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Support Hormones Matter
Hormones Matter has become a valuable resource for thousands of medical professionals and patients everywhere. Our writers are volunteers; patients share their stories and researchers and physicians share their insight and time. We provide a much-needed forum for open and honest discussions about health, illness, medications, and treatments prescribed to women, men, and children.

Over the last five years, we have published over 1000 articles that have amassed almost 8000 comments. We reach between 120 – 150,000 readers every month. We do this without funding, without requiring subscriptions and without overloading the site with advertising. In fact, because of our commitment to independent health journalism, we expressly prohibit sponsored posts and pharmaceutical advertising. That means all funding must come from you, our readers.

To generate those funds, we’ve re-initiated our crowdfunding, “unsubscription” campaign. It’s a pay-what-you-can model. Those who can pay, pay and those who can’t afford to pay, still have access to all of the great health and science information we provide.

If everyone who reads Hormones Matter, who likes it, helps to support it, our future would be much more secure. Don’t let Hormones Matter die. Contribute today.

Support Hormones Matter

If you have a few bucks and like what we do, send them over. If you have a few more and want to really see us grow, then buy a big unsubscription. If you’d like to surprise us, contribute using the Donate button. Please be advised though, you are not donating to a non-profit entity. We are B-Corp (a C-Corp with the added impetus to do social good), and therefore, your contribution is not tax-deductible.

If you’d like to support or commission a study on a specific medication or surgical procedure, we can do that, too. Contact us.

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$60.00 per year – $5.00 per month


$120.00 per year – $10.00 per month


$240 per year – $20.00 per month


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Thank you for your contribution!

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