Dorothy Garcia

Parasites: A Possible Cause of Endometriosis, PCOS, and Other Chronic, Degenerative Illnesses

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My intention with this post is to help inform the general public about a possible cause of various chronic/degenerative illnesses: parasites. I should begin by saying, I am NOT a medical doctor. Although I have much experience working in the healthcare field as an employee of various naturopathic doctors, chiropractors and holistic practitioners and I am a massage therapist and have extensive training in anatomy and pathology, my training and medical experience with parasites occurred AFTER I was diagnosed with endometriosis and used Lupron.

When I say parasites, I am using this term broadly. I am not just talking about worms. I’m also speaking of arthropods, flukes (flatworms), roundworms, pinworms, hookworms, tapeworms, protozoa, fungi, slime molds, mildews, bacteria, spirochetes, mycoplasmas, nanobacteria, etc. Parasites can range in size from microscopic (nanobacteria) to 30 feet long (tape worms). They each have their own life cycle, method of reproduction and can cause damage to multiple organs. In my case, parasites were responsible for my endometriosis and ill-health.

My Struggle with Endometriosis

Since the age of 15, when I finally hit puberty, I experienced crazy irregular periods. I was bleeding every two weeks. Little did I realize when I started my periods that it would be the launch-pad into a life of routine doctor and hospital visits.  I had various laparoscopic surgeries for ovarian cysts. I have tested almost every birth control on the market (from the pill to the patch).

No matter what pill I took or what surgery was performed, I wasn’t getting better. Instead, as the years passed, I got progressively worse. 

At a young age, I grew accustomed to being sick. I was used to getting my blood drawn and having IV’s inserted (and it usually took 3 pricks to hit a vein because my arms were so “fluffy” from the extra weight I carried). I followed the doctor’s orders, filled my prescriptions, and my parents paid the co-pays thinking they were doing the best of their child.

Everything came to a head in my early twenties, when I was a missionary for my church.  My service was cut short due to the symptoms of endometriosis. At that point, doctors had put me on the OrthoEvra patch. It was yet another failed attempt at using birth control to treat my symptoms. Because I was far from my primary doctor, and no one knew what to do with me, I was sent back home.

My primary doctor prescribed narcotics for the chronic pain and referred me to a gynecologist who was well-versed in endometriosis. His opinion, after many diagnostic procedures, was that the endometriosis had spread so much that the only option I had was to try Lupron as an attempt to save my uterus. If it didn’t work, he would do surgery.

I opted for Lupron.

He also informed me he wanted to prescribe Prozac to help with the side effects that come with Lupron. I was already well versed in the side effects of Prozac, and that wasn’t something I wanted to deal with. I politely declined.

I was told it would be a couple of weeks before the Lupron would be available, due to needing pre-approval from my parents’ insurance (since it cost $500/shot at that time).  Upon leaving the gyno’s office, I started to grow a wild hair… I decided to make a pit stop to the health food store before I went back home. I bought a bottle of herbs for female hormone balance for $6. It was the best decision of my life.

One week after taking the herbs I noticed that the pain was starting to back off.  I was able to ween myself off the pain killers. By the time I was back at the gyno’s office to get my first injection of Lupron, I was already having second thoughts. Why go through with this drug if the herbs are working? I really wish I had listened to my gut in that moment. Once I had my first injection, my life started to turn into my own personal hell.

Hot flashes, pain in my joints, lethargic, constantly hungry, and moody; I was no longer myself. Granted, I wasn’t in pain like before, but the pain was gone when I started the herbs. I couldn’t say Lupron did anything for the endometriosis pain. All I knew is the effect of the drug was worse than I expected. I felt like I aged overnight, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

After two injections, I made the decision to stop using Lupron.

Fast forward a couple of years later, I eventually got married and became a widow before I celebrated my one year anniversary. I fired my medical doctor, filed a complaint with the FDA about Lupron and decided to pave my own path to healing. I was done with playing chem-lab with my body. If a $6 bottle of herbs could make that big of a difference, then what else was out there that I had yet to explore?

Introducing the Practitioner Who Saved My Life

I moved out west to Utah in an attempt to build a new life for myself. Some friends of mine, who also re-located to Utah, informed me about a homeopath that helped them overcome the chronic/degenerative conditions that they experienced. One of them was working for him.  He let me know that he spoke to the practitioner about my situation and wanted me to come to the office right away. The practitioner said my problem was an easy one to fix.

Now, I’m sure you can imagine what I thought when I heard someone say endometriosis was “easy to fix”. I didn’t believe it. I wasn’t sure what I was in for, but I figured I had nothing left to lose.

During my visit with him, we didn’t really talk much about endometriosis. Instead he educated me on parasites. He informed me that what I was experiencing was actually the result of parasites invading the uterus and endometrial lining of the uterus. I learned how parasites don’t just live in the digestive tract, they can live anywhere in the body. There are parasites that have their preferred organ to dwell in (like liver flukes – the name says it all). They can inhabit the pancreas, the brain, the lungs, the heart and even the body cavity.

It is very easy to become a host; too easy. The tragic thing about parasites is that they go on living, completely undetected, slowly killing their host by leaving them chronically nutrient deficient, suppressing their immune system, burrowing holes in their organs and slowly eating them alive. The worst of it, the medical community has turned a blind eye to this epidemic and traditional diagnostic exams (stool samples and blood samples) aren’t sufficient enough to detect them.

My new practitioner explained how the uterus is a perfect place for parasites because it is a hollow space, isolated from the digestive tract (thus, it can’t be touched by typical parasite cleanses). He posed the question to me, “Now the cells of the endometrial lining of the uterus are specifically designed for that part of the uterus, and nowhere else in the body.  How do you think those cells got outside of the uterus?  How did that webbing appear from out of nowhere?  Does the body decide it’s going to magically displace cells to wherever the heck it wants to? And if you think about it, why are dogs and cats recommended to get de-wormed on a regular basis to help them stay healthy? Dogs have to take heart worm pills every month. Why do we think we are immune to parasites?”  When he posed that question, I began thinking about my childhood.

When I was a kid, I used to play with stray cats that lived in my yard.  We also had a dog that lived outside. I remember when I finished playing with them, I never washed my hands (I lived in the country so hygiene wasn’t really enforced in my home).  It made sense as to why I would get parasites “down there” because if I had parasite eggs on my hands (from playing with the animals) and I used the bathroom, then the eggs could easily have made their way from my hands to the toilet tissue, to my girl space. Or if I used a tampon without washing my hands beforehand… well, you get the picture.  It started to make sense.

At the close of my session with him, I was thankful that fate brought me to his office.  I felt completely enlightened on my condition.  I felt relief that there was someone out there that had an explanation as to what was going on inside my body.  I spent the last of my moving money on my bill at his office (this covered his office fee and remedies). I didn’t regret it one bit.

Recovery from Endometriosis and Uterine Parasites

The protocol he used was very simple. First he used muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) to check to see what kinds of pathogens were keeping my body sick (for example: parasites, bacteria, fungi, molds, mildews, yeasts, etc.) and recommend herbs and homeopathy to kill it off. Then he would check for weaknesses in various body systems and organs and recommended herbs and homeopathy to make them stronger. The idea behind this is that once you get rid of what is suppressing the immune system, then the body’s natural defense mechanisms kick in and the body is better capable of absorbing nutrients from food.  When the body is getting the proper nutrition needed, and no longer robbed by the parasites, then the body can start repairing the damage that was done.

The way I knew this was working was from what came out of me when I went to the bathroom. Granted, he did warn me that I might not see much because typically the worms get broken down during the digestion process. I did see some residuals of worms in my stools. They looked like little orange sticks that resembled skinny shredded carrots.  I saw a bunch of black granules that resembled sand.  I also saw white pieces that resembled sesame seeds and rice.

Six months of working with him I felt like a new person. I felt a huge shift in my body and my being. The cramping and pain had stopped.  I had more energy and stamina. I wasn’t feeling down and depressive.  I was hopeful for the future. And now seven years later, I am a health and fitness coach, massage therapist, remarried, a mom of two kids (without any hormone therapy) and living a life that I once dreamed of while lying on the couch, watching Sex In The City high on narcotics. Back then, I didn’t even think something like this was possible.

When I speak with other women, currently enduring the pains of endometriosis, and tell them I’m now symptom free and no longer on medications, they look at me like I’m crazy.  I know that I’m probably the first and only person to pass through their life making such a claim.  When I speak with other medical doctors about my experience, they are quick to brush it off because I worked with a “quack” (because homeopathy is considered hog-wash, even though it’s existed for hundreds of years and is still widely used in Europe).  My new primary doctor (who was also my OB when I was pregnant with my kids) saw the endometriosis battle scars on my uterus when he performed the C-Section for my babies.  He too refuses to delve into how I recovered from endometriosis.

It blows my mind every time.

Why Is This Being Ignored?  Information about Parasites for Doctors and Holistic Practitioners

The reason why parasites aren’t considered in conventional medicine is because most people in the academic/medical field consider parasites to be a third world problem. Parasites are not solely a third world problem. We live in an age where there are no borders and boundaries. We can travel from one end of the earth to the other in a matter of a few hours. We can experience other cultures and ways of life as long as we hold a passport.  Because of this, certain pathologies that were isolated in one region of the world are now easily spread to other areas. Wildlife that was native to one part of the world can suddenly end up in your back yard, disrupting the ecosystem, due to someone smuggling it onto a plane. Even our produce and meats are imported from other countries. Just because something may be a problem in one part of the world doesn’t mean we are immune to it here in the US. Just because one species of animal may be a common host, doesn’t mean we aren’t a possible carrier for it as well (especially if the host animal is part of our diet). So despite our insistence to the contrary, parasites are a problem; one likely causing a myriad of chronic health problems (including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.).

Another reason most physicians don’t consider parasites is because, most of the diagnostic exams available are grossly inadequate for parasite testing.  Stool samples are the main diagnostic exam for parasites. If there are parasites in the stools it’s still not an accurate representation of what’s going on inside the rest of the body. Nevertheless, stool samples are a good start, but they are not commonly used in primary care.

If you are a naturopathic doctor, it would be of great benefit to you and your patients to consider adding some form of testing for parasites to your protocol; especially when dealing with patients who struggle with chronic/degenerative illnesses and who are not benefiting from diet and lifestyle changes or conventional medications. If you are a practitioner that wants documentable proof (especially for insurance billing), then prescribe a stool test for your patients to check for parasites. There are various labs that do detailed exams for parasites. You can find them on Google, but here are some labs that offer parasite testing:

  • Great Smokies Diagnostic Labs:  1-800-522-4762
  • Diagnos-Techs:  1-800-878-3787
  • Doctor’s Data:  1-800-323-2784
  • Parasitology Center:  1-480-767-2522

Please note, I have no association with these labs. These are provided for informational purposes only. Even though stool samples are considered the gold standard for parasite testing, a better way to test for parasites might be muscle testing. This is the method that was used by the doctor who helped me overcome the parasites that were wreaking havoc on my health.  Muscle testing isn’t as widely accepted in the medical field, but that didn’t concern me.

Muscle testing (aka: Kinesiology) is a tool that taps into the innate wisdom of the body and, when used properly, allows the body to “tell” you what is wrong with it.  I have had this used several times in my life using various healing modalities that I learned in massage school. I was always pleasantly surprised how accurately those I worked with were able to get to the cause of a problem just by asking very specific questions and allowing the body to respond accordingly. Unfortunately, it is not something that medical insurance will cover, nor a means to get diagnoses for the proper ICD codes for insurance reimbursement.  All I know is it was the means to get me to where I am today, and I am forever thankful to the practitioner who was wise enough to learn how to use it properly and put into practice what he preached.

For Those Suffering from Endometriosis, Infertility, PCOS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, IBS and Other Similar Illnesses: Get Tested for Parasites

If you are one who earnestly desires healing in your life, then you must be the one to seek it out for yourself. You cannot wait for someone else to hand it to you on a silver platter.  It’s a complicated process, but as you can read here it’s not always as complicated as it may seem. The answers are usually much simpler than we imagine.

Do your research. Try new things. If you’re already miserable with how things are now, then it’ll be of great benefit to you to change it up.

Just don’t make the mistake of self-diagnosis. Granted, the herbs helped me very much before I received the Lupron injection, but they weren’t the answer to the problem. They were a band aid.  I needed the help of a professional who had experience dealing with this problem to help unravel the tangled web that was my body. Don’t be afraid of bringing up the possibility of parasites to your doctor and ask for testing. If your doctor doesn’t believe you, then find another doctor, preferably a naturopathic/holistic doctor.

You were born to live and enjoy your life. Live it by design, not by default.  Don’t let some microscopic organism/illness/diagnosis rob you of that joy!

References for Educational and Research Purposes

If you know of scientific studies connecting parasites to chronic illness, especially endometriosis, please add to the list.


  1. Thank you! The post is very well written; clear, accurate and easy to understand. I had some problems with parasites. It is often a waste of time to try and find eggs in stools as they are extremely difficult to detect. Best for me is just to treat with Mebendazole (Vermox). I’m so happy? I found ‘Noworm365’ ❤️ in Google and got treatment so soon. Albendazole and vermox are broad spectrum antihelmintics and most likely to be effective.Your article helped me a lot to be free from parasites forever! Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the post!!

    Currently I’m on a parasite cleanse I believe I’m on day 10 right now I’m actually taking medication along with natural herbal supplements as well including clove, wormwood, black walnut etc. My regimen kind of looks like this, I get up I take some diatomaceous earth and make sure water drink it down then afterwards roughly sometimes an hour sometimes 2 hours I will take a dose of my natural supplements with a clove etc. Then every couple days I’ll add on top of that a dose of ivermect. Or fenbendazole. After I take the supplements or medicine I take a binder of activated carbon to help get rid of all the toxins etc in my body.

    I also do take a supplement of iodine as well and like a general multivitamin in between there to help my body kind of get some sort of nutrients… It is eye-opening to say the least what results are!!!!! I never thought of myself as having parasites but it’s crazy how much actually is in your body!!
    At one point I did suffer from like an IBS type of illness where heavy stomach aches and I would actually have to go to the bathroom and there would be blood in it no doctors could ever give me answers etc.. More recently the doctors indicated to me that I had something wrong with my kidneys like a mass I can’t help but think that that mass is probably gone considering what I’ve had to urinate out!!!
    Whenever you tell somebody about parasites they are hesitant to listen. I’m beginning to look at it like this, everything in the medical industry is geared at not healing someone but rather maintaining people. It seems like everything they do avoids this real problem and just nurses it. Study after study I’ve read at the NIH regarding parasites being found in lung cancer samples etc leads me to believe the parasites of the real problem in all these areas! This is terrifying considering the lack of concern for parasites in the medical industry…… Again, this is just my opinion and like you I’ve been reading and learning a lot and looking into studies at multiple well-respected medical locations and everything that I’ve read confirms my suspicions they just don’t want to say it because that would take away their customers!!
    Thank you so much for your article, I’m glad to see that there’s more folks who are coming to know the truth!!

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing your story. Did you require surgery to conceive?

    I discovered I have parasites through nutrition response testing (muscle testing). I would have never found this out on my own or through conventional medicine. I found myself suffering from insomnia, weight gain (18lbs), infertility, fatigue, cavities, brain fog and my hair started falling out. The practitioner I’m working with has helped a lot, my hair isn’t falling out and I sleep well now but I’m on month 6 of my parasite cleanse using cellcore products 4-5 of those months- and parachord 1-2 months initially. I have seen many parasites come out in my stool, menstrual blood and once even in my urine. I have seen threadworms, pin worms, a big earthworm looking thing, & a flat stick looking thing. Mostly, I see pin worms & I definitely see more during full moons and new moons.

    I’ve had impeccable hygiene, changing towels, underwear and pjs every day. Washing bed sheets 1-2x a week. Cleaning bathrooms etc.

    I’m wondering how much longer it will take before I can eradicate these parasites and conceive a healthy baby again. I’m 37 and fear I don’t have many fertile years left. I don’t have any symptoms of endometriosis other than recurrent miscarriage(2) and infertility (4 years). My cycles are very regular and I have no pms or pain but less cervical mucus. I conceived my son, now 6, on the first try with no issues but he was colicky as an infant and I’ve read a lot about colicky horses and parasites and can’t help but wonder if that’s what ailed my son.

    Anyway I’m wondering if the herbal cleanse supplements are enough to eradicate parasites from the tissues and organs or if something else is needed. I’m looking into blood ozone, biomagnetism and bio resonance as additional solutions. I’m also considering the emotional aspect. Louise Hay has an affirmation for eliminating parasites, “I lovingly take back my power and eliminate all interference.”

    • Have you assessed your iodine levels? I have a colleague (I’m an integrative nurse), whom says her patients get pregnant after increasing their iodine levels.
      Can you order an iodine loading test (urine) and assess? You can start adding kelp flakes to your meals or as a supplement now.
      I would also look into the root cause protocol (RCP). Best of luck conceiving your baby!

      • Thanks Christie, I am actually on the RCP now. I haven’t ordered labs for iodine but have done the arm test and it disappears quickly, indicating I’m low.

        Also, since this last post I added coffee enemas and did a 48 hour water fast during the full moon, coupled with my cellcore anti parasitics. And WOW! The amount of worms and biofilm that came out is unreal. Huge rope worms, longer skinny spaghetti noodle worms, & liver fluke. I’ll definitely be continuing with the enemas and fasting during future full moons.

  4. It’s been 2 years my family has dealt with hell I think this while covid thing is from bad water and parasites but doctors are too quick to judge u especially if u have a mh condition that’s sadly could actually could be caused from these bastards, I pray for an answer soon, I throw up everytome I eat pumpkin seeds, I have weird skin problems feels like a fish flopping in my stomach repeated events of streph staff ear infection eye issues I believe covid was and is a environmental disaster linked to roundworm infection because of what’s happend with us, it’s astonishing the amount of discrimination we get as patients from these doctors that are paid too check on us these same doctors all these specialist do not communicate in a fashion that co exist with the patents well being anymore we need to go bk to the Waltons age maybe than things will matter and we won’t be told to go doctor hopping ty for your story you are brave I actually had my kids taken from me because of this nightmare I got them bk what happened to me and my family and extended family was outright lawless maryland needs too straighten up

  5. This is exactly the information I was looking for for my 14 year old daughter. I did need to know that we might be up against parasites to start with which would be difficult for people who would never consider parasites. Thank you for this post.

  6. Thank you! The post is very well written; clear, accurate and easy to understand ❤️. I had some problems with parasites. It is often a waste of time to try and find eggs in stools as they are extremely difficult to detect. Best for me is just to treat with Mebendazole (Vermox). I was so happy I found ‘Noworm365’ in Google and got treatment so soon. ?Albendazole and vermox are broad spectrum antihelmintics and most likely to be effective.Your article helped me a lot to be free from parasites forever! Thanks!

  7. Thank you for this post. It is so important to get the word out there that parasites are a common infection in the general population; and they can ruin your health. I only began to realize that I had a parasite problem about 5 years ago. I had constipation for years, insomnia for years but never considered that it might be due to parasites…until…I saw a bunch of large roundworms in my BM’s. ( sorry about being so graphic).
    I told my doctor about it; and he prescribed a 3-day round of mebendazole. I took the meds and thought that it was a done deal.
    No such luck. I continued to have chronic constipation, chronic insomnia, chronic fatigue…and broke out in fairly severe cystic acne…at the age of 64!!! I then had to research online about herbals that kill parasites. I tried different brands and different combinations including the much-touted mimosa pudica. None of them killed off the parasites and some brands of herbals just made me I’ll from side effects. ( I’m one of those highly sensitive people who get allergic reactions and overactive mast cells).
    As of this past 6 weeks, I have seen so many different types of parasites in my stool, it’s depressing. Thread worms, helminths, tapeworms and others that I’m not familiar with. I’ve begun a new brand of parasite med, a blend of wormwood and others like clove, cassia, etc. This one is working!! And it’s not making me I’ll from side effects! I’m eating more garlic and also drinking ginger tea a couple times a week. Ive also de-wormed my dog last week, and my cat was dewormed last month. I also, now, wash my hands very often.
    We shall see if the fatigue, brain fog, gut issues, insomnia, and “pizza face” acne abate.
    My doctor is an old-school M.D. ( Medicare doctor)… a nice man but kind of poorly trained. I have to be my own doctor, when it comes to this.

  8. hey does anyone know if PCOS could have a possible correlation with parasites and the chemistry?? I know they say its hormonal. But cant a parasite just change the chemistry and then cause the body to start producing more testosterone? for example Toxoplasma gondii , makes mice unafraid of cats.
    so what if in a way the parasite is just kind of changing up the chemistry and then the body just gets out of wak?
    I have pcos, when I was younger I used to get horrible periods and I would kind of have manic episodes, now my periods aren’t as bad, but eveyrtiime I eat sugar, or dairy I feel horrible, especially when I eat too much dairy some how some way I feel despair , this intense feeling of depression comes upon me and the thing is , I only feel it in my head ;if that makes any sense.
    the hirsutism only started when the doctors made me get on birth control just so I could take an acne medication.
    anyways; anyone have any thoughts? please let me know I’m trying so hard to just fix myself.

    • Best things I found so far have been: Fenugreek to decrease some of the weight gain when u eat carbs or sweets (take if u have those things), Pygeum for hirsutism, amino acids, and try not to eat too much meat, bread, and caffiene. Vitex when you want ur time of the months to start. Topical hair inhibitors can help, and waxing. Ideally, Lower stress with relaxation techniques and/or yoga for a few minutes a day.

  9. Hi Dorothy, thanks for sharing your experience. My struggle with endo feels a lot like yours and non of the medical treatments/procedures I tried work for me. Recently I heard there’s a new medical procedure overseas called HIFU which might worth a try and then I came across this article so I’m thinking maybe before I damage my own body with marvel medical procedure (again), I can try to gather more advises from other aspects so, would you please provide the contact info of the practitioner who changed your life? Thanks a lot for your reply. Have a great day everyday!

  10. Hi! Basically every human beings has parasites. “Parasites testing” is not accurate, highly unreliable. If someone has chronic health issues, they should really treat parasites 🙂 Check out the Microbe Formula Detox Heroes group on Facebook. Also, the website of Dr Jessica Peatross, and Dr Jaban Moore. So much valuable info!

  11. Thank you for a great article and sharing your experience with endometriosis and healing

    I wanted to add and share some of my experience and what I’ve learned regarding endometriosis and even related to other female health conditions

    Endometriosis is really complex health issue. The uterus lining is growing thicker and I believe it grows around other parts because whatever is causing this excess growth (whether its parasites or nutritional) now needs to grow somewhere else right?

    Parasites are just awful and pinworms are something I had for 10 plus years now. They come and go. At first I thought I caught it from a raw food diet and my gardening tactics but discovered from my mother that I had it as a kid as did all my siblings

    Parasites are so common that everyone has one thing or the other

    I wish hygiene was enough but I suspect this problem is more nutritional than parasitic or maybe a combination of both – it is so easy to catch pinworms that you would have to live in a bubble for the rest of your life

    On the one hand we have existing deficiencies and on the other hand we have parasites which rob us of nutrition. So now it’s a question of which came first the chicken or the egg? Or in this case the nutritional deficiencies  or the parasites?

    I have done a number of parasite protocols using herbs and even food some works some don’t but they always come back. It’s so important to maintain a very healthy diet

    It’s important to understand prostaglandins and the production of these hormones that help shed the uterus lining. If you eat bad fats (hydrogenated vegetable oils) and too much saturated fats and you have horrible period symptoms very likely your body is producing the wrong kind of prostaglandins which will cause inflammation – you need good healthy fats omega 3s and 6s. Make sure you don’t rely on fish oil supplements as these will more than likely be rancid – I’m currently eating walnuts, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, soy lecithin (maybe sunflower lecithin would be better). I’ve cut out refined veg oils. When I cleaned up the diet and limited simple carbs (white stuff like rice, potatoes and most refined grains) my period was much better and I shedded a thick piece of the uterus lining. Too much simple carbs convert to saturated fats

    Of course you need other nutrition too like vitamins and minerals. The other major problem are toxins and heavy metals. Heavy metals can throw off our nutrition paving the way for parasites, infact I believe that its the heavy metals that is the root cause of parasites and not because we breathed in some unsuspecting egg of a parasite

    Parasites are simply the result of a malfunctioning immune system and any nutritional program should address this. Iodine is antiparasitic and most people are deficient but at the same time you have to becareful you don’t have thyroid problem which can get worse from iodine intake. Nutritional balancing is a very delicate undertaking because one mans medicine is another mans poison.

    There was a time I was doing the iodine protocol – after intercourse I started bleeding and I literally fainted from what looked like big blobs of clots that were coming out of me – they looked like chicken liver but dark red I believe they were fibroids. That was many years ago and I was also taking cofactor nutrients such as selenium. Iodine deficiency is linked to cysts. I read somewhere that cysts are linked to parasites. Basically cysts are like a nest for parasites

    If you are of child bearing age use a fertility tracker and track your monthly cycle. Keep an eye on your periods which can tell you a lot about your fertility and even your general health.
    A health diary is a must, record what you eat what herbs and supplements you take. Follow the moon phases as what I have noticed my symptoms are worse on full moons and also issues during new moons – parasites lay eggs on full moons causing symptoms

    I have read about someone getting rid of pinworms only to then have an issue with another parasite so I wouldn’t only target a specific parasite. You want to get them all and you want to get them at the right time (full moon new moon). Currently I’m in the process of getting rid of toxins and heavy metals

    • Hi Shelly!
      Wow, your comment was so interesting, good info!
      I’m currently doing parasite cleansing, so good reminders there.
      I had a laparoscopy in the autumn; severe form of endo and one cyst also on my other ovary…
      Now with the protocols I shed during every period small lingering stuff amongst the blood…. Hoping it’ll work!
      I’ll check on the iodine protocol, sounded very promising!

  12. Hi Dorothy. My name is Nicole Livezey. in my email address. PLEASE PLEASE email me! I’m pretty sure my body is battling parasites. It all started two or more years ago. I am bloated all the time and my stomach is in pain all the time. I have gas and I know I feel something moving in my stomach. there’s air or gas or other things also moving around in my stomach to wear my stomach makes a lot of noises. I have headaches sometimes. Back aches. I have a lot of fatigue throughout the day and it’s hard to sleep at night. I’m a lot more mellow that I’ve ever been in my life and also it’s hard for me to focus and stay focused it’s hard for me to remember things. My nickname used to be Tigger or bubbly if that tells you anything of who I used to be. That’s definitely who I am not right now. My stool is very weird some days I have a lot of diarrhea and other days I’m constipated. My stool does smell very bad as well. I battle UTIs on a constant basis and also bacterial vaginosis on a constant basis. My doctor has done a stool sample, blood work and act and all of it was normal but I know there’s something going on and I truly think my body is battling parasites. There is more to this but this is the general stuff I deal with regularraly. I need your advice on a doctor you think I could see or anything you can tell me. PLEASE EMAIL ME! PLEASE! I’M DESPERATE… I’m a mother to two sweet children and a wife to an amazing husband. PLEASE email me…!!!

  13. Thank you! The post is very well written; clear, accurate and easy to understand ❤️. I had some problems with parasites. It is often a waste of time to try and find eggs in stools as they are extremely difficult to detect. Best for me is just to treat with Mebendazole (Vermox). I was so happy I found ‘Noworm365’ in Google and got treatment so soon. ?Albendazole and vermox are broad spectrum antihelmintics and most likely to be effective.Your article helped me a lot to be free from parasites forever! Thanks!

    • Hi! Reading your article is like reading my own story! Im suffering with worst then labour pain, please send me details of the naturopathic doctor that helped you heal, i would like to be in his care!please email me at

  14. thank you for this post, unfortunately few will believe it due to the popular medical myth promoted by doctors that “Americans can’t get parasites”.
    I struggled for my whole life with freakishly explosive periods that I always described as “like I’m giving birth to eels!” And I would often pass enormous clots the size of my hand. NOBODY BELIEVED ME, everybody just called me disgusting. No doctor ever made any effort to help me or verify what I was saying they would just call me crazy and refer me to psychiatrists. I finally began studying parasites after a terrible skin rash and lo and behold, I’ve discovered that those massive clots I’ve been passing are “liver flukes”, deliberately misnamed by the medical profession, because they can infest any organ not just the liver.
    I despise doctors. They have done nothing but harm me my entire life. They are worse than useless, they are harmful.

    • The crazy thing is I found a 1972 Merck Manual at an antique store. Page 13 gives the definition of Viral Diseases as being, “the smallest of parasites.” They’ve known the truth for a long time in the medical profession, but killing parasites means killing profit and healing the people.

  15. Thank you so much for sharing such info.
    i live in South Africa. I was diagonised with endometriosis four months back, got scheduled for an op because I had a tennisball size of a chocolate cyst, i was unable to walk and was in too much pain. I bought a book called heal endometriosis naturally and read everything and followed instructions . i took a decision to stop all conventional meds and completely go natural, stick to the diet and take herbs for endometriosis for 3months. my cyst shrank out totally. with the help of a homeopath After that i did high dose vitamin C once a week and i’m still doing iv ozone once a week, i am now taking the gum turpentine (half a teaspoon) with honey once every two days to bust those parasites. Right now i am the happiest person i can ever be, pain-free and back to my aerobics class. I thank God that i got my life back.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing such info.
    i live in South Africa. I was diagonised with endometriosis four months back, got scheduled for an op because I had a tennisball size of a chocolate cyst, i was unable to walk and was in too much pain. I bought a book called heal endometriosis naturally and read everything and followed instructions . i took a decision to stop all conventional meds and completely go natural, stick to the diet and take herbs for endometriosis for 3months. my cyst shrank out totally. with the help of a homeopath After that i did high dose vitamin C once a week and im still doing iv ozone once a week, i am now taking the gum turpentine (half a teaspoon) with honey once every two days to bust those parasites. Right now i am the happiest person i can ever be, painfree and back to my areobics class. I thank God that i got my life back.

    • This is a great article. I believe many of the health problems people have today are connected to parisites. I’m not sure if it’s cause by the meat we eat because most of us cook our meat or the vegetables and fruit not being properly washed. I do believe we all have this condition and the medical community will not tell us because then they would not be making anymore money off of us. My current health issues have been chronic dandruff, fibroids in uterus, yeast infection/bacterial vaginitis, skin rash under breast, constipation, lack of energy, low vitamin d, eye and ear infections, high cholesterol, foot fungal issues. I have been to the doctor multiple times and they give me medicine that only work temporarily. So far I have been using essential oils and trying to eat a healthy diet and that has helped but not eliminated all my issues. I will definitely read more books on parisite cleansing. I was reading that drinking coconut water daily as well as apple cider vinegar water daily can get ride of them. Pineapples are also good for getting rid of them too. You can mix it in a blender with coconut oil and a liter of water. Drink daily. Also make Lentil soup with lots of garlic and onion and eat daily with garlic bread.

  17. I will all so like the number of the doctor who helped the women by doing the mussel test. I have egg looking things that I come from me when I am on my period and I think that they have traveled to my scalp. I was told that I have endometriosis and I don’t know how that is when I didn’t get told I had until I was in my 30 I am just at a lost

  18. I had multiple intestinal parasites and could feel them in my lower gut, wiggling, and a gnawing sensation. Took diatenatious earth. And a supplement compound for parasites that have black walnut extract, wormwood,Clive and also took garlic, turmeric and ate pumpkin seeds. The community that came out of me was overwhelming. From round or rope worms to hundreds of flukes different stages and types )colors) to astringy jelly type worm, seed like parasites, little red like tomatoes skins curled up, tons of candida, little whit flat worms about 1 inch long and gangly stringy worms with irregular appendages. With that said, after expelling these over a period of a month the sensation in my gut stopped. My belly did not feel heavy anymore or full. I continued taking these supplements and would have more expelled at different stages.
    I believe I got the flukes and a majority of them from swimming in our pond ( creek water we dam up in the summer)
    Not doing that anymore.
    I also was diagnosed with Lymes and Babesia which comes from ticks. I am currently on heavy antibiotics for that. It gets into the red blood cells lays eggs then they hatch and swim in the blood steam till then those lay eggs in the blood cells and it destroys the cells when they hatch. Yes my health has been horrible. Been diagnosed with FMS for years but new doctor sent my blood to a special lab in the Bay Area to test for Lymes and Babesia where they are 100% accurate . Small office local labs are only 60% accurate so explains previous results as negative. You have to push and be your own advocate. Two of the signs for Babesia are profuse facial head and neck sweating and wild horrible dreams along with all the FMS symptoms. Most people with it do not recall a tick or a bite or a rash.
    Also regarding my intestinal parasites, my doctor had me give a stool sample. I made sure there were obvious visible parasites in it but it came back negative. So don’t even bother with a stool sample. It’s gross but best was to convince your doctor is to extract some of those parasites and put them in a ziplock baggy to show him. The flukes are shaped like a pointed oval leaf and with magnifier or even naked eye you can see the sucker mouth.
    If you have any FMS symptoms, please get checked for Lymes with blood sent to a science university like specialty lab. For intestinal parasites, please take the substances I mentioned above.
    I take them about every three months now for about a week.
    But have a long way to go with the Lymes diseases.
    I hope I can enjoy life once again. I have sunk so low that I don’t find any joy in life anymore. It really effects your chemistry.
    Also when being treated for Lymes diseases be aware of the “Herxing reaction”.
    Don’t let it discourage you. Look up that term and learn what to expect
    Best wishes to all.

  19. Hi there I would like the number for the holistic practitioner in Utah that helped you thank so much for all your help

    • I’ve read through the comments, I can see a common theme, we all would like to find a good practitioner that can help us with our issues. Don’t worry about the negative comments, ignore them. If you have had endometriosis for a while, you know how much self work we must do.

      I have not yet “cured” endo, but I know, for sure, that I have parasites. And I began to suspect that parasites were causing my endo issues last year, when I went on a parasite cleanse that I was not able to finish. It was a tough one, no solid food, juice diet. I was supposed to go 30 days, and made it about 5. HOWEVER, on my 4th day, for the first time ever, I slept through the night without having to get up and go to the bathroom. Endo issue was on hiatus. That was interesting.

      I then began to think about endometriosis, and these abnormal cells growing outside the uterus. Could they be parasite houses of some sort? Yes, I am just speculating, but hey it’s my body, I am trying to cure something here. Doctors never help me. When I say parasites, I promise you, their eyes gloss over. They seriously do not have any idea what to do with that. They are up for surgery ($$) or ripping out my uterus ($$$$) or drugs ($$$$$$) but parasites? Ugh, the work involved, the lack of compensation!

      The above article echoed my own ideas. We should listen to our own intuition. I have tried to find a holistic doctor to help, and I have not been successful yet, but I am not waiting it out. I try stuff. I eat raw garlic. I have a zapper. I am going to modify my juice cleanse and add food, and see if it works. I would recommend, don’t try too much at once, but try stuff. And never give up. Never. We can heal ourselves. If you find a good doc with a conscience and a plan, share his or her name here, please.

      • I am following the Real Food Rebel (google and you’ll see it) and it’s helping. Betaine HCL has been very helpful. Peace and love to you.

    • I would really like to know the name of this doctor as well! Would you mind responding to me? Thank you so much!

  20. I used a combination of Artemisinin (a highly potent extract from Sweet Wormwood known to kill off the malaria parasite and recognized by the WHO), aka Artemesia Annua/ “Sweet Annie” as well as a full spectrum liquid tincture extract of the same herb containing two other compounds also recognized as having effects against the malaria parasite; “Artemether and Artesunate” (the latter two are sold as prescription drugs). These three sweet wormwood compounds are often used as part of something known as ‘ACT’ or ‘artemisinin combination therapy’; a three pronged attack to eliminate and cure people of the malaria parasite. That therapy also includes other antihelminthic drugs that may only be available through a prescription BUT… I also combined the artemisinin which is available as an herbal extract supplement with black walnut extract tincture, Artemesia Absinthium (bitter wormwood) tincture, and clove powder. There are also some other antihelminthic herbs out there as well you can use diatomaceous earth if you can stomach it (I couldn’t). Markus Rothkranz sells a pretty good 90 day para-cleanse but it’s kind of expensive. Using the above three herbs that I have recommended for 90 days may be less expensive. However, Artemisinin needs to be cycled on and off every three days; three days on – four days off. During that time I would switch to the grand bitter wormwood. I was also taking the sweet annie full spectrum extract at the same time as the artemisinin in order to get some of the other two bioactive compounds in the mix. This protocol is mainly for intestinal worms and would be aided by taking some psyillium fiber in between times of using the herbs to help flush toxins out. However the herbal combination with clove powder and potentially clove liquid tincture extract plus green black walnut hull extract could prove effective for parasites outside the digestive tract; aka brain, blood, uterus, organs etc… Also raw garlic supports a para-cleanse. Many herbs do including things like oil of oregano.

  21. Thanks for the post. However, you still haven’t told us how you got rid of your uterine parasites. I’m currently using DE. But DE will not get to my uterus. What herbal remedy will get to the uterus?

  22. Wayne Pickstone Unique Health and Wellness. (07) 5440 5678
    Unique health and wellness. Australia
    – Wayne does phone consults and is exceptional in his field. He has saved me from surgery in the past.

  23. Great post- I just wish there was something in the content or in the comments from others that would be of practical use to me! As in, herbal protocol etc… or where I could go for this kind of information. Thanks.

  24. I was baker acted because I have threadworms infection. Also have fibromyalgia chronic fatigue ms infertility and CIRS They said I was imaging the sensations I feel in my body. Well with fibro you just feel every little movement and I could feel them and getting strange rashes. They said I was mental locked away for seven days. Did no cultures or stool samples. Drugged me with benzos and Prozac. That did numb the itchy feelings but also numbed my mind. Fibro people feel their clothes on their skin. I knew I had a parasitic infection

    • Check the parasite discussion and protocol on debugyourhealth – she also discusses overseas pharmacies that sell online. Try allvet, too. Serious. Ignore the docs. You definitely have parasites. Do her gallbladder cleanse, too – info is free, supplies at the grocery store.

  25. I live in mn. Does anyone know of doctor that can actually help with possible perasites in my lady parts?
    I have lots of symptoms that come and go. Doctors always feel at lots and have no idea what’s wrong. I like to do perasite cleansing. Please help

  26. Doctors don’t seem to realize that their profession has lost respect over the years because of their insidious and symbiotic relationship with Big Pharma. There is no such thing as patient care – it’s all a money grab.
    As such I find a link between parasites and endo much more believable than a surgical procedure or drugs that does not solve the problem but gets a Dr and Big Pharma richer.
    The arrogance of doctors – I hope I live to see the day the profession gets close to minimum wage due to its irrelevance to our lives.

  27. I just recently received a PCOS diagnosis AND have been struggling to rid myself of pinworms which I caught spring 2015 from my Kindergarten classroom? I suspect it is related as I had a very healthy cycle in 2014. And I’ve always suspected that they made their way into my lady parts ☹️ How on earth do you target the reproductive tract? I’ve done over the counter drugs, parasite cleanses, and daily intake of Diatomascus Earth. But after a while of no treatment it’s right back and I fear it is because I’m never getting them out of the uterus. Since catching pinworms I have lost a lot of weight, about 15 pounds under, am always so tired and irritable, headaches, earaches, sore throat, back pain etc. I live in Mississippi and we have no holistic practitioners here. Please share any protocol you used to target parasites in the reproductive tract. I’m 29, trying to start a family and I don’t want to take the hormones and drugs they recommend for the infertility aspect of PCOS. I want to get to the source, heal my body and feel good again! Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

    • Lacey, did you ever get an answer??? I’ve just been diagnosed with PCOS, I’m 29, and I want to start a family….!!! I’ve already done Dr. Hulda Clark’s parasite cleanse, but realize it may not touch the uterus. I’ve definitely passed worms. What do I do?!

  28. I just read your info about parasites and endometriosis. I have suffered from both, I live in Utah and would love the doctors name and number you went to?

  29. Dorothy,

    Thank you for writing this. I have been obsessed with the idea that I have uterine parasites. I have done many parasite cleanses, but never thought that they weren’t effective for killing off the ones hiding in my uterus! Despite searching for it, this is my first time coming across information leading me to the fact that uterine parasites need a separate protocol from the typical cleanse. I understand that this may be because of their cozy and hard to reach hiding place. But my question is, how did the applied kinesiology herbs reach the uterus if those too were swallowed and processed through the digestive tract? I am at a loss for what to do next, and frankly, not sure if I have the guts to walk into a muscle testing appointment and blurt out my uterine parasite suspicion.

    Last question for you, and I apologize up front for being graphic. During your monthly cycles did you notice evidence of parasites before starting the cleanse? Or did they only release afterward? I’m assuming that they were also being expelled/shed with your uterus lining.

    I look forward to your response

  30. I too have endometriosis. I had a hysterectomy at 28. Sadly I thought that would cure it, but it doesn’t. I was never able to have children. I feel the exact same way you do about modern medicine and big pharma. It’s not hard to feel the way we feel about them. I would sit in my obgyn office for hours, waiting for my appointment because they were busy with pregnant women. Most the time I would leave the doctors office in tears. All these pregnant women, then me, broken me. After my hysterectomy, I went all natural. I rarely see a medical doctor. They are all about putting a “bandaid” and not finding solutions. I’m so glad you were able to cure your endometriosis. My little sister has it now. Breaks my heart. So, I am doing everything in my power to find a cure for her. She wants children, like I did, or like I do. She adopted one but she would really like to carry her own child. She is on the verge of getting a hysterectomy. I don’t want her to have the same hole I have, the void in life that will never be filled. So, thank you for being brave enough to talk about your story of healing. You let other women know there is hope. God bless you.

  31. I also live in Utah and would be very grateful to know who you saw.
    Thank you for your time and advice 🙂

  32. Two things come to mind: which Dr/Natural path was it that finally helped you????? Name & phone number please! Also what herbs/etc. did he recommend? And how long til you felt better/ pain free/ parasite free??? Also how often do you do a maintenance parasite cleanse???

    • Hi Jo! I can’t get into all the details because there is so much but basically it took me a week to kill off the parasites and six months before I really felt whole. And I can’t say I felt “whole again” because I never felt whole to begin with. But it was an amazing feeling at that point… like as if my body was finally MINE again and I could actually enjoy my life. I do maintenance cleanses on a regular basis. Because it is very easy to get parasites (as simple as eating at a buffet or playing with pets and not washing your hands afterwards) it’s helpful to take some sort of anti parasitic herbs at least once per season.

      • Hello Dorothy,

        Who was the practitioner you consulted with in Utah? It is very difficult to find someone who really knows their stuff, so it was encouraging to hear that the practitioner brought you back to good health.

  33. Thank you for posting this. I think I may be going through this as well. I’ve had all the symptoms you’ve mentioned for years. However, right now, I just returned from Costa Rica and my husband and I both had stomache issues that lasted a week. He then got better, but I’m continuing to have lower abdominal pain that stings and burns, and resembles menstrual cramps, although I’m mid-cycle. Further, we have been traveling to see his family in the Dominican Republic for the past ten years, and I’ve gotten sick multiple times on these trips. I also swim in rivers and lakes a lot in the U.S., and worked at the SPCA for five years when younger. So I’m thinking there’s a good chance of a parasite /-: I’m wondering if I should do a stool sample, since it’s only been a few weeks. I’m also wondering how the heck to find a doc like the one who helped you around here. Again, thanks for posting.

    • To be completely honest, as I stated in my post, stool samples are the LEAST effective method of diagnosis. I have heard countless stories from people who could visually see parasites in their stool, brought the specimen to a lab and the lab results still showed up negative… even through you could visually see it. And if there is something in the stool it still isn’t a good reflection of what’s going on in the rest of the body. They’re expensive and typically not covered by insurance. This is something I would love to see change in the medical field.

      But from what you have posted here you most likely have parasites. When we travel to countries that are foreign to us, we get exposed to pathogens that our bodies have no inherent immunity to. So if someone else is cooking your food, but neglects to properly wash their hands, or you drink the water you will be exposed to stuff.

      • Could you please share Dr’s name with me. Also, what homeopathic medications helped you ? Did you use any frequency to kill of parasites? Than you

  34. Dorothy,

    I cannot thank you enough for posting this article. I feel as if I could have written the first part of it myself as I have been suffering from this for years now. I have seen so many doctors, crying and begging for some sort of answer/treatment besides pain medication. I try to be a holistic as possible but haven’t been able to find an answer or solution thus far. This all make PERFECT sense and I cannot wait to see if it works for me. I am 26 and hoping to be able to have a baby but haven’t been successful with even getting off my birth control due to the pain caused without it. ANY additional info you could provide me with as far as the correct type of parasite cleanse/supplements I should be taking would be MOST appreciated.

    Thank you again so so much…I feel like there is hope for the first time!!!!


      • I Live in NYC and have endometrious, the doctors are scheduling me for a hystorectomy because they said there is a large Mass but didnt tell me What it was. Another doctor told me this mass is growing fast, but its not cancer. I need help ASAP, im now loosing my vision and none of the diabetic meds are working, please help me. Terry

    • Hi Amber! My honest answer to your question is I recommend you find a practitioner who is knowledgeable about these kinds of matters. It’s difficult to do this on your own because I know of people who do parasite cleanses that last over a year, but don’t get much results because in the process of de-worming they contracted worms again very quickly. And because I’m not a doctor I’m not qualified to give medical advice. You are more than welcome to get in touch with me through facebook (Dorothy Harpley-Garcia), if you like and I can help you find a practitioner who would be helpful for you.

  35. Hi Dorothy,

    I am currently seeing a naturopath who believes my endo is parasites. I struggle to get my head around the concept as she had no success stories for me to read and relate to, your article is the first I’ve come across. She had me taking 9 different tablets in the morning and about 6 at night which was expensive and frustrating so I’ve given up for the time being.

    How many supplements were you taking daily and how long until you no longer had any more symptoms of endo?

    • Hi! I was taking quite a few pills after my first visit with him. The protocol was designed to get a person parasite free/larvae free/egg free within one week. So it was more effective than the average parasite cleanse that you buy from the store. And once I was worm free, then I didn’t need to buy more pills, or at least until I got parasites again (it’s very easy to get them… it’s a natural part of being a mammal). When I did get them again it was always in the digestive tract, not the vaginal/uterine areas (because now I’m more careful about washing my hands and de-worming myself on a regular basis). It’s easier to kill them when they’re in the digestive tract than elsewhere in the body.

  36. I got as far through the comments as Dorothy Baker and was shaking my head. Doctors have done nothing but damage to my body and those of many other women I’ve spoken with.
    If the definition of insanity is repeating oneself and expecting differing outcomes, why would any sane person continue to throw their hard earned money at a ROTE trained representative of the medical industry, even after a lifetime of “we don’t know what’s wrong with you, take this damaging chemical that addresses 1 symptom and introduces more”?
    Some of us want to LIVE, Dorothy!
    It saddens ME that my parents will die much sooner than they should,
    because they won’t listen to anyone but the local GP!

    • What you say is exactly how I felt. When dealing with a chronic/degenerative illness of ANY kind, especially one that has no real known cause nor cure, it’s up to a person to make a choice. You can either educate yourself on your body and how it works and what it needs to function at a cellular level and take responsibility for your body, or give up that responsibility to someone else (like the doctors, conventional or not) and expect someone else to deliver the healing to you.

  37. Thanks Dorothy for sharing, I completely understand the situation you were faced with for so long. Would you share the treatmesnts that were used to help rid your body of parasites?

  38. I just want to say that as an actual sufferer of endometriosis, you are correct only in your response to Nancy – that you suffered from a “mis-diagnosis”, if anything. From the time I began reading this, until I made it to the comments, I could only think that I needed to clear up the fact that endometrial cells have been found to have migrated in an infant who could not yet have “contaminated” herself (as you had done to yoursel)f. I was quite glad to see that Nancy had already cited that though and that you had admitted to a mis-diagnosis. It makes me so incredibly sad to think about all of the strides forward that medical professionals have made regarding Endometriosis, and now there is this story that will only result in setbacks of care for some.. It truly saddens my heart to think that somebody in the world is going to read this and believe your claims; they may actually read this and neglect to get proper care because they don’t realize that you are weaving stories. This is not based on science or medicine. I can only hope that anybody who reads this story also reads these comments and has a chance to get proper diagnoses and care. As Nancy said, cease and desist.

    • Again, this is my personal EXPERIENCE. Pointing fingers and calling me a liar doesn’t take away from MY EXPERIENCE. I am sharing this experience because I know of others who did the same thing I did and found relief from endo like I did. If you are happy with your results and with other women getting a hysterectomy that is not guaranteed to stop the problem and endure a lifetime of suffering because other avenues were not explored, then good for you.

      • I never mentioned hysterectomy, not once. I don’t believe that hysterectomy is the way to deal with endometriosis. The best and most efficient way to deal with Endo is expert excision. That is the only avenue worth speaking of for the vast majority of cases.

        I would also like to note that I have no doubt that what you chronicled was “your experience”. I just wonder how much of your experience stemmed from psychological issues rather than physical ones. Nevertheless, I am glad that you got your issues resolved and that you are all better, as this obviously took quite a toll on you.

        I also wanted to state that I am done engaging you, this post will be my last. I just wanted to give access to something based in science that contradicts your story, so that women who see this post in the future will take everything you said with a grain of salt, & I have accomplished that.

        And so best wishes to you and truly, I’m glad that you are better from whatever it was that was ailing you.


        • Donna Baker: Your comment of “I just wonder how much of your experience stemmed from psychological issues rather than physical ones” just revealed what type of person you are, thanks for clearing that up. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with this article, that is irrevelant to my point with you so don’t try and respond with ANYTHING about this article. My comment is 100% about your nature that is revealed in just that one sentence. You bringing up psychological issues as a comeback is juvenile and abusive in nature that perhaps you need to ponder on.

        • Hi Dorothy! Thank you so much for sharing…like all of these women, I’m also desperate for answers and will travel if need be. If there’s any way I could also get the name of that Utah doctor, I would so appreciate it! Thank you so much…
          email is

    • The pregnant mother could already be infected with parasites and toxins, thus causing problems with fetus development in the first place.
      Most mothers especially these days are full of toxins and poorly malnourished from terrible diets, and when you throw parasites and molds into the mix, its no wonder that so many babies are born with autoimmune and general future chronic problems.

    • Either you’re just extremely closed minded, Donna, or you’re paid off by the pharmaceutical companies, who love to shove Lupron injections down our throats, my doctor even told me she would get a paid vacation for giving women lupron. Good for you, Dorothy for being honest and sharing your experience with us. Thank you. God bless you.

    • Of course infants can be contaminated – even whilst in the womb if the mother is infested. It is well documented that babies have been born with parasite infestations. If parasites can get everywhere in the body…..what’s to stop them invading the baby….?

    • You are a troll for big pharma. Take a hike! The women here are far to wise to get fooled by your rhetoric. This woman has been through hell and actually cares about others unlike you!

  39. I will also add that parasites and these unknown organisms are known to act on hormones, presumably to influence/control host behavior.

  40. More resources:

    YouTube documentary: The Nature of Things – The Invasion of the Brain Snatchers Not available online in Illinois The autism community has found real parasites and other unidentified organisms in their children’s bodies as have folks in other sick communities. Reducing the proliferation of these mystery organisms usually is eventually accompanied by real progress if not outright healing of the various conditions. This book is 2 years old and further developments and tweaks have been incorporated since it was published so it is recommended that folks get in touch with the various online communities to stay abreast of tweaks and new information.

    Google ” Parasites and Alex Volinsky, Nicolai Gubarev” for 2 unpublished papers detailing research on these strange highly toxic organisms. And yes they are real and no they are not all just intestinal lining as inexperienced naysayers loudly claim. The DNA does not match nor does it match any other known material. Full DNA has not been performed. Funds are being collected for DNA sequencing tests.

    A number of strategies are being used in the aware communities to reduce their numbers. They appear to have parasitical characteristics and behaviors and respond to parasite treatments to a degree. The seem to carry every , pathogen/toxin imaginable, and may be partly slime mold, fungus, worm, yeast,…??? They excrete many neurotoxic substances.

    They do NOT show up in typical parasite lab tests, labs are not familial with them but then often worm/parasites that are known are missed also due to inadequate dx criteria and automated lab procedures.

    This is a bleeding edge community at this time.

    • Thank you so much for your comments! I will be sure to check into the papers! And what you say is very true. And now just from my experience, but from the experience of others who were dealing with the same issues and are now free from them due to a simple specific parasite protocol.

    • Is this similar to Morgellons or the Alien Fiber Disease? Now classified by the CDC as a real disease

  41. It is well established that endo is found in infants who have no parasites, but simply a migration defect of endometrial cells during fetal development. This kind of speculation is harmful, sets back the fight to improve care, which is already 100 years old. Cease and desist.

    • I must disagree with your comment. This is not speculation, this is my personal experience. I had the diagnosis, the ultrasounds, the surgeries and the scar tissue on my uterus. Parasites may not be the cause for every case, but if there are others dealing with mis-diagnosis like myself then this information will be helpful to them. The only setback to improve care is when people stop exploring ALL possibilities and turn a blind eye to other avenues of care.

  42. I came across your website and would love to find a homeopath in my area that focuses on pcos and thyroid issues. I see a primary care right now and focuses on modern medicine. I take spironolactone that helps control my weight and metformin. Around 2000 I had hotspots on my thyroid and followed the Drs recommendation to take ra134. My thyroid has fluctuated up and down and I still feel tired. I also tested for adrenal insufficiency and took a supplement until my dr stopped it. It seems that some days I have more energy than others but feel my adrenal is better than it was. I am more frustrated than anything to find a provider to listen and work with me to improve my condition. I take spironolactone and now have melasma. It did help with the cystic acne I developed over the last couple years. The spironolactone helped to prevent sleep apnea. I am 45 years old and live in southern Illinois. I was diagnosed with pcos around 30 after having 2 miscarriages after having 2 children at age 24 and 28. Thank you for your help.

  43. Hello, I am an experienced writer, deeply interested in women’s health issues. I would like to write about healthy living through diet and exercise and the advantages of doing things to stay healthy.
    Can I send you an article?

    Thanks, Karen Bresnahan, Boise, Id

  44. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Here’s my response about muscle testing and alternative healers:

    It is healthy to have a level of skepticism when it comes to “healers” and alternative practitioners. What made me decide to go with my practitioner was the fact that people I personally knew, who were ill with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, were better. And he used the same approach with them. He didn’t treat their illness, he simply helped them get rid of what was “bugging” them. If it wasn’t for their recommendation, I would probably still be running around in circles and spending over $200/month on vitamins and supplements and trying every diet, yoga pose, chant under the sun as a desperate attempt to get well.

    This is just simply my sharing of my personal experience to open up the possibility of what could be the cause of needless suffering of many women. It’s not about conspiracy, but about opening a discussion and bringing more light to the subject in hopes that there will be more research performed.

    And as for “science”, that has come about from years of curiosity, exploration and trying new ideas. Many of the things we do on a regular basis these days (such as wash our hands to prevent infection and promote good hygiene) was ridiculed by the scientific community in the past.

    And let’s not forget Lupron! How many scientific studies have been done on this drug, it has the FDA stamp of approval and yet thousands of women and men have suffered from the crazy side effects it produces.

    • GREAT Article Dorothy, thanks so much for sharing it.

      I (we) work with a lot of Autistic kids (well, their moms) on Facebook, helping over 8,000 moms from around the world recover their children from full blown Autism. Most if not all of the kids are loaded with parasites …mainly the newly discovered Ropeworm. We have 194 recoveries as of last week.

      Reading your article here did remind me of something I learned and wanted to share with you regarding parasites, and the reason most labs can’t (or won’t) come back with a a Positive result.

      When a parasite is killed or dies in you, and removed from the body, it has the ability to immediately decompose itself by excreting enzymes that will dissolve its body in a matter of hours. This is called ‘Autolysis’.

      THIS is most of the reason why labs cannot make a Positive diagnosis of “Parasites” in a stool sample when it comes into their lab, is because it takes hours (and sometimes days) for the stool sample to be looked at….. and by this time, the worm is unrecognizable …. because it dissolved itself.

      IF the stool sample were to be rushed to the lab within the hour, then yes, there might be more Positive diagnoses for parasites.

      Just thought I’d share,


      • Thank you so much Clint for your comment and explanation! I would love to know more about your work and what connection you see with autistic children and parasites.

      • Hi Clint, I work with autistic children, I mentioned worms to teachers at the school but they just looked at me like I was crazy. Can you send me any information on your work. Kind Regards. Lozz mayo

      • Hi Clint,
        My friend’s child is autistic. What organization do u work with that cures it? U mentioned Ropeworm?

  45. I’ve had a lot of kinesilogy /muscle testing and wasted so much money on new age “therapies” and supplements as a result.After being told by a friend that Applied Kinesiology was not what I thought I researched it and tested it with her.
    I’m not saying that killing parasites may not cure your edometriosis,if you google diatomaceous earth (food grade)or iodine and endometriosis you will find a few testimonials like your.I am glad you are symptom free Dorothy.

  46. unlike most people, I am absolutely aware if the parasites in my body, but both stool tests have returned ‘negative’. A negative test result may be more a result of inept testing than of any evidence that parasites are not present.

    My doctors are neither interested nor care that I am in a 24/7 ‘relationship’ with these creatures who not only make mincemeat of my flesh but never stop, especially at night. Trying to sleep whilst being prodded by a thousand fingers….

    I am neither delusional, nor a nutcase. Slithering, sliding, wriggling, writhing, knotting and biting is not normal. They have shrugged off virtually everything I have thrown at them. Herbs, spices, oils, vitamins, garlic, even turpentine….

    You were very fortunate to find a very good practitioner. They are very hard to find.

    • Wow. Reading your comment absolutely floored me. ”Prodded by a thousand fingers” -The exact words I used while presenting my symptoms to a physician and the last words before no longer being taken seriously. How are you now? I still can’t believe what I just read. Awful but reassuring. I’m not alone!
      Thank you for sharing that.

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