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The primary goal of Lucine Health Sciences, Inc. (“Lucine”) and its affiliated website (Hormones Matter) is to create a forum through which all individuals and organizations within the women’s health community may interact and benefit from one another, under the auspices of a transparent and accessible media platform. With that in mind, the Lucine websites are committed to the responsible collection and usage of data. This includes information from the Lucine staff, guest authors/speakers, and website users (“Contributors”).

Lucine takes your privacy very seriously. Thus, we take every measure to protect your privacy. In addition, we believe that the ability for patients, health care practitioners, and scientists to share information is invaluable. Having your rights to privacy as well as your ability to share information with others in a protected environment is not only what we strive to attain, but also what makes us unique in women’s health care.

We encourage each of our readers to take an active role in their health care. Sharing data will open the doors for better research, better diagnostic tools, and better health care practices. Additionally, it will help individuals to learn what is and is not working for others, what may or may not work, and most importantly, what can help to improve dialogue among patients, their caregivers and doctors, and the scientists and researchers.

Private and Confidential Information

The Lucine web communications, marketing, and research and development teams take all steps that are deemed necessary and appropriate to protect the rights of its customers and/or users’ personal demographic information (PDI). Personal demographic information is defined as any information that could result in the identification of that individual, including full name, date of birth, email address, mailing address, and local geographical location. PDI may not be used in a manner that is prohibited by law or used to facilitate the violation of any law, including invasion of privacy of third parties or impersonation of other persons or entities. The websites should not be used to violate the security of the site or in an attempt to utilize another’s user identification or password without authorization from that user. All PDI, user identification (ID), user password, and private messages (PMs) are classified as Restricted Information and will be protected from unauthorized use. Lucine’s websites do not display any PDI without the permission of the contributing source. Furthermore, the level of privacy and confidentiality for sensitive information is chosen by each individual user through his or her own discretion and use of privacy settings. Continued participation on the site indicates that the customer and/or user has read and understood this privacy and openness policy and that he or she has agreed to abide by the Terms of Use.

Posting and Collecting Personal Information

Although Lucine maintains ownership of the information collected on its websites, customers, Members and/or users can choose to leave comments or contribute articles at their own discretion. However, if a third party submits a complaint about any particular individual or if the individual is in violation of the Terms of Use, then we will make a reasonable effort to contact the alleged individual and alert them to the situation. If Lucine is required by law to disclose contact information, we will also give the individual an opportunity to respond to such requests.

Customer, Members and/or users have the option of responding to blog articles and other related services, which are subject to approval by the web site moderator(s). Lucine uses this information to screen for comments that are prohibited by our Terms of Use, generate topics of interest for future articles or social media campaigns, and determine relevant research areas that need to be addressed within the women’s health community. We do not pass this information to any other organization other than in aggregate form.

Lucine may launch a mailing list and/or newsletter as of the time of writing of this policy or sometime after, in order to provide subscribers with breaking news or other pertinent information. Customers, members and/or users must submit PDI, such as an email address, location, and personal interests, to receive these forms of correspondence. Lucine will only use this information to provide these services, as well as analyze only the aggregate data to assess general subscriber interests. Subscribers may opt out of any or all of these services at any time.

Policy Revisions

The Lucine websites may review and update this privacy and openness policy at any instance. When we do, we will provide a list of effective dates and indicate the order of revision. Thus, we encourage customers, Members and/or users to periodically view this and all other legal forms to further protect your rights.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact us at the mailing or email address below.

Lucine Health Science, Inc.
2764 N. Green Valley Pkwy. #456
Henderson, NV 89014-2120

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