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Piled Higher and Deeper: Vaccine Industry Shills

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A few years ago, I stumbled upon some philosophical papers on a concept called ‘vaccine denialism’ and for those same years, I have tried and failed to write a cogent and detailed response. Each and every time I re-read those papers, I become angered, incensed really, at both the obvious venality of these arguments, but also, the conspicuous hubris promulgated throughout. These articles possess a holier-than-thou approach to philosophical reasoning that I find contemptible, particularly when the arguments themselves, though tightly constructed, have no bearing on the reality they pretend to interpret. The authors presume that their intellectual eminence as philosophers and their ability to construct snazzy philosophical arguments grants them sufficient expertise to trust uncritically the affirmations and eminence of others in fields disparate from their own. It is as if once one reaches a level of expertise in one’s field, he/she is somehow magically, and without so much as a modicum of effort, granted expertise in all other fields; a sort of universally transferable expertise. If it were a gender issue, I would call it mansplaining, but it is not. Authors of both sexes participate in these shenanigans. They evoke the pretense of knowledge and nothing more.

“It is an approach which has come to be described as the ‘scientistic’ attitude – an attitude which, as I defined it some thirty years ago, ‘is decidedly unscientific in the true sense of the word, since it involves a mechanical and uncritical application of habits of thought to fields different from those in which they have been formed’.” – Friedrich von Hayek

With the confidence of transferable expertise, the authors who proffer the tenets of vaccine denialism proceed, mechanically and uncritically. Each paper begins with the presumption that the research on vaccines is settled and that vaccines are entirely safe and effective, and thus, necessary. No exploration of the actual research, the science, or even the business models or ethics of the manufacturers of these products is undertaken. It is simply presumed that the science of vaccines is unassailable, beyond question, and beyond repute. Not only is this not the case, but there is an entire literature that painstakingly details the egregious errors in vaccine science and the industry and regulatory corruption that allows such errors to promulgate.

Armed with an uncritical acceptance of a heavily conflicted science and possessing a certainty that no legitimate scientist would claim, these authors proceed to denigrate the legitimacy of any counterview. From this position of absolute certainty, the authors suggest that we must seek to understand why the denialists deny/refuse vaccines. The underlying assumption is that since these products are safe and effective, any reasonable person would gladly submit to their protective powers (and they, by their own estimation, are the arbiters of reason). To not accept the totality of the benefits of these products ipso facto declares one’s inherent foolishness; a foolishness that can only be explained by an alternate reality of sorts. In philosophical terms, the rules by which reality is constructed is called an ‘episteme‘.

In this work, all sorts of constructs are used to understand the alternative ‘episteme‘ of the denialist, including notions of displaced power struggles between the sexes – male physicians / female caregivers, moral permissiveness, intellectual incompetence, and, my favorite, a sort of neurotic tribalism. Most of these articles are published in reputable public policy and philosophy journals. Indeed, vaccine denialism, also called vaccine hesitancy, is such a hot topic in these journals that I cannot help but wonder about industry connections. Even the World Health Organization has jumped aboard the vaccine denialism train, promoting ways to combat the purported egregious lack of reason.

Potential industry influence aside, so much is wrong with these articles that reading them is painful – head bangingly painful. The entire body of work, from the derogatory and inflammatory titles that serve to shut down any discussion about risks, to the use of old misogynist tropes of power and conscripted morality through the selective abrogation of philosophical constructs, represents all that is wrong with the current model of pharmaceutical medicine and those who seek to justify it (neither does it speak too highly of academic philosophy). These articles are myopic, uncritical, and downright ignorant of the science and the institutional corruption of the organizations promoting said science.

What strikes me as the most egregious error in this line of reasoning is the total lack of critical evaluation of the veracity of the original premise. The writers unconditionally accept that vaccines are completely safe and effective as reported by the CDC and other agencies. They also accept wholeheartedly the concepts of herd immunity and embrace the notion that collateral damage, and side effects, are acceptable so long as the greater good is achieved.

The premise of total safety and efficacy is incorrect and I would say more than just a little bit ignorant. By not questioning those presumptions and taking the safety and efficacy claims of an entirely corrupt industry as ‘truth’, all of the arguments crumble. Heck, even if it were not a corrupt industry, it is an obvious fallacy to assume anything in medical practice is entirely safe and effective for all people; a fallacy that does not require a PhD or MD to recognize. Simple common sense tells us that injecting toxic compounds into the body is likely to have some deleterious effects on health. An exploration of the chemical makeup of these compounds and even the manufacturer’s own warnings shows this to be true.

The efficacy question is no less problematic, particularly when one becomes versant in the larger body of vaccine research. If, as some of the ‘philosophers’ suggest, it is our moral duty to vaccinate for the good of the community and to bear any ill-effects that these chemicals impart, the reasonable person should like to be certain of the benefits, but we cannot.

“…what most politicians, who believe they are acting in the best interest of their constituents don’t understand, and likewise most physicians who are on the payroll of vaccine manufacturers either directly or by proxy choose to ignore, is that a substantial number of the recommended vaccines cannot prevent transmission of disease. This is because either they are not designed to prevent the transmission of infection (they are intended to prevent disease symptoms), or because they are for non-communicable diseases.”

If, as the research shows, no vaccine is completely safe and many vaccines do not promote public good in a way that makes compulsory vaccination reasonable, then what are we to make of these philosophical contortions that demonize folks who dare to present legitimate concerns? Is simple ignorance at play or is a more willful, perhaps even purchased, ignorance responsible? For as much as these folks fail to recognize the legitimacy of the vaccine concerns or even the reality of the adverse reactions that fuel these concerns, it is difficult not to reflect back at them the alternate episteme hypothesis. One could argue that the episteme under which most of this uncritical acceptance of chemical safety resides, is one that was carefully constructed by those who benefit most from this dogmatic approach.

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This article was first published on January 30, 2019.

Chandler Marrs MS, MA, PhD spent the last dozen years in women’s health research with a focus on steroid neuroendocrinology and mental health. She has published and presented several articles on her findings. As a graduate student, she founded and directed the UNLV Maternal Health Lab, mentoring dozens of students while directing clinical and Internet-based research. Post graduate, she continued at UNLV as an adjunct faculty member, teaching advanced undergraduate psychopharmacology and health psychology (stress endocrinology). Dr. Marrs received her BA in philosophy from the University of Redlands; MS in Clinical Psychology from California Lutheran University; and, MA and PhD in Experimental Psychology/ Neuroendocrinology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


  1. Whew. Just finished “Dark Waters,” movie on Showtime about DuPont and 3M and EPA and tons of scientists covering up the harms of PFOAs and forever chemicals. Another way to say, ‘Teflon in all animals’ blood.’ You know, one lawyer trying to assist dying people who drank the waters and were exposed to this one deadly chemical. DuPont. You know about that honest company.

    Now multiply that by 100,000 chemicals. All those lifespans in the millions working to produce poisons and then covering up the harms and premature deaths.

    The experts. The lab coats. The MDs. The lawyers. The lobbyists. The politicians. The stockholders. The marketers. Teflon, used on tanks and retrofitted for everything. That is how pesticides and deadly fertilizers came about. War materials retrofitted for baby’s crib and blanket and infant formula.

    I’m writing an analysis of this film.

    Now, the veterinarian at Pfizer has yet another poison ready for this new variant (sic). Just hit the news feeds.

    Amazing, that another coronavirus jab or pill is in the money-making pipeline.

    Hmmm. Get a load of this guy. God speaks, the veterinarian researcher Bourla (look him up):


    Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said Monday he expects the company’s Covid-19 treatment pill to be effective against the omicron variant of the virus causes Covid-19.

    “The good news when it comes to our treatment, it was designed with that in mind, it was designed with the fact that most mutations are coming in the spikes,” Bourla told CNBC’s “Squawk Box.” “So that gives me very high level of confidence that the treatment will not be affected, our oral treatment will not be affected by this virus.”

  2. Yikes. Oh, so many historiographies on the role of bioweaponry in the medical field pre-Nazi Germany, right smack in the eugenics mentality of USA, the UK, and families like Rockefeller all the way to Gates, LLC. Eugenics and a plan to depopulate the earth, hatched in the 1890s.

    So, the USA brought in Japanese scientists as part of Unit 731, at the end of WWII because the USA military wanted diversity in the ranks? The Operation Paperclip program was another diversity building program? To bring in those Nazi scientists (and families) who were not just working on hydrogen bombs, but all sorts of other scientific wonders — poisons, bomb material, chemicals, etc.

    There is a collective Stockholm Syndrome and Collective Delusion. A lack of knowledge, a lack of knowing our history in this country. And that is why we have the dangers lurking today. This is not new since the SASR-CoV2/Omega Corona scare unfolded. Fear is a valuable weapon for taking perfectly smart and sane people into the realm of cult followers, agnotology makers and fascists. Duck and cover, taught in schools, to what, save children from a nuclear attack? Underneath their desks? This is Disneyland thinking.

    Marketing and Edward Bernays, selling cigarettes to women, even though Freud’s nephew (Bernays) used to crumple up packs of cigarettes he found in his wife’s belongings, that’s quite the project of capitalism. Imagine that. Several thousand chemicals released upon being lighted up and then hundreds of chemicals allowed by FDA to be sprayed on these cancer sticks?

    Hmm, so, we are forced to take an mRNA experimental body hack, but the food that gets shoveled into the food system, which is killing millions, through diabetes, cardiac vascular disease, stroke, fatty liver disease and more, that’s fair game for the same marketers and scientists who come up with additives, salts, sugars, fats, chemicals, nanoparticles, etc., to get the old (actually, the very young) sick (addicted to) on these death products.

    Militarized and monetized responses to SARS-CoV2 raise no red flags to the vast majority of people in USA-UK-Canada-Europe-Australia-New Zealand? Hmm, that is collective amnesia. Truly.

    So, Big Pharma, Pfizer and Merck and others, they were bad boys and girls, for decades leading up to March 2020 and then, bam, now saviors of humanity?

    Here, Chandler, from FOUR years ago, and I have been a busy writer, worker, thinker, creative solutions baker — “Falling into the Planned Parenthood Gardasil Snake Pit.” See Hormones Matter, DECEMBER 4, 2017.

    Look, there is so much wrong with and so much written about the Western Medicine model of germ theory (versus terrain theory) and its disease management paradigms. So much wrong. Again, Chandler, you and I have emailed about the mRNA “fun,” and you, as you should be, are reluctant to be deplatformed, shadow-banned, and vilified for giving light to other ways of looking at this new-new abnormal. In fact, this is complicated but not, yet this push now since pre-SARS-CoV2 and Covid-19 goes way back, decades, and it’s tied into so many tentacles of the USA and UK, well, it takes up an entire web blog with hundreds of contributors shedding light on the real agendas of what is unfolding.

    I get that you have your eyes on the site, on all the amazing issues you work on, and most of those issues you cover do have that underpinning of Western Medicine’s failures tied to those very issues you speak of.

    Listen to this: Yes, there are images, media manipulations and more, but we can still, as a society, look at this — The REAL Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

    [ ]

    Or this — by Whitney Webb: Moderna: A Company “In Need Of A Hail Mary” & COVID-19: Moderna Gets Its Miracle

    [ ]

    . . . and this female writer, The Covid-19 Celebrity Humanitarianism – Sean Penn and the Great Reset by Vanessa Beeley

    [ ]

    There are many people with brains looking at the various overt and hidden agendas here, and many have looked into the gain of function research by US military’s DARPA and their connection to bioweapons research at campuses here, in Canada, in Israel, in Europe, elsewhere.

    Having the see-hear-speak no evil mentality is what has been killing humanity for the past 200 years, and it is now on overdrive these past 30 years. That is not a position of sanity to take, nor is it a smart position — putting one’s head in the sand, putting one’s “faith” in lab coats, elites, billionaires and their spokespersons. Profits over health? Come on, that is a baseline we all should be afraid of.

    Realities, Chandler, so thanks for putting your toe into the dark pool, those dark waters that the chemical-medical-pharmacological-propaganda systems that produce so much misery and undue deaths.

    • And, no red flags here?

      “Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data”

      Quoting —

      Civil division trial lawyer Courtney Enlow referred my request for further comment to the DOJ public affairs office, which did not respond.

      Plaintiffs’ lawyers argue that their request should be top priority, and that the FDA should release all the material no later than March 3, 2022.

      “This 108-day period is the same amount of time it took the FDA to review the responsive documents for the far more intricate task of licensing Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine,” wrote Aaron Siri of Siri & Glimstad in New York and John Howie of Howie Law in Dallas in court papers.


      And, yes, Pfizer is our Friend, again, no red flags?


      PFIZER AND OTHER large pharmaceutical corporations are pushing to block legislation that would make it easier for whistleblowers to hold companies liable for corporate fraud.

      In the midst of a dizzying legislative environment, with much attention focused on the Build Back Better debate, major corporate interests, including Pfizer, are fighting an update to the False Claims Act, a Civil War-era law that rewards whistleblowers for filing anti-fraud lawsuits against contractors on behalf of the government.

      The law has historically returned $67 billion to the government, with whistleblowers successfully helping uncover wrongdoing by military contractors, banks, and pharmaceutical companies.


      Sources: [ ]

      & [ ]}

      • US Navy Surgeon, listen, after 10 years in the Navy:

        Short but telling.


        Scientists, anticipating viral or bacterial mutation, preemptively produce new variants and strains to test treatments (like vaccines) against them. The dangers of this preemptive approach, as critics point out, is that it necessarily entails guess work—scientists bring into existence the very threats they anticipate.

        A case in point: U.S. and European researchers have been genetically modifying potentially pandemic influenza strains, namely, H5N1 avian influenza strains—specifically making the strain more transmissible—since at least 2003. These actions, while taken in the name of preventive research, have the potential of creating the very properties that would turn the strain pandemic.


        [ ]


        The Warning

        Pandemics are by definition not static but dynamic events. –

        There should be no doubt that non-transmission-blocking vaccines (i.e., so-called ‘leaky’ or ‘imperfect’ vaccines) can never ever control a pandemic, even though they may temporarily protect against disease. Only temporarily? Yes, indeed. Given the globally increasing immune pressure and concomitant infectious viral pressure, genomic epidemiologists have no doubt that this pandemic roller coaster will not stop before it takes us over the cliff into the abyss of complete viral resistance to anti-spike (S) antibodies. –

        As an independent expert, I have come to the conclusion that if stakeholders override the emergency brake, it is better to concentrate on solutions for when the crash takes place. The wake-up shock is unlikely to occur before the percentage of Covid-19 disease and death in vaccines largely exceeds that observed in the unvaccinated group in at least several of the ‘model’ countries (let’s hope that by then we will still have an unvaccinated control group). – Geert Vanden Bossche


        [ ]

        Note: I could do this for DAYS, clogging up Hormones Matter, and, the variety of sources I have at my fingertips is deep, but, again, I have job opportunities that are pushing the jab: teaching, social work, and work with the state. Pushing is mild here, for Oregon is making it the, no jab, no job; no jab, no concerts; no jab, no air travel; no jab, no restaurants!

        If this isn’t enough to scare you, there are housing authorities in European countries that will not allow a family or person to rent low income apartments without the jabs.

        Think hard about that. Death by jab, or death by the economic violence of those who opt out of the jab.

        And then, the war isn’t against the corona virus, but against the Gestapo tactics!

  3. I am genuinely terrified of what’s going on at the moment. I see people everywhere calling for locking unvaccinated people up, banning them from society, FORCING them to take the jab, firing them from their jobs. This is Nazi Germany all over again and nobody seems to care, because it’s ‘for the right cause’ well that’s what the Nazis thought too back in the day…the governments and Big Pharma have a firm grip on the majority and I am scared of what might happen.

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