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Recovering from the Gardasil Vaccine: A Long and Complicated Process


My daughter Sara was almost 13 when she became ill after two inoculations of the Gardasil HPV vaccine. Read her story: The Gardasil Experience in Denmark. Much has happened since then in Denmark as well globally concerning the HPV vaccine issue. Sara turned 15 when over two years of severe illness had passed. She has slowly achieved some recovery from more than 30 symptoms including a walking disability and severe brain fog.

This is an update on the continuing struggle toward Sara’s recovery. Like many families, we have had to navigate in areas of medicine, where there were no experts to guide us. Thanks to networking, it has been possible to find highly skilled doctors, using a variety of methods from both orthodox and complementary medicine, to help treat Sara.

As families of Gardasil-injured girls we have had fights with our respective governments to recognize the illnesses that were born from this vaccine. In Denmark and Japan, the battles we fought have begun to bear some success. Researchers are uncovering new connections, and medical institutions are beginning to recognize the post Gardasil health issues. We are making progress, but there is still much to do.

Gaining Recognition for Gardasil Injuries: Denmark and Japan

For thousands of patients and families, in over 50 countries, recovering from post Gardasil illnesses has been an ongoing struggle. It has been difficult for the patients and their families to get the medical care needed. There is still very little research on post-Gardasil injuries. There are no tests available to diagnose the illnesses and injuries that develop post vaccine, and there are no recognized treatments for these patients within established health care systems. In fact, for the most part, these symptoms are all-but-ignored by most practitioners.

However, the activism and networking of many families has led to some positive outcomes in recognition. For example, a Japanese TV company made contact and visited our home in December 2014. Soon after a documentary about the Danish HPV situation aired in Japan 12th January 2015. Sara was the main case. Danish doctors met with the Japanese Prof. Kusuki Nishioka, MD, PhD, director of Institute of Medical Science, Tokyo Medical University, who specializes in rheumatic diseases and fibromyalgia. Dr. Nishioka has been a leading voice in Japan against the HPV vaccine. The meeting (featured at 9:50) concluded with a recognition of clear similarities between the symptoms of Japanese and Danish patients.

In Denmark, over the last two years, there has been a growing public wake up with stories in the newspapers, on TV and social media. The interest among politicians, authorities and doctors increased. This has probably been a contributing factor in the growing number of patients reporting side effects. According to the latest update (September 2015) from a database of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority, of the over 500,000 young girls and women who received the vaccine, there have been:

  • 1806 reports of adverse reactions (each person could have up to over 30 symptoms)
  • 374 reports (out of 1386) per News on Side effects per have been classified ‘severe’ from 2006 and up through April 2015.

I should note that the Danish Board of Health failed to report an additional 81 adverse reactions that occurred prior to the vaccine’s introduction into children’s vaccine program in 2009; 11 of these 81 cases were classified serious. The latest update of the database can be viewed here: Danish reports of Gardasil adverse reactions.

In Denmark, the reporting of adverse reactions has increased by about 100 new cases every month since April. Still more families realize how their daughter’s symptoms look similar to obvious patterns presented. A thread is running through all these cases stories of severe side effects, as a Danish leading hospital doctor and researcher stated on TV (1:30).

Gardasil, POTS and CRP: New Research on the HPV-Vaccine Induced Neurological Damage

A research team of doctors and medical staff at Coordinating research Centre/Syncope Unit, Frederiksberg Hospital, published three studies of patient groups with severe neurological symptoms including pain following shortly after HPV-vaccination.

  • Suspected side effects to the quadrivalent human papilloma vaccine.
  • Another study describes 21 cases with the diagnose POTS: Orthostatic intolerance and postural tachycardia syndrome as suspected adverse effects of vaccination against human papilloma virus.
  • The Danish findings have made EMA (European Medicines Agency) investigate into the HPV-vaccine, security and side effects by focusing on POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) and CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). The EMA report is expected to be finished by May 2016.
    Danish and Japanese health authorities are keeping contact as well. Danish Health and Medicines Authorities with the help of a pediatrician are reviewing all adverse drug reports in Denmark focusing patterns of symptoms rather than diagnoses.
  • A Danish TV documentary in March this year presented three case stories. Over fifty young girls participated anonymously in the report simply by silent presence, all making a great impact. The report presented interviews by Danish and British physicians. A Danish professor of molecular medicine comments about the remarkable test results of a young patient after intravenous infusions of phosphoplipids, performed in England (21:20).

Increased Media Coverage, Increased Side Effect Recognition

After the Danish TV report aired, a veritable telephone storm began the very next morning with post Gardasil patients wanting referrals to Frederiksberg Hospital. Until then, the Syncope Unit had examined about 80-90 patients with HPV-vaccine side effects. After the TV documentary, the number of patients grew to 350, increased to 525 referrals by August, and now there is a huge waiting list.

At the same time, Health Care Council of Danish Regions announced the establishment of five centers (one for each Region in Denmark), opening June 1, of this year. These centers were established to treat patients with suspected side effects from the HPV-vaccine. Frederiksberg Hospital Syncope Unit, situated in Copenhagen, as a research Center for natural reasons remained center of the Capital Region. Over 1100 patients are referred to the five Regions by now.

The problem is, in spite of waiting lists, the four other centers have no experience and no present research to help clarify these symptoms in patients without a diagnosis. The knowledge and qualifications of staff behind these doors remain lacking because of the paucity of research on Gardasil side effects. Unfortunately, still some patients are met by an attitude of arrogance. Most physicians have no idea what to look for in these HPV injuries.

At the Frederiksberg Syncope Unit the research team doctors have some ideas, though. While continuing to work with new patients, the unit’s physicians are diagnosing many cases of POTS (by tilt bearing test). By September this year, 62 reported cases have been diagnosed POTS after the Gardasil, HPV vaccination in Denmark. Symptoms are mainly neurological and sometimes resemble or include those of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). Several of the patients after receiving the Gardasil HPV vaccine examined at Frederiksberg Hospital could be diagnosed ME, according to the research team´s third study this year: Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis a Relevant Diagnosis in Patients with Suspected Side Effects to Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine?

POTS, ME and Mitochondria

POTS is a well known comorbidity to ME according to the research. It is also connected to mitochondrial dysfunction. An emerging theory is that Gardasil damages nerve cells and induces mitochondrial degeneration. This then leads to conditions of energy loss with neurological symptoms. An increasing number of international studies on Gardasil and Cervarix have been published over the last few years. Case studies such as CNS demyelination following HPV vaccination have been described. Research teams and doctors in Denmark, Israel and Japan etc. are looking into correlation by studying autoimmunity and possible markers. When analyzing symptoms a pattern emerges between this vaccine and many severe injuries. Strong connections have been presented in Death after Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination: Causal or Coincidental?

More recently, six cases of POTS were described and published. Another case study presents a 14 year old girl with POTS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after the Gardasil vaccine. Last year a Japanese study included 40 cases, the main part with symptoms identical to CRPS, and four cases were even diagnosed POTS. Prof. Yehuda Shoenfeld and his team recently published a study on Safety of Human Papilloma Virus-Blockers and the Risk of Triggering Autoimmune Diseases. The authors conclude, after a review of U.S. VAERS reports, though the vaccine is stated as safe, there are many mechanisms by which autoimmunity is triggered by Gardasil vaccine adjuvants and viral proteins. They suggest that recombinant proteins from Gardasil are leading to an increased association with autoimmunity.

My daughter Sara experience the symptoms concordant with the major criteria of ASIA syndrome proposed by Prof. Shoenfeld. Her case was sent to the international ASIA registry last year. By now other Danish patient cases are being registered.

The Japanese doctor Kusuki Nishioka presented his work at an international congress of bio-rheumatology in Moscow July 2014. Nishioka’s work points to another post Gardasil Syndrome called HANS or Human Papillomavirus Associated Neuroimmunopathic Syndrome.

Sara’s Recovery from Gardasil Injury

Our daughter’s health history is an example of a likely temporal correlation between the Gardasil vaccine and a host of complicated post vaccine symptoms. Sara fainted two days after her second vaccination with Gardasil, March 2013. Right after this, all her neurological symptoms appeared, one after another. Children’s hospital performed several analyses including CT and MRI scans. The only blood test that came out positive was a very low vitamin D test (at 25). The only suggestion for treatment by children’s ward, was a powder medication for non-existing constipation that was postulated due to her abdominal pains. This medication was given despite the fact that her primary symptoms were neurological like tingling, burning and pain of legs and arms, dizziness, fatigue and a constant headache. A neurological examination seemed out of question and was rejected.

We realized that there was no treatment in Denmark for Sara and went to the Swiss clinic Paracelsus, Lustmühle. Back in Denmark, Sara was diagnosed POTS at Frederiksberg Hospital shortly after; although a doctor of social medicine at children’s hospital had claimed Sara could not suffer from any physical diseases and implied it was only some kind of bio-psycho-social disorder.

With the help of our Swiss doctor, Sara had several tests performed by foreign laboratories (German, Swiss, Belgium and British). Clear markers were found proving a dysfunction of her mitochondria, the “powerhouses” of the cells. Among signs of severe oxidative stress were low levels of coenzyme Q10, a key element in the energy production of the cells.

Severe toxic reaction to the vaccination with Gardasil, initiating fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) with acquired mitochondriopathy, was the Swiss diagnosis. Sara’s muscle pains were correlating classic trigger points of FMS.
Similar symptoms and diagnoses have been proposed in two patients after post HPV vaccine, by Dr. Manuel Martínez-Lavín.

Sara’s treatment was planned from test results, by her Swiss doctor’s experience in pediatrics and diseases of energy loss like Fibromyalgia Syndrome. The doctors there had great competence and knowledge from other vaccine injuries. On several occasions, the doctor hit the nail on the head with tests which would guide treatment details. Sara slowly began to improve.

Abdominal pains recovered within the first few months. At our local children’s ward doctors did not manage to perform a test of Celiac disease, whilst the Swiss clinic found pathological bacteria like Klebsiella Pneumo and other problems of the gut, which needed treatment.

After the Gardasil vaccine, her skin and muscles were sensitive to any touch, she could hardly use a wash cloth for her face. Today a careful massage and deeper pressure of muscles can even be tolerated.

More common metabolic tests were later managed within the Danish system (by our GP), and several linked hormones were affected. Sara had TSH and T4/T3 measured at the very low/ under border. According to the Swiss doctor there is a clear cut connection. He theorizes, recombinant proteins from Gardasil lead to damage of the brain nerve cells, especially affecting the hypothalamus and hypophysis, running the production of hormones in the thyroid gland, the adrenals and the ovaries. Via the TSH-control the thyroid gland normally should produce sufficient levels of T4/T3. But TSH is low as the releasing hormone (TRH) from the damaged hypothalamus is low. TRH has a direct effect on the mitochondria, as a permanent “crosstalk” is going on.

Hormones Matter has published a number of articles on post-medication and vaccine thyroid injury.

Last winter Sara had a solution of homeopathic injections of her skin (sub cutane, D5 Hypophysis and Hypothalamus) four times a week, performed at home by her very brave dad, monitored by the Swiss doctor. New Danish test results are showing TSH and T4 increased to normal levels.

Her HPV related symptoms were worsened with menstrual related pains, increasing to unbearable levels. Though still quite painful today, they are closer to normal for her age.

Her temperature regulation problems have almost gone. Before she would freeze and need a woolen blanket when everybody else felt warm in front of the wood-burning stove, or she would feel too hot in chilly surroundings. Night sweats are history.

Along with the mentioned treatment Sara has been taking a huge number of additional natural supplements and medication. Her diet has been strictly controlled too, with only healthy, nutritional foods allowed per our wonderful Swiss nutritionist at the Paracelsus Clinic.

More than once, Glutathione was measured by test to be at the very low border, and it has been complicated so far to raise this to normal levels.

No doubt phospholipids (NT Factor ATP lipids powder) made a difference of mitochondrial function since the ATP, the energy for every cell, has increased markedly. Nevertheless, lab tests have proven there is still an inability to produce sufficient amounts of ATP, which explains her rapid fatigue and problems in concentrating over longer periods of time. We expect future tests to show even better results based on the very good improvements we have seen so far.

Correcting the Post Gardasil Thiamine Deficiency

Probably the most effective supplement lately has been Sara’s treatment for thiamine deficiency, advised by Dr. Lonsdale. Thiamine is Vitamin B1. This article, in particular, was very helpful: Thiamine and magnesium deficiencies: keys to disease.

We found a German laboratory, Ganz Immun Diagnostics, performing the test for Transketolase in red cells, and the TPP-effect which was 27,5% (normal range < 20%.). To Dr. Lonsdale, there was no doubt, Sara would need Allithiamine (TTFD, a bioavailable form of fat soluble Vitamin B1), plus magnesium potassium aspartate.

Sara went through a tough time over some weeks by a so called “vitamin therapy paradox“. Side effects occurred, she had to go down to half the dose to continue and simply cope with some unpleasant symptoms for a few weeks before going back on full dose. Sara came out better than she had been for a long time, with more energy, and slowly a clearer mind. So far, most of her previous main pains still remain to some degree, but the paradox-related side effects have gone.

Best of all her brain fog began to lift with the thiamine treatment. Learning has even become possible along with concentration and memory improving. She manages a limited number of lessons at home, and she remembers much better than earlier. Her new level of energy allows her slowly to participate in the activities she had not been able to do in the years since the vaccine injury. Still seeing friends takes her energy, and social life is limited. If she overdoes her activity, the bill arrives sometimes days later by exhaustion and deterioration.

Another important treatment has been to increase the level of SAM. S-Adenosyl Methionine (also SAMe) is an important compound of the body and plays a role in many important processes of the immune system including maintains cell membranes. Last summer Sara could only walk up to 300 meters in a very slow speed at pains, with burning feet and exhaustion. We used a wheel chair once to get her to an open air musical area. This really felt like a step in the wrong direction.

She was diagnosed toxic neuropathy (after Gardasil) by a Danish retired doctor. The Swiss doctor made sure we had SAM measured by a German laboratory. Within the first four weeks of treatment by Methyl Guard (Thorne, US, Veggie caps), Sara could walk much better. We even enjoyed her amazing first careful dancing steps for the first time within months.

Sara’s Health Today

Today Sara can walk distances at good days about 1.5 kilometers at a normal speed with small pauses; and she can bike even longer. Twitching legs and cramps have almost disappeared and very rarely occur after too much exertion.

Sara started horse riding therapy, which she simply loves. After some weeks her muscle power improved clearly, and she can now carry a horse saddle. Months ago she could hardly lift a glass of water. She is more independent in activities of daily living, though she still needs help to some degree. She can do things like baking pan cakes again.

While still improving, our hope is to find a way for Sara to recover from resisting pains and to achieve more energy over time. Remaining are still some sensory disturbances (tingling and the more rare burning sensations) and sensitivity to light. Her constant headache lasting over two years, muscle pains of legs/and partly of arms are still present, though once in a while less heavy and variations appear during day time. Still remains severe fatigue and often a delayed exhaustion, which are all typical ME-symptoms. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is another diagnosis Sara probably will have to cope with.

Sara lost two important years of teenage life. She’ll have lots to catch up with in the future. She faces a great challenge with her education, as two school years have been lost so far. She will hopefully go back to some kind of school life in the future. Sara enjoys music and her classical song lessons. She has kept her hopes and dreams alive, and she can even benefit from her very hard experiences by Gardasil injury. The damage it did to her made her mature and wise beyond her age.

The Toll Gardasil Recovery Takes on the Family

As a family this has been a challenge; sometimes feeling like a never ending nightmare. We realized early, there was no established treatment for this condition, and perhaps luckily, we went abroad in time.

As a mom, I have to stay on top of everything and keep up my energy for activism, networking, and first of all for the care taking. Organizing blood samples is another job, plus catching up on results and writing regular status reports of symptoms and improvement. Ordering supplements is a task for her dad. Sara’s treatment has been counting over 25 different capsules, tablets, plus liquid remedies and drops, powders and injections.

No Danish physician has been able to take charge of Sara’s treatment. The Swiss doctor has been the main physician during the last two years. Our GP kindly assists in blood taking for German labs etc., something not many GPs would do.

The Swiss treatment was welcomed by three or four physicians here, who all have been supportive in Sara’s care. Foreign practitioners shared with us their knowledge and experience as well. For sure, the more consensus, the safer we feel.

Added to treatment, there are exhausting meetings with officials in accordance of planning Sara’s teaching and making sure her lessons are always adjusted to her present resources. We have clear laws on teaching ill pupils at home by local school.

As these post vaccine injury conditions are still not very well known, authorities do not always understand and respect patient’s decreased resources and special needs. Many young girls are trapped by now in the grey area, not able to cope with education or full time work, neither do we have social legislation to cover them appropriately.

There are no guarantees of a full recovery, though we still have our hopes and spirits. The pleasure and great relief of seeing Sara progress will never replace the tremendous pain and losses she has suffered, neither the price we payed as a family; not to mention financial costs.

Regarding connection the remaining dots of vaccine damages, rebuilding mitochondrial function is of great importance. By taking supplements of certain vitamins, minerals, phospholipids, fatty acids (omega-3 and -6 oils), antioxidants and amino acids, it is possible to facilitate a regeneration and maintenance of mitochondrial structure and cell metabolism. These supplements ease the symptoms for Sara and other post HPV-vaccine injured patients.

Final Thoughts

Well skilled naturopaths and physicians from Japan, across Europe and the U.S. are putting great effort in trying different protocols with varied positive effects. An example of co-work is Japanese, Danish and British protocols, as described in Orthomolecular treatment by Atsuo Yanagisawa. There is no quick cure fitting everybody. It is an individual and very long process to find the appropriate treatment. There exists great consensus on certain issues. Namely, that we need more testing and research. The more we know about post Gardasil damage at the molecular level, the better a treatment could be adjusted precisely for each patient. Along with more research and improved testing, we need to understand the relationship between this vaccine and the range of side-effects that develop. This will uncover causal connections to the vaccine injuries. Most importantly, we need to share experiences and research. This will help those who need to recover, and hopefully, prevent future victims.

Listening to the Body: Healing Post Cervarix


This is a story about Yumi, who is now in her first year of university. She had her first dose of the HPV vaccine, Cervarix in October 2011, when she was 16 years old. Prior to the HPV vaccine, Yumi was healthy and played sports at school. She was a member of the baton twirling team.

After the first HPV vaccine injection, she complained of pain and heaviness in her arm. She suddenly started to put on a lot of weight, slept a longer hours, and also complained of headache, but her mother did not pay too much attention to her complaints.

Yumi had second shot of Cervarix in November 2011, she also had pain and the heavy feeling in her arm. Since the doctor who gave the injection told them that there would be some pain, and other minor side effects, Yumi’s mother and the doctor did not pay much attention to her symptoms early on.

Yumi had third dose of Cervarix in April 2012.  In May, intensive hair loss had started. At the same time, she complained of headache, tiredness, swelling in her arms, slight fever, and taste disorder. She had three menstrual periods per month when previously her periods were regular. Sometimes Yumi became confused and could not understand simple tasks like telling time. She forgot how to read understand Chinese characters, and could not go to school every day.  Her days and nights were reversed with a sleep disorder. She had continuous spasms in her arms that lasted for about one month after the third Cervarix injection.

The swelling in her arms tended to worsen when Yumi participated in hard practice of the baton twirling club in her high school, and after the practice she could not go to school for a few days. This pattern was repeated many times.

Medical Testing and Failed Treatments post Cervarix

Around June 2012, Yumi was taken to a hospital in order to examine her brain. She had various tests including MRI, and her pituitary gland was also examined. All results came back normal.  Yumi was taken to various other hospitals, but there were no treatments except for the one given for the alopecia.

At the end of July 2012, Yumi was recommended to receive steroid IV for 3 days as a treatment for the alopecia, and she was hospitalized for 3 days. After that, her weight continued to increase. Her hair also continued to come off, and sometime in August she lost almost all the hair on her head such that she needed a full wig. After that, hair started to grow again and came off again, this was repeated several times.

In December 2012, her hair finally started growing again continuously, and by the end of March 2013, she could go to a hair dresser and had her hair trimmed to a very short style. However, in April, her hair started to fall out again and she needed her full wig at the beginning of May.  In summer 2013, almost all her hair on the head disappeared.

Menstrual Problems Post Cervarix

Another problem that Yumi was the increase in menstrual periods, three per month. In August 2012 she began seeing a gynecologist. She was tested for hormones, the results were that both male and female hormones were much lower than the normal values. The doctor could not understand the reason, and only prescribed a Chinese medicine for increasing the female hormone. However, the medicine was too bitter, and Yumi could not take it.  She occasionally took ibuprofen for the pain, but apart from that no further test or treatment were carried out.

In summer 2013, Yumi’s mother asked the doctor if Yumi could have another steroid IV treatment for her alopecia, they were told that due to a possibility of other side effects the doctor could not recommend it. The doctor of the alopecic department could not understand why the hair once had grown back was lost again, which does not occur usually.

Also in summer 2013, she had another test for hormones, and this test showed that her male hormone increased and female hormone was just within the normal range. The gynecologist could not understand why the menstruation disturbance did not improve even though the hormone levels were normal.

Around this time, Yumi’s mother started to suspect that these symptoms were side effects of HPV vaccine, and asked these two doctors the possibility, but they did not take it seriously at all.

Chiropractic and Holistic Care for Cervarix Reactions: From Chiropractor LIM SUK HO

In February 2014, Yumi’s mother read a blog by someone who was suffering from side effects of the HPV vaccine, and found a story about a chiropractor. She contacted the writer and got my address. They visited me and I told I believed the symptoms were due to side effects of Cervarix, the HPV vaccine. They seemed to be relieved that the cause became clear, delighted to hear that the symptoms might disappear, and surprised when I pointed out other symptoms (her neck and shoulder swelling, her back crouching, rashes on the back and spots on the head and face, thyroid gland swelling, adhesion between shoulder blade and body wall, lumbosacral joint fixation, cervical spine kyphosis, front neck abnormal swelling, extremities being cold, etc.)

Yumi had a chiropractic treatment on that day, and she immediately felt that her body became lighter and was delighted. By that time, she had stopped seeing the doctor in the alopecic department and the gynecologist since they could not offer further treatments, so she had decided that she was going to receive only the chiropractic treatment from now on.

First, Yumi had the chiropractic treatment once in two weeks, and had advice about food and supplement in order to improve her digestive system. She was told to eliminate sugar, which she found difficult to do initially. Since she could not eat some of her favorite foods, there were a lot of tears and arguments between mother and daughter. The symptoms gradually subsided, and Yumi could go to school again. The number of days she spent all day in the bed due to headache, tiredness, slight fever, etc. started decreasing, and around April 2014 when she started at university, her condition had really improved. Her period became normal, and she could go to the university every day.

In July 2014, Yumi’s weight has returned to normal, she has no headache, tiredness, or sleep disorder. She can spend normal days, and she is enjoying her study, part-time job, and social life with her friends.

She has recovered even to a degree that she has visited US for one month this summer.  When she was back from US, her mother saw Yumi’s hair growing all over the area of her head.

It will take only a little more to complete Yumi’s journey to overcome the side effects of Cervarix, the HPV vaccine and to return to her life as it was prior to HPV vaccine or to even much healthier life.

Using Chiropractic Care to Treat Post Cervarix Reactions

The following are treatment methods I employ.

Using a special gel for an ultrasound technique, venous blood is discharged to vein and lymphatic vessel, and influx of fresh blood to the capillaries from arterioles is promoted. The amount of local circulating blood can be easily increased using this ultrasound technique with application of the gel, which is formed from natural components.

Subsequently, in order to promote discharge and flow of interstitial fluid, fixation, rubbing, and twisting between muscle, fascia, and ligament are released. This fixation, rubbing, and twisting caused the systemic pain in Yumi’s case (I would say that more than 70% of her pain was caused by these).

Only after the preparative conditioning is completed, that is, blood flow is maintained, pain is removed, stimulation to the central nerve system is carried out, joint movement of limbs are secured, and sufficient nutrients are provided from diet, etc., we can start the treatment by the chiropractic method to the spine, including approaches to the pelvis, the lower thoracic spine, the upper thoracic spine, and the cervical spine.

In the chiropractic, usually, we do not use any therapeutic instruments at all, but in the case of HPV vaccine injury, we need to use instruments in order to tackle the problem that has been left for a long time.

The body site to be adjusted changes case by case. This adjustment enables the amount of circulating blood to the corresponding central nerve system to be changed. The point is input of an appropriate stimulation from the peripheral receptor or effector to the central nerve system.

Supplement and diet are totally depend on individuals according to the degree of damage, the site of damage, etc. In general, improvement of the digestive system has the priority.

Message to Chiropractors about Treating HPV Vaccine Injured Patients

We need to remember that vagovagal reflex occurs after the sympathetic reflex has occurred. That is, it is not a short-term problem, but both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system of the autonomic nerve are continuously being damaged at the same time. Normal chiropractic treatment is not very effective and it takes longer than usual. As in the theory, first, try to calm down the sympathetic nervous system, and when the digestive system becomes nearly fully recovered, we can start treatment with the parasympathetic nervous system. The sign for the time to start parasympathetic nervous system adjustment as a main treatment is when the marks, rashes, acne, etc. on the back of a patient have disappeared. These rashes keep appearing and disappearing when I see a patient on a once-a-week basis.  By examining thoracic segments of the vertebral column, an area that is rigid and is not flexible should be taken care of.

Editor’s note: this post was written originally in Japanese and translated into English by a friend of Hormones Matter.

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HPV Vaccine Reactions: A Response to Walking on the Edge of a Sword


This post is an attempt to answer the questions raised by the extraordinary post vaccination medical history of this 16 year old girl. Of all the HPV vaccine histories that have been recorded on “Hormones Matter” this is, in my view, one of the worst. We seem to be carrying out a vicious experiment on human beings and if this is not recognized as an indictment on the HPV vaccine, I do not know what will move the powers that be. With a very detailed history like this it is easy to see the relationship of the symptoms with the HPV vaccine. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this represents massive mitochondrial dysfunction affecting the brain and nervous system, particular the autonomic nervous system. I will try to discuss each symptom as it appears in the history.

Clues in the Pre – HPV Vaccine History

First of all it must be recognized that this young lady had pervasive developmental disorder, asthma, pyelitis, a topic dermatitis, otitis media, Candida, hemolytic streptococcus, pneumonia, “wart”, periodic fever, agrochemical sensitivity and recurrent stomatitis before she received the HPV vaccine. We are not told whether these symptoms were related to previous vaccinations. This appears to be consistent with a persistent concept among parents that infancy vaccines sometimes do more harm than good in a minority of children. The history here suggests a genetic or nutritional risk factor in addition to the stress of the vaccination.

Post – HPV Vaccine Reaction

Her attitude towards this dreadful post HPV vaccine legacy was excellent since she attended school in spite of fever. She is described as athletic with a good nature prior to vaccination and there was a major post vaccination personality change. The slow pulse suggested parasympathetic dominance that made at least a partial post-vaccination switch to sympathetic dominance. I base this on the description of an average post vaccination increase in pulse rate. I believe that the timeline reported in the medical history is important. She had the usual three injections. After the first one she developed asthma and since this was an early affliction I assume that the injection was a stress factor that triggered it. Asthma is caused by an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system. After the second injection she developed urticaria. This was again a signal through the autonomic system that delivered a message to histamine releasing cells in the skin.

The worst situation arose after the third HPV vaccine injection. Symptoms described were arrhythmia, an increase in circulating eosinophils, fever, hypersomnia, aggressiveness, childish behavior, hyperpnea, muscle weakness, headache, parotitis, temporo-mandibular joint syndrome, dysphagia, stomatitis, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, photophobia, double vision, and “blood stagnation” in the hippocampus. The gradual worsening with each injection might be compared with the repeated blows of a hammer where a nail is driven in a little bit more with each blow.  With this detailed description, a cause and effect relationship with each injection seems to be obvious and it would be stupid to regard this as a coincidence.

Oxidative Stress and the Brain

Let me try to explain these symptoms because I can assure you that they are all related to the brain. In particular, I am referring to the limbic system of the brain, that part of the brain that computes our adaptive mechanisms through the autonomic nervous and endocrine systems. The reference to the hippocampus makes it clear that the limbic system is involved because this is an important organ within that system. We can sum up the situation by saying that this young lady is now maladapted to her physical and mental environment.

When this part of the brain suffers from reduced energy efficiency from defective oxidative metabolism in mitochondria, it becomes erratic in the way it reacts to input signals delivered through the sensory system. This continuous process of brain and body signaling is how we adapt to our environment throughout life. We have to go back to the writings of Hans Selye whose professional career was spent in studying the effect of physical stress in animal systems. He reported his work as “The General Adaptation Syndrome” and referred to the diseases of mankind as the diseases of adaptation. I would have preferred to call it the diseases of maladaptation. What Selye emphasized throughout his writings was that it was consumption of energy that was required for adapting and its failure resulted in the syndrome that he described.

Now we know that the mitochondria are responsible for producing energy required for this, the General Adaptation Syndrome makes perfect sense. When Selye was doing his work, the biochemistry of energy metabolism was in its infancy. Now we have much more information about oxidative metabolism and energy production. Until recently, any mitochondrial dysfunction was considered to be invariably genetic in origin. We are now aware that it can be acquired as a result of environmental stress that results in insufficient energy to meet the mental or physical demand.

Diminished Oxidative Metabolism and the Limbic System: HPV Vaccine and Personality

The change in personality from a gentle to an aggressive individual is absolutely characteristic of diminished oxidative metabolism in the limbic system. In particular, the autonomic nervous system becomes extremely erratic in its behavior. It winds up by misdirecting the normal signals that go to the organs of the body and the associated symptoms are chaotic, referred to as dysautonomia. For example, the reaction to a mild reprimand might be an explosive temper tantrum and dietary indiscretion might well be an important factor in the waves of juvenile violence that seem to be otherwise inexplicable.  For the past 35 years I have been seeing the personality of children change because of abnormal biochemistry in the limbic system. They have wicked temper tantrums, kick the door or the wall, are rude to parents and teachers and are generally out of control. By rescuing them from their appalling diet and giving them supplements, nearly all of them would gradually come back to being a normal child.

We are suffering from an epidemic of biochemical rather than psychological disease. Of course there is a genetic principle behind it; there always is!  The smarter the child the greater the dietary risk. This should be fairly obvious to anybody because, like our cars, the better the car the better the fuel has to be.  Because the brain, central nervous system and the heart are the most oxygen consuming tissues in the whole body, it is hardly surprising that they are the first to succumb. They are the organs most affected by vitamin B1 deficiency that causes beriberi. This vitamin, like a spark plug in a car, is a necessity to the oxidation of glucose, the primary fuel used by our cells, particularly in brain. Of course, it is not the only non caloric nutrient required, but its association with energy metabolism is clearly dominant.

We have seen from previous posts on this web site that some victims of post vaccination postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) were thiamine deficient and the dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system could legitimately be called beriberi.  I have suggested several times that a marginal state of brain biochemistry may exist before the vaccination is given and that it acts as a stress factor. This might be from an unknown genetic risk or from a diet that does not meet the mental and physical activity required by the individual or a variable combination of both. It would explain why this HPV vaccine appears to pick off the brightest and the best.

In my opinion this young lady can only be helped by the administration of intravenous vitamins since that is the only way in which the necessary concentrations can be built up.  It can be compared with changing the spark plugs in the engine of a car to improve its performance. Thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide is available in Japan under the trade name of Alinamin, I have no doubt that this would be an important addition to the intravenous concentration of water soluble vitamins.

Walking on the Edge of a Sword: Cervarix Injury in Japan


This is the story of my teenage daughter who, beginning in 2010, received a series of vaccinations that culminated with the three shot HPV vaccine, Cervarix (Gardasil in the US). Although she had some health issues as an infant and child, she was thriving and doing well prior to the vaccine. After the Cervarix vaccine series this all changed.

Sharne was born in 1998. Her health issues pre-vaccine included: pervasive developmental disorder (PDD), a form of Aspergers, infantile asthma, atopic dermatitis, pyelitis, otitis media, Candida, hemolytic streptococcus, pneumonia, wart, FMF (periodic fever syndrome), agrochemical sensitivity and repeated stomatitis. Her immunization history was as follows:

  • 15 May 2010 DT BIKEN (Lot. No. 2E007 2011.6.8, 0.1ml) left arm
  • 19 March 2011 Japanese encephalitis BIKEN (JR059 2012.5.18, 0.5ml) left arm
  • 25 June 2011 Measles and Rubella Takeda (Lot. No. Y116 2012.2.24, 0.5ml) left arm
  • 27 July 2011 HPV  Cervarix  1st shot (Lot. No. AHPVA129CA, 0.5ml) left arm
  • 17 October 2011  Cervarix  2nd shot (Lot. No. AHPVA143AA, 0.5ml) right arm
  • 26 March 2012  Cervarix  3rd shot (Lot. No. AHPVA161BA 0.5ml) left arm

Before the Cervarix Vaccine

Sharne was born October 02, 1998. Prior to Cervarix vaccine, she enjoyed her school life. She liked to be in the school rather than being home, including going to an evening school for extra study.  As she wanted to gain accreditation to a high school, she tried to go to school even when she had a fever of 40 degree centigrade because in order to get the accreditation she was allowed to be absent from school only up to 5 days

Prior to the HPV vaccine, Sharne did not need to sleep for a long time, and she woke up early even when she went to bed late the day before. Before the symptoms occurred, she used to wake up at five o’clock in the morning. She’d read her favorite books, and then went to run around the house for about 10 minutes.

She was an athlete and was the fastest 1000 meter runner in her class when she was in 7th grade. She had strong lungs, and her respiration rate and pulse rate had been low since she was a little girl, but it is now is much higher. Her pulse is averages 70-80 beats per minute; average for some, but several points higher for her.

She used to prepare breakfast by herself, do homework and go to school. She was really independent, managed her own schedule, found whatever she wanted to do, and when she needed to be taken to or picked up she just told me the time to be taken to or picked up.  She never conflicted with others, avoided any dispute, and was a very quiet, gentle and good natured child.

After the Cervarix Vaccine

Now she cannot do what she could do previously. She has difficulties remembering things. She cannot remember what she has done. She cannot manage her own things, stationary, notebooks, glasses.  She used to look after her things very carefully, and never asked where they were. She’d never forgotten what she needed to take to school, but now she leaves her glasses on the floor of her bedroom or in a washing bowl even for two weeks. She cries when she cannot find her notebook, and she cannot remember what she did in the past.

Her IQ and test scores have dropped a lot and continue to drop.

She says impolite things to teachers or family members and becomes violent like an insane person. She hates most of people around her.

Recently, she cannot understand what she is going to do or where she is. In addition, she has muscle weakness in legs, and cannot raise her left foot. Her grip strength dropped from about 30 kgf to 5 or 6 kgf.

The Progression of Symptoms Post – HPV Vaccine

Looking back now, it seemed to have started after the first Cervarix shot, but it gradually worsened for about two weeks after the third shot, and half a year later she could not get up at all. Symptoms:

  • After 1st shot: asthma attack (the first time for seven years).
  • After 2nd shot: malaise, long-lasting urticaria, repeated nosebleed
  • After 3rd shot: in MRI, extension of T2, cerebral blood flow decrease, atrial rhythm, arrhythmia, increase of eosinophil, IgE, IgD, and complement titer, abnormal malaise, chronic slight fever, clouding of consciousness, hypersomnia, brain function deterioration such as memory, comprehension, calculation, and execution functions, personality change, irritability, aggression, depression, childishness, behaving like a baby, hyperpnea, respiratory distress, muscle weakness, back pain, headache, parotitis, temporomandibular arthritis, dysphagia, stomatitis, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, back pain, muscle pain, abnormal vision, photophobia, double vision, reduced vision, etc.

Timeline of Symptoms Post Cervarix Shots


April: about 2 weeks after the third shot (March 26), exertional hyperpnoea and muscle weakness occurred.

May or June: started experiencing malaise, gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting, headache, chest pain, and anginal symptoms during nocturnal rest. There was muscle weakness when getting off from her bicycle in the school and could not stand up.

September: could not get up, altered state of consciousness lasted for a long time, there were anginal symptoms, atrial rhythm, arrhythmia, blood flow decrease, extension of T2 in MRI, and leukoaraiosis.

October to December: treated with steroid. Although malaise had dramatically improved, brain blood flow did not improve, accumulation was observed in the hippocampus, and the treatment was stopped.


January: malaise worsened seriously. There were depression, suicidal thought, and personality change (irritability, excitability, persecutory delusion).  Even in school she cried loudly like a one-year old baby and dashed out from the classroom.

June: we noticed the association with the vaccine when watching a TV news about suspension of recommendation of HPV vaccine.  Around this time, she became violent at night. Cried loudly like roaring. Sharne threw her younger brother by the full force. (This violence disappeared soon after IVIG.)

August: we saw Dr. Sasaki, and he proposed three treatments, that included, steroid pulse, IVIG, and an immunosuppressive agent.

September: immunoglobulin (due to fever, discontinued on the 3rd day, she became cheerful on the 2nd day, and the sensation of toes returned. Malaise also improved a little.  Blood flow increased, and the best results for SPECT so far), but involuntary movement gradually intensified.


February: steroid pulse (after about 2 weeks, headache and back ache, etc. decreased, cognitive function and facial expression a improved slightly, the time of sleep during day decreased, but after about 20 days new systemic joint pain and excruciating pain started, and malaise, gastrointestinal symptoms, etc. also restarted.)

Her sensitivity to glare and the double vision disappeared.  Involuntary movement started to appear.

March: 2nd cycle of steroid pulse (this time, there were no effects on mental strength and malaise, and there was a symptom like muscle weakness, which had appeared with the altered state of consciousness in the autumn 2012), involuntary movement and muscle weakness seemed to increase, and IgG decreased.

May: she was depressed. She received immunoadsorption therapy, involuntary movement decreased, but spasm and tremor have started. Mental motivation improved, and gentle character has returned. Malaise has alleviated, and daily life became almost normal.

June: malaise returned in one week after discharge from the hospital, and IgG decreased.

July: motivation dropped. Mental symptoms have started.

Lab Tests and Other Diagnostic Results

  • Cerebrospinal fluid test results: autumn 2013: contaminated with blood, but IgG was as high as 5.8 (this is not influenced by serum contamination)
  • February 2014: cell count 12, CD4 64.9, CD8 31.4, cytotoxic T cell, granzyme B 1.3
  • Diagnosed as a possibility of subacute encephalitis.
  • April 2014: abnormal values for various types of interleukins, etc.
  • June 2014: antiganglioside antibody positive

The Lesson I Learned too late

‘We need question even what the government is doing.’ This is what I learned with this huge and irreparable mistake. I tell our story because I do not want to other parents to make the same mistake and because we need help understanding the post-vaccine reactions, so that our children, already injured by the Cervarix vaccine can recover.

Vaccination of boys has already started in some countries, and clinical trials have begun in Japan. In order to protect the future of children, please think and research before you vaccinate. I will let my voice be heard in order for many people to receive information about the dangers of the HPV vaccine.

Cervarix Adverse Effects in Japan

There are more than 2000 reports about adverse effects in Japan, but some doctors refuse to report. There have been more than 1000 contacts to the network of HPVW injured people in Japan, the number of people registered exceeds 255, but still there are only a few medical institutions that care for injured.  The government should support and subsidize medical institutions that exert themselves for elucidation of the mechanisms of the cause and establishment of the way to treat underlying causes.

Postscript: This article was written originally in Japanese and translated to English by a friend of Hormones Matter.

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Gardasil Skin Reactions and Polysorbate 80


In 2007 I had thought it a grand idea for my 3 daughters to go to the clinic where I worked as a family physician and start their HPV series. At that time, I was a fairly traditional allopathic practitioner, although the seeds of doubt regarding the growing list of childhood immunizations had been planted about 10 years earlier while researching the newly released chickenpox vaccination for a grand rounds project. I did, however, readily support the “traditional” vaccine cocktails, and dutifully repeated what I had learned in medical school to my patients. Now that preventing cervical cancer was all the rage, as mother and doctor, I was going to protect my daughters! After all, I had received a fine education from the local drug rep about the miracle known as Gardasil, and how it was going to rescue my girls from the risk of getting cervical cancer. The world of medicine was indeed creating lifesaving interventions, and how convenient that I could learn about them over my lunch hour.

The girls came together, and all 3 felt a bit woozy after the first Gardasil injection. I laughed, called them woosies, and didn’t think much about it afterwards.

The oldest, A, was 18 at the time. She came back 2 months later for her second Gardasil injection. She just about passed out and needed to lie down prior to leaving the clinic. She didn’t feel well for several days after – light headed, dizzy, vision blurry, headache, and “just not right”. A few weeks later she developed hives that lasted for 3 or 4 days, accompanied by feeling quite faint. That episode was blown off – everyone gets a mysterious case of hives every now and then, never knowing what triggered it…right?

The hives came back, each time with greater intensity and frequency over the next few months. Sometimes she did pass out. Sometimes she had swelling in her face and mouth. Sometimes she had wheezing. The usual allergy medications were used without effect. We were going crazy trying to figure out what the cause was – she had no history of anything other than seasonal allergies in the past. So elimination diet it was. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to convince an 18 year old to eliminate the basic necessities of life such as Skittles and Doritos? We eliminated dairy, food colors, food flavors, soda, artificial sweeteners, and finally I mandated, that if it wasn’t directly from a live animal or plant she was not to eat it. A was miserable enough that she actually listened to me. The hives continued on, seemingly random, but at times predictably worsened if she slipped up and grabbed some forbidden prepackaged food. It made no sense, and I was getting quite angry with myself for not being able to identify the offending substance.

It is a cosmic coincidence that within that time span, I had begun researching vaccine safety. And the light bulb went off in my head that her hives had started fairly soon after the Gardasil vaccination. One day at work, A called me, crying her eyes out – she said she had been so good, not eating anything artificial, and was having a particularly bad day. I grabbed the package insert from one of the vials and began reading the ingredients, determined to solve the cause of her symptoms. After all, the immune system will create a response to everything in that shot, not simply to the viral particles that are intended. As I scanned the list, I stopped at Polysorbate 80. That was a familiar ingredient. I have seen it on the labels of just about every prepacked food item available. Then I looked up Polysorbate 80. It can cause anaphylactoid reactions via histamine release. That’s a fancy way of saying it can cause hives, low blood pressure, and other allergy symptoms associated with histamine (think bee stings).

When I came home that night, she had a list of everything she ate. An Oreo YoCrunch was on the list. As I began admonishing her for eating something processed, she said she didn’t eat the Oreo part, just the yogurt – because she thought yogurt was healthy. I grabbed one out of our fridge and scanned the ingredient list. Polysorbate. Could this be it? Had her body created an immune response to the polysorbate, and now was reacting whenever she ate something that contained it?

We eliminated anything with polysorbate or potassium sorbate. Over the course of the next 4 months the episodes of hives subsided. Slip ups in watching labels came with the price of a reaction. Seven years later, she still occasionally will get episodes of being lightheaded or off balance.

I was stunned. Did researchers ever think to evaluate the immune response to the “inactive” vaccine ingredients and how they could cross react with substances people are commonly exposed too? My attention jumped from vaccine to vaccine as I finally pored over the journal articles myself. Who created this junk science? How could any self-respecting scientist or doctor claim that trials without placebo, or with pitiful follow up for adverse events, were sufficient evidence of safety and efficacy? How could world renowned medical journals that physicians were supposed to trust publish these poorly put together studies? And then I grew angry. I like to consider myself a fairly intelligent person, yet I was so easily led down the path of blind faith in what “experts” were telling me. It wasn’t just the Gardasil vaccine – it was all of them. My newly opened eyes started to bear witness to the adverse events of many of the other immunizations I had delivered, and my practice radically changed to delaying them at least until age 2, if choosing to vaccinate at all.

Needless to say, none of my daughters completed their series. And no other patient ever received Gardasil on my order. I educate parents and young women on the dangers of the vaccine (and they go way beyond the polysorbate story). I plead with the mothers of 11 and 12 year olds to not listen to the news, to not listen to the school nurse. I pray that I have not done permanent damage to my daughters and many other girls via the “education” I received from a drug rep and the media, instead of researching the topic myself.

About the author: Dr. Gayl Hamilton was raised in New York City, graduated with a Biology degree from SUNY Buffalo, and received her MD degree from the University of Alabama Birmingham School of Medicine. Her family life and 5 children led her to settling in Southern Wisconsin, where she completed residency at the UW Wausau Family Medicine program. Her professional experience continued in a variety of settings until she left traditional family practice in order to pursue a more holistic and wellness-based practice. She is also a strong supporter of reviving midwifery and safe home birth. To learn more about Dr. Hamilton: The Art of Medicine Naturally or Family Practice Midwifery.

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HPV Vaccines are not Effective, Safe or Necessary


I was recently invited to present my research on the HPV vaccine at the Euroscicon Controlling Cancer Summit held in London on 12 May 2014. The theme of the presentations was Advances in Cancer Screening and Prevention Research and the paper I presented was titled: HPV vaccines have not been demonstrated to be safe and effective in the prevention of cervical cancer.

HPV Infections Mostly Harmless

In my presentation I provided evidence that HPV infections are harmless and asymptomatic unless specific environmental co-factors are also present. This is why HPV infections should not be feared by the public and why the medical literature states that cancer is a rare outcome from any type of HPV infection. The fact that cervical cancer is a higher risk in developing countries than in developed countries is explained by the presence of environmental co-factors that are necessary for an HPV infection to progress to cancer. These co-factors (risk factors) are more prevalent in the developing countries. The fact that HPV infections are mostly harmless on their own means that vaccinating all women in developed countries (e.g. Australia, US and the UK) results in the majority of women (99%) being on a drug for a disease that they are not at risk of getting. This is not cost-effective and it is also not necessary because the vaccine has not been proven to be safer or more effective than Pap screening combined with surgery.

If the HPV vaccines are proven to have value in years to come it could be offered to women in the high-risk category. That is, women who are exposed to the environmental co-factors that are necessary for an HPV infection to progress to cervical cancer. However, as yet the vaccine has not been proven to be safe or effective in preventing cervical cancer. Currently governments are claiming that because the HPV vaccine targets 2 of the 15+ strains of HPV associated with causing most cervical cancer, it will prevent some cervical cancer, but they have not determined how much can be prevented. This argument is flawed if the majority of women on the drug are not at risk of cervical cancer and if there is already an effective method of preventing cervical cancer in place. In this case, Pap screening combined with surgery is an effective method of prevention (9 out of 10 cancers) and it is risk free and will still be required by vaccinated women.

The Global Harm Associated with HPV Vaccines

Currently there is much global debate about the harm that is being associated with HPV vaccination programs. As of June 2014 Japan has stopped recommending this vaccine until further safety studies have been conducted. India and Utah have also stopped recommending this vaccine and France is considering similar action. In France the use of HPV vaccine was debated in an open scientific forum on 22 May 2014. This forum allowed all stakeholders to present their case to the French parliament. This is the debate that governments and health professionals are not having in many other countries, for example, Australia.  In fact, the Australian government is recommending this vaccine free to all adolescent girls and boys in school programs without a debate about its safety and efficacy in preventing cervical cancer (a non-infectious disease).

HPV Vaccine Adjuvants

The HPV vaccine has two ingredients that are linked to causing infertility. These are sodium borate and polysorbate 80 and the Australian government has not explained why these ingredients are in a vaccine that is being recommended free to adolescents. This vaccine also has three times as much aluminium hydroxyphosphate sulphate (an adjuvant that is linked to autoimmune diseases and hypersensitivity) as any other vaccine and three times as many adverse events have been reported to this vaccine. The most common adverse events are neurological conditions and autoimmune diseases.

Adverse Events Associated with HPV Vaccines

Since the introduction of HPV vaccines 34,700 adverse events have been voluntarily reported to the US CDC, including 157 deaths and 6,977 permanent disabilities and chronic illness. This is possible because the Merck (vaccine manufacturer) funded Phase 3 clinical trials for Gardasil vaccine did not use an ‘inert’ (non-active) placebo in the unvaccinated control group. They used aluminium adjuvant in the comparison group and they did not collect long-term adverse events. The clinical trials only followed the health outcomes of all vaccinated girls actively for 15 days after vaccination. After this time the reporting of AE’s was voluntary which does not allow scientists to make causal relationships to the vaccine.

Here is a link to a video of the serious adverse events that some girls have experienced after using this vaccine. These have included seizures, paralysis, convulsions, tics, encephalopathy, chronic fatigue syndrome and death. The parents of injured children and those that have died after vaccination urge you to research this vaccine before you trust the government’s recommendation of this vaccine.

Report from the French Parliament on the Safety of Aluminium Adjuvant in HPV Vaccines (22 May 2014) 

The public hearing held in Paris on the safety of aluminium adjuvants in vaccines was attended by the French Health Minister and reported on by the European parliament. The hearing was open to the press and titled ‘Vaccine Adjuvants: A Controversial Question’. The most recent science on aluminium adjuvants in vaccines demonstrates that many individuals have a pre-disposition (genetic condition) to experiencing a serious reaction from aluminium adjuvants in vaccines. These serious reactions include neurological damage and autoimmune diseases – multiple sclerosis, arthritis, lupus, etc – and are caused by the artificial stimulation of the immune system with vaccines. Here is a link to the report on the public hearing http://sanevax.org/french-vaccine-debates-immediate-measures-required/

This indicates the significance of fully informing parents about the vaccines that are recommended in government vaccination programs and the importance of vaccines being administered by general practitioners with an assessment of the family history of the patient. Vaccines are a medical intervention and they should not be administered in school programs because family history is a contraindication to vaccination.


Cervical cancer is curable with early detection by Pap screening (9 out of 10 cancers) and all vaccinated women will still need Pap screening. This is because the vaccine (costing $Au450 per person) does not target ~30% of cervical cancer (13+ strains of high-risk HPV are not covered in the vaccine) – even if it is proven to be of some value in years to come. It is also a fact that HPV infections are harmless unless specific environmental co-factors are also present and this is why vaccinating all women in developed countries results in the majority of women (99%) being on a drug for a disease they are not at risk of getting.


Wilyman J, 2013, HPV vaccination programs have not been shown to be cost-effective in countries with comprehensive Pap screening and surgery. Infectious Agents and Cancer. 8:21 (June): pp1-8.

About the Author: Judy Wilyman MSc, is a PhD Candidate studying Population Health Policy at the University of Wollongong (UOW) School of Social Sciences, Wollongong, Australia. She is the founder of Vaccination Decisions, a website that she has set up to present her research.

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The Pharma Funded Promotion of HPV Vaccines


Promotional campaigns for HPV vaccines have informed women that infections from HPV-16 and -18 are the cause of most cervical cancer. However, in 2006/7 when HPV vaccination programs were implemented globally, the scientific community knew that most women do not develop cervical cancer or warts after any type of HPV infection – including HPV-16/-18. HPV infections from all sub-types are found in high frequency among women with normal cervices and cervical cancer is a rare outcome from these infections. This demonstrates that HPV infection of any sub-type (including HPV-16 and -18) is not predictive of cancer; particularly as ninety percent of HPV infections have no clinical consequences at all. It has been known for decades that environmental and lifestyle co-factors are also necessary for HPV infections to progress to cervical cancer. This is why 83% of cervical cancer occurs in the developing countries.

Does the HPV Vaccine Prevent Cervical Cancer?

The promotional campaigns for HPV vaccines have been designed and funded by the pharmaceutical companies. This vaccine has not been demonstrated to prevent cervical cancer. It was trialled against a surrogate for cervical cancer – pre-cursor lesions (grade 2/3) in 15-26 year old women – and these lesions are not predictive of cancer later in life. More than 95% of high-grade lesions (CIN 3) in young women (15-26 years) regress without treatment. In addition, the phase 3 clinical trials that tested the vaccine against pre-cursor lesions were conducted from 2003 to 2007 and were not complete when the HPV vaccine was licensed by the US Food and Drug Administration in June 2006. The vaccine was fast tracked for approval by the FDA due to industry lobbying and Merck ensured that Gardasil® was not just approved for high-risk groups. The FDA approved the vaccine for universal use in all women even though it was known that many co-factors, that were not prevalent in developed countries (Australia, USA and UK), were essential for HPV infections to progress to cervical cancer. The time frame from application to approval of the HPV vaccine by the FDA was only 6 months and 3 weeks later the CDC recommended the vaccine for use in all women.

Yet the phase 3 clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of this vaccine against cervical cancer were not completed until 2007. In the US, the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act removes liability from vaccine manufacturers for all design faults and negligence relating to their vaccines [1]. The US government has a no-fault compensation program that is tax-payer funded. This program removes all liability from the vaccine manufacturers and there is no onus to demonstrate that their products are safe and effective before they are implemented in the population. However, only Americans can seek compensation from the US government program. People who are harmed by HPV vaccines in other countries, such as Australia, receive no compensation from their governments.

Lobbying for HPV Vaccine Approval

Merck & Co is the manufacturer of the Gardasil® vaccine and when the medical director, Dr. Richard Haupt, was questioned about the speed with which the HPV vaccine was brought to the market he replied ‘Our hope and belief is that this is a remarkable vaccine that will have a huge impact on women [2]. ‘Hope’ and ‘belief’ are not the same as scientific evidence.

Politicians were lobbied and invited to receptions urging them to legislate against a ‘global killer’ [2]. Abramson, the chairman of the committee of the CDC that recommended the vaccine for all girls aged 11 or 12, stated ‘there was incredible pressure from industry and politics to approve this vaccine [2]. Diane Harper, a scientist involved in the development of the vaccine, agreed ‘Merck lobbied every opinion leader, women’s group, medical society, politicians and went directly to the people – it created a sense of panic that says you have to have this vaccine now [2]. In the US pharmaceutical companies are allowed to advertise directly to the public and the campaigns for HPV vaccines were very aggressive.

Educating Physicians about the HPV Vaccine

It was important for Merck to promote the vaccine through trusted sources and this was done by securing government reimbursement and mandates to promote the vaccine to all women, not just high-risk populations [3]. This enabled Merck to fund the professional medical associations (PMA’s) to promote the vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies supplied the medical associations with a Speaker Lecture Kit. This included ready-made presentations and letters to promote Gardasil® as a preventative for cervical cancer, even though the data was incomplete. The commercials for Gardasil® stated in small print ‘the duration of protection has not been established’ [2]. Much of the promotional material did not address the complexity of the issues surrounding the vaccine and did not provide balanced advice regarding the risks and benefits of the vaccine [3]. It was also presented in a way that obscured the involvement of pharmaceutical companies.

Doctors and nurses were recruited for an ‘Educate the Educators’ program created by the pharmaceutical companies to train health professionals to promote the vaccine. The PMA’s maintained a registry of educators and participants lectured to thousands of healthcare professionals. Hundreds of doctors were paid $4,500 per 50 minute lecture to present the information supplied by the pharmaceutical companies at Merck sponsored conferences [3]. They were also paid to attend advisory board meetings to discuss the vaccine [2]. In addition, there has also been an increase in cervical cancer awareness for patient groups financed with the help of Merck and GlaxosmithKline: often the financial support is indirect so patients are unaware that ‘expert’ advice has been paid for by the vaccine makers [2].

One of the Speaker Kit medical slides stated ‘Cervical cancer screening is described as secondary prevention identifying a precursor lesion; the HPV vaccine is primary prevention that would eliminate the cause of cervical cancer’ (Speaker Lecture Kit slide 13 in Rothman and Rothman 2009). This information is dishonest because it does not inform women that HPV alone is not sufficient to cause cervical cancer and also that there are 13+ other cancer causing strains of HPV that are not covered by the vaccine. Hence, the vaccine will not eliminate the cause of cervical cancer.

Whilst the slides acknowledged the uneven distribution of cervical cancer rates globally they did not draw attention to the risk factors that make cervical cancer a higher risk for women in developing countries. This knowledge is critical to women in determining the necessity for using this vaccine. The education campaigns emphasized the worldwide incidence of this disease whilst leaving out the risk factors for the disease and precautions about the risks of vaccines. Merck also funded the American College Health Association (ACHA) Vaccine Toolkit for clinicians [3]. This included talking points, sample e-mail messages to students and parents and sample press releases and public service announcements. At no time has the public been informed that the information they received on this vaccine was designed by pharmaceutical companies.

Protecting Population Health

The pharmaceutically funded promotional campaigns for HPV vaccines have maximized the threat of HPV infections and minimised the environmental and lifestyle co-factors that are necessary for the development of cervical cancer. The public places its trust in medical associations to provide non-biased science to health professionals for the promotion of medical products to the community. Clearly this trust has been breached in the case of HPV vaccines. At a minimum the public is entitled to be informed openly about relationships with industry and precise funding arrangements in order that they can weigh up the credibility of the information. This was an intentional deception as the pharmaceutical companies sought to present their information through trusted sources and the PMA’s condoned it.

Population health cannot be protected if there is no accountability for the health information that is supplied to doctors from industry funded research and presented to the community in the mainstream media.

About the author: Judy Wilyman MSc (Population Health), PhD Candidate University of Wollongong. More facts about HPV infections and the development of cervical cancer have been published in the Infectious Agents and Cancer Journal and can be accessed here:  HPV vaccination programs have not been shown to be cost-effective in countries with comprehensive Pap screening and surgery.


  1. Habakus LK and Holland M (Ed), 2011, Vaccine Epidemic: how corporate greed, biased science and coercive government threaten our human rights, our health and our children. Center for Personal Rights.
  2. Rosenthal E, 2008, The Evidence Gap: Drug Makers Push Leads to Cancer Rise, The New York Times, August 20, accessed 21.12.09
  3. Rothman SM and Rothman DJ, 2009, Marketing HPV Vaccine: Implications for Adolescent Health and Medical Professionalism, Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol 302, (7) p. 781 – 785.

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Science versus Sciencism


For weeks I have attempted to write a grand and eloquent article about the nature of science and scientific discovery. To say that every attempt has failed would be an understatement. It is not that I haven’t written about the structure of science, especially medical science, I have, and generally, rather well. This time, however, I have been at a loss to put to paper how deeply dangerous current corporate attempts to proffer the myth of scientific certainty really are.

So instead of delaying this post any longer, I give you two remarkable and seemingly unrelated videos that crossed my desk contemporaneously and an example of corporate trollism that risks destroying the very foundation of science.

The first video, a Ted Talk by neuroscientist Stuart Firestein that questions the certainty of the scientific endeavor. More so than ever he suggests we ought to be embracing the uncertainty, the unsolved, the puzzles that science presents rather than resting our laurels on some misbegotten perception of scientific eminence.

Stuart Firestein: The Pursuit of Ignorance

The second video shows the awe-inspiring complexity of something so simple that few give any thought to it – how butterfly wings get their colors. It reminds us, or at least it reminded me, of how little we really know about nature’s physiology. The depth of complexity in the butterfly wing colors will blow your mind.

Of Nanoparticles and Pixie Dust

Corporate Certainty and Sciencism

And then there is this, the juxtaposition of scientific uncertainty and the vast complexity of natural physiology with corporate trollism and astroturfing. These are paid propagandists and digital social bots, whose only task is to dismantle all doubt about their products under the auspices of ‘scientific certainty’. The human trolls spend hours upon hours on social media, responding to each and every critique of their product or their issue. The digital social bots respond by algorithm. Each does its damage by attacking anyone, personally and professionally, who dares question the certainty of their science.

Take a gander at this particular message board where the risks of the HPV vaccine of were discussed in advance of a talk show. Whether you are pro or anti-vaccine is of no import. Indeed, not even the topic or the host of the board is important. The same pattern of corporate trollism can be viewed with any potentially dangerous, but hugely profitable, product or issue. It is the method of corporate trollism that is important to observe. See if you can identify the trolls paid by industry. There are at least five. They attack the veracity of the patient experience. They attack parents whose children died. They proclaim scientific certainty. No evidence to the contrary will shake their stance. No comment will be left un-argued.

On Sciencism and Being Galileo’d

If you have watched the videos and perused the message board, I bet you’re thinking what the heck do all three examples have to do with each other?  Perhaps nothing, perhaps everything.

On the one hand, I was in awe of the brilliant complexity that is nature – the nano architecture of the butterfly wings is mind blowing. I was humbled. Listening to Dr. Firestein I was reminded of how wonderful it is have such immensely complicated puzzles to investigate. Science is, at its most fundamental, a quest for understanding. If all is certain, science is dead.

On the other hand, I was and continue to be, angered by what I see happening in corporate science or as I like to call it, sciencism. This strict adherence to, and indeed enforcement of, a consensus based understanding of reality, one that happens to correspond perfectly with product profit potential, is everything science is not. There is no humility there; only hubris and the certainty necessary to cudgel perceived detractors. And though there have always been forces that seek to derail discovery, especially when core ideologies are at stake, the Church versus Galileo, for example, the added impetus of billions of dollars in profits combined with the public slaying of patients, scientists and other contrarians, seems new.

Then again, maybe it’s not. Maybe we’re being Galileo’d by the high priests of industry-sponsored, media-supported, politically-ordained sciencism. Maybe only the players have changed.