A Day Without a Woman: Support Hormones Matter

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a day without a woman
Today is International Women’s Day, a recognition of all the contributions that women have made to their families, communities, and to the world. Hormones Matter is woman owned and operated. In support of A Day Without A Woman, we will not be publishing new articles today. However, we ask you to consider what you would do without Hormones Matter. To date, we have published over 1000 articles on topics no one else wants to talk about – those related to women’s health. We get 150,000 reads per month. We have thousands of comments from women who can find help nowhere else. We are collecting data on serious adverse events for drugs and vaccines specific to women, medications that were not tested very thoroughly, if at all, on women and yet were released to the market. We have no funding to bring those data to bear. We have no funding to continue operations in any real sense, and yet we do. Like most organizations that focus on women’s issues, funding is limited and sometimes altogether nonexistent.

Today, of all days, if you have been helped by Hormones Matter, consider supporting our efforts. Contribute.

We need your help.

Hormones Matter needs funding now. Our research funding was cut recently and because of our commitment to independent health research and journalism that is unbiased by commercial interests, we allow minimal advertising on the site. That means all funding must come from you, our readers. Don’t let Hormones Matter die.

Yes, I’d like to support Hormones Matter.

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