.00 per month


$120.00 per year – $10.00 per month


$240 per year – $20.00 per month


Contribute Other Amount


Thank you for your contribution!

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