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Hormoneously Alone: Pill Withdrawal Syndrome from Hell

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It was two months since I had stopped taking The Pill.  Might I add, I hate how culturally grammatical we have to be when we write, “The Pill”.  THE Pill is how I read it; it’s 2019, and it all still seems so covertly retro. Anyway, it is hard to go back in time because the thoughts of what transpired the year I came off The Pill still overwhelm me. I had never really agreed with the notion of loading ourselves with synthetic hormone, and in fact, for 70% of my sexually active life, I used other very successful methods. Regardless, I was in my early 20’s, and like most, decided to hop on the Pill for a couple more years until I knew I had found the guy of my dreams. Well, the time came, I was in a great relationship; I felt safe and comfortable emotionally, as well as financially, and I made the choice to come off.  I popped the last little pink pill on January 19th, 2017. Fast forward to March 10th, 2017 and here is where it all started.

Peripheral Nerve Symptoms

I woke up with severe, I can’t stress the word “severe” enough, pins and needles in my hands and feet. That feeling you get when you lay too long on a limb, numb it out, and then feel the tingling- that feeling.  So, I thought I had slept weird, and continued on with my day, but by night, the severity hadn’t changed.  I woke up the next morning, still feeling this tingling but it was now accompanied by extreme feelings of weakness in my arms and legs. The strange part was that I wasn’t actually weak. I was able to lift heavy items like normal, it was just the feeling of weakness. Did I have a stroke?  This is where the anxiety started to kick in. I have struggled with anxiety my whole life but over the next 3 months, I had never experienced such an extreme form of anxiety and depression like this. I was in the prime of my life, 25 years old, and I had never felt worse. I had this intense tingling in my hands and feet, weakness throughout my arms and legs, and an unremitting dismal and gloomy cloud following me. I started to research, and although mistakenly started to self-diagnose with brain tumors, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Autoimmune, I ultimately thought I was deficient in electrolytes or vitamins, and bought a Gatorade. Well, that didn’t help either.

Brain Fog and Depersonalization

I decided to take a few days off from work, get a massage and do a few yoga classes. It was a week since these feelings started, and the brain fog was coming in strong. If anyone has ever had this brain fog symptom, I would almost say it’s more debilitating than depression itself.  The cloud of depression that hangs over your head is now in your head. Brain fog is like depersonalization, you’re really not sure if you’re even here on this earth, you feel so distant and detached from life, it’s scary. The massage helped me feel a bit better, not so tense, I was able to take a few deep breaths and have a few seconds of peace. When I went into the yoga classes, I would sit in the back. My goal was just to breathe and relax my body and my mind.  Well, the second the teacher started, I had waterfalls of tears flowing out of my eyes.  Until this day, I couldn’t tell you why that was happening in each class but if that’s not a major sign of depression, I don’t know what is.

Buzzing Bees in My Spine and Brain

The tingling and weakness wasn’t going away. It was now the end of April and my period was two weeks late. I then started to wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling of buzzing bees up my spine and in my brain. The feeling was so off-putting and disturbing, I couldn’t fall back asleep.  I would get hot flashes- peri-menopause? At 25? No way. My eyes would randomly hurt. My teeth would randomly hurt. I would have crazy sinus issues. There were times where I was so tired I would take the day off because I couldn’t move. I felt debilitated. I was not myself. I even thought about going on disability.

Could it be the Pill? Absolutely Not, Says Every Doctor.

All my life healthy, I was a kickboxing instructor, an everyday gym goer, something was just not right. It was time to go to the doctor. Getting an urgent appointment with the Gyno is nearly a battle in itself, especially when you call and say, “Something weird is going on in my body, I’m not sure what it is”.  Next appointment, 3 weeks away. So I went to the walk in clinic near my house,  blood pressure: 150/110, I had never seen such high numbers.  Diagnoses – anxiety, solution-anti depressants. No thank you. Something more was going on inside. I have been getting my period almost to the day since I was 12 years old, that’s 13 years of consistency. I’m not pregnant and 2 weeks late? No, something is wrong hormonally.  I went to my primary care physician, they did blood work, checked me up and down – nothing.  Again, my blood pressure read: 145/108, diagnoses-anxiety, solution-relax. I went to the Gyno, and was told “there’s no way these symptoms are from coming off The Pill.”  Shocked, I asked why it couldn’t be, she replied, “The Pill is something that needs to be taken every day because it gets metabolized within 24 hours, so if you haven’t taken a pill since January, it’s no longer in your system. You should get other testing done.”  I know that, I did that, but trying to convince someone with a much higher education in this field, an expert in fact, was going nowhere. I knew it was up to me to do my own research and trust what my body was telling me.

Women Know Better

I hopped back online and googled, “hormonal imbalance symptoms”, “after the pill reactions”, “what birth control really does to you”- the list goes on. It had been four months since these symptoms started.  I finally came across an amazing blog post where there were 10 pages of women expressing the same symptoms as me after coming off the Pill. It was the most comforting moment of my life. I knew I wasn’t making these symptoms up. This wasn’t all anxiety. This was real; for me, for them, for everyone who had come off the Pill and felt a huge difference in their body. In my adult years, I shied away from publicly posting my feelings and connecting with people virtually, but, I felt like if I didn’t participate, if I didn’t help, that would just be immoral and unethical.

What was interesting to me was that we all initially thought MS or brain tumor. All of our symptoms happened about two months after we took the last pill and all of the symptoms lasted on average 8-9 months.  Almost all of us had blood work, CT scans, MRI’s, and all of us came back negative on every test. We exchanged advice about best foods, herbs, and practices that were helping us, and consoled each other in this grueling sea of unknown. Every one of us were told that it wasn’t due to coming off The Pill, and every one of us didn’t believe it. It was from The Pill, it is from The Pill.

Ultimately, this takes time, a healthy lifestyle and patience. Some doctors will say, go back on the Pill to help it, but that seems counter-intuitive to me. When this reaction becomes so real and tormenting, the Pill is the most frightening thing and the furthest from the cure or the answer. I’ve researched endlessly for the past two years, and only recently see the term coined, “Post Birth Control Syndrome”.  It’s catchy, for sure, but the description isn’t quite as accurate.  There are weirder, stranger symptoms that happen than just the irregular periods, acne, and weight change; that to me seems like it skims the surface, that’s easy stuff comparably.

I’m happy to report that I feel back to normal, but this experience will never leave my mind.  Through it all, I feel the injustices for women are brought about because of a terrible patient care system with limited time and awareness in an ever turning patient revolving door. I wrote a documentary in 2018 entitled, “Hormoneously Alone,” that I have started filming to shed light on these issues among others involving The Pill.

We’re all in this together, but with the lack of education, awareness and openness, we all may as well be alone.

If you or someone you know has had similar experiences coming off of the Pill, or if you would like to share your story, message me here, I would love to hear from you.

In Health,

Raquel Latona

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Raquel holds a Masters in Law with a focus in Healthcare. She is currently filming a documentary, 'Hormoneously Alone', to shine light on the unspoken issues amongst oral contraceptive users and the patient care that accompanies it.


  1. I’m now having a setback. I had a bad 6-8 months of symptoms. It let up finally. I was going good except around my period I would get small weird symptoms. Now almost a YEAR later, I’ve just gone through a week of bad symptoms. During ovulation, and now a week away from my cycle. Nausea is insane. The tingling has come back. I wake up with surges of anxiety and adrenaline. I have like restless leg syndrome but pretty much all over. I feel very weak. I just hope it’ll pass again. It sucks to have it all come back. Anybody else have this happen? Please also feel free to contact me if you need assurance/support. Laurensalinas2020@yahoo.com

  2. I am so unbelievably grateful that I found this, I have had a week of everything that has been described here. The worst anxiety of my life, pins and needles/burning sensation in both arms and legs, extreme fatigue, and muscle weakness starting in the left side of my body. I went to the InstaCare last week and they sent me to the ER worried about a stroke or heart attack. I am only 28 years old, so that was unlikely, but I went anyway. They did an MRI, cat scan, EKG, and blood work and everything came back normal. They sent me to a MS/neurology clinic where I was told that since my brain scan came back normal, it is unlikely it is MS. They took more blood for further testing and the next step is an MRI on my spinal cord. I have been googling like crazy and pretty much drastically declining mentally. I had not even thought about the fact that I just went off birth control 2 months ago until this morning. As soon as I woke up, I googled “can going off birth control cause pins and needles and body weakness” and this came up. The story in the article has almost been my exact situation and I just can’t even believe it. I will be seeking out someone who can test my hormone levels. Anyway, I am so sorry this has happened to so many. It has been truly the worst thing I have ever experienced.

  3. Update 6/20/2022

    I had the MRI and everything came back clean, my doctor still referred me to a neurologist since he wasn’t sure what could be causing it all. Before paying even more money to see a specialist I decided to give it some more time.
    I dealt with internal tremors for a few weeks after making my initial post but since then I have slowly started to feel better. The numbness began to recede in early May, starting in my numb foot and working its way up my left side. As of today, my leg is no longer numb, as well as my upper arm. The only remaining numb body part is my left hand, which comes and goes depending on the day.

    I started taking a prenatal vitamin as well as iron, vitamin D and Magnesium. I think the Magnesium helped A TON. Apparently, birth control can drain your body of Magnesium and that can affect your nerves. I also spoke with an acupuncturist and she said that neuropathy is very common with hormone fluctuations and that acupuncture can be super helpful in relieving the numbness. This made me feel better but also frustrated that the 3 doctors I saw did not seem to think this was a valid medical diagnosis, and that women’s health is so misunderstood.

    My advice would be to listen to yourself and take good care of your body. Get rest, stay hydrated, take your vitamins, and give your hormones time to adjust and level out!

  4. I can’t sleep because I feel very uncomfortable. This is how I came across this post… I googled what could be wrong with me…The numbness in my legs, arms and face are just making me feel very depressed. I stopped taking birth control 2 weeks ago after 15 years of being on them. A few days ago I thought I was having a heart attack and my anxiety has been getting so extreme. I have been feeling very depressed, extremely anxious, my heart is racing all the time, I’m not myself, I even just started counseling because I dont know whats going on. And feeling numb makes me feel more anxious ! I dont want to feel like this anymore!!! I am really scared .

    • Hi! We’re not both losing our minds here! I was just freaking out about my symptoms. I’m going off estrogen (long story…I’m not really having early menopause). My whole body is uncomfortable, but it’s hard to describe…it’s like my body is anxious. My thoughts are too fast, I’m over-worrying, and my brain is foggy. My heart beats either too quickly or too fast at random intervals. I’m not feeling like myself either. Then – yep – all of the symptoms make the anxiety worse. It’s the hormones. We gotta give it some more time.

  5. (I am not sure if my comment posted in the thread, so I am posting it again here)

    I was on the pill for 4 years and it has been 2 weeks since I stopped taking it. I’ve been getting the internal tremors, excessive muscle twitching when I lay down at night, tingling too. I had a really scary episode exactly 1 week after I stopped the pill. I was driving and my hands had started tingling (I drank alcohol the night before so assumed it was from that, or dehydration). It soon became such an intense tingling that almost felt like a pounding sensation in my hands, which then spread throughout my whole body which completely tensed up and was extremely tingly. I pulled over just in time as my whole body cramped, my fingers getting stuck in an extended position to where I could not move them. I called 911 because I thought I was either having a seizure or a stroke or some other kind of episode. By the time they arrived, my muscles had relaxed but my hands were violently shaking. Not just “had too much caffeine” shaking, but full on tremors. Since then (one week), I have had muscle weakness, the twitching, internal tremors, an overall feeling of fatigue, and extreme anxiety. I had anxiety to begin with but it has intensified to the point where I’m terrified to drive or be alone in public due to the fear of having another episode like that or collapsing from weakness. I went to my PCP who ordered blood work which all came back normal, and I go next week for an MRI to rule out MS. I have been an emotional wreck and scared for my life that I have MS, but seeing this thread has been so comforting. I am so sorry that all you other women have experienced this but I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one, and that I may not have MS.

    • I have the same thing Samantha. The tremors for me are the worst and I’m scared it is something more serious. And the racing heart and feeling like you want to crawl out of your own skin. I’m exhausted too. I feel some sense of relief hearing this is common but it’s so scary.

  6. Pls what supplements did U take n can U heal with a leaky gut …I’m 8 months off n had a great run n then a bad setback of weeks if anxiety again …I need reassurance it gets better with just time Pls Raquel can U answer me

    • Hi Tammy,

      So sorry you’re going through this. Everyone’s body is different, it took me almost a year to feel better. Sleep and excessive was crucially important for me. I’ve used jrplantbasedsolutions on Instagram for stomach help in the past. Hope you feel better.


      • Thankyou for answering me 🥰 did U get weeks if bad days too around 8 months off I was going good I thought maybe it’s a hormone shift …U have given me hope x

        • I am going through the same. It was like 7-8 months of bad bad symptoms. Then a break. And now I have had a setback for a whole week. Weakness, hot flashes, dizziness, and fatigue, extreme depression and anxiety. I hope things have gotten better for you.

  7. Hey all!

    So happy I found this blog. I stopped birth control (Junel 120) about a month ago. First week was great! Second week I started to get super dizzy. It was like it took my eyes an extra second to catch up when I turned my head. I missed work for a week because I was scared to drive! A week after that my left side started to go numb. I freaked out thinking I was having a stroke and went in to the doctor. We did blood tests and they all came back normal. I am now going to get an MRI but I haven’t scheduled it yet because I think it’s the hormones! The dizziness has pretty much gone away (lasted about 2 weeks) and I think the numbness has slightly improved (on week 2). Now I’m feeling little bursts of buzzing in the numb leg. Super distracting! I did get my period after 3 weeks of stopping the pill though, which I was happy about. Hoping these symptoms clear up soon as it is causing lots of anxiety.

  8. I FINALLY HAVE SOME ANSWERS. Okay guys, this will be long but hopefully helpful. I was suffering with a lot of symptoms (original comment posted in September). I went to so many doctors, holistic doctors, ended up in the ER 3 separate occasions, ran every blood work and test including MRI, EEG, EKG, Holter monitor, tilt table test, Covid antibody test, Lyme and a lot of other ones. I was convinced something was wrong because my symptoms (even though off and on) were getting worse. I’ve been off birth control for 10 months (on it for 12 years). Every single test came back normal. I finally figured out what’s been going on in my case. It’s my cortisol level. I made the connection when I started taking Flonase and was getting SEVERE symptoms (on top of the ones I was already experiencing). Stay with me. Flonase is a corticosteroid (synthetic cortisol); no idea why I didn’t know this. I would use it at night and be up all night having panic attacks, shortness of breath, chest pain, complete numbness, pins and needled, throwing up, vertigo, internal tremors and a swaying feeling, every time I would doze off, my body would wake itself back up with a jolt of adrenalin. I was experiencing panic attacks like never before. I would wake up gasping for air and would feel like I was in actual danger and would get derealization to the point my own house didn’t feel safe, I didn’t even recognize the room I was in. I just assumed that I was having another rough night of post BC symptoms (similar symptoms I was getting post BC and before Flonase). I was using Flonase (and Afrin) off and on for months and never made the connection that my symptoms were exacerbated only the nights I used it (keep in mind I wasn’t using Flonase for 3-4 months and was still getting these symptoms only way more mild). I decided to randomly look up side effects of Flonase. I came across this website: https://www.askapatient.com/viewrating.asp?drug=20121&name=FLONASE
    and there are 100’s of people with the same experience. I’ve pretty much been having all of these symptoms on a more mild level since being off the pill and finally made the connection that excess cortisol (stress hormone) can be giving you these symptoms. I did more research and read “after stopping BC, the body increases it’s stress response because your ovaries have not fully adapted to producing hormones independently. This will cause high cortisol release and further exhaust the body.” I also looked up some things and saw excess cortisol can give you systems like pins and needles, numbness, muscle weakness (all things that resemble MS). After going to so many doctors who were awful, I found a really good one who, after hearing my systems, thought it sounded neurological or autoimmune (I was convinced it was POTS or MS). He’s one of the best doctors I’ve gone to but even he seems quick to take the medication route which I don’t like. I have another appointment soon and am going to mention all of this to him and will update you guys on his take.

    My advice to anyone who still wants to seek out a professional is to skip over everything and try and get in with a good endocrinologist. I spoke to one who was amazed at the fact that at how many doctors don’t send patients to get it done the current time of their cycle.. Apparently, it needs to be the last week of your cycle for the most accurate result. She also informed me that a lot of hormone (and even Lyme) test come back inaccurate. My cortisol level was high but I don’t even fully trust it. Your cortisol level varies throughout the day. If I could go back and save time and energy, I would have either done an at home hormone test or went right to a functional/holistic doctor or endocrinologist. I personally can’t afford continued visits but I will be looking into a more affordable one or will do my own research on how to support my body now that I know what’s going on.

    I’ve left doctors appointment feeling so defeated because of how dismissed I felt. I had every anti depressant and sleeping pill including Ambien thrown at me and was even suggested to go back on the pill. I had one doctor tell me I was hallucinating my internal tremors because I was tired. The fact that not one of them made the connection between my hormone imbalance and these symptoms is wild to me. I told every single one they only started AFTER coming off the pill. My symptoms since discontinuing Flonase have been mild and now when I get them, I just tell myself I’m okay and my body will adjust. I really hope this helps someone!

    • Your body is pretty much just stuck in fight or flight mode when your stress hormone is imbalanced. Things like tingling, pins and needle, numbness, dizziness are all symptoms of extreme stress. Even though your mind may be calm, your body isn’t. The thing that really through me off about my panic attacks were how random and unprovoked they would be. I started getting really bad health anxiety which only made things worse. EFT tapping has really been helping me when my normal mediation and yoga wasn’t cutting it.

  9. I’m so happy that I found this thread. I am 27 years old, been on birth control since I was 18. Throughout my time on birth control, I have complained to my GYN about irregular bleeding, cramps, nonstop periods at times, weight gain especially in my breasts and lower stomach, and overall not feeling well. The solution was to always switch which kind of birth control I have been on. In my nearly 10 years, on birth control I’ve tried 5 different pills including the mini pill, had a Mirena IUD, and 2 Nexplanons. The most recent was in October 2021, my GYN informed me my only option was to try the depo shot. The shot was the worst mistake of my life. It seemed great at first, it stopped my non stop bleeding and cramping I was having for a short time. After the first 2 weeks, I bled for 14 days straight. Then I began having severe moodiness, crying all the time, severe anxiety and depression.. so bad that I saw a psychiatrist and was given multiple medications, that didnt help at all. Finally, I decided enough is enough. I felt AWFUL!! I didn’t get my second shot of depo In January 2022 and leading up to this, as the short wore off, I had HORRIBLE nipple pain, crying, severe depression, bloating, nausea. I swore I had to be pregnant, took 4 tests that were all negative. I felt like I was truly going crazy. My doctors solution- “take the mini pill to help balance things,” except nothing got better. I gave up birth control for good at the end of January 2022. I’ve been off all birth control for almost 2 months now. In this time, I still don’t feel great. While my anxiety has nearly disappeared and the moodiness has improved, I am left feeling severely worn out. I am always so tired, I feel like I have the brain fog and dizziness everyone here has described. I’ve had one “period” that was very light and only lasted 4 days. My hair is falling out in huge clumps and I’ve gained 20 pounds in the nearly 2 months since stopping birth control for no reason at all. I am taking vitamin D, magnesium, omega 3, and a B complex but I am not seeing any improvement. The dizziness and brain fog is what worries me most. I feel like I am so worn out and “not here in the moment” and I am so young. I wish I would have quit birth control years ago instead of just agreeing to changing so many times because of my GYN pushing it on me. If anyone has a similar story, please reach out. I am open to trying anything to feel better and regain my life again.

    • I just wanted to give you some hope by sharing my experience. I stopped taking birth control in December of 2019 and was shedding like crazy for 6 months – 1 year. Now, I am about 2.5 years out and my hair is growing like CRAZY. I have tons new hair growth and it is so much healthier than it was before. My emotions, moods, and overall wellbeing started improving after a few months. I feel better all around than I ever did on birth control, it’s like a night and day difference. Best of luck to you Molly, I hope to hear that you’re doing better as time goes on!

      • Aw thank you so much for the reply Kim! I’m so glad to hear that you are finally feeling better!! I sure hope in a few months I can say the same. I’ve been having an awful time with migraines too since coming off. Hoping things will start to improve soon.

    • Hi! We have a similar story, my doctor put me on depo last october. All was fine at first then I ended up getting the second shot in January. After that I realized how awful looking I got and how I gained 7lbs in one month. i waited for the shot to wear off and was excited to feel better. The DAY I missed the shot I got extremely sick and it didnt let up for about 24 days. Hot ashes so bad I had to change outfits all day long, I napped everyday, felt nauseous, sore nipples, cystic acne for the first time in my life. I did loose like 4 lbs that first month (water weight I think). I still have more fat than i should. I went to my doctor and he actually got mad and yelled “im wasting all the patients time” so never going back there. Some herbs that greatly impacted my symptoms and made me heal my month long illness: Dong Qui, Black cahoosh, daily one life detox, VITEX!, zinc, zinc and drinking a whole bunch of herbal tea! This is horrible that we have to go through this but don’t loose hope, the body is powerful and can overcome anything.

      • Oh my!! I cannot believe your doctor spoke to you in that way! I had the exact same symptoms as you when my first shot wore off, it was miserable!!! I still do not feel back to “normal,” I’m going to post a reply here with what’s been going on. I’m about 5 months off now, it’s been so tough!! Thank you for posting which supplements worked for you. I will have to try those. I sure hope you are feeling better now.

    • Just to give an update… I am now almost 5 months off birth control. The beginning of March, the symptoms hit me really hard. I had a severe migraine, unlike any I’ve ever had before, with debilitating pain behind my eye so much so that I went to the ER twice in one week. I wasn’t able to drive to work and missed several days. The migraine lasted 10 days. I had an extensive work up done- MRI, lots of blood work, CT scan, I saw a neurologist and ophthalmologist. No one could find anything. I truly felt awful, I couldn’t function. I just laid in a dark room for days. Eventually the pain let up and I’ve been able to go back to work but since then I started having issues with diarrhea, I saw a GI and had a colonoscopy, that came back fine as well. I’ve had hormone testing by my primary and all of that came back “normal.” Everyday though I am still having a “pressure” like sensation in the side of my head and experiencing brain fog, like something in my body doesn’t feel “right.” I am severely exhausted still and spend most of my weekends sleeping. I lost a lot of hair in this last month too, one day I washed it and it came out in huge clumps, I was sure there would be a bald spot. This process has been so discouraging but I am doing my best to stay positive and hoping one day it lets up. I am so thankful for this website, I check back frequently to see how everyone is doing. Thank you everyone for sharing.

    • I will also add I lost my period during months 4 and 5. I had a very light period during months 2 and 3 post birth control but then went 53 days in between cycles when I was feeling at my worst and having issues with the migraine. My sex drive is also pretty much non existent. I’m hoping this month I will have a regular period. It’s so crazy how long the effects of this medication can last.

  10. I am so glad to have found this article after trawling the Internet for weeks now reg my symptoms and finding only finding ‘good news’ reports on coming off the pill and how ‘normal it would be for periods to resume within 3 months. I started to convince myself that I’m seriously ill, I’m now off Yasmin 5 and a half months now, with no period yet, excessive weight gain even though I workout every single day and count my macros (avid gym goer and have never struggled with weight). I’ve gained 16lb in 2 months, an extra chin, puffy eyes, exhausted all the time, pain in my shins, pins and needles, water retention and a constant feeling like I have brain fog and a sinus infection. I’ve been to my doctor and get the ‘you’re young and healthy give it 9 months’…give it 9 months to feel like a totally different person, like I’m living in someone else’s body..

    • Hannah, I completely agree with you! Not sure how old you are but I am 27 and just came off birth control almost 2 months ago. I am having all the same symptoms as you!! I have gained 20 pounds in the last 2 months for no reason at all. Like you, I work out and try to eat healthy. It has me so discouraged and I am at a loss as to what to do. I feel like doctors don’t believe this is caused from the birth control. The brain fog is what worries me most along with the weight gain. Like what did this medicine do to us?! And why does it take so long for things to “balance out”?? There has to be something we can do to help our bodies through the process.

  11. Has anyone experienced pulsing tinnitus after stopping birth control? I also have had the weakness in my arms feeling, buzzing bees feeling, and insomnia. I doze off to sleep and all the sudden my body twitches a little bit, could be my face, nose, arms, foot, leg, ab muscles, and it’s just enough to wake me up. I never had anxiety before the pill, I developed it during the pill, got off and I’ve had the worst anxiety about my health, and two panic attacks which I’d never had before in my life. Needless to say it was the scariest moment ever, it felt like I was dying.

    • Yes, yes, yes!! I was on the depo shot for 4 years. about 2 months after not getting my last shot. I started to get eye twitches, then they eyes stopped and now it is all over my body. I searched everywhere, and this is the only article/info that I have seen other women experience this. It’s all over my body, legs, stomach, back, shoulders, head. I also jerk as soon as I get drowsy and sometimes I even catch myself making a noise when I jerk. I know my body very well, and I know it started once the depo was detoxing. My periods came back in about 3 months, so that was good for me. I use organic feminine products and they really helped to get that part back to normal, but these twitches are crazy, and og course the doc said they never heard of this.

    • yes, it started off with eye twitching, now it is all over my body!! I was on the depo shot for 4 years. A couple of months after my last shot. I also jump whenever I get drowsy. I know my body very well, so I know it started when I stopped the shots. Doc said no chance it’s from the shot.

  12. Has anyone else experienced internal tremors? I get them almost every single night. It’s been about 6 months since being off the pill (was on it for over 10 years)

    • Yes, I get these and sometimes a weird feeling of weakness in my arms. I also have terrible anxiety and insomnia. The minute I start to get drowsy my body lightly twitches. It’s awful.

      • yes! I was on the pill for 4 years and it has been 2 weeks since I stopped taking it. I’ve been getting the internal tremors, excessive muscle twitching when I lay down at night, tingling too. I had a really scary episode 1 week after I stopped the pill. I was driving and my hands had started tingling (I drank alcohol the night before so assumed it was from that, or dehydration). It soon became such an intense tingling that almost felt like a pounding sensation in my hands, which then spread throughout my whole body which completely tensed up and was extremely tingly. I pulled over just in time as my whole body cramped, my fingers getting stuck in an extended position to where I could not move them. I called 911 because I thought I was either having a seizure or a stroke or some other kind of episode. By the time they arrived, my muscles had relaxed but my hands were violently shaking. Not just “had too much caffeine” shaking, but full on tremors. Since then (one week), I have had muscle weakness, the twitching, internal tremors, an overall feeling of fatigue, and extreme anxiety. I had anxiety to begin with but it has intensified to the point where I’m terrified to drive or be alone in public due to the fear of having another episode like that or collapsing from weakness. I went to my PCP who ordered blood work which all came back normal, and I go next week for an MRI to rule out MS. I have been an emotional wreck and scared for my life that I have MS, but seeing this thread has been so comforting. I am so sorry that all you other women have experienced this but I am so relieved to know that I am not the only one, and that I may not have MS.

  13. I’m so glad I found this. I wasn’t on the pill but had the Nexplanon implant (progestogen only) for 5 months – and I’ve been having tingling, skin crawling, chest pains, hand and foot pins and needles on the left side for weeks. I had my implant removed about 6 weeks ago and the symptoms aren’t letting up. Doctors won’t listen to me say anything about how it might be the hormones – but ECG and bloods have come back clear so I really can’t find any other explanation. I get panicky that its something like a brain tumour or heart attack but im trying not to think that because otherwise my anxiety spirals.

  14. I am so happy to see all these comments. I have been off the depo shot for about 3 months, all of a sudden, my left eye starts twitching, then I started to get twtiching all over my body, my head, shoulders, legs, stomach. I called my OB/GYN, she of course says she has never heard of this being a withdrawal symptom of BC. I told her it didn’t start until 3 weeks after I missed my shot. Still nothing, suggested blood tests, everything came back normal. She wants me to see a neurologist. I was getting nervous that something could be wrong with me until I ran across this article. Im so glad that I did. I will be taking the vitamin recommendations. I feel ok, except for the twitching. Thanks so much ladies!

  15. Does anyone get bad joint pain? I got off the pill end of July. Fast forward to beginning of October, and I’ve been hit with fatigue in the muscles like the author described, pain in my joints that migrates and are now primarily bothering my hands, and I had slight tingling. Nothing has come up in my blood and my doctor is sending me for an MRI to rule out MS. This seems all too similar.

    Raquel, do you have the initial forum where women talked about their symptoms?

  16. I have horrible migraines. They don’t “hurt” but I do have a weird dizzy feeling.. like too much pressure. Also light and sound make that feeling worse like a migraine. Been happening last three days.. I went off pill a month ago so I haven’t even had a normal cycle yet. What have y’all done to fix this imbalance? I can’t even function. Excedrine and ibp don’t work at all…

    • I’m so glad I saw your post. I stopped birth control about 2 months ago now. I have been having weird headaches that range from a migraine like feeling to just a “weird something isn’t right” dizziness and feeling “off” with no actual headache like pain. It truly is like an out of body experience. Really has me wondering at times if I need to go have a CT or MRI as well. I’m only 27 years old but was on birth control for nearly 10 years. Have your symptoms improved at all since you posted?

  17. Hey ladies!

    First and foremost, thank you for all the comments and for those of you who have personally reached out, I’ve really appreciated talking to you. Just wanted to update you all and let you know the documentary is coming out in about a month on Amazon Prime. If you’re not already following on Instagram @hormoneously_alone_ please do to hear the release date and stay updated! A lot of you have asked what you can do to help, the best way to help me is to help you and help other women by telling them about this documentary, it’s truly eye opening and packed with information that will probably validate a lot for you. My goal is that this will push for better patient care, informed consent, and more research on the pill. I appreciate all of you, thank you for being apart of this journey.

    Stay strong,

    • Hi Raquel, I am so happy I found this website. Since stopping the pill a few months back I am experiencing tingling sensations in my legs and now arms this month . And wake me up at night the only thing that helps is Advil temporarily. I Also feel joint/bone weakness and fatigue. When I first experienced the sensations in my leg and asked if it was due to getting off the pill my gynecologist said most likely not but what else could it be I’ve never felt these pains if you will until i stopped BC.
      Have you experienced these symptoms? What did you do to help it or stop it? I feel like I am 60 years old already but I just turned 40 and I’ve noticed even when just kneeling on my knees for a minute I have a hard time getting up or straightening my legs. My husband tells me it’s because I’m 40 now LOL but I really don’t think it is my age Any insight or recommendations to help would be greatly appreciated! thank you so much

    • Hey Raquel! Can’t wait to watch this and spread the news. Do you have a release date yet? I don’t have IG.

  18. So I started having these symptoms, pins and needles, back tingles, muscle twitching all while on birth control. I came off BC due to high blood pressure and the symptoms continue! Anyone start having symptoms before coming off bc? My vitamin levels and blood work are all normal and my pcp is sending me to a neurologist and I too am afraid of MS

  19. Did anyone explore peripheral artery disease (PAD) as an explanation for their symptoms? I’ve read that risk of PAD increases with birth control even after discontinuing use.

  20. I relate to all of this. I was on the pill for 12 years and have been off of it for 4 months so far. My symptoms have been so intense this month. Chest tightness, shortness of breath, mouth ulcers, ringing in my ears, pins and needles and numbness in my arms and legs, restless leg syndrome. My chest feels so uncomfortable if I lay on my side. All of these symptoms are so bad at night that it causes insomnia which leads to an intense migraine the next morning. I’m also experiencing this strange sensation (mostly at night) that feels like my body is swaying from top to bottom when I close my eyes (like vertigo – but it’s not the typical dizzy feel). It’s hard to explain, but it’s like if you’ve been on a boat all day and then step off, you can still feel your body move even when it’s not. It feels like my nervous system is shot and my body feels so uncomfortable. No amount of yoga, deep breathing, or activity is making it better which are things that usually help me. I’ve experienced anxiety for years, but these panic attacks feel nothing like my usual anxiety burst. They fill my mind with extreme darkness and dread like something horrible just happened. It leads to extreme depersonalization quickly and I don’t even feel like I know myself or my boyfriend who I’m very close with. I came down with a cold over the week and spoke to my doctor about some of these symptoms thinking I could have some sort of infection causing the chest tightness – she prescribed me an antibiotic. Having these symptoms during covid and cold season has especially caused anxiety because I don’t know what symptoms are what anymore. I’ve been tested for covid this week and it was negative. I’ve gone to an ENT specialist and neurologist who told me everything was fine. My doctor and gyno shrug everything off. The crazy thing is, I went off of the pill about 3 years ago for around 6 months and didn’t have the same symptoms. I experienced bad acne and mood swings which led me to go back on it. This time around, I didn’t experience as bad of acne, but I would definitely take that over what I’m going through now. I’ve recently gotten rid of all social media, but I would love to speak to some of you. I’m not sure if any of you would be interested, but maybe we could set up some sort of chat (via whatsapp) or FB message (I’ll reactivate mine) if anyone needs some support. Just a thought! Raquel – Would you be able to share that blog/board you found helpful of other women sharing their experiences?

  21. Here’s my update:
    Still have extreme anxiety and depression. I now get very angry very easily. And I get hives on my face because of estrogen. I’m not here to complain. I’m here to let others know in case you have the same symptoms. The hives came randomly and I took a Zyrtec and they went away within 20-30 minutes.

  22. Coming across this article was a huge help for me back when I was experiencing this and feeling alone. 29 y/o female who ran out of birth control in November. Woke up in February with a hot flash and a burning sensation on the left side of my head. Pins and needles. Tingling on my left side as well. Went to ER and was told I was fine. I too thought I was deficient in vitamins. Started drinking Gatorade… took more vitamins…. requested lab work…. saw a neurologist…. had an MRI done. I also thought I had MS… or some form of a neurological disorder. One night I woke up with a weird sensation in my spine similar to writer’s bees feeling. All of it the same. I developed muscle twitching and tremors from all the anxiety. My neurologist is a woman who quickly pointed out it was my birth control. That my body was regulating itself and it usually happens and bursts around 3 months. I was put on steroids which were the worst and did a lot of calming exercises. I asked to be placed back on birth control (I know but this is what I wanted) …. 8 months later I am back to feeling normal. I have very tiny slight leg tremors here and there but I developed this after the whole incident. It was a very depressing time in my life. Mentally speaking. I developed a crazy amount of anxiety and this is what I have left. Still working on it

  23. I stumbled across this blog and am SOOOO glad I did. I too am currently experiencing the same symptoms after coming off of the pill (Jolessa). For anyone that don’t know, Jolessa is a three month period free option, then the fourth month you can take the white pill if you like or start another pack. I would just start another pack to keep from getting my period. My doctor said that it was ok to do that. First, I experienced pins and needles in my right hand, then it moved to both hands, and finally the feet also. The first few weeks, I felt this odd feeling like my entire body was falling from the air. I was tired and my anxiety is through the roof and at times my eyes feel like there are pressure in them and hurt, which gives me a headache that sits right behind my eyes.

    I find that when I lay down or stop moving is when I feel the pins and needles. I most often feel like I’m falling out of the air while trying to sleep. Its been a month and a half since I took the last pill. I’m now getting joint pain in my hands and fingers. This affects my hands most often in the morning. During the day, its not as noticeable.

    I also turned to “Dr Google” and self diagnosed myself MANY times. That’s how I stumbled across this blog. I feel as though this is hormone related but my primary care doctor won’t run the correct hormone level testing to see what’s happening. She also said that the hormones are already out of my system.

    I feel alone prior to reading this blog. I just have to remember on the bad days I’m not alone. There are women out there experiencing the same issues….

  24. I’m so thankful I found this article. Although I’m upset that we are all suffering it is so nice to know I’m not alone in this. I unintelligently decided to quit birth control in January, half way through nursing school, because I thought I would help give me more energy. A month later I had tingling in my right foot with extreme anxiety, brain fog, and depersonalization. I got a CT at the hospital and later an MRI. I thought it was MS. No one believed what I was experiencing wasn’t psychosomatic. Similarly to Raquel I also had severe numbness and pins and needles to the point where I would wake up when shake my arm out in panic and feel nothing for a good 30 seconds. Many of my friends and family thought I was becoming a hypochondriac because of school and I started to believe it myself. I started to feel so sick I felt weak, sometimes nauseous, anxious, depressed and oh the brain fog was and still is outta control. A few months after quitting I began to experience joint pain and muscle aches. You can only imagine what I started to diagnose myself with then. I thought RA or lupus and then went down the road of being tested for that. Eventually the joint pain went away but the depression, anxiety, and brain fog still linger. I’ve lost a significant amount of hair and my acne is back and worse than it’s ever been. Also after remembering how normal I felt on birth control I went back on for a few days 3 times since January. I was thinking I would go back on and then come off by working with a functional health doctor when I have the funds. It was bad idea. I hope I haven’t added more time to my recovery.

    Ive been failed by traditional medicine. I’ve been to the ER twice, urgent care 3 times, endo twice (she was the most helpful but told me to go back on bc), and pcp three times. All my lab results came back clear.

    My plan is to do a Dutch hormone test and work with a functional health doctor to aid in recovery but I know the best medicine sometimes is just time.

    I know a lot of us have complained to family, friends, significant others who are all probably just as frustrated as we are. Feel free to reach out to me on IG. I find comforts and some control over this horrible syndrome when I comfort and speak with others. My IG is rncbecky

    I wish everyone a full recovery and you are not alone.

  25. I am so glad I found this article. Reading everyone’s experience with post-birth control syndrome has given me the piece of mind I so desperately needed. I stopped taking birth control pills a little over 6 months ago (after taking them for 3 years) & my post-birth control journey has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. I started experiencing immediate withdrawal symptoms the next day I stopped taking the pill. I’m 27 years old & am a relatively healthy person, so the moment I started feeling “sick” I knew something was wrong. I experienced a wide range of symptoms all at the same time. I started having really terrible anxiety & panic attacks (I’ve never experienced anxiety before in my life). They were really bad – I couldn’t control the tremors; felt short of breath; I would have heart palpations & would hear my heart beating fast, which would only trigger my anxiety even more. Perhaps more debilitating would be the constant ringing and fluttering in my ear (sometimes in both). Since stopping birth control I’ve experienced a whole lot of (random) symptoms that are too long to list, but the anxiety & fear have been the worst. There are days where fear just takes over my whole body & I’m scared that there is something physically & mentally wrong with me. Needless to say, time is the best medicine – as each day passes, I slowly feel better. While I still have some bad days, I’m able to “control” my anxiety/ fear & let it ride out. Looking back now, my hormones were really out of whack before I even stopped taking the pill because I was experiencing some symptoms while I was still on it – but, of course, I didn’t attribute it to the pill. I know it seems like it will never end, but it does get better! I suspect I still have a long way to go to feel like usual, perky self, but there is hope at the end of the tunnel! I know your doctors will probably suggest you go back on the pill, but going back is not the solution. Our bodies are resilient – let’s not lose hope!

  26. Hello,
    I’m so glad I found this article. I took the pill for about a year and a half, but noticed my periods were starting to just start whenever they wanted, early usually. So what’s the point right? I got off of it. It’s been two months and I’m barely feeling the side affects. Ive always had anxiety and Ive been on Lexapro for 4 years now and it’s worked great. Leveled me out. But all of a sudden I was getting extreme panic attacks, not just every once and awhile, but one right after the other. I wake up with a jolt of adrenaline. My symptoms include tightness of chest, fatigue, depression, shortness of breath, brain fog, nausea, depersonalization, hot flashes, and restless legs. I was so scared about what was happening and during a panic attack I called my mom who found this article and it all clicked. My hormones are completely out of wack. Causing severe symptoms. I’m at the beginning of this journey and have no idea how long it’s going to last but hope I can help someone else with my comments. We aren’t dying, we are just having withdrawal symptoms. And just like bad drugs, the solution is not to get back on the pill. It’s to find the best ways to deal with the symptoms. If anyone wants to talk, I’m here.

    • Does anyone else experience extreme chills as well? It takes awhile when I wake up to get out of my system but it started with all these other symptoms.

    • Hi, I’m experiencing all these symptoms after coming off the pill, including the chills. Would love to speak to you if that’s alright! It helps to know I’m not losing my mind.

      • Hello Lily. Sorry I’m barely seeing this. Chills are still part of daily feelings. What else are you feeling? It’s interesting how I didn’t get all symptoms at once. It’s been a new one here and a new one there. Right now I’m having bad heart racing moments. My anxiety is always bad right now and I have suffered from it before so it’s just way more intense. I get extreme depressive episodes. I’ll check back to see any responses more regularly or you can email me at laurensalinas2020@yahoo.com

  27. I started having a lip twitch and now tingling (pins and needles) sensation in my lip and extremities. It’s been 5 weeks since I stopped birth control and my instinct is I am going thru a withdrawal since I took it for 6 years. I also have a neurology appointment set up for Friday and my primary care doc said they will most likely have me do an MRI. I wish this topic was more researched because I do think there is a strong correlation.

  28. Raquel, when is your documentary out? I’m keen to watch it. Also, I’m 7 months in and I’m left with only brain fog, good days ans bad days but did it last this long for you? It’s the last symptom that’s bugging me as you can probably tell! Xx

    • Hey Jamie,

      Thanks for writing. It should be done within the next 2 months. I’m super excited (and nervous) to share with everyone! So many women have reached out about it and I hope it helps as many people as possible.

      A lot of people wonder when the symptoms subside or go away completely. For me, I noticed a huge change at 9 months. By a year, I felt pretty much back to normal. It’s a very long process for most, but you will get through it. Sending health and happiness your way. -Raquel

      • Hi, I’m currently dealing with the same thing after only being on the pill for 3 months. How long were you on? I also read some stuff about the pill increasing copper levels which can diminish zinc and magnesium and cause a lot of DP symptoms. Supposedly high copper levels wreak havoc on mental health. Do you know anything about this? Thanks so much for the info!

  29. Hi Raquel

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience! This is exactly what has happened to me. I am now 6 months post stopping the pill and feeling so much better but still experiencing some of the symptoms. I also thought I had MS and even spoke to my GP about it. Hearing these stories has encouraged me to continue being patient with my body and allow it to recover. I second a good diet, supplements, gentle exercise and sleep.

    • Hi Lorraine- What supplements have helped you? I’m overwhelmed when trying to decide what to take. I’m currently taking magnesium, bcomplex, b12, zinc, Lemon balm, vitamin c, and a probiotic.
      Thank you!

      • Hi Jodi! I was on a good all round supplement. WellwomanMax and I also took magnesium for the terrible anxiety I had plus vitamin c so nothing different to you! It all definitely helped. My symptoms have mostly gone one year on but I still have headaches, slightly sensitive to noise, light and an odd feeling throughout my body sometimes. Feel free to email me thierryfan@hotmail.com

  30. Hello everyone,

    I wanted to share my little story of taking pills. In 2018 I started taking my first pill because I was having menstrual delays due to lack of estrogen. I was prescribed Drospifem 30, which I tolerated well for 10 months. Since it was my first pill, I was supposed to go for a checkup at the 10th month.
    The doctor: are you ok? Do you have any complaints?
    Me: everything ok, only, I get stitches in my abdomen 2 hours later after taking it.
    Doctor: Ahaaa, then dose 30 is strong for you. Let me prescribe you dose 20. It is the same active ingredient from another company: Xellia 20.
    Me: yes, sure. It works.

    I was supposed to start the new pill right away, which completely destroyed my mental life. The problem was that I had only been informed of the physical side effects, and since I had tolerated the first one well, I didn’t even think along the lines of it destroying my psyche.

    2 weeks later I had severe depression accompanied by depersonalization, derealization, borderline personality disorder, crying fits, severe panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, I was out of my body, I no longer recognized myself. OMG, I was disconnected from my body and looking at the world through a veil. Thank God, my sister was with me and told me it could be because of the pill. Until I understood that these symptoms were from the pill, I was unknowingly making myself sick by reading false information about my symptoms and definitely didn’t want to believe it was because of the pill. I was on this drug for a whole year and after stopping, the symptoms were partially gone. Currently my body is in the adjustment phase without the pill. I am doing very well. After a month I am almost back to the old Sona with a little strange feeling, but hopefully it will get better and my mind and body will be in harmony again.

    Please be careful because the strong change of dose of estradiol-drospirenone can trigger such symptoms and problems.

    So, my dear ones, it was my story that will always stay with me. Hopefully, when my body completely recovers, I will be berfreit of these memories as well.

    Stay healthy!!!

    • How are you doing now? How long did it take for your head fog / depersonalisation feeling to go away? X

      • There is still 30% brain fog. I am now in the 3rd month of self-healing and feel much better. It is only after 2 or 3 months that the body realizes it is not getting synthetic hormones and starts to recover on its own. I am now suffering from severe peripheral nerve symptoms and sinus problems.

        • all of this is me to a T !!! Im curious on everyone’s age. ive been on birth control for many years, except off when i was pregnant (have 3 boys, 24, 9, 5) i know pretty big age gap from the first child. i was really young with the first one. anyhoo Im 41 yrs old now and tried the mirena in 2018 instead of remembering a pill (which was the “mini pill”). after about 2yrs of it i wasnt feeling right and took it out and thought since im older now and wont be having kids anymore i figured id go all natural. about 3 mos or so not being on anything i started not feeling my self and alot of anxiety and crying and rage, very irritable. all of these things more than normal. im feeling a little better emotionally, but now i have the numbing in sporadic places all over my body and face. been going on for about 2 mos now and just trying to take advice from all you ladies and just let time heal. im so glad i read this before i went back on birth control. thank you all.

  31. Thanks so much for posting this, I spent all day googling “brain fog after quitting the pill, out of body feeling” and all the variations, and this post is the only one that recognizes the impact on mental ailments when it comes to the pill. I had a bad episode today and its still kinda there, after stopping the pill 2 months ago. I had to take a pill today to quell the symptoms, I guess it kinda did or maybe its just the “placebo” effect… who knows. But I hope this doesn’t go on for much longer. I knew it had to do with the pill because I had tried a couple years ago to get off of it but gave in and went back on because the symptoms were just too much to handle. How long did it take for all of you to level out and see the brain fog and depression and anxiety to subside?


        • Hi darl, good days and bad days still. What’s left is the spaces out feeling/ head fog. I have managed the anxiety and panic attacks (they came from not knowing what was happening I guess ) so now I know I have managed them. I sometimes get heart palps but much less than before. I’m also 8 months pregnant now so hard to tell what’s what. I hope we all become symptom free soon and we can get back to giving our lives and families 100 percent . Im currently 10 months post my nexplanon removal. Take care ladies , much love xx

  32. I’m sorry to hear so many of you are suffering. Stay strong and know that it takes a while to feel back to normal. You will get through this! Although I’m not a doctor, I can confidently say that if everything has been checked and nothing is found, and the only factor left is the pill, it’s the pill. I’ve met and have spoken to so many women with issues related to the pill or some other form of hormonal intervention and it is so sad the lack of knowledge and science that is out there. Unfortunately, doctors by nature need to label illnesses based on what they’ve learned, and that’s it. If they didn’t learn it, it’s not “real”. The effects of coming off the pill hasn’t been studied enough which is why we need to continue to advocate for better healthcare and research for women. Treat your bodies well, exercise, try not to eat any foods with added hormones or anything that can alter your hormones; meat, dairy, alcohol. AND SLEEP. Sleep is so important for restoration and rebalancing. I wish you all well, and happy to hear my story helped so many of you. Stay strong. – Raquel

    • Hi Rachel,

      Did you happy to take yaz? I’ve found that girls on yaz, spironolactone or similar forms have the worst withdrawal. I’m working with functional health doctors and all signs point to Oxalate toxicity as the cause due to those pills impact on the kidney and calcium levels.

  33. Im so thankful I kept searching for answers. I bant believe only taking birth control for 4 months has affected me so badly. I was taking gianvi. I loved it til I started noticing depression and major anxiety.
    I called just like you and made appointments with doctors where they all look at you like your crazy until one woman listened and agreed it was the birth control. I’m also thankful I found this post . I was feeling tingling in my face, lips, arms ,legs, hands .. weakness, tired, hair falling out, crampy feelings ..
    I’m hoping this goes away soon . You gave me hope

    • Hi currently wondering if you’re symptoms went away, Currently I felt tingling in my face, lips arms, legs it did go away but now it back. Once I decided to get back on estarylla the tingling started I will never take this medication again. Hopping I get back to normalcy!

      • How are you feeling now Annie? And did you start feeling the tingling while still on the pill? I’ve been having tingling in my arms/legs for 4-5 months, and now it just started in my face a week ago. I just realized a week ago that it could be the pill and got off of it. Now that my face is tingling too I’ve been terrified that I have MS. I’m really hoping somehow it’s related to the pill too.

      • How are you feeling now Annie? Is the tingling gone? I’ve had tingling in my arms and legs for 4/5 months, and tingling in my face started a week ago (after finally getting OFF the pill when I realized it might be the problem). Did your tingling start while on the pill or only after stopping it?

    • Hi Tiffany! Did you start having the tingling while you were still on the pill, or only when you got off? I started having the tingling while on the pill, and now that I stopped taking it, it’s getting worse.

  34. Hi I’m 28 years old and I had a the birth control that goes in your arm for about 3 year but I started feeling bad after I took out like 2 months after I was getting anxiety attack and panic attack I was getting tingling all over and muscle weakness as well I have 3 kids and the prescribed anti anxiety medicine even though I didn’t want to take it my kids needed me and I was wondering what cause this to me was I going crazy did someone put something on me I was so scared I’m still scared because the health is very different when it come to these things I’m still trying to pick my self up right now and trying to figure how to heal my self because Gyn don’t think it effected me in anyways so she don’t want to do hormones testing which I think is a good way to go now I’m getting off balance feeling while I’m walking like I’m on a elevator and he suddenly stops I don’t know what that about but it start after I had my panic please can some one give some advice please

    • I have experienced the exact same thing. If anyone needs to chat to me please dm me on my Instagram as I’m always on there. Basically I got my nexplanon out in aug 2020 and Iv been going through hell just as u ladies explain. I also have a 4 year old. And I’m now also pregnant with my second child which was the whole reasons I got the nexplanon removed. What your all experiencing is post birth control syndrome. Everyone is different and everyone’s symtoms will vary in how it affects you and for how long. My biggest problems, were sever anxiety; panic attack, fatigue, hart palpitations, and now I’m left with just the fatigue which is bad in inself. I’m finding comfort in the fact that our body’s are so clever and WILL balance out it can take time tho, what I’m readin around 8-10 months. But everyone is different. I know it helps to have someone who is going through the same to talk to so I’m on jamie_josephine – please breath , take care and perhaps take a hormonal balancing herb or something, I did as well as magnesium. But make sure it’s safe for you to do so. Remember most Drs will deny as that seems to be the trend!!! Xxx

  35. Thanks for writing this. Currently struggling with high blood pressure and anxiety three weeks after being on the progesterone pill. I only took it for a week! Interesting to know if anyone else has struggled with their blood pressure and how long it took to regulate. Thanks

    • Hi Mo

      I took the progesterone only pill for 3 weeks and also struggled with anxiety and high blood pressure (as well as lots of other horrible things) after stopping. That pill really messed me up but I am recovering. The anxiety lasted for months unfortunately. 6 months on it has pretty much gone. Hopefully it goes away quicker for you! I suspect your blood pressure will calm down as your body starts to recover.

  36. Thanks so much for this post. It’s been the only thing giving me hope I’m not crazy. I also have been off the pill for two months now and my symptoms mirror yours. While I’ve had anxiety my whole life I was convinced that this was different. Part of this was more than that and every doctor told me that it’s all anxiety and didn’t seem to take my symptoms (which have been scaring the hell out of me) seriously. I really just want to get my life back and hearing all these stories makes me feel I have control again. Thanks so much for the hope you’ve given me you for sure are making a huge difference!

  37. I am currently experiencing the very same symptoms after being on the pill since February. I didn’t have much of a fun time on the Pill itself, and they tried me on 3 different kinds. I’d finally had enough and stopped around the beginning of September. Since then, I’ve suffered from the usual – headaches, sore breasts, heavy periods etc but about a month ago, during my first period after birth control nerve issues. Started with tingling in my inner thighs and then pain radiating down my legs. Now I have weird sensations in my right foot and pinky, ring finger on my left hand. They are usually worse close to menses. I too searched Dr. Google and thought MS. I suffer from anxiety and this certainly did nothing to help. I also noticed a rash under my arms that still lingers. It’s red just before my period and for a few days gets petechia. Then disappears. This started on the Pill. I believe I have a hormonal imbalance but I’m getting nowhere with the doctors. My doctor took the same Pill I was last on and loved it so she dismisses any negatives. My eyes have also not felt right, like a mild pressure behind my right one and sinus pain. I don’t know what they did to the Pill, but it’s not okay. It’s a huge relief to read similar stories although I feel for all of you.

    • Hi Claire,
      How are you feeling now? I just come off the Pill on 11/28/20 since then started tingling in the whole body then my hands and feet. I’m 34 years old never had health issues before. My doctor isn’t helping at all. I don’t know what to do anymore. I really just want to get my life back.

      Thank you,

  38. I’m so relieved to read this post. It’s hard because I feel like there’s nobody that understands what I’m going through. I’m 27 now and I was on the pill and the implant together for a total of 10 years. I recently went off the pill last month and felt fine for a two weeks or so then I started having major sinus pain and it was severe to where I went to the ER twice but doctors said it was allergies after giving me several antibiotics in case it was an infection. The first time I went I had an anxiety attack which I hadn’t had one for years and it hit me hard because I was in pain and having to wear a mask and go to the ER without my husband with me just terrified me because of everything that’s been going on I didn’t want to be alone. It was so bad to where my legs were shaking and I was hyperventilating and I felt dizzy and out of it. Then a few days later I got this dizziness in the shower which felt like I the whole room moved and have been feeling like that for now a month. I can’t tell you how much this has made me feel to where I cry at least once a day because drs have been just writing me off and saying it’s anxiety when I know there’s more to it. I’ve seen two ENT. Two primary care doctors, allergist, eye doctor, and now I’ll be talking to my OBGYN to see if it’s because of my hormones. All my bloodwork has come back normal. I’ve done a CT scan and now I’m getting an MRI. I was a healthy person before all this and now I’m suffering with what they think is vertigo. I hope you guys all feel better and pray that I will get back to normal. It’s not fun because you feel like to everyone else that your crazy but you know your body more than anyone else

    • Hi Ariella,

      We have almost identical stories! I’m 29 and had been on the pill for 12 years with minimal breaks until this June. I lost my job and therefore health insurance and after 2 weeks of being off the pill i got hit with my worst vertigo attack ever. i got back on the pill for three months thinking it would help before deciding i was done for good. the dizziness hasn’t gone away, the fatigue is terrible and tests show barely anything. i’m working with a naturopath now to try and help and i have low iron, vitamin d and a slight hormone imbalance. i’m hoping like everyone else in about 8-9 months it resolves itself but as of now it feels like nothing is getting better and i’m losing hope. Are you feeling any better yet?

      • How are you feeling now hon? For me the cloudy brain/heart beating fast at night is still here – my nervousness and anx has mostly gone but this head and heart is very much not normal for me. And I’m x6 months in.

        • Hi Jamie! Things are very slowly feeling better. I can tolerate a little more exercise and the brain fog seems to be gone- it’s mainly the dizziness I’m left dealing with. Every day I feel more like myself but I maybe only feel about 65% right now. It’s been about 6 months for me and I’m hopeful that at about a year it’ll be over, just trying to be patient! For me the dizziness is the worst, it’s not a spinning feeling (except for maybe the first day of my period) but more of an internal dizziness and rocking feeling. Incredibly uncomfy and seems to be triggered by almost anything; too intense of a workout, gluten, lack of sleep, stress, etc. I’m also oddly dealing with some low blood sugar issues around my period. I think all of these things though are signs of my body trying to get it back together so trying to give myself some grace. The anxiety, crippling fatigue, massive hormonal chin breakouts, and puffy / swollen body and face seem to have passed so I think we’re making progress!

          • Holy crap I’m so glad I read this. I was on the pill since age 17 and just now stopped at age 35. I regularly ride centuries and workout at the gym so I’m pretty in tune with my body and head, but this withdrawal has been absolute hell.

            Two weeks after stopping, I experienced massive anxiety attacks and vertigo. It was really bad for about a week and now it’s still there but I can at least go about my day without having a few panic attacks. I also had my first real suicidal depressive thought. It felt so out of character that I ran out of my room and told my boyfriend about it. I didn’t recognize myself and I’ve just been feeling so invaded by this anxiety and vertigo. It does seem to be getting better now, though, and especially to have found stories like this.

            I’ve managed to do away with the extreme anxiety and depression by sleeping better and eating well. Honestly the worst is this feeling like I’m on a rocking boat. I thought something was wrong with my inner ear somehow and spent a week google searching, convinced I’d be trapped in this vertigo prison forever. Searching google for “pill withdrawal symptoms” yields stuff like headache and dizziness, which is definitely nothing near the psychic and emotional hell I’ve been through.

            I think it’ll just take time to stabilize. I wish I’d found this blog sooner.

    • How are you feeling now? For me after almost x 6 months of this
      Still left with dizziness/brain fog and sometimes at night heart palps and shortness of breath. Just wondered how everyone is getting on … xx

    • How are you feeling now? For me after almost x 6 months of this
      Still left with dizziness/brain fog and sometimes at my heart at nigh races and shortness of breath. Just wondered how everyone is getting on … xx

      • Hi Jamie.
        I was reading your story and which is similar to mine. I came off the mini pill in August 2020. I was only on it for 3 weeks! But it really messed me up. I believe the progesterone only contraceptives are the cause of these side effects. Like you I am 6 months off it and doing so much better but still mild dizziness, brain fog and anxiety. I’ve been taking vitamin c, an all round vitamin and magnesium. I hope you are feeling better.

        • Lorraine!!!! So so nice to get a reply! Thank you!!! I would love to stay in touch and compare what works for what symtoms and exchange advice etc… it’s nice to have some support. I wouldn’t want to give out my number on here so please if your on social medial send me a dm! I’m not on here everyday and on there more often. My Instagram is @jamie_josephine but encase your not on social I’ll check back on here again soon. I’m doing ok I must say, Iv managed to banish my anxiety and panic attacks but it’s this brain fog that’s driving me insane the most. Almost like there is a glass window between me and the world and I just can’t remember what I’m doing ! Xxx

          • Hi Jamie! I’m glad we can all support each other on here! I am really starting to feel like my old self. Last big thing for me is mild dizziness but it’s fading. I know how you feel with the brain fog. It was horrendous. It will go! I cannot believe how messing with your hormonss can make you feel. My situation was complicated by anaemia so I’ve also been on iron tablets for 6 months. I’m not on ig but happy for you to email me at thierryfan@hotmail.com xx

          • Hi. I am 20 and have been having these same issues after getting off birth control back in March. I had been on it for about 6 years and decided to go off. I have struggled with brain fog and anxiety over these past 4 months. Although some days are better than others, I do not fully feel like myself. Doctors tell me to go back on the pull so that my hormones level out, but that seems like a temporary solution. I want to feel normal again and not scared anymore.

  39. Hello! I have to say how relieved I felt when I found this post. Though my experience is due to taking hormone replacement therapy (and now going through withdrawal and feeling like I am losing my mind and my self), this post helped me feel much less alone. I have searched and searched for any posts on experience with this – many women are told that their fatigue, low libido, etc is due to low testosterone. I am 39, pre-menopausal, and not taking birth control (copper IUD). I believe that my issue was due to hypercortisolism, undiagnosed, but instead was given a “bandaid” which certainly did boost my energy, mood, strength, cognitive ability and libido. But I was now reliant on testosterone every 3 months. When it would begin to decline, I could tell as the side effects were fairly severe and I really couldn’t function without it. That scared me. My body was telling me not to continue. Just as it had with the BCP. I listened. Now, I am having side effects so severe that it is difficult for me to get out of bed, I have the brain fog you described perfectly, I stood in the grocery store with memory loss for longer than I ever have in my life (scared the crap out of me). Depression and anxiety are real, lack of will, motivation, joy, sex drive, interest in anything is upon me pretty heavy right now. Luckily, I am a current student of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, though going through this while in grad school is no easy feat. I have a wonderful herbalist (who is also one of my teachers) who specializes in OBGYN and has worked with other women who are attempting to wean off of hormone dependency. It will be a long process, but I am willing to take it. So far, I am happy with the support these herbs are giving me. I am surprised that I have been unable to find any information pertaining to this experience online. I just want to say thank you for posting this so we can feel less alone. Hormone therapy of any kind is something that should be used with caution, intuition and proper education. Just slapping the birth control pill or any hormone replacement in someone’s hand is not proper care. I feel for everyone going through this right now. There is “the other side” of this! It just takes time. Do not lose hope.

    • I’m 65 and have been on estrace vaginal cream for years. Recently had a bad infection from cat bite and major antibiotics given which in turn caused a yeast infection that took two months to resolve all with doctors help. I am now allergic to estrace and the withdrawal symptoms as all above have described. I feel like my head is going to explode. My doctor suggested putting the cream on skin which goes directly into your bloodstream and causes high estrogen.
      What herbal help are you taking if you don’t mind me asking, I’m desperate!

  40. I had extremely debilitating symptoms from an IUD and three different gynecologists told me it was not the IUD.

    I thought I was crazy. It’s so challenging when you know something isn’t right but you second guess yourself.

    Once I finally took the IUD out, I felt like myself again in about three weeks.

    Depression, anxiety, there are so many things that hormones are the cause of or at least exasperate. It’s not talked about enough

  41. The side effects can be so bad, I hope this article helps other women get help for themselves, and not get dragged into unnecessary and expensive tests and extra drugs. Very interesting.

  42. Wow. I can so relate to all of this.. Except for i didnt use the pill, i used progesterone cream.. And when i did quit, i had this severe reaction starting about a month after i february this year.

    My skin is burning, all over torso like I rubbed myself in chilli. And pins and needles in hands/feet, arms and legs. My spine/body buzzez like you wrote.. And this severe fatigue. Like i need to sleep asap on and off thru the day.

    DP and brainfog. All of my symptoms getting worse everyday now.. How long did it last for you? Im bed-bound now :/ And can you recommend any websites of forums that talk about this? All i get when i Google are headaches and stomach issues. Not this with nerves and psychological stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  43. What are they doing to our medicines???? I am 62 years old and I took the Pill, and other drugs in my life. Drugs used to be safer. And they actually did what they were supposed to do. I lost faith in the FDA, AMA, and you name it when I had a violent reaction to Lupron at 40 yrs. old. I have not be well since. I believe after years of research the only explanation is it damaged my mitochondria and I will never, NEVER be the same…….read my article in Hormones Matter April 2016 for full story.

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