Lower Risk of Endometrial Cancer for Older Moms

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A study published in The American Journal of Epidemiology found that women who gave birth to children later in life had a lower risk of endometrial cancer. Researchers at the University of Southern California School of Medicine are not sure if pregnancy at a later age leads to lower risk, or if the lower risk indicates a healthier endometrium which allows for pregnancy later in life.

Women who had children after the age of 40 had a 44% lower risk of endometrial cancer than women who had last given birth before the age of 25.

Many women that have delayed pregnancy until after 40 have done so to establish their careers, which may put older mothers in a better financial position to take care of their health than younger mothers. This monetary advantage could contribute to the reduced risk for endometrial cancer, especially since a number of women forgo medical treatment due to medical costs.

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