hormoneously alone - birth control documentary

Hormoneously Alone: A Birth Control Documentary

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I felt like my world had flipped upside down after coming off hormonal birth control. I didn’t feel at home in my own body. I realized I wasn’t the only one; there were thousands of women just like me. I wrote about my experience here.

At the time, it was impossible to find good, accurate information about what I was going through. My doctors didn’t have answers and encouraged me to stay on the birth control pill. The best support and the better information came from other women who have had the same experience.

I decided to create a documentary so that all women would have access to resources and legitimate information about how the pill affects the body. If you have ever been curious about the birth control pill, I urge you to watch this documentary. If you or someone you know is considering taking the pill, is currently on it, or has come off of it and is experiencing difficulties, this documentary will provide information about the effects of hormonal birth control.

This is not a case against the pill, nor is it meant to turn you away from it (although it might). I believe the pill should be available to all women, but I also believe we should know what we are taking. This is a documentary about informed choice, patient/provider relationships, contraceptive literacy, and empowering a sense of agency to know what’s right for you and only you. It is about advocacy for better research, enhanced medical training, and understanding that one pill isn’t suited for every woman.

I have been working on this documentary for almost four years, now on YouTube, called “Hormoneously Alone – A Birth Control Documentary”.  All interviews are original, and done by amazing, knowledgeable experts in the field.  Some topics included in the documentary are: accessibility and availability, life post birth control, the affect on teen brains, green blood, blood clots, cortisol, depression, anxiety, gut issues, drug classification, doctor/patient relationships, autoimmune, attraction, moon phases, environmental effects and so, so, so much more!

I hope you enjoy it and take away some information that you might not have had before.  Feel free to like and subscribe!

Hormoneously Alone – A Birth Control Documentary

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Raquel holds a Masters in Law with a focus in Healthcare. She produced a documentary, entitled, 'Hormoneously Alone', to shine light on the unspoken issues amongst oral contraceptive users and the patient care that accompanies it.

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  1. Was there something you did that helped you recover? My sister is currently going through this, it’s been 3 months and nothing has helped.

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