10 Perfectly Awful Valentine Gifts For That Special Lady In Your Life

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A list of neither tasteful nor romantic Valentine gifts for that special lady in your life. Whomever thought these were a good idea, doesn’t date women much. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a humorous gift here are some possibilities.


1. For that special lady who just wants to spend more time together:









2.  For the woman who loves animals:

Name a roach









3. For that special lady who likes to plan ahead:








4. For the gal who thinks flowers are unoriginal:

The wrong way to give flowers - valentine's day fails










 5. For the active woman with a sweet tooth:







6. For that special lady who wants a romantic getaway:







7. For the vegetarian your life:






8. For that special lady who doesn’t know how good she has it:








 9. For that special lady who loves jewelry:








 10. For that special lady that just wants to cuddle on Valentines Day:







OK, number 10 isn’t so bad, but it’s not exactly romance inspiring.

Have a perfectly awful Valentine gift or story? How about awful Valentine gifts for the men in your life? Share your Valentine gift missteps and failures.

Jordan is a Freelance Health and Nutrition Writer based out of New York City. She has been featured in a number of online publications, in addition to having academic research published. She is the proud parent of a new blog Hersterical (www.behersterical), a candid take on healthy living. Jordan currently co-runs the Endo Warriors, an online and NYC based support group for women with Endometriosis. You can contact her with any inquiries at hersterical@gmail.com.

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