HPV Vaccine Injury in Japan

Listening to the Body: Healing Post Cervarix

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This is a story about Yumi, who is now in her first year of university. She had her first dose of the HPV vaccine, Cervarix in October 2011, when she was 16 years old. Prior to the HPV vaccine, Yumi was healthy and played sports at school. She was a member of the baton twirling team.

After the first HPV vaccine injection, she complained of pain and heaviness in her arm. She suddenly started to put on a lot of weight, slept a longer hours, and also complained of headache, but her mother did not pay too much attention to her complaints.

Yumi had second shot of Cervarix in November 2011, she also had pain and the heavy feeling in her arm. Since the doctor who gave the injection told them that there would be some pain, and other minor side effects, Yumi’s mother and the doctor did not pay much attention to her symptoms early on.

Yumi had third dose of Cervarix in April 2012.  In May, intensive hair loss had started. At the same time, she complained of headache, tiredness, swelling in her arms, slight fever, and taste disorder. She had three menstrual periods per month when previously her periods were regular. Sometimes Yumi became confused and could not understand simple tasks like telling time. She forgot how to read understand Chinese characters, and could not go to school every day.  Her days and nights were reversed with a sleep disorder. She had continuous spasms in her arms that lasted for about one month after the third Cervarix injection.

The swelling in her arms tended to worsen when Yumi participated in hard practice of the baton twirling club in her high school, and after the practice she could not go to school for a few days. This pattern was repeated many times.

Medical Testing and Failed Treatments post Cervarix

Around June 2012, Yumi was taken to a hospital in order to examine her brain. She had various tests including MRI, and her pituitary gland was also examined. All results came back normal.  Yumi was taken to various other hospitals, but there were no treatments except for the one given for the alopecia.

At the end of July 2012, Yumi was recommended to receive steroid IV for 3 days as a treatment for the alopecia, and she was hospitalized for 3 days. After that, her weight continued to increase. Her hair also continued to come off, and sometime in August she lost almost all the hair on her head such that she needed a full wig. After that, hair started to grow again and came off again, this was repeated several times.

In December 2012, her hair finally started growing again continuously, and by the end of March 2013, she could go to a hair dresser and had her hair trimmed to a very short style. However, in April, her hair started to fall out again and she needed her full wig at the beginning of May.  In summer 2013, almost all her hair on the head disappeared.

Menstrual Problems Post Cervarix

Another problem that Yumi was the increase in menstrual periods, three per month. In August 2012 she began seeing a gynecologist. She was tested for hormones, the results were that both male and female hormones were much lower than the normal values. The doctor could not understand the reason, and only prescribed a Chinese medicine for increasing the female hormone. However, the medicine was too bitter, and Yumi could not take it.  She occasionally took ibuprofen for the pain, but apart from that no further test or treatment were carried out.

In summer 2013, Yumi’s mother asked the doctor if Yumi could have another steroid IV treatment for her alopecia, they were told that due to a possibility of other side effects the doctor could not recommend it. The doctor of the alopecic department could not understand why the hair once had grown back was lost again, which does not occur usually.

Also in summer 2013, she had another test for hormones, and this test showed that her male hormone increased and female hormone was just within the normal range. The gynecologist could not understand why the menstruation disturbance did not improve even though the hormone levels were normal.

Around this time, Yumi’s mother started to suspect that these symptoms were side effects of HPV vaccine, and asked these two doctors the possibility, but they did not take it seriously at all.

Chiropractic and Holistic Care for Cervarix Reactions: From Chiropractor LIM SUK HO

In February 2014, Yumi’s mother read a blog by someone who was suffering from side effects of the HPV vaccine, and found a story about a chiropractor. She contacted the writer and got my address. They visited me and I told I believed the symptoms were due to side effects of Cervarix, the HPV vaccine. They seemed to be relieved that the cause became clear, delighted to hear that the symptoms might disappear, and surprised when I pointed out other symptoms (her neck and shoulder swelling, her back crouching, rashes on the back and spots on the head and face, thyroid gland swelling, adhesion between shoulder blade and body wall, lumbosacral joint fixation, cervical spine kyphosis, front neck abnormal swelling, extremities being cold, etc.)

Yumi had a chiropractic treatment on that day, and she immediately felt that her body became lighter and was delighted. By that time, she had stopped seeing the doctor in the alopecic department and the gynecologist since they could not offer further treatments, so she had decided that she was going to receive only the chiropractic treatment from now on.

First, Yumi had the chiropractic treatment once in two weeks, and had advice about food and supplement in order to improve her digestive system. She was told to eliminate sugar, which she found difficult to do initially. Since she could not eat some of her favorite foods, there were a lot of tears and arguments between mother and daughter. The symptoms gradually subsided, and Yumi could go to school again. The number of days she spent all day in the bed due to headache, tiredness, slight fever, etc. started decreasing, and around April 2014 when she started at university, her condition had really improved. Her period became normal, and she could go to the university every day.

In July 2014, Yumi’s weight has returned to normal, she has no headache, tiredness, or sleep disorder. She can spend normal days, and she is enjoying her study, part-time job, and social life with her friends.

She has recovered even to a degree that she has visited US for one month this summer.  When she was back from US, her mother saw Yumi’s hair growing all over the area of her head.

It will take only a little more to complete Yumi’s journey to overcome the side effects of Cervarix, the HPV vaccine and to return to her life as it was prior to HPV vaccine or to even much healthier life.

Using Chiropractic Care to Treat Post Cervarix Reactions

The following are treatment methods I employ.

Using a special gel for an ultrasound technique, venous blood is discharged to vein and lymphatic vessel, and influx of fresh blood to the capillaries from arterioles is promoted. The amount of local circulating blood can be easily increased using this ultrasound technique with application of the gel, which is formed from natural components.

Subsequently, in order to promote discharge and flow of interstitial fluid, fixation, rubbing, and twisting between muscle, fascia, and ligament are released. This fixation, rubbing, and twisting caused the systemic pain in Yumi’s case (I would say that more than 70% of her pain was caused by these).

Only after the preparative conditioning is completed, that is, blood flow is maintained, pain is removed, stimulation to the central nerve system is carried out, joint movement of limbs are secured, and sufficient nutrients are provided from diet, etc., we can start the treatment by the chiropractic method to the spine, including approaches to the pelvis, the lower thoracic spine, the upper thoracic spine, and the cervical spine.

In the chiropractic, usually, we do not use any therapeutic instruments at all, but in the case of HPV vaccine injury, we need to use instruments in order to tackle the problem that has been left for a long time.

The body site to be adjusted changes case by case. This adjustment enables the amount of circulating blood to the corresponding central nerve system to be changed. The point is input of an appropriate stimulation from the peripheral receptor or effector to the central nerve system.

Supplement and diet are totally depend on individuals according to the degree of damage, the site of damage, etc. In general, improvement of the digestive system has the priority.

Message to Chiropractors about Treating HPV Vaccine Injured Patients

We need to remember that vagovagal reflex occurs after the sympathetic reflex has occurred. That is, it is not a short-term problem, but both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system of the autonomic nerve are continuously being damaged at the same time. Normal chiropractic treatment is not very effective and it takes longer than usual. As in the theory, first, try to calm down the sympathetic nervous system, and when the digestive system becomes nearly fully recovered, we can start treatment with the parasympathetic nervous system. The sign for the time to start parasympathetic nervous system adjustment as a main treatment is when the marks, rashes, acne, etc. on the back of a patient have disappeared. These rashes keep appearing and disappearing when I see a patient on a once-a-week basis.  By examining thoracic segments of the vertebral column, an area that is rigid and is not flexible should be taken care of.

Editor’s note: this post was written originally in Japanese and translated into English by a friend of Hormones Matter.

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