Functional Dysautonomia - Raynaud's

Functional Dysautonomia Affecting Peripheral Circulation

I believe I have a functional dysautonomia that mainly impacts the peripheral circulation on my hands, feet, and face.


I first noticed symptoms of what I believe to be functional dysautonomia that affects my peripheral circulation in the winter when I was 12 years old. Though they have never completely derailed my life, like the symptoms of so many others, they are a constant presence. I am now 21 and the symptoms have more or less stayed the same since that winter.

Peripheral circulation issues from functional dysautonomia.
Circulation and color change in my hands when cold.

These symptoms mainly impact the peripheral circulation on my hands, feet, and face. They are triggered, or worsen, when exposed to heat, cold, stress, or alcohol. Most of the time my hands and feet will have a slightly cyanotic tinge, are cold, and (feet especially) will sweat. When it is very cold they will turn to a bluish color. While standing still or when my hands are by my side they will get blood pooling in a bluish / purplish mottling color. In addition, my capillary refill time is very slow, especially on my feet, sometimes in excess of 12 seconds.

Functional dysautonomia peripheral circulation
Blood pooling and color change in my feet when hot.


When it is warm my hands and feet will become red and hot, with blood pooling in them when placed below the heart, if I raise them they will return to a normal color. Also, when hot I will get prickly / itchy sensations on the back of my arms and on my back. My cheeks, in addition, are often quite red, even in a cool room, and get more so when I am hot or stressed. My brother also has these similar circulation issues.

Apart from these physical symptoms I noticed, I have dealt with fairly bad anxiety since I was young, especially around school and sports. It has gotten much better in the last year or so after I noticed it and worked through it. Through recognizing it, I realized how much of the time I was in a tense sympathetic state. Another random symptom I have had since I was young is eye floaters. I am not sure if the two are related. Other than those symptoms, I feel as though I am healthy. I am able to stay active and am studying in college.

It’s More Than Raynaud’s Syndrome

Every time I attempt to get these symptoms checked doctors say they can find nothing wrong with me and that it is either Raynaud’s or “just how it is”. Though, from my own research, it appears to me that is not the case. The only other examples of symptoms I can find like mine are pictures of POTS patients with dependent acrocyanosis / blood pooling in their arms and legs and a case study of Dr. Lonsdale’s of a girl with juvenile arthritis. I find my own symptoms confusing mainly due to the lack of other symptoms.

Perhaps Thiamine Will Help

After taking time reading through this site and looking through Dr. Lonsdale’s work, I started taking 50mg of Allithiamine and 125mg of magnesium daily, about a month ago. During this first week of taking it I noticed a twitching in my stomach, general stomach pain, and I would sneeze a ton. After a week, I bumped it up to 100mg of Allithiamine and 250mg of magnesium, during this period I noticed very intense dreaming, which was constant throughout the night, and an upset stomach. After a few days of this, I dropped magnesium down to 125mg and kept thiamine at 150mg. I am now at 200 mg of Allithiamine and 125mg of magnesium a day. It has been four weeks since starting Allithiamine and I have not experienced further strange symptoms, however, I have not noticed any of my main symptoms, the issues with peripheral circulation, reduce.

I am just curious if I am on the right path and if anyone would be willing to offer some guidance.

Thankful for This Community

I am so appreciative of this community. I cannot describe how grateful I am to have this paradigm for thinking about health at such an early age.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this, Dr. Lonsdale for all of his work, and Dr. Marrs for her work and encouraging me to post this.

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  1. Two major clues. Functional dysautonomia at the age of 12 and an affected brother strongly suggest a genetic/diet combination. I would suggest a supplement of thiamine AND B complex + a multivitamin

    • Thank you for your response. I am planning on adding a b-complex and multivitamin to the 200mg Allithiamine and 125mg magnesium I am taking. Though I am unsure how long I should stay at that dosage before increasing Allithiamin again.

  2. Do you take other B vitamins? They are synergistic & all rely on each other in various ways, so it may be better to take a good complex like B-50. Taking one in isolation may potentially deplete others. Many people these days seem to have issues metabolising & utilising B vitamins. The fact that you were ok until you were around age 12 suggests something may have changed back then. A vaccine? An antibiotic? A drug? Who knows. But if B vitamin metabolism was deranged back then, it could explain these issues. And if you have issues with one then you likely have issues metabolising them all.

    What is your diet? A diet high in refined carbohydrates, wheat, sugar & pasteurised (denatured) dairy gobbles up what little B vitamins are obtained from other sources before ever the body gets a look in, as B vitamins are needed for the body to process these nutrient-robbing pseudo-foods…..

    • I am not taking any other vitamins, though I am planning on adding a b-complex and multivitamin to the 200mg of Allithiamine and magnesium I am currently taking.

  3. I’ve searched but can’t seem to find the dose ratio for TTFD/Magnesium.Does anyone know where that is and can post the link? I started out one week ago today w/TTFD at 100mg/day and today increased to 150.

    1) Also, what are side effects of increasing too quickly? (None, I think per YouTube interview w/ Dr Marrs)
    2) What type of magnesium is recommended?
    3) Why do Dys symptoms get worse at night? (Dizzy, throat tight, R foot tingly, numb) Google doesn’t know.
    4) Thanks in advance.

  4. Have you tried other forms of thiamine and other absorption paths? Benfo, HCl, TPP, or mononitrate? Also, topical, sublingual, and suppository in addition to oral.

    Are you taking any other Bs?

    Fat solubles?

    What’s your diet like?

    How’s your thyroid?

    How’s your digestion?

    Any other supplements like dhea, pregnenolone, taurine, etc?

    How are you waking pulse and temps (both under tongue and armpit)?

    What form of Mg are you taking?

    Your hand picture looks a lot like livedo reticularis too.

    • I am not currently taking any other B’s though I plan to start taking a B complex and multivitamin. I do not take any other supplements than the 200mg Allithiamine and magnesium right now. I would consider my diet to be very good now. I mainly eat meat, vegetable, and fruit and stay away from sugar and fast food. Yes, I think it is livedo reticularis, I will get it lightly on my arms when I am cold as well.

  5. I have similar problems with peripheral circulation, and mine are exacerbated by heat and cold as well. My blood pools in my feet like yours, and you seem to show chilblains on two of your toes — I get chilblains, too. I also show other signs of dysautonomia (decades-long orthostatic hypotension) plus chronic fatigue, cardiac issues, and swollen ankles. I am new to thiamine and hope it will help both of us.

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