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In the ER … Again! Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

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“You really shouldn’t be doing this,” the ER doctor informs me. As if I have any control over my body and its screwed up menstrual cycles. As if I choose this hormonal fate. I want to punch him, but I can barely keep my eyes open to look at him while he talks. “You really need to figure out why you are bleeding so heavy, this isn’t normal.”

If I had enough energy to lift my limp head up off the hospital bed, I would point out the fallacy in his logic – this is not my responsibility. I have been in and out of ER’s and doctors’ offices since I was 18 years old from menstrual bleeding so heavy that I pass out or nearly pass out. It always seems to be more of an inconvenience than a concern for doctors. Oh they are concerned at first. But as soon as I explain my history of this problem, his concern, like all doctors, turns into annoyance. As soon as I tell them I don’t want to take oral contraceptives or any other type of artificial hormone, the concern quickly evaporates like the sweat dripping down my forehead in spite of my shivering body being wrapped up in blankets. Even after I explain my experiences on oral contraceptives (OC) and how the four times I have tried to take it to regulate my periods, I bleed like this every single month, not just occasionally, and that’s on top of the other side effects: extreme depression, weight gain, and epic mood swings that cause my boyfriend to nearly dump me (and who would blame him – I’d dump me if I had to deal with the monster I become on OC).

“Ok” is all I have the energy to muster as I close my eyes to prepare myself for the next cramp I can feel billowing in my lower abdomen. I let the pain wash over me as he continues oblivious to the pain I’m in.

“You need to follow up with your primary or gynecologist,” he tells me. “I’m going to give you progesterone to stop the bleeding…” he goes on to explain the difference between progesterone and estrogen. I don’t stop him to tell him I write for a women’s health ezine or that I’ve done enough research that I likely know more about women’s health and hormones than most general doctors.

A few minutes later my nurse, I’m tempted to start a new religion just so I can appoint her as a saint, walks in with my discharge papers. “Ok honey, I hope you feel better. I’m so happy it’s not an ectopic pregnancy or anything serious.” Throughout the day she has brought in warm blankets and shown more compassion than any doctor I have ever met. I am a problem they can’t fix. They aren’t Dr. House so they’d rather just pass me off to another doctor and move on to a more exotic problem. I’m just a noncompliant patient with hormone problems. God forbid I ask them to think outside the box and figure out what is causing this excessive bleeding. My nurse takes out the IV as careful as you can take out an IV and in a motherly tone says, “I’m glad everything came back normal, but sometimes not knowing is even worse. You go home and take it easy.” I fight back tears. Exhausted and hormonal, I want to hug this woman for her simple acts of kindness and compassion.

“This isn’t really anything new.” I tell her, even though she already knows my medical history. “It sucks, but I’m used to it now.”

“But it shouldn’t be like that,” she says. Like I said, this woman should be appointed as the saint of Emergency Departments.

On my way out of the ER, I stop by the hospital pharmacy and pick up the prescription for hormones that I won’t take. I head back to my office to explain to my male boss that everything was fine and try to make it sound serious enough not to sound like a hypochondriac. He smiles and Okays me to work from home the next day.

I go home to my very concerned boyfriend. I throw the bag with the “magic” pills on the counter and exasperated say, “they gave me IV fluid and hormones, but I’m not taking them.” Naturally, this causes a fight that I don’t have the energy to deal with…again.

Boyfriend: You need to take the medication they give you.

Me: It won’t help and it just messes my system up even more.

Boyfriend: [throws arms in the air … like he’s more exhausted than me at this point?!] You’re not a doctor.

Me: I’m going to bed.

Like every time before, the bleeding slowly lets up in the following days. I’m not a prophet, but I can tell you how this story will end: For the next few weeks, I will walk around like the living dead. I will force myself to eat in spite of having absolutely no appetite. The doctor will call to follow up. “Do you want to take birth control now?” she will ask and when I tell her no, “there’s really nothing more I can do for you at this point…” I know this is how everything will play out because history is simply repeating itself. Sadly I have learned to accept it. In another month, or six, or maybe even a year, I’ll be back in the ER and the cycle will repeat itself again. As I write this I’m so faint that I’m debating going back to the ER to test my blood levels again, but resignation is the only emotion I can muster. Not concern for my own health, but resignation that this is as good as it gets so why fight the system?

So, why do hormones matter? Why don’t hormones matter is a better question. Why is this story an acceptable fate for me and so many other women?

This article was first published on Hormones Matter in July 2013.

Lisbeth Prifogle is a freelance writer, Marine officer, and globetrotter currently in San Diego, CA. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles and a BA from DePauw University. Lisbeth spent six months in Iraq and is working on a memoir about her experiences. She keeps a blog titled The Next Bold Move www.lisbethprifogle.com and her work can be found in the 11th issue of Poem Memoir Story, The Splinter Generation, and In the Know Travel. Lisbeth has had problems balancing hormones since she was a teenager and is constantly researching and exploring natural remedies including diet, exercise, and alternative medicines.


  1. 28 mg of Nature’s Bounty Gentle Iron every other day two hours before a meal or calcium intake. It raised my wife hemoglobin 2 points in about a month. Larger doses just cause upset stomach and increase hepcidin levels, which impede iron uptake.

  2. I’m looking into the uterine ablation procedure to end/reduce my bleeding permanently. I also suffer from heavy periods and have no luck with hormonal pills. I am 34 and absolutely do not want bio children so there is no point to my having periods in the first place. Has anyone here done this procedure?

  3. So many women have these problems, including myself, why not purchase this book, Overcoming Estrogen Dominance Resolving Symptoms of Estrogen Dominance with Nutrition, 28-day meal plans, herbs and supplements by Magdalena Wszelaki, it is really good book!

  4. I have been perusing these articles for the past day. I haven’t heard too much discussion regarding Ablation or UAE. @Phillipa, what are your thoughts regarding these procedures? I ended up in the ER, for the first time a few nights ago, because of excessive bleeding. An abdominal ultrsound showed I have a significant fibroid that has come about recently. I’m scheduled for an ablation in 3 weeks, but after doing some research, I don’t know if that is the best procedure? I already had surgery for polyp removal, a year ago. That obviously didn’t help with the bleeding. I have had two rounds of two iron infusions, too. I feel great after those. But, if I don’t get a handle on the bleeding- that is a waste. What are your thoughts on UAE or Ablation? I am going to have my Hematologist check my numbers for blood clotting disorders, although I don’t think that’s what I have. Thank you for your time.

    • Like so many others on here I’ve dealt with heavy cycles my entire life. I was willing and able to control them with birth control for a lot of years. However, medical issues forced the issue to stop to see if that was the root cause of other issues. I’m now 2 years off and dealing with very heavy cycles again…changing pads every hour during the worst part. I also deal with cramping and low ferritin/iron migraines—never bad enough to be anemic.

      Lots and lots of research later I’m on month 3 of trying a Moringa oleifera product (actually a combination of 3 products made by the same company). I’m on day 5 of my cycle and realized it started a lot lighter than normal, and I’m already at the very light point. That means in three months of using these three products I’ve been able to reduce my cycle by 2 days and I’m now down to 2.5 days of heavy (but lighter than before) bleeding. That’s a huge improvement. They say it takes 4-6 months to see changes but I’m already noticed benefits and will keep taking this regiment. I’m happy to share to compare results to see what it does for others.

  5. I know this is an old post but for anyone who wants to try another natural method for controlling their menorrhagia or other female problems acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal medicine has done WONDERS for me. It brought the bleeding and pain + pressure down to almost normal and I dont have to freak out anymore that I might bleed through everything while at work or just out.

    • Has anyone tried any other forms besides birth control on here?
      I have menorrhagia and have been bleeding for 2 full years straight with no breaks. I don’t get 1-2 days off. It’s a a hassle every single day.
      I have tried blood clotting methods, birth control and even oral hormones. Yet nothing has worked. I have had 5 blood transfusions last year alone (2021). My GYN has finally approved me for an Endometrial ablation after 2 full years.
      I’ve already had 2 kids and will not be planning for anymore. But since I am only 23 the real advise me and they have really tried to convince me not to do it because of the possibility of regret when I get older since I will not be able to get pregnant after.
      I just really wish doctors would really consider health and risk of death before having kids.
      I’ve been living a life of misery and depression with chronic anemia.
      When I say I’ve been bleeding for 2 full years, I’m not talking about light bleeding either. I’m talking about doubling up on sanitary products, using a pad and tampon at the same time every time and have to reapply every 30 minutes. I pass clots the size of my fists everyday. I had to quit my job and hire a nanny because I can not take care of my kids until my husband gets home.
      It has gotten so bad to where I have considered death over life because nobody wants to help.
      My GYN said he would preform a endometrial ablation 2 months ago, but I am still here waiting for a pre-op appointment and surgery date.

      • I used to change an extra large menstrual cup every hour for three days during my period. I started taking vitex/chasteberry
        I also cut soy and gluten from my diet. I also started to cut out all beauty product that contain endocrine disrupters (which was almost all of my products) I am now only going through 2 regular pad a day at the most, and I have more energy that. I have ever had, please look into what you are putting on and into your body a doctor will not tell you these things.

  6. I can 100% relate to Lisbeth her experience. I have since 6months the same. In my puberty too. Then after a childbirth all normalized a bit. All is now like the author describes. But the doctors cannot find abnormalities. So they gave a contraceptic pill Zoely which at first seemeed to work fine to regulate the heavy bleeding, may own system seems stronger so my periods starts in middle of pillstrip heave bleeding and painfull. I have an ayurvedic doctor who also tested everything with kinesiology, all is very healthy. So this is how I help myself during periods: I take a bloodclotting ampoule each day and I try to embrace this with meditation . Reading these replies I see lots and lots of women have it. Maybe it is just how we are build and not a deficiancy , just how our body works. I make lots of smoothies with veggies and fruit and curcuma on those days to have extra nutrition. thank you all and the writer for your experiences.

  7. OMG! have had heavy periods since I was a kid…but now that I will be turning 50, my uterus just goes like a water faucet. I wear HUGE pads for the first 2-3 days and then it tapers off. I am literally tied to home. Can’t go anywhere, do anything because I soak a super plus tampon in 1/2 hour to 45 mins. I don’t want any hormones (pure poison), ablations (scary as s***), surgery (never been a big fan of someone messing with my body while being unconscious-no thank you). Yeah, I’m a control freak. People think I am nuts because I complain about it ruining my life for a few days (have to cancel anything I had going on), my clothes and I have chronic anemia. I say, most people are so cavalier about medicine, surgery etc. I just hope my uterus will be winding down in another year or two. Hell, I have lived with it this long….but it stinks. Those who bleed 2 drops the entire time don’t understand. I really wanna show them a picture. When I was younger, the doctors would poo-poo it and say “it really looks like more than it is”. Ya wanna take a look there?? I know my body-thank you. It looks like a murder scene sometimes. I just wish there was a better, natural solution other than “hormones” “ablation” “surgery”…like drink a cup of orange juice and that will slow the bleeding! lol. I guess I could try standing on my head.

    • have you tried taking ibuprofin? i really it sounds silly but when i had this issue, i took one and it cleared up quickly, i read somewhere it can help with heavy bleeding and it’s not hormonal. i can’t take them because i’m on blood thinners now, and it doesn’t mix. so i’m stuck living with a crime scene in my knickers.

      • I have Menorrhagia and anemia my pain makes me faint, puke all the 9 yards. I took like 8 Advil every day this week doesn’t help at all. I’m think of going to hospital due to the pain. It’s worse then labour contractions I had with my children

      • I have had an ablation and I’m sitting here and still struggling years later. I had my period for 6 months straight it stopped for 2 weeks and it’s back again relentless. The blood is no longer thick it’s just like water pouring out of me within an hour I’m soaking through pads and tampons together. They want me to get a hysterectomy and while I don’t have many reservations to it my biggest is what will it do hormonally. I’m not a fan of taking hormones and I can say that my progesterone has probably been an issue a long time. I’m just not sure anymore

  8. Im 30 this month. Yay me. I have had to shove baby diapers in my pants, and change them every 20 minutes. Every month. For most of my adult life. I have tried so many things. I finally got on continuous hormones to stop me having periods at all, and felt so so good for once. Like almost normal. Then 3 months into period free bliss I got really sick with dizziness and pounding headaches, leg swelling and cramps. Went to the doc a d my blood pressure was 190/130. He did blood work and testing and asked all the questions. Monitored it for a week and it stayed that high. All the tests came back normal… So he made me stop taking my hormones. Tonight I’m right back to drowning in the red Sea and crying about how messed up this situation is.

  9. I’m 27 I have been bleeding very heavily the last 4 days it’s so bad I’m having to wear 2 pads and having to change them very often every hour or so when I stand to wipe and pull up clothes blood is dripping in the floor is there anything I can do to slow the bleeding down.

    • I’m the same way. It’s miserable. I’m 46 and have lived with this most of my life. I hope you’re able to get a good doctor to help you so you don’t have to go through this for years and years like I have. Not sure if you’re aware, but ginger helps blood clot. There have been studies done that prove it helps with heavy menstrual bleeding. I use Himalaya ginger caplets. I take half a caplet three times a day during my period. Be sure to hydrate a lot. I drink 1/4 cup coconut water mixed with 3/4 cup filtered water many times throughout the day. Be aware that ginger might not be right for you if you are prone to blood clots in the circulatory system (this might make that problem worse), are already taking medication to help your blood clot (adding this might make the clotting effect too strong), or if you are taking blood thinners (this might prevent them from doing their job). If any of these apply, ask your doctor if only taking it during your period might be okay for your personal situation. I would recommend starting at a very low dose and figuring out your personal dose from there. Don’t be tempted to take ibuprofen. It can cause so much damage and then you’re left with another horrible issue to deal with like me- liver disease. Ginger works well. Sorry to everyone going through this. I know how debilitating it is.

  10. A comment of rebuilding the body. See WESTON A PRICE FOUNDATION a traditional food activist group. To start, read up on organic Chicken, Livers! Lambs liver great too! The fastest way to build iron, B12 and all nutrients.

    • I am 49, and I can attest to dietary changes helping a regular cycle (no dairy- bloating, no meat- control lower amount of protein, etc ). It even helped me (after almost a year) to slow “the Red Sea” flood I have due to fibroids…for a while. After 5 months of getting from two cycles a month to once per month and no floods/crime scenes…it’s back! When I say back…I mean back! I removed soy from my diet and added some dairy (cheese). This helped only a bit. I am so weak and incredibly emotional. I have four packs of 20hour/size 5 Always pads on hand and a rinse bottle (change of pants/panties and face cloth) because I go through an average of one and a fourth (33-36 count) pack during wake hours. I have major and consistent clotting also. Listen, no matter what you can always stay healthier by understanding what foods contain and which nutrients you need. Stay active and do what works for you. I may not be able to wait this out (no surgery) because it’s affecting my money (I can’t leave the house for 7 days sometimes). Good luck, ladies!

  11. Hello everyone. I feel for everyone so much. I too am experiencing this problem. Up until age 45 my periods were easy and regular. I’m a healthy weight and I follow a traditional organic diet. I rarely get sick. Last months haemorrhage went for over 12 hours, I needed an emergency blood transfusion, tranemexil IV and a progesterone shot to halt the bleeding.
    I have no answers. I’m so shaken up by the experience and even more so my all these horror stories of suffering.
    I have one thing to contribute that I have not read in this discussion. Organic chicken liver and organic rich bone broth based soups (gelatine rich bones) work wonders in restoring iron levels and energy. Just one week after transfusion (I declined the iron shot) I am feeling much stronger already. I eat medium rare liver every second or third day cooked in lots of pastured ghee (or butter) with fresh parsley or herb from the garden. I my experience as a food activist, nothing comes close to organic liver for B vitamins including B12 and iron. I think our environment and an accumulation of synthetic chemicals has a lot to do with this health situation. Mind you, I live such a healthy lifestyle. No synthetic fragrance, all natural cleaning etc organic whole food, great health and weight. Wishing all you women all the very best!

  12. I am writing this through tears?. I am 47 years old and have had heavy periods since I was 10 years old. In 2006 I had an endometrial ablation done and it helped reduce my periods to 7 days of light bleeding. Then about a year ago my cycle changed again. I’m now on day 18 of this cycle and the BC pills my dr prescribed are not helping. Had ultrasound done and uterus is normal size but I do have some small cysts on my ovaries and in my uterus . I am so depressed and tIred and bleeding for so many days. It’s like I only get about a week per month of no bleeding . I’m not anemic but I am always exhausted ?. I will do anything to stop this bleeding and clotting. I feel like it will never end or get better

    • I am in a similar boat. I’m 47 too. Was regular for years. Then this past June, I bled for most of the month. Suspecting perimenopause, I went to my ob-gyn and asked to go back on Seasonale (I was on it for a time, loved it, then had to go to an IUD five years ago due to high blood pressure caused by divorce). Well, Seasonale worked for 5 months. Then in mid-August, I started bleeding again. I am now nearing the fourth week of bleeding. First 5 days it was like a normal period, then for 7 days, two hours of soak-through bleeding every day. Then a week of light spotting every day. Now in the fourth week, still spotting, but with clots. I’m raw down there from constant tampon use for a freakin’ month. Doctor advised me to double up on the Seasonale, two pills a day. We’ll see if that works. If not, I will have to get my uterus cauterized. I take miserable comfort in knowing I’m not alone.

    • Hi Michelle did you ever go to the Dr about your situation. I feel like we might have the same problem. I am in so much pain right now and my period is so heavy. I don’t have an appt until almost 2 months from now. I don’t know if I should go to the ER.

  13. Finally! A page with posts that I can actually relate to. I am 44 years old, began menstruation when I was 9. Through my teen years, I had horrific cramps, headaches and experienced toxic shock syndrome more than once. A few times I had symptoms of toxic shock without using a tampon. Somehow I survive this, and thus ushered in the era of fast and furious. The bleeding was heavy as far as the amount but I lost so much blood in a three-day but that’s as long as they lasted…3 days, done. This went on from my early twenties all way up until my early 30s. Then, shit got real. I had more days, more blood, and clotting and my period was becoming unpredictable and it would seem like I only had like one week out of the whole month where I didn’t bleed. I talk to some doctors in my mid-30s to see about an ablation or any other manner of relief. Because I didn’t have children and I was of childbearing age obviously, I had a hard time finding anyone to do this and I gave up on that. In my later 30s, I started experiencing perimenopause symptoms and I thought, fantastic! Just a few years of this and maybe I’ll go into menopause. Well, I talked to my mother and she went through perimenopause, AKA The Best of Both Worlds, for over 10 years. I wanted to throw myself in front of a bus. For several years after I felt my physical energy declining, I was always weak, always tired, didn’t have energy to do things that I would do on a normal basis and began to attribute that to just getting older. Then the last year or so I experienced a resting heart rate of 120 beats per minute, could not catch my breath, could not walk more than two blocks, without having to stop and take a break for fear that I was going to pass out and I just couldn’t breathe. Then, in March of this year there were a few days and nights where I could not help but think that I wasn’t long for this world. I literally had a feeling that I was going to die soon, and couldn’t make that feeling go away.. it wasn’t something I was making up in my head, just based on how I was feeling overall, physically. Then one day, getting ready for work, I cannot catch my breath.. I felt like I was going to suffocate. I lay down to try to calm down and couldn’t. Finally, I called a family member to take me to the emergency room. My hemoglobin was 5 and they said if I’ve gone through one or two more menorrhagia episodes, which would be every month, it might have killed me! So I got referred for a meet with an OBGYN to keep this from happening again. The initial appointment was to do a pap smear and obtain tissue to test for cancer prior to moving forward with any other type of therapy. But like I told him about my menorrhagia so he prescribed Provera pills, and I had an appointment to do a hysteroscopy and a D&C. That Provera worked wonders for a little while though I had one or two very minor episodes of breakthrough bleeding, more like spotting. Then it seemed like I had another period coming on right before my appointment. So I go in for this procedure, go under anesthesia for the first time ever, have never had any kind of surgery before. When I come to I did so pretty quickly and went about my day, stayed home from work, etc. Fast forward to a week later, the followup appointment he tells me a couple things, one is they did not do the hystetoscopy because they couldn’t even get it in there, I guess there are fibroids inside and outside of the uterus he told me before that fibroids were so numerous they pushed the uterus way up high. He said he did not get very much tisdue, but what he did get was not cancerous.That procedure was on April 27th. It has been 3 weeks today. And so far I have experienced what I would consider heavy bleeding b/c I’m having to use a thick cotton pad meant for urinary incontinence and I have to use at least four of them a day, I have gushing when I stand up, I have passed blood clots that were 3 to 4 inches in diameter, some of them are long others are more of a mass, and more than one has been more than one color. It seems to be worse when I lie down or put any kind of pressure on my middle. Sometimes I can press on my middle and I can feel blood being pushed out. So I called the doctor last week I gave it the normal 2 weeks and told him what was going on, he said the heavy bleeding is normal due to fibroids. Okay, but I had fibroids before and though I had heavy periods, they did eventually STOP at some point. There’s been no stop to this. I can feel myself getting weaker, the shortness of breath is back and walking is becoming laborious once again, indicating my hemoglobin is dropping again. So they’re waiting to hear from me to schedule a surgery. I told him I was taking myself off the Provera because I felt like it was making things worse. We compromised and split the dose in half. There is no change, so I’ve not taken it for two days. I’ve opted for a hysterectomy leaving one ovary, of course because of all the difficulty of the placement and such of my uterus and the fact that it’s enlarged, I have to have an incision surgery, because I decided against Lupron for 3 months because of the side effects and there’s no guarantee that it would shrink it enough to do a different method. 6 weeks recovery. I’m a little leary of this since the D&C is a fairly simple procedure and I’m having complications I feel, from that, and this is a major surgery. Everyone tells me that I’m going to feel so much better once it’s out of there. I’m just hoping to survive the damn thing. I haven’t called him back to schedule it yet, but I’m gonna.

    • Hi Jacqueline Gibson, It was May when you wrote this and I’m wondering how you are doing? My story is different but my symptoms are so much like yours. How did they know you had fibroids? You didn’t mention an ultra sound or MRI to diagnose. I ask this because I went in for an ablation to help with the hemorrhaging ( I too have been to the emergency for severe blood loss and severe anemia) They couldn’t perform the ablation because they could not insert the instrument. When I came out of surgery I was informed of this. A week later I saw my Dr.. who’s name of all names is Dr Butcher. told me I had fibroids .. That my uterus was not my friend and I needed a hysterectomy. I was devastated and I took the news very hard. I have suffered all my life since the beginning of menses with heavy bleeding and severe pain. I never did well on birth control or other hormone remedies. It was assumed I had endometriosis however I was lucky to have 3 very healthy children.
      I was 52 when this diagnosis of fibroids came in. I refused to believe my Dr about the necessity for immediate hysterectomy and went home and began research. At the time I didn’t find this amazing website but I did gather a great deal of important information. One thing this website confirms for me is that it is not abnormal to be very emotionally upset when considering losing my reproductive organs. I worried often that I was too emotional. and that something was psychologically wrong with me. After all 600,000 women have this procedure every year and most do fine. Many women in my life questioned me about being so adamantly against the hysterectomy, and advised me to just go ahead and get it done.
      It’s been 2 years since Dr Butcher told me my uterus was not my friend. my new
      Dr. was not so abrupt in telling me what I should do and has worked with me using depo provera at one point which did help regulate. But as soon as I stopped it the hemorrhaging came back and I found myself in the hospital emergency 2 more times.
      2 weeks ago I had my first MRI because I was considering a Uterine Fibroid embolization. my Radiologist after examining the MRI results confirmed that I didn’t have fibroids at all, instead I had Adenomyosis and that I was not a candidate for UFE.
      Well I cried for the next 2 weeks because this meant that to end the nightmare of bleeding and severe anemia meant having the hysterectomy after all. my anemia has also caused a condition in my bone marrow called re-conversion. I really do not know yet how significant that part is.
      I still do not want the hysterectomy because deep down I feel what is being confirmed here that I will age quicker, due to medically induced menopause and Im simply very frightened about the other possible side effects, like vaginal prolapse? YIKES. Sorry to explain my whole situation here but I thought it might help someone. Meanwhile I do want to know how you are doing, If you went through with the procedure, if everything has worked out for you. Had you even been told about UFE?

  14. As if periods don’t suck for years on end, being stuck in perimenopause hell is some kind of sick joke. I’m 48 and have had horrendous bleeding/clotting for the past two years. I have a Super Jennie Cup which holds 41.61 ml/1.407 ounces and empty it between 10-13 times per period. Day 1 emptied 3 times, and 6 hours into day 2 have emptied 4 times. Way too much blood loss! Had a polyp removed last year along with uterine biopsy, and will be having another uterine biopsy with a hysteroscopy done soon (polyp and possible fibroid). I’ve reviewed all of my options and don’t care for any. Was just in tears feeling absolutely defeated. Hugs to all that are experiencing this.

    When does one need to go to ER for excess blood loss? I’m borderline anemic.

    • I first went to a regular family doctor who referred me to a hematologist. The hematologist would recommend what type of treatment you’ll need based on the severity of your anemia. My level was at 7. Normal is about 11.7 – 15. I needed to get Iron via IV. If my level was lower than 7, I would have required a blood transfusion. I never went to the ER.

      • Back in 2010 for the first time I had menstrual problems and began bleeding really heavy, I was already a heavy bleeder for most of my period but this time it did not want to last. Instead of trying to get my bleeding to stop the doctor tested me for everything including cancer and even using a water ultrasound looking for pulps. Well they did tests spanding out for several weeks I was still bleeding heavy for at least 75% of the time and before I even went in I had already bleed for over 2wks straight. Finally I ended up inbgbe ER, first night they tested my hemoglobin and it was almost an 8 so instead of doing anything they recommend rest and taking ferrus phosphate/iron twice a day. I started the next day and was dizzy, couldn’t stand the light at all and had a headache that I had never felt before in my life, which is why I went in the day before, well I took the iron and puked everywhere with in minutes of taking it and couldn’t stop, I already didn’t want to eat as it was. I went back into the ER and again they tested hemoglobin and it was pretty much right at a 7 and they came back and asked for conscent to do a blood transfusion and I was there for several hours into the morning hours and then when sending me home they gave me nausea meds to take until my body adjusted to the iron and was able to handle it. Prior to having issues my hemoglobin was never at the highest and hung lower then a 14 and around a 12 at best most times and still does. It took a little over 6yrs for it to happen again to me but this time I knew to go in to my regular doctor right away and this time I had moved and had and still have a doctor that aimed to stop it right away and I’m thankful she did. It took two tries to stop it with BC though one was not strong enough, the other by day 2 it was done. Then my doctor ran blood tests to see where my hormone levels were, but luckily lolelast time and even quicker my body adjusted and I never used BC the first time my body just got back on track by itself and this last time 2yrs ago it only took that one month of BC to kick it back into line. That last time it happened I had gained a lot of weight and I almost wonder if that may be the reason my balance went completely off once again. I have since lost all of that wreight and plus some and haven’t had any issues again, knock on wood.
        It’s horrible feeling out of control when it’s something you really can’t control or have no idea when it will sneak up on you. They say nothing else physically is wrong with me or reproductively, so hormones is the only answer and keeping them and stress down maybe key and for me watching my weight and exercise.
        Just wanted to share my experience, I was only 25 the first time it happened and 32 the second, I just turned 35 last week if anyone wanted to know, not quit menapause yet and that was ruled out anyway that it had somehow been triggered.

      • So did you do a blood transfusion? I had anemia and my number is 6. Also still bleeding offenly. Should I go to ER or should I see obgyn doctor? Some doctor don’t offer to do blood transfusion that’s why. Please reply me back. I’m so confused and worried.

    • I bled from June 2017 on.. currently still bleeding. April 2,2018 I was rushed via ambulance to the hospital after my primary checked my hemoglobin and it was 3.4 my heart rate was 177 and BP 173/65. I got three blood transfusions and at my follow up appointment with my gynecologist she put on a strong hormone therapy that *almost* stopped my bleeding for two weeks. Now I’m back to bleeding heavier than ever even after we doubled my hormone therapy. Went back April 23, and the lining of my uterus had doubled. I’m scheduled for a hysteroscopy and D&C tomorrow 5/4… I’m hoping this will finally provide answers and some reflief. I’m so exhausted. Working full time, taking care of my two kids, a house and a tee ball coach. I’m. So. Tired.

      • Please please tell me if you got any answers from the d & c I had an emergency c section 6 weeks ago the day after it I had three transfusions everything was fine then a couple weeks later I had a bad hemorrhage and my blood dropped from 11 to 6 and I lost major clots and so much blood I had to get two units of blood. The dr informed me it was probably some placenta still shedding that’s why so much blood. Everything after that was fine but not even a week later the same thing happened I lost so much blood and clots I ended up having to get 4 units this trip to the er! They then did an mri couldn’t tell what was wrong with it so they did the cameras and d & c they found placenta cut it out and said I wouldn’t bleed like that ever again they fixed it. Kid you not a few days later it happened again! I’ve got two more units of blood from the blood loss. This time they said it was just a bad period even though I passed out and lost all that blood? They want to send me home and you can tell they aren’t for sure about what to do. I’m super scared but I need answers and they also swore again this won’t happen I’m currently sitting in the hospital bed as I get released tomorrow crying my eyes out because I’m so scared it will happen again. Please email me karaelizabeth67@yahoo.com

  15. For the past 2 years, my period has been so heavy that I’ve been wearing Depends adult diapers. (this is perfect for the nights.) The clots are huge. The first time I saw one of the large clots I thought it was my uterus was falling out. I didn’t attribute the other bad health issues with this. I was so tired all the time. I was sleeping less because I couldn’t sleep or stay asleep. I had joint pain all over and then I had shortness of breath and dizziness. I then started to faint after any type of exertion.
    After my husband’s nagging, I finally went to the doctors. She ordered a bunch of tests and I was severely anemic. I needed to get Iron via IV. I also had a pelvic sonogram and it showed I had a large fibroid the size of a grapefruit (I have other fibroids too). The severe bleeding caused my anemia and my anemia supposedly caused all my other health issues. I am scheduled for a laparoscopic hysterectomy in a few months (need my iron levels to be normal before surgery). I am 49 years old and I have 2 grown kids. I hope that this surgery fixes all my issues.

    • I’m currently waiting for my iron levels to go up so I can have the hysterectomy. However, I’m still bleeding (for 6 weeks straight now!) Any tips/recommendations to increase the iron quickly?

      • I started my wife on a regimen of Nature’s Bounty Gentle Iron 28mg every other day and her hemoglobin increased 2 points in about a month. Clinical trials show large doses of iron will actually impede iron uptake by increasing hepcidin levels. This particular brand also contains B12, folate, and vitamin C – all the building blocks of hemoglobin.

      • 28 mg of Nature’s Bounty Gentle Iron every other day two hours before a meal or calcium intake. It raised my wife hemoglobin 2 points in about a month. Larger doses just cause upset stomach and increase hepcidin levels, which impede iron uptake.

  16. Glad to know im not alone. I’ve bled so much I need transfusions. I miss work because of it. I’m in years right now because I’m tired of it. I’m only 32, I want more kids (i have 2 girls, 6 and 13) but at this rate, I’ll never be able to support them because I can’t work when I’m on my period. I’m at a loss.

  17. Since my last child it has been horrible. Her delivery wasn’t easy I have two placentas and come to find out she was one of two. I had a tubial lig right after she was born, and everything was okay then the large clots never went away… now she was born in 2000 I still have clots severe pain and no enegery. Been tested for anemia and had multiple tests for fibroids found mulpile and in the uterine wall and that my walls are thick.. I go threw a pad every 20 minutes.. causes problems with bowels and going to the bathroom.. in 2016 I tested positive for HPV and never have had it before the Dr who was a jerk and had no bed side manor did a colopolscopoy and a acid wash… test still showed some cancer cells. I have since go back to my pcm he is sending me to the big hospital about 2 hrs from home.. I’ve battle this out for so long and the pain is beyond words..meds do nothing they have said we can do a mirana a iud and I don’t think so…. it will make it worse. And then offered BC… nope been their didn’t do a thing for me.. made it severe… now my daughter who is almost 18 is showing signs of this… I go this weds to see what the big hosp says seeing it’s a learning school they should have experts for sure.. and my sister has gone thru this as well…

    • I live in fear of my period. I am bedridden due to the extreme pain and bleeding. I read that an “average” woman loses 2.5 ounces of blood over an entire period. I weighed an overnight pad I filled up in an hour and it weighed just over 2.5 ounces. So I’m losing in an hour what some women lose over their entire cycle. I’ve bled through everything. The misery is complete, ladies, but you already know it because you live it too. The iron supplements made me constipated and caused a prolapse. So my lady parts are falling out of my body. I’m going for a hysterectomy at 46. I have a friend who suffered as we do and she said the hysterectomy was the best thing she ever did. Wish me luck. Big hugs to all of you.

  18. Sounds very familiar!! Have had a similar “lady time” experience for a long time. Vitanica Slow Flow is an herbal combination for heavy periods, it will regulate the bleeding. Take with chlorophyll and iron to avoid anemia. Using a natural progesterone cream after ovulation to CD1 will help reduce the bleeding as well. Try seeing a Naturopath to help get down to the root cause of your issues. MDs are not going to give any other advice besides Birth Control pills or surgery.

  19. I have to give my opinion on something, well not just mine but several women’s advocates. Look at history to get a clue why our periods are not normal now. I dont care if they call a 5 to 7 day period normal in the 20th 21st century it wasnt always. Women are starting younger and going longer than ever before, we havee girls 7 years old starting menstruation! Thasts absolutely ridiculous and no its not normal, but it is happening. The average age of starting is now 12.1 years, that means women are exposed to more cycles more hormones and out of control hormones for far longer than in history.Leading to more health effects, like cancer.

    There is nothing we can really do about it either, its in our food our air our water, its in the dirt we grow crops in and the animals we feed on. Its synthetic hormones BPA and growth hormones and antibiotics. These things have changed womens bodies on the whole over decades. Children are giving birth, children! not 12 and 13 but 7 and 8. This should horrify and outrage women around the world, we have been changed,we are no longer natural as intended, no this is not normal. No modern menstrual cycle is normal.

    • I read most of all the comments and every one of them I am dealing with. The pain is unbearable and I feel as if I am going to pass out. Id like to add that with the uncontrollable bleeding and going through a super plus tampon along with having on 2 over night pads at once I bleed right through them with in 40 minutes to an hour. Another major thing that concerns me is the mood swings i cant control. I have these raging spasms that make me feel so infuriating like I could harm something or someone. I feel like the devil when I’m on my period and im normally a loving and kind person. I have uterine fibroids. I had surgery and they were removed but they came back. I dont know what to do. Birth control was given but they make them worse. I have severe / chronic Anemia and Iron deficiency. I get iron infusions regularly. But my hemoglobin levels never make it higher than a 8……lost as what to do

      • Thank you, this article was helpful and everyone’s comments were encouraging. It’s good to know that you are not alone. Next stop for me is a hysterectomy, and I can’t wait!! I went through menopause almost 10 years ago so bleeding is not serving any purpose. My uterus has rebelled for the last time and its time to move on, bye Felicia!

      • Have you been evaluated for a bleeding disorder (like Von Willebrand’s Disease)? It’s pretty common but many doctors are unaware of it, and it can be difficult to diagnose. If you haven’t been, ask your GP for a referral to a hemotologist. Von Willebrand’s (the most common bleeding disorder in females, with the incidence being perhaps as high as 1 in 100) can be treated with medication besides hormones that help with clotting.

        Insist on having your Factor VII: C, your VWF antigen, your Ristocetin Cofactors Activity, your VWF multimers, and your platelet functions tested as Von Willebrandsn present with normal clotting time (though it can also be abnormal), even though there is a bleeding disorder present. You may also need to be tested a second time if the first tests come out normal, because some things can make the tests appear normal, even when there is a problem (things like breastfeeding, birth control pills, an active infection, intense exercise). This is why you must insist on seeing a hematologist.

        You sound like me, and it took a long time for me to get diagnosed properly. But now, I use a nasal spray called Desmopressin at the begging of my cycle and take cycklokapron during my cycle for 5 days, and no more intense problems. Those medications aren’t hormones, but they help with blood clotting. Being diagnosed also really helped my family. My form of VWD is genetic, and it turns out my Dad has it too, but he didn’t find out until he was tested after I was diagnosed. However, when he got into a serious car accident a few months later, they knew to give him Humate P (clotting factors) before doing anything else, which stopped him fro, bleeding out internally.

        Looking back, our family had all of the signs, but no one knew what causes them. We all bruise like Georgia peaches. Growing up, whenever I would lose a tooth, I would bleed for hours at the sink, rinsing out my mouth. Dental visit is were the same. When I’d fall, I’d have bruising so severe, that teacher would have me sent to the ER for fear that I had broken bones (even though my XRays were always normal). And once I started menstruating, all hell broke loose. I would go through 3 or 4 boxes of tampons each cycle, and would bleed puddle into chairs I was sitting in if I didn’t get up to change the double up tampon and pad every hour. I also would have occasions where the bleeding would go non stop for 6 or more weeks. I would end up iron deficient. I was finally diagnosed when I had a very heavy period that went on for over a year and doing research on my own, insisting that I see a hematologist. My dad, up until recently, would have spontaneous nose bleeds that would go on for an hour or more. My paternal grandmother had period so heavy that she wouldn’t leave the house. And her younger brother (my great uncle) died following circumcision due to uncontrollable bleeding.

        • I can relate to a lot of the bleeding and bruising issues u had as a child. When I was thirteen my menstrual flow was so heavy and lasted 3 months. I ended up in the hospital and was given a blood transfusion from where my hemoglobin was down to a 2 (normal 11). I was immediately seen by a pediatric oncologist/hemotologist. He began all sorts of tests for clotting factor after ruling leukemia out. Sad part is he never finished the tests to diagnose due to insurance coverage my mother had. Later as an adult I attempted to go back to same doctor and he attempted to do the tests again only to not be able to finish due to me moving to a different city. But what I do know is he gave me the medicine that is given for women who have mild form of von willebrands and I saw a change in my cycle when I took it. He explained that most likely I do have some form of clotting factor problems going on. As a teen I had the bleeding time done on me twice and my clotting was abnormal. Sad part about all of this I’ve been through is I’ve had so far 2 blood transfusions in my life and have never once again been able to see a doctor like the one from my home town. I don’t have insurance so I continue to have these issues. Being bed ridden doesn’t help in going out and being able to work.

    • I am 33 and I started my period every month with very bad cramps and heavy bleeding and I felt blood gushing out and I have never had a Pap smear done before it’s effecting my eating too I cannot eat anything! My stomach was so sensitive Tuesday that my poor dogs would jump on me it hurt or a remote barely landed on me it hurt. I am so scared! I am not married and am still a virgin! I probably should get it done right?

  20. Wow! This article and all the comments are so helpful! I’ve read that 1 in 5 women suffer from heavy periods but it doesn’t seem like anyone talks about it because I don’t personally know anyone besides myself that has this problem. I’m 54 and and still going through peri-menopause. I have five children and miscarried my 6th pregnancy. My periods started gradually becoming heavier in my late forties and then my cycles got first longer and then shorter.

    Two years ago, I started having trouble with blood gushing out when I stood up or if I moved. My PCP diagnosed me with anemia and sent me to get an ultrasound to look for fibroid. It showed one fibroid on the outer wall of uterus, so that wasn’t causing the bleeding and a number of ovarian cysts. The report also said that my uterine lining was too thick. I was referred to a gynecologist.

    Gynecologist ordered another ultrasound a few months later and the lining was still too thick, so she did a uterine biopsy. (I was really scared to get it it after ready how painful it was for some women. Fortunately, I felt no pain at all and didn’t even bleed the next day.) All the biopsy showed was that I had recently ovulated. After that my periods were normal for awhile and then I didn’t have one for a few months. When it returned it was very heavy and lasted more than a week.

    In the meantime, my doctor left the practice and they gave me a male doctor. He wanted to do a hysteroscopy but I am in no hurry to have that done so he put me on Provera and ordered another ultrasound a month later. When I returned after the ultrasound, that doctor was gone too and I had yet another new male doctor. Ultrasound showed that the hormone was working and everything was going great: regular periods with on a few days of heavier bleeding and clots, I got fewer migraines and was no longer anemic.

    Then this past spring, I started spotting between periods. When I mentioned this at a follow up appointment, the doctor said my body wanted to reassert it’s own cycle and he took me off the Provera and ordered another ultrasound which showed normal lining thickness and new cysts and a new fibroid. I let him know that I was getting bad migraines since being off provera and skipped a period. He told me to keep track of cycles for 3 months then come back but that I’d be seeing another doctor because he is moving away.

    I had a period on May 31st but didn’t have another until August 23. I have been bleeding every day since. At first it was light with a few heavy days, but this past week, every day has been very heavy with clots up to the size of a silver dollar. I had to wear my period panties (which by the way are a god send even though they’re expensive,) every day but only have two pairs and didn’t have time or energy to to wash them so wore regular underwear with a long overnight pad and paper towel.

    I only went one day without a migraine this week and have terrible cramps and feel exhausted when I’m working or driving. I had a neurology appointment and was running late so literally ran from the car to doctor’s office about a mile from where I found parking. I sat on a share to get my blood pressure taken and when I stood up, there was blood the chair. I was horrified as this is something I’m often afraid of happening. They gave me a paper protector to sit on. The neurologist told me that this isn’t normal, that I’m almost to the point of needing a transfusion and might even need a hysterectomy. She said that I should ask gynecologist for a sooner appointment and lie to the office girls saying that I’m faint and dizzy. I don’t want to go too soon, because I don’t want the scope and since I don’t know if the new doctor will try to push it. I actually had 2 months worth of Provera left and have been taking this week, but neurologist thought that was a bad idea. She also said taking iron won’t prevent me from getting anemia because there’s enough iron in the red blood cells but not enough red blood cells. (Last month, when I asked my PCP to check iron levels, they were normal.)

    • Please please tell me if you got any answers from the I had an emergency c section 6 weeks ago the day after it I had three transfusions everything was fine then a couple weeks later I had a bad hemorrhage and my blood dropped from 11 to 6 I passed out and I lost major clots and so much blood I had to get two units of blood. The dr informed me it was probably some placenta still shedding that’s why so much blood. Everything after that was fine but not even a week later the same thing happened I lost so much blood and clots I ended up having to get 4 units this trip to the er! They then did an mri couldn’t tell what was wrong with it so they did the cameras and d & c they found placenta cut it out and said I wouldn’t bleed like that ever again they fixed it. Kid you not a few days later it happened again! I’ve got two more units of blood from the blood loss. This time they said it was just a bad period even though I passed out and lost all that blood? They want to send me home and you can tell they aren’t for sure about what to do. I’m super scared but I need answers and they also swore again this won’t happen I’m currently sitting in the hospital bed as I get released tomorrow crying my eyes out because I’m so scared it will happen again. Please email me karaelizabeth67@yahoo.com

  21. Every word down to every detail mentioned in this story is all me!. I wish we could come together and raise awareness. I almost bled to death from my blood going down to # 4 and I’m tired of getting blood transfusions and dnc surgeries just to stop the bleeding. I’m tired of passing giant blood clots the side of two fist that I literally have to push out of me. I’m tired of blood dripping down my legs onto the floor and ruining my slippers. I’m tired of losing jobs and having to miss work and school because of this. I’m tired of having to wear all black and having to buy $20 bags of gigantic pads every few weeks. I’m tired of feeling like crap and passing out. I’m tired of having to go and sit with the sweet and kind cancer patients to have to get iron treatments through the IV’s. I’m tired of having to bleed on the chair and through 10 different pairs of pants in front of people. I’m tired of not being able to have intercourse for months. I’m tired of having to sit on news papers in people’s cars just so I don’t bleed through. I can’t even wear tampons because it will come right out literally. I’m tired of not being able to move around in bed because it will look like a murder scene took place if I just as if turnover from my left side to my right at night. I’m tired of waking up in the middle of the night having to change my sheets because I bled right through a bedding pad and a towel. I’m tired of feeling like I’m peeing on myself and using 6 huge pads at one time and my underwear still messing up even after wearing all of those pads. I’m tired of the headaches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, sweats, chives, leg pain, abdominal cramping, and so much more. I’m tired of being given 100 different types of hormones that make things 10 times more worse. Im tired being told that a hysterectomy may be my only option and then I’m told that I’m to young. I’m tired of seeing a million different gynecologist only for them to tell me they can’t help me. Im tired of the ER trips just for them to examine me and mention to me that it’s so bad that it looks like I’m hemorrhaging. I’m only 28 and this has been going on since I first got my period at 11 years old. It’s humiliating and to hear people that have a normal flow complain about their menstrual makes me think “How dare you complain” ?

    • Wow…I could have wrote this…..day 8 of a period, have had to change a super plus tampon and a overnight pad every hour day and night for 8 days. There is no sign of this letting up. Does anyone have anything that has worked for them? I have been trying to research naturopathic ways, as I have tried everything else.

      • Wow, I”m going through the same exact thing..I”m 47 and suffer from endometriosis 30+ years, but I have been bleeding for 42 days straight, like a horror show , I have to wear double overnite pads two towels on my bed and still i bleed through everything, i run to the restroom leaving a trail of blood everywhere, been to the e.r. 3 times in six weeks , for me there is NO pain meds out there for this, it feels like im in labor…i had an appointment with gyno this week and she sent me provera, been on it two days and im miserable my bleeding is worse im nautious, cant eat, cant walk it makes me fatigued, I”m dizzy ..I wish I could say something positive . Im always trying to look at the bright side of thing and staying positive and hopeful…but with this situation, I cant….good luck to all you ladies suffering..hope to stay in contact…. Raquelgonz123@yahoo.com

    • I feel bad for you because i have gone through this for 40 years hun. And for some of us it gets worse the older we get. At 51 im tired of dealing with it all i want this nightmare to stop. My mother had horrible periods right up to 62 when she had a hyst because she was so over it. Lets face it for some of us there is no easy fix. You have a choice a shitty choice like a hyst or an even shitter choice of living like this for 10 15 20 years.

      The drugs dont work, the hormones stop working after a while, ablations wont work in the end, diet and exercise and supplements do little for women who truly hemorrhage. Its a sad life full of embarrassing situations and loneliness. Because you cant go out and play like your friends do, you are either too weak , bleeding too much and dont want an accident, its a horrible way to live. And i have lived it my whole menstruating life minus 5 years. Some women truly are cursed

    • Hi there. This is exactly how I feel, and I’m only 15. Its been 4 years for me, 4 years of pain just like you too. I am desperate to have some sort of surgery to stop my period, and at this point I don’t care if i can’t have children in the future. Its gotten to the point where i’d do anything to stop it. I’m having to redo year 11 and 10 because I can’t concentrate due to periods, I have no friends because I sit in the school toilets all lunch, break etc, I’m up all night sneaking to the toilet and sneaking out to buy pads and tampons without my family knowing. Only my mother knows about my periods but doesn’t do anything about it because she doesn’t understand us. She has extremely light periods that don’t even last one day. Apparantly so did my nan and so on. But not me. I wish there was something that could be done…

    • I feel u my dear. Tears just keeping flowing while reading your comment. . . having gone through and am now going through what and how you feel exactly. Mentally tired and drained, definitely physcially exhausted. . .

    • Oh I’m so sorry. I feel your pain. I agree with everything you said. I’m 48 and am sick of it. I’m going on 49 years old and been dealing with this for years. Just got a blood transfusion today and need 2 more iron transfusions. And I have 2 DVTs so they do any procedure or surgery if any kind for 3 to 6 months. I want it all out. I want to be normal!

    • Girl..i hear you. I too am tired. I had a myomectomy 3 years ago to remove 10 fibroids. They were causing me all the same problems. Now im noticing the flow starting to get heavy again. It ruined my hair..my life. R u using organic pads. Try using DIM. Contact me lets chat.

    • I’m so exhausted too. Just did the rollover in bed and promptly removed my bed sheets to treat them with peroxide before the huge stain set in. Im tired for you and all of us that have dealt with this. I recieved a 2 unit transfusion on 7/1 and 20 days later, it’s all been flushed down the toilet. What a wasted donation. I’ve had my fibroids shrunken by MRI guided ultrasound and then removed. I guess that honeymoon period is over…a couple years of restoring my levels. Im back to the beginning. Guess they grew back. *sigh*

    • Aliha I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with this for so long. Have you had any breakthroughs since then to overcome this? Im currently waiting on my appointment for a pelvic ultrasound because I know something is wrong.

    • Aliah, I hope you get this message! Please see a hematologist and get your blood factors checked ASAP!!!! A regular primary care or gynecologist won’t run the appropriate tests! This info could be critical for you in emergency situations!

  22. Reading this I could relate at 18 I was diagnosed with PCOS which turned into a monster over the years I’m now 25 and have been forced to use BC due to major blood lose I’m on 2000 MG of Iron which doesn’t help but makes me bleed more . I’ve gone a whole year with a menstrual Cycle many of times. Only if they were a doctor who could invent something to help all the billions of women going through the same issues. My husband left me since I wasn’t able to conceive due to always being on my menstrual. I have a new boyfriend and he is definelty going to leave me I’m severely depressed , I have horrible mood swings, I have gained so much weight within the last 5 years I can’t recognize myself, I have ridiculous hair growth where I’m starting to look like a man some days I want to just give up. I just want to be normal again but the way my life works I realize this is just the beginning. So far being on clomid and metformin have helped me be regular . Good luck to all of the woman going through the same thing we can make it together.

  23. I will read this more after getting some more sleep… I’m too exhausted to read, but this is day 28 of my period. I only had 6 days off spotting prior to that which came at the end of a 15 day period. I wear a cup which holds almost 2 tablespoons of fluid. I’m changing it 3 times a night and 3-4 times during the day. I’m absolutely exhausted. Called my ob for an emergency appointment a week ago… today at 3pm was the first they had. My tubes are tied, I’ve had a softball size cyst rupture before which i had surgery to clean up. My son has a severe bleeding disorder, glanzmanns thrombasthenia, which apparently I’m a carrier of, but i don’t think i have or I’d have died long ago. My periods have been regular until recently. Normal heavy couple days light couple days. Like clockwork. This is killing me and the pain of the cramps and aching is terrible. I’m 35 yo and feel like I’m bleeding to death. Hopefully i get some answers today, but after reading all of these responses, my hopefulness is fading.

  24. I’ve had this kind of period since I was 8. I’m talking 2 pads in an hour. After 25 year I was finally diagnosed with a bleeding disorder called Von Willebrands. I’ve only been in treatment for it, a nasal spray at the beginning of my period, for 2 months now and it has really helped with the bleeding.

    If you’ve got bleeding like this you need to make your dr check you for all bleeding disorders. Several drs wouldnt even test me for the Von Willebrands because they said it was rare and unlikey. Make them test you or find a dr that will. its life changing.

    • Yes- I was going to ask if these people have been tested for vWD! I have it too and suffer horribly with bleeding. I’m in emerg right now because I am basically hemmoraging with this cycle. It feels like early labour!

  25. I’m not sure if this is even the thread I should be commenting on, this is the only article I’ve read so far.

    I had my third child (second cesarean) and a tubal ligation done about 3 and a half months ago. Yesterday was day 1 of my first period since. I’ve always had irregular, somewhat heavy flow, painful periods since I got my very first in 6th grade. But they have never been like this, and quite frankly it’s concerning. I’m going through super tampons and maxi pads in an hour, I have very severe cramping all over my belly, and I’m extremely light headed & fatigued. This is just DAY 2 of my cycle! My boyfriend almost dragged me off to the ER against my will, because I know how most drs are with this topic & I don’t want to waste my time and wake my kids up for nothing. I shouldn’t mention that I’ve been told after both of my c-sections that I have “a little anemia” and I should take iron, which I do. I also eat a pretty iron packed diet. I’ve never had any uterine issues that ive been made aware of and other than cesareans no major surgeries either. Should I go to the ER or should I wait and call my OBGYN in the a.m. and see what he says? I haven talked fainted or passed out, but every time I stand up whether it’s slowly or not i come pretty close to falling back down.

  26. I have been through similar. Recently found i was anemic and am bleeding so heavy and with such large clots thar i can only make it about half way through an hour long session with,a client without having to excuse myself. I have been anemic before and cannot take the pills. They make me feel like im having a heart attack. Everyone says its heart burn but thats not what it is. So, the doctor set me up for an infusion. Oh lord! Again, felt like a heart attack along with nearly passing out, etc and spent 6 hours in tge er. Happy for steroids at that time. So, ive decided to try birth control pills once more (i am 44 years old). Its not what i wanted but i have to get real… this is not something that i can live with. If they dont work, im going to consider a hysterectomy. Im just so close to menopause that i hate to do that now. I should have done it 15 years ago.

    • I would avoid a hysterectomy as you will create many more serious problems and they will be worse than the bleeding. You will get to menopause and then the bleeding will stop. I had very similar symptoms to yours and when I was diagnosed with an ovarian mass which they scared me into believing might be cancer, I proceeded with the hysterectomy and ovary removal. Removing your uterus will leave you with a lifetime of problems as your bladder and bowel will eventually fall out a place and you will be dealing with the nightmare of prolapse symptoms. Dr’s have no permanent way of repairing the anatomy once the uterus is removed. My life was destroyed by hysterectomy and all the failed surgeries since that time have taken a toll on my health and the lives of my loved ones. I will suffer with the pain and humiliation of nonstop doctor visits, until the day I die. Really do some research so you understand the consequences of hysterectomy if you decide to proceed with the surgery.

      • thank you with immense gratitude Chris for your admonition against this elective surgery! Without my aunt, sister and mother (unfortunately no additional older females in my life now & never knowing my grandmothers) I have no women to confide such warnings – and I hope in the spirit of women helping other women this helps others too. Bless you for making this post. And I wish you best of luck healthwise going forward <3

  27. My cycles are normally the regular 5 to 7 days. It usually consist of cramping (witch advil normally knocks right out, thank God), and my two first days are ALWAYS heavy. I have to double up and still change every hour. Sometimes, I get nauseous but that has been an issue since I first started at age 13. So, my lasy pphysical, I found out I was anemic. Iron pills was the recommemed remedy. It’s worked so far with the heavy flow and cramping. I actually skipped month after starting the iron pills. I’m sorry to hear some of your stories ladies, I really wish these doctors would be more patient and understanding. But find out if you are suffering from anemia. Good luck to you all….

    • My periods started out painful and heavy also. They didn’t let up to something normal until I had my first kid. Something about that calmed everything down.
      I don’t know. Maybe if she and her boyfriend is ready to start a family and have kids?

      Other then that, the only solutions I can think of would be an ablation, or outright hysterectomy. They are also getting close to uterine transplants.

  28. I stumbled across this article after researching (for the millionth time) what i should do about by extremely heavy, painful, and abnormal periods. And can I just start by saying thanks you. It is a huge relief to know somebody else feels the exact same way that I do. During my last period I lost so much blood that I couldn’t even stand up, and when i called the ER and explained my problem and asked what I should do, the doctor just tells me “hmm I don’t know. Maybe try a glass of water” like I hadn’t already tried that a million times. I feel your pain and I hope you stumble across a cure or are at least able to get through to a health professional who will listen to your very valid opinions and concerns.

  29. After 6 years trying to conceive I finally got pregnant 3 weeks after I contacted http://iyareyarespellstemple.webs.com/ It was simply amazing. I had history of recurrent miscarriages and was also diagnosed with genetic problems but using your system I got pregnant naturally at age 44& after 2 HSGs and 4 negative IUIs including 6 induction Clomid cycles and laparscopy. God will bless you and your good work more and more. I am recommending your program to all my friends.

  30. I have similar issues. I am 30 years old, and can barely move sometimes due to my period. I have had over 15 blood transfusions in the past 6 years due to almost dying multiple times. The only option they ever give me is take the hormone pills or get a hysterectomy. I have no cause for this type of bleeding, it is crazy. I hope you feel better <3

  31. Have you looked into bioidential progesterone cream? Have you gone to a naturopath that specializes in hormonal health? If you have gotten ultrasounds and a laparoscopy (to see what’s going in, that can’t be viewed by an ultrasound – e.g. endo, etc.) that you might be able correct by bioidentical progesterone cream. Look up Dr. Natasha Turner – she’s written a few books on the issues. You might have excessive estrogen as well – DIM supplements work as well as diet. No one should be going to the hospital every month – and I agree dr. will just tell you to go on the pill. NAturopath’s are the answer to balance you out. Tranaexemic acid (Spell?) is a medication that decreases blood. It works as well and is not hormonal medication but decreases the flow so you can function more. Do you eat soy, gluten or dairy? Take those out as well. Perhaps you know all of this – only article I’ve read here – but hopefully it all works out.

    • This sounds like my story after 3 years of telling my doctors and begging for them to to do more I finally switched to a new GYN. Low and behold she orders an ultrasound and I have multiple fibroids but the biggest one is more then half the size of my uterus. Now that leaves me with this struggle of what to do because I would like to conceive however I’ve read it may cause complications. Not to mention I’m over 35. What to do and trying to make people understand the pain and tiredness is frustrating.

  32. I’m 28 and I’ve taken birth control pills for about 12 years straight and always had normal light periods. I started getting migraines and gained weight and decided I just no longer wanted to take birth control pills considering how expensive the co pay is each month and that I no longer wanted a synthetic hormone in my body. It’s been almost a year since I stopped taking Lo-loestrin and my periods have not been normal at all. They come about every 3 months and are super light almost non existent. I will have random light spotting at times. I recently just got a period after 3 months of not having one and it’s lasted for almost two weeks and I have severe cramping and bloating I’m not sure what is wrong. I’m going to see a gyno asap as soon as it ends. I have no idea why this is happening to me or if anyone can relate to me or give me any advice? -Samantha

    • The same thing happened to me when I came off of depo. My periods were super light and then, about four or five months later, I got my period and it lasted about 3 months. It was fairly light but non-stop and my gyno just shrugged it off and told me that “Women only lose about two tablespoons of blood during menstruation.” I was astounded. It was like she didn’t even hear what my problem was. I was bleeding for 3 months straight and it went in one ear and out the other. Never went back to her again.

      • I’m experiencing the same thing. My period is so heavy and painful it makes me vomit. The pain is on a level I can’t explain. I’m clotting something awful and can feel the clots ripping on the inside. I’ve been to the ER and they did a pelvic exam on me and told me I need to see a OB/GYN but I have no insurance and the clinics are always full. I just deal and wait for 4 to 6 days when the pain will subside. I have lost jobs because I have to miss work from not being able to get out of bed for days. Every inch of my body hurts and just when I get an hour of feeling normal, the pain comes back and my stomach is twisting and turning sending the most unbearable pains across my abdomen. I’m at a loss. I take ibuprofen and put a warm rice bag on my stomach but that hardly ever helps. My hips feel like I’m carrying bags of bricks on them. I’m 35 years old and unable to get pregnant. It’s very depressing and heartbreaking but I get the same answers from doctors, to take meds and relax, see a gyno. I don’t know what to do anymore

        • Try fertility blend its amazing it will regulate ur periods and youll be pregnant in no time..My sister couldnt get pregnant for yrs and had irregular periods and bleeding but yet she tryd fertility blend and has been pregnant 3times already off of it..hopes this helps:)

  33. i had my first period in fourth grade and since then it’s been heavy every single month for a full seven days and the pain that comes with it is insane. Last year, my mom and I set up an appointment with our OB/gyn to get me started on birth control to help the flow decrease. My doctor put me on pills that “promised” a period only once every three months. Bleeding in the first cycle of pills is normal, as most girls know, but I took these pills for almost a year and I would bleed for two months at a time. When I talked to my doctor about it he said “don’t worry it happens at first.” Well after a year I was tired of spending more time changing my tampons and pads than worrying about school or even work. I stopped taking the pills and now I’m back to a heavy flow once a month. I guess you just have to deal with it sometimes.

    • Try natural alternatives ive had problems with my periods also . Do reasearch on it might b hormonal u poor lady i feel for u.

  34. I’m currently experiencing a period of 4 months, 1 week, & 9 days. I too, am used to this. This isn’t my longest not too many years back I had a period for a straight 9 months but it wasn’t as heavy and clotting as it is now. TMI but this time I’m bleeding through ultra tampons & the biggest & longest pad together that I can find within a couple hours. I’ve always been irregular since I’ve started my period when I was a younger girl but now I’m very close to 30. I just met with my doctor as I do every month and I feel like her and the OB/gyn she talked to feels like I’m making this up, although I don’t know why someone would, I truly believe there’d be no benefit from it. I’ve been on a couple different oral forms of birth control & depo shot solely for regulating my periods but nothing worked. This current Doctor that I’ve had for two years has put me on metformin to regulate periods and jumpstart ovulation as me and my fiancé have been wanting kids for about 5 years now. My cycle is so erratic I never know when to expect it, as I’ve mentioned earlier I’ve had a period for 9 months straight but also had NO period for 9 months straight, the most regular I’ve been was before this cycle where I had a period every other month for a little over a year-never the same day but at least I could expect to have or skip one. I’m so frustrated, I begged her this last visit if there was something she could prescribe to make the bleeding stop, I can barely walk much less any activity without gushing and it’s really taking a mental toll. I almost wish for a diagnosis so that I could get some kind of treatment, anything but the post I’ve had is a pelvic ultrasound where results came back normal when being checked to see if I had PCOS. Pap smears come back normal too. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m heavy and that my hormones should be out of whack because of it but why should that make any of us suffer. It’s not fair to be a woman sometimes, we get stuck with things that are out of control and when we need help we put our lives into doctors hands who couldn’t care less but pass us along and wish us a farewell.

    • Oh my goodness that is so awful! and I thought mine were bad, my heart goes out to you because it really is no fun at all and it does affect quality of life. A few products I have tried that have greatly worked for others are Shepherds Purse, Estrosense or Estrosmart (same thing but one is Canadian and one is American) and either flax, evening primose, or borage oil. I started adding flax and noticed a great reduction in pain and bleeding in my last two periods but then I woke up with my period this month, heavy and crampy again. Just when you think you have figured it out your body is like..haha nope. But I’m determined to keep trying. I take Estrosmart but since I have difficulty swallowing pills I have to break them open and shake them up with water and they are some kind of nasty so I don’t think I am getting the full benefit but that product alone has crazy good reviews. That combined with shepherds purse if you haven’t tried might help you.

    • Your situation is almost identical to mine but theast time I saw doctor in 2012 they confirmed I do have PCOS. However the obgyn consultant said nothing I can do for you unless you lose several stones in weight. I did not manage to lose weight despite dieticians and psychological interventions and slimming world. So, I’m still in Same position, never ending period since April, and not pregnant after 8yrs and I also can’t stick to taking metformin. Do you find it helps anything?? I think it may be time to go back to the Doctor but I feel like it’s pointless cos I’m so big! Dunno what to do, I don’t want to take pills to stop bleeding and mess up cycle more, but I do want to know why it is like this!

    • Try fertility blend its amazing it will regulate ur periods and youll be pregnant in no time..My sister couldnt get pregnant for yrs and had irregular periods and bleeding but yet she tryd fertility blend and has been pregnant 3times already off of it..hopes this helps:)

  35. This article and so many of the comments are helpful. Thank you. I’m going through a very abnormal bleeding thing myself and was in the ER 2 days ago. After a very embarrassing and invasive barrage of tests, there’s nothing wrong with me that they can find. I’ve been bleeding for 21 days now and I think my diet which is high in raw foods, green foods, etc, is the only thing that is helping me not be deficient in my blood count. But how much longer can this go on? I’m doing an out of state move in 10 days, and as a single mom, I took it easy yesterday, but that’s really not an option. I work full time and have a whole house to pack. I have raspberry leaf tea which I will start today, vitamin D capsules, and I’m keeping my diet strictly full of the stuff that doesn’t thin the blood. I’ve always had heavy periods, but they’re like clockwork. 3 days heavy, 1 not, 1 off, then one light day. I’m 37. I have MS too, so they gave me an antibiotic dycycline or something, just in case this is my body fighting an infection. Ugh. That’s what they do with MS patients that they scratch their heads with a symtom they can’t find any reason for. I’m so tired of this bleeding and it’s scaring the crap out of me. Going to the ER told me everything it’s not, and after what I’m sure was a few thousand dollar visit, I know nothing still, and I’m still bleeding heavily.

    I’m willing to try the other antibiotic mentioned above, just to make it stop. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

    • Oh, and I’m allergic to birth control and refuse to take it. I do take hydrocodone/ibuprofen for my MS pain but no other major drugs.

    • Check out the book “The Paleo Approach” by Sara Ballantyne. It’s an AutoImmune Paleo diet that helps (and could reverse) AutoImmune diseases such as MS, etc.

  36. I have very similar symptoms, and very similar problems with doctors right now. The main difference for me is that my period was normal, like clockwork for fifteen years (5 days a month, every month) until I took the pill (cerrazette) for the first time in 2009. After that, all hell broke loose.

    I get one period a year that lasts for up to 6 months. I lose so many pints of blood every day when it happens, that I’m pretty much bed-ridden. It’s caused dark circles under my eyes, low iron count of course, migraines that make me throw up, low iron, low calcium, burst blood vessels all over the place…Oh, and my boobs got bigger. I look like Barbie–the panda edition.

    Progesterone isn’t the cure. It’s the cause in my experience. Norethisterone doesn’t stop the period, and it is so much worse after taking it. You get another three-month sentence of blood loss if you take norethisterone.

    I was diagnosed with BV for six of the seven years that I’ve had this (they never tested the theory. They just threw pills at me), and they were wrong, but the treatement for BV worked on this, whatever the hell it is.

    The doctor’s tests proved I never had BV. But here’s the thing, metrinidazole stopped the period, and the symptoms. Sure it comes back every year, but metrinidazole stops it for me.

    This year, knowing all this, the doctor refused me the antibiotic because they discovered it wasn’t BV (finally) and apparently an antibiotic could be bad for my health if I overuse it. (What, once a year? Is it more unhealthy than mass blood loss?) Oh wait, screw the doctor. I can get the antibiotic at the local store. *self-medicates because like hell I’m going through 6 months of that again–ever!*

    If you haven’t tried metrinidazole, one course of it won’t kill you, and it worked for me. I don’t know about long-term use. Antibiotics = bad apparently, even though they cure everything. But if you only bleed once a year, I can’t see how an annual antibiotic will harm you. Take at your own risk, but it works for me. Since my doctor clearly doesn’t work for me or the health of any woman in the universe ever, I guess I’ll have to find my own cure. So for me right now, it’s metrinidazole.

    Whatever this is, in my experience, progesterone is the worst thing you can take and metrinidazole stops it. I’ve only tried the antibiotic 6 times (6 years), but it worked every time, and I figure an antibiotic once a year is better for me than womb removal.

    As for possible causes, and since the doctors wouldn’t do the research, I did some for them. So I’ll be giving my doctor this next week as a to-test list, which I took from their database based on my symptoms. Besides ‘whiny women’s problems that we’re never going to treat’, these symptoms we’re having could also be a sign of:

    -Ovarian Cancer
    -Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
    -Renal Failure
    -Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    -Liver Cancer
    -Pituitary Cancer
    -Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathies
    -Diabetic Nephropathy
    -Ovarian Cysts (Common)
    -Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
    -Addison’s Disease
    -Bowel Cancer (Common)
    -Celiac Disease
    -Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome
    -Tubo-ovarian Abscess
    -Cushing’s Syndrome
    -Hepatitis C
    -Meningococcal Meningitis
    -Stomach Cancer
    -Hereditary Angioedema
    -Lyme Disease

    Now, I don’t know anything about medicine, but do know that I was never tested for any of those and their database recommends them based on my current symptoms. I know that antibiotics work (for me anyway), and I know that throwing progesterone at women for this particular problem–Doesn’t. Ever. Work.

    From what I’m seeing online, thousands of women suffer from this. It’s an epidemic, and it’s pure sexism that it isn’t being investigated or researched properly. So, I guess we do our own and share our information:

    So here’s my reearch. I tested it on myself. No side effects so far:
    -Ibuprophen slows the blood flow down a bit.

    -Herbal remedies don’t do anything.

    -Norethisterone may initially slow it down, but it comes back a million times worse the day after. Plus, your headaches and pains get a million times worse too. It’s like the anti-christ of treatments.

    -Cerazette causes this. Avoid like the plague!

    -Metrinidazole instantly stops all the bleeding after a 10 day course. On a 7 day course, it stops within a month of taking it. It doesn’t cure it, but it stops it.

    -Doctors are dicks about this. I’m not sure if it’s sexism, laziness or stupidity, but every doctor I encounter on this subject makes me want to punch them in the throat.

    I hope this helps. I hope a clever doctor reads this and does some frikkin research. But that seems statistically improbable unless a penis starts bleeding. Then I’m sure we’d see a miracle cure.

    • This is the best post ever!!!! I can relate 10 times over …. To ALL of it. There has to be a cure. I’m miserable each month, and simply refuse to take hormones. Period. And I know that I’m not the only woman with this issue. It’s 2016 for heaven’s sake …. Why can’t this be treated? Truly treated without invasive surgery! Cutting out my “inter-workings” cannot be the answer. I refuse to accept that, so I just adjust my travel and other activities the best I can. And I continue to make Playtex richer.

    • My story is so similar. Excesssive bleeding so heavy I feel like im peeing on myself with huge gishes of warm blood pouring out of me. I do have PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I have had cystic ovaries for 25 years but there was no name for it then. 15 yrs ago I got yhe diagnosis. 10 yrs ago the severe bleeding started. 5 yrs ago it much worse. I have only had 1 transfusion, but now I will begetting myfurst iron infusion for severe anemia. I love all my Dts. I now have 4. My primarycare, hematologist, gyno, and gastro. Ro make mayters worse I recently fpund I have celiac too. Here are the main points.

      1. Choose a female dr when possible. Men never take us seriously.

      2. Hormones will make some of us worse.

      3. Take 800 mg Ibuprofen, motrin every 4-6 hours it will make the blood vessels contract and the bleeding stop after a few days.

      4. POLYPS!!!

      After years of this, My latest ER visit and worsening of my symptoms my new gyno is as worried as I am. I had my blood counts / volume checked on monday. My appt with her was friday. She felt tghey needed to be checked again immediately to be sure it was still accurate. It takes a lot of blood loss for those test results to need to be repeated soo soon. She suspected polyps and scheduled a test a week later in her office. During the test she saw just how heavy my bleeding was and confirmed I had several polyps. She is also worried about hyperplasia because I have a 2cm thckening of my uterine lining and it is a typical problem with pcos. So many of you sound like PCOS is the issue. She says i wont stop bleeding until the polyps are removed and wants to do it asap. Beacuse of the concern for hyperplasia she has to wait a few days for the biopsy results before she can. I hope this encourages and helps some one. I will update ina few weeks if this helps me.

    • Lmmfao thank you so much for this comment!! You made me laugh so hard you said what I have been thinking! Throat punch. I have been having a wise spread of things wrong. Kidneys , gallbladder is bad and they want to monitor my liver. I have pcos and I usually have issues with starting my periods. The month I have been bleeding for 17 days straight and passing blood clots so big smh. I feel like no doctor will help me.

  37. I know your pain my periods have always been very long and heavy usually around 21 days. I’m allergic to birth control have tried 7 types and have no insurance so I’m always in the er. I get the same treatment iv and told that I need to go to the gyno with the occasional blood bag when my iron is very low. I have been bleeding for 126 days straight today (very heavily) and have been taking iron supplements. I am to the point that I am going crazy and so is my fiancé. I will be going to the er in about 30 minutes and write an update if they do anything different for me (which is very doubtful).

    • PLEASE GET SOMETHING NOW TO STOP THE BLEEDING!!! 126 days is too long.. You need tantric acid or a very large dose of depo to stop it now!!! DON’T delay. check your hemoglobin now, and blood volume.. Get pelvic MRI not ultrasound to check for fibroids or other mechanical reasons for heavy bleeding.

  38. Sounds so similar to my issue.. My periods last forever. like 16 days long. Then like last week I had a normal period, I got so excited. It ended Wednesday. Now I’m bleeding a ton, leaking through a tampon within two hours. Passing pretty large clots. My gyno just repeatedly suggests birth control.. But I’m trying to conceive. So she suggests losing weight. But this wasn’t always an issue. It’s been going on for about a year now. Before that my periods were normal. Yet my lifestyle was super unhealthy. I literally lived off fast food and Pepsi, (not kidding I only drank Pepsi and ate a fast food meal and my only meal once a day.. Bad relationship) I ended that relationship moved home started eating regularly and I don’t drink soda now. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 7 months with no luck. I had blood tests, ultrasound and Pap smears all come back normal. So my doctors suggestion is birth control. Which only masks the problem. Something has to be wrong. I hate not knowing what, and not being able to start a family with the man I’m in love with. It’s leading me to become terribly depressed. I’ve considered discontinuing the medicine I take for anxiety to see if that helps but I’ve been taking it for 3+ years so I’m not sure that’s what’s affecting it. I’ve been to two gynos, the first just told me to lose weight and didn’t do any tests. Like yeah I get it being overweight can affect this stuff in some people but I really don’t feel like that’s the issue. But I am not a doctor and being overweight is usually blamed for everything.

    • Your situation sounds very similar to mine. What I have read is that excess fat actually profuces estrogen in the body. Losing weight can help some women by regulating hormones, which is why doctors suggest it. Currently trying to test that theory out. Funnily enough, I suspect my hormonal imbalance is the reason losing weight is so difficult for me. I do everything right, but the weight doesn’t come off like it used to. Researching diets specifically aimed at regulating hormones. We’ll see how it goes…I hope you figure out what works for you as well.

  39. Im 34, and feel ive missed my chance of having kids bc this bas started happening to me. Im crying all the time just thinking about a hysterectomy, but i will never find anyone to have kids with since i can hardly leave the house. Im in a horrible bind because of all of this. I experienced something similar when i was 19, i had polyps. I had to get a d and c, took bc until it ran out, and my problem was fixed. Now im older and afraid to take bc, and im tired of living like this. I’ll be seeing the dr soon, and see if its the same, or something different. All i know is ive been bleeding since Christmas eve.

  40. I’m 28 years old.I’ve been diagnosed with a blood disorder.I never had a regular period. I have 3 healthy boys. But now I’ve been bleeding for over a year. With blood clots big as hell. The only time I stop bleeding is when I take this damn Medroxyprogesterone which makes my stomach hurt even more than it already do. It feels like I’m having a baby all over again. I’m sad and depressed every day and night. I haven’t had sex in so long. My boyfriend understands what’s going on. But I smile in front of everyone just so they don’t see my cry. My doctor just wants me to take BC pills which I don’t want to because of the bad experience I’ve had with them. All I want is a hysterectomy so I can have my life back.

  41. My daughter is 23 and has been diagnosed with endometriosis. I myself had it and had a hysterectomy at the age of 26, but never went through what she is going through. She has had 2 surgeries to remove with laser. Each about 3-4 years apart. It has been a little over 3 years now and started with more symptoms. Dr placed her on a different bc pill estrogen based about a month ago. She has been bleeding literally for 3 months +. Dr won’t do anything until she gives him a timeline when she wants to have kids. She is still in college and is not close to being ready for kids. He also won’t listen to her that she has been bleeding so long. He just calls it breakthrough bleeding and tells her to double up on the pill. She is in pain everyday all day long. She uses a tampon and a pad and still bleeds through. She has clots all the time. She is exhausted and tired all the time. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

    • Also they did an ultrasound and said her ovaries were displaced. Gynecologist said if bcc didn’t work within 2months he would put her on an iud. In the mean time he told her he would see her in 3 months. So frustrating!

    • Please find another gyn. The high dose birth control is not only probably making it worse, but is very dangerous in terms of inducing blood clots. We have lots of articles on endometriosis and adenomyosis and different treatment options. There are specialists, most gyns are not specialists and do more harm than good with endo. We also have articles on birth control induced blood clots and other topics that might be useful. Find a specialist and don’t be afraid to go through multiple doctors until you find one.

      • Thank you. We are trying to get into a specialist at UofM Ann Arbor, MI. Hopefully we can hear from them soon.

        • Yes, but I am not a physician, so technically I cannot give medical advice. As a mom and a woman, yes. Read up on it. Dig into the articles on our site and on endo sites and elsewhere.

            • You’re welcome. I don’t know if I mentioned this in the previous response, but consider reading the articles by Philippa Bridge-Cook on bleeding disorders on this site. Women are not commonly tested and there are several plus also ferritin deficiency that can cause them – vitamin B12 deficiency too – I think. Consider also reading Lara Briden’s articles. She’s an ND out of Australia that specializes in women’s period health. Good luck.

    • That is just awful and unacceptable. As early as age 14, I was hospitalized with blood transfusions after having fainted. The only advice I have for you is a medication called Tranexamic Acid (?) Or that is the active ingredient, anyway. Been taking those since. Perhaps she has already tried those? Also, some painkillers, as well as herbal remedies and nutrients, are said to decrease bleeding. I wish you and everyone struggling with this overlooked problem all the best and good luck.

  42. I have had my period for five months and its heavy and I feel faint and major hard core cramps I am feeling as if someone is having a rock concert in there. I have gone through a ton of birth controls and I’m just getting sick. They tell me it will eventually stop. I wish that was true because next month will be the sixth month and its heavy I’ll get a break here and there with a light day but I have no energy I try to extend school but I end up sleeping through class. Getng fustraded because I don’t have energy and constantly getting headache’s

  43. I am so happy to find this article. My daughter is 14 and has had irregular periods since last May. In Sept they got so heavy she coUldn’t stand up with out it running dinw her leg. Kt would slow a little but never went away for almost 3 month. I tom her to the gyno and after hearing for several it was determined she was anemic (surprise surprise) and they wanted her on birth control right away to stol the bleedIng. We did that…dcotr had her taje 4 pills the 1st day, then 3 pills then 2 pills. She shahs on 2 pills for several weeks before the doctor put her on 1 pill ler day. That last less than a month. She started having break through bleeding. It got sl bad she was cramping horribly. She passed 2 huge clots that looked fleshy. I toom a picture to send to the Her ped who sakd go to the hospita,. The er dc called her gyn whknsaid…start kver 4,3,2 and stay on 2. They did an ultra slund saw some fluid in the uterus bit they weren’t concerned. Her iron lev went down even more from where they had been. Put her on iron pills and sent her home. The bleedi g stopped butstarted again 2 weeks later…and she was still on 2pills per day. The only thng the pills seems to be dling is making her gain weight. She gained 10 lbs and is super active…an Allstar cheerleader who practices over 20 hrs a week including tumbling. She decided tonighyt to go back to 1 pill because 1 or 2 doesn’t seem to matter. I feel like the gyn isn’t concerned at all…hasn’t tried different pills either. I made her an appt at CHOP for 3 weeks from today. I feel like none of this is mirmal.

    • Being on birth control pills to control bleeding and/or endo does not work, not to mention places her at a very high risk of developing blood clots, especially when she is taking very high doses. Please read our articles about hormonal birth control risks/blood clots and also the article about pill bleeds.

  44. Everytime I “do get” my period it consists of a month or two.
    Every single time I do I’m always passing large bloodclots,
    Like the golf ball size. At the end of my period when it’s
    Almost over , I get this excruciating pain just like labor
    For a few hours that have me shaking and nearly passing
    Out until I finally pass the mother of all clots. This mother
    Of all clots is the size of a 8 oz cup. Not exaggerating.
    First time it happened I immediately went to ER in such a
    Huge pain I could barely walk finally passed in the ER room
    , all the Drs and nurses were sure it was a miscarriage
    Of how massive it was. But nope just another mother clot.
    I’m sick and tired of going to so many Drs to fix this. No one
    Gives me answers. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 2 years
    And it’s impossible. They keep putting me on BC or
    Medroxyprogesterone to make it come down or stop it.
    On top of that they keep finding cysts. I have researched
    So much I have evaluated myself. I believe I have pcos. But
    I’m not a dr. And these Drs don’t care , just here and here
    Take these pills. Everything is pills now a days. I’m 100% sure
    That’s what’s messed me up to being with. Why do I say that?
    Well for starters I always had a normal cycle. I successfully got pregnant
    Young at 18. Everything normal , few years down the line BAM!! Everything went
    Down hill. I’m so disappointed , frustrated , can’t have a normal day
    Without carrying a case of extra pads and tampons or even work properly.
    Constantly changing my Tampons and pads every hour. As I write this here I am 2 am , in excruciating
    Pain waiting for once again the mother of clots to come down.

    • Hi Diana, Sorry you are suffering so badly! Have your doctors ever mentioned adenomyosis? Here is an article where you can find out more about it: http://www.hormonesmatter.com/adenomyosis/. With that type of clotting/bleeding, it sounds like you may have adenomyosis. Also, with heavy bleeding you really need to make sure that your iron levels are ok, otherwise you may feel quite awful because of that: http://www.hormonesmatter.com/overlooked-cause-fatigue-low-ferritin/. Do you live in a big city? I think if you are still having these problems despite treatment, you may need to get a better doctor.

      • Very similar, I had my last period last April, thought I was done. In November got a surprise heavy period. Christmas Eve another. My gyn wanted to run a biopsy and ultrasound and I was scheduled for Jan 12. It became unbearably heavy, Palm sized clots. They decided to squeeze me in the morning of the 5th, I never made it. 6:30 in the morning I passed out on the bathroom floor…..thank goodness my daughter hadn’t left for school yet and could call 911 and put undies on my naked ass. Was in and out of consciousness for a while. Hemoglobin was 6.8. Two units of blood and dnc that night. Still didn’t stop bleeding for a week. Adenomyosis. Another blood transfusion the following Thursday, hemoglobin only 7.6. Hysterectomy just last week. She said my uterus looked like a wad of vericose veins and I had cysts in my tubes. But I didn’t have any pain. Try to get some more invasive tests. Not comfortable, but if your uterus is getting damaged by the bleeding you’ll never get pregnant. So try to get the biggest work up imaginable. My dr did all the hormone, blood disorder tests she could think of, and got up in there really good during the dnc to look for fibroids. Scans for tumors and cysts. Get a dr that will take your insurance to the extremes. And if you get short of breath, or your heart starts to race every time you stand up go to er instantly……

    • I absolutely hate my period I wish it was normal! I wish I didn’t have to pass so many blood clots, I wish I didn’t have to constantly wake up and change pads and not getting enough sleep! I wish I could enjoy my two year old nephew adventures as he visits the circus and attend birthday parties! I’m always in the house waiting on a blood clot to pass so I can change my pad! Irregular periods suck! Firboids suck! I just would like a normal period that is all!!! Ladies I understand how y’all are feeling!!!!

  45. I have started research in this area once my younger sister lost so much blood that when she went to get blood levels tested, they said it was a miracle that she could even walk.

    This was a trait passed down from my mother as she suffered the same thing. She said they wanted to give her a hysterectomy at 16yrs old and that she would never have kids. She had 3 kids at ages 27, 33, and 38. Finally choosing to get a hysterectomy at 47yrs old. My younger sister is 20yrs old and is bed ridden for days and stays on her period for god knows how long. It never really made her dizzy or cold or anything until recently. She has gotten her birth control pills literally yesterday but she wants to start it on the beginning of the week so that it lines up perfectly. The doctor left a message saying her blood is so low that it’s in the danger levels and that spooked my mother, so she rushed her to the ER to see what they can do.

    Here are my question on this crappy thing. Will birth control work to regulate her period? What is it supposed to do exactly? She wants to have kids i believe, so removal of things will not be allowed and she’s a Jehovah’s Witness and they don’t believe in blood transfusions for fucks sake. I just want to know if she will die from her own period? Is birth control the best answer?

    I’m a guy also, so i don’t have much info/knowledge on periods to begin with. Just don’t want to be forced down one path if there are other options.

    • Hi Kenyon,

      It is great that you are researching options to help your sister! This article has an overview of treatment options for heavy menstrual bleeding: http://www.hormonesmatter.com/heavy-menstrual-bleeding/. Birth control pills are sometimes used to try to “regulate” periods–for some women this helps, and for others it does not. Birth control pills do commonly come with side effects such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, loss of libido, or even serious side effects such as blood clots. Tranexamic acid may be a good treatment option.

      Taking the birth control pill will not help with her low iron levels though. A blood transfusion is likely not necessary. Depending on her levels, she will need to take iron supplements, or if they are really low, she can get an IV infusion of iron (this is not a blood product, so should be ok for Jehovah’s Witnesses). This article talks a bit more about iron levels: http://www.hormonesmatter.com/overlooked-cause-fatigue-low-ferritin/.

      Finally, you say that your mother also had very heavy periods. Your mother and your sister may both have an inherited bleeding disorder. Often these do not get diagnosed. She may want to get tested for deficiencies in clotting factors, von Willebrand’s disease, and platelet disorders: http://www.hormonesmatter.com/bleeding-disorders-in-women-with-heavy-period/.

      I hope this information will help.



  46. I lived with heavy bleeding much longer than I had to. Mine was not as bad as this many here, though. I feel for you. But I am going to have my uterus removed soon via laparoscopic surgery. For those who don’t want or cannot have children anyway, why not have the uterus removed? I’m vegan and holistic-minded, by the way. But this uterus has got to go. Wish I had gotten it removed many years ago.

  47. 35 with what I’m certain is a hormone imbalance of some sort that I wish someone could fucking fix already. I’ve never asked for or taken pain pills because I used to work in a dental office where the front desk girls, dental assistants and dentist used to trash talk anyone who asked for a pain script regardless of wether or not it got prescribed… I just assume spare myself that aggravation caused by their inevitable refusal. I pride myself on my high threshold for pain, I would just puke them up anyway since that’s what I do when I have my period… On a monthly basis, on the first day of my period, I get this feeling like I have a heavy bag of coins in my twat, like my vagina is just going to push out of my body and turn me inside out, this MUST be what child birth feels like, I don’t push though because I’m afraid my pelvic floor will collapse or something if it hasn’t already? Well it gets so bad with the stabbing, popping pain in my pelvic area on the sides, and the throbbing pain you can see with your eyes. Then I can’t keep my eyes from rolling back in my head from the excruciating pain and I can’t look straight ahead no matter how much I try to focus and breath, I get stabbing pains and gas cramps and dysmenhoria that twists me to my knees, I then pass out with a grey/white sweaty face and low blood pressure, ….and then shit myself when I’m unconscious once EVERY MONTH AND NO ONE FUCKING CARES! I’ve been told by a gyno to use lube when I mentioned sex or 3 min of light jogging had started giving me excruciating cramps that make me vomit and bleed mid cycle, I’m told to take alive for my pain but I can’t keep it down, I can’t usually stop heaving for 2-3 days, I start loosing control of my bladder after I start dry heaving and sometimes I’m out cold on the floor until the pee has long since become cold however long that is, I shiver from my low low blood pressure, and choke on my own vomit sometimes when I’m passed out, when that happens I awake with severe chest pain in my lungs? breathing bubbles of burning yellow stomach acid out of my nose. What else… um oh I told my gyno how much pain I was in and she thought it might be caused by depression not the other way around. She tried to insist that I take Wellbutrin and asked me if I was a harm to myself or others just because I cried talking about the pain that has slowly gotten to the point where I wish I could die to escape it. Plenty of people that get tortured probably wish for death, that doesn’t mean they’re depressed. Can this pain be causing PTSD? After failing to get pregnant after 2 years of trying despite my pain, I finally educated myself and asked for a laproscopy, they gave me an ultrasound. I told the tech I had big problems and she obviously didn’t believe me and then with a surprised look on her face she notice the image of my MANGLED uterus and said I have a large fibroid covering my entire endometrial lining so there is virtually no place for an egg to implant and thats why I haven’t had success getting pregnant during my painful intercourse, and she also said that I have endometrial cysts all over one of my ovaries. I asked her which issue was causing me to pass out from pain and she said that “neither condition necessarily causes any pain” that was invalidating…. I said with a genuine smile that I must have some nerves that are getting hit because I’m actually in severe severe severe pain for a couple days each month. I then asked her “even though you’re not a doctor, do you think I will ever be able to conceive?” she looked at the image turned her head and said the word “probably” but the way she said it sounded like a question. I have been bringing up this pain annually with my gynos for the past 7 YEARS! I guess I should’ve cried uncontrollably in the dr.’s office 7 years ago ….I might be able to conceive now? but they might’ve just dropped the ball anyway from the sound of everyone else’s comments… What I want to know is if this is some sort of fucking joke the medical community is playing on me? I don’t know where to put all of this anger, If they finally do preform a laproscopy will I wake up to find I’m in worse condition due to every doctors apparent incompetence? I noticed at an early age when I had hpv that gynos don’t tell you what’s going on the way other doctors do. I got warts fried off and I wasn’t even told I had warts/hpv. I didn’t even know I ever had it until I was an adult and I googled it. This bullshit behavior from the doctor would never fly at the urologist…. Why then at the gyno? I can’t help but think that the world is a whole lot more sexist than I could’ve ever imagined. This is so fucked up,…. I’ve been up all night afraid the pain will start any min because my nipples were sore yesterday. I took alive preemptively because it doesn’t kill pain it only prevents it because it is just an antienflamitory I think. Well that’s what I noticed. Aleive still only takes 20% of the first few hours of pain away but I take it religiously anyway because 80% of the pain I feel each month is still more pain than I could imagine was possible up till last year when it got… much worse… I’m certain my sister’s 10 hr natural birth was a quite a bit less painful than what I experience every month. She could say words when she yells out from pain, I just groan/wail the way my grandmother did the night before cancer consumed her from her liver to her lungs. She was unable to get pain suppositories prescribed before she died although my nurse aunt pleaded with the doctors because grandma couldn’t keep the pills down even when she crushed them up;( Imagine how many patients die angry at their doctors…. medical malpractice is the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA… I want to get involved and change it all but I don’t even know how I could do that, I feel completely helpless when I’m at a time in my life when I should either be having children or getting ahead in my career and my whole life has been leveled by this. I left my fiancé because I’m sick of having painful sex and I’ve been so sick since we moved in together 3 years ago that I really just want to disappear. I have my appointment to discuss my ultrasound with an actual doctor this Monday at beth-israel here in NYC but I had to raise hell even to get an appointment. There were “no” appointments available when I called, they could not make any appointment for me. NONE. I had to go in and cry to them just to get my name on the books. This has disease has erased my life as I knew it and is more painful than anything anyone should have to know and no one gives a fuck about the loss of a really vibrant hardworking woman who was really hoping to one day prove to the world that I could make a difference through helping others and now I can’t even manage to help myself.

    • It sounds like you may have endometriosis–has anyone mentioned that possibility to you? The kind of pain you are describing is definitely not normal. It sounds like you are in New York? There are a few excellent endometriosis doctors there. For starters, there is Dr. Iris Orbuch…she is so compassionate and a skilled doctor and surgeon. There are others as well. Most general practice gynecologists are not very good at identifying and treating endo, so you are much better off going to someone who specializes in endo. To learn more about endo check out the Endometriosis Research Center, or Nancy’s Nook on Facebook (a support and education group for people with endo).

  48. I have the same problem! Now I do not feel so alone. Mine get so bad to the point were I can’t go anywhere and I’m pretty much bed ridden. After my period I will get bad dizzy spells, white coating on my tongue from iron deficiency. I am often afraid that my periods are going to take my life. I am considering getting my ovaries removed.

    • I have iron deficiency anemia as well, it’s so low that I don’t even register in the low ends of scale. Have you tried iron infusions? It has changed my life!

  49. It is so bad I would rather be dead or pregnant just to make the heavy bleeding stop, pregnancy is NOT an option at 53 YO. How do we make doctors understand how bad my life is with this problem!

    • 35 years old, 2 miscarriages in 2 years. I started birth control at 21, to control my heavy periods. It took over a year to regulate, but it worked & my acne cleared up. At 30years old, I decided to quit birth control pills because I wanted my body to be in a normal hormonal state for future pregnancy. This caused havoc on my body, including horrific acne. 5 years later, my periods from HELL are back with a vengeance. Besides clots, cramps, heavy flow it lasts for 2 weeks! My life is completely dysfunctional. I basically wear diapers all day, & cringe with fear waking up — afraid that I have destroyed my bed sheets again. I cannot take it anymore. I’m going back on the pill, this is my only choice… Because I refuse to allow my periods to dictate the sanity of my life. It may not be a healthy choice, but I don’t give a crap. Bleeding this way is NOT normal, & if the pill can make me feel “human”– then I’m doing it!

  50. Thank you for sharing your story! I’ve been experiencing the same problems on and off since I was 17 (almost 45 now so yeah…it’s been quite a long time)
    My apologies in advance for any grammar mistakes as english is not my first language.

    In the past years I’ve been in and out the hospital with no other lame advice as: why don’t you go on the pill,take a mirena device, have an hysterectomy or endometrial ablation. But no one ever took the time to find out why I’m bleeding like hell.
    They gave me the tramexanic acid pills but even though they stop the bleeding I noticed the next period has even more sharp pains as normal so I only take those when I really, really have to go outside.

    So I went on a journey myself, tried acupuncture, traditional chinese medicine and many alternative treatments.
    My acupuncturist/TCM doctor noticed after a couple of months that my progesterone levels were not working the way they should and told me to take 300mg a night from ovulation until menstruation and keep a diary to find out any patterns in the way my body acts. And because of this progestrone deficiency my body functions were out of balance and the longer it was untreated the worse my body reacted (besides the bleedings I experienced a couple of miscarriages, etopic pregnancy, insomnia, bowel inflamations,constipation, depressions, anxiety, sore legs, back pains, I was always exhausted, cold and very nervous and it all got worse year after year)

    I also went to a alternative therapiste who helped me with balancing my body with supplements like vitamin D, magnesium and stuff like that.
    We tried all different things to see what worked and what not. Like estrogen supplements and Vitex were a huge mistake, they made my symptoms worse, magnesium helped me get a normal sleeping pattern and “fixed” my bowel problems.

    We found out through the diary that the main trigger for my low progesteron levels was stress. If something stressfull happend my body started to bleed and ache like crazy.
    It turned out that I produce so much cortisone to “deal” with stress that there’s no hormones left to make progesterone.
    There is a theory that it’s caused by a failing endocrine system, the one that is responsible for the endorphine/dopamin/serotonin things but I haven’t found any specialist who have a clue yet.

    I still have episodes where my body fails me and bleed like hell, even with the progestereon pills but now I now why it’s happening and what event causes it.
    So most of the time I feel healhty and happy and I try to avoid any drama or stressy events and I finally live a “normal” life, have great energy and am again able to enjoy things.

    But you know life…it always has some tricky surprises for you so sometimes you have to deal with stress and now I know upfont when I have to take some days off to recover and sit/sleep on a big stack of extra towels.
    I hope one day someone will find a cure for our failing hormone system but honestly I think that menopause will be there first…

    • Hi Sarinah,

      I read your comment, and I feel like we have very similar problems! I’be tried 3 or 4 different birth control pills, but when I was given estrogen pills, my body went crazy. I was always moody. One second I was overly excited, then extremely sad, then out of nowhere I was angry at everyone around me. It was horrible, so 4 months ago my OBGYN gave my progesterone hormone pills, but really low dosage. It did nothing, it even made my bleeding worse. Since around October, I’ve been bleeding almost non-stop. Sometimes, I get hopeful when my period is gone for a day or two, but then it comes back stronger, heavier and I feel so depressed and in pain. I even had an ultrasound done, but the results didn’t show any concerns from my uterus.

      Recently about a month ago, I started going to see a acupuncture doctor for alternative medicine. He tried to help, but still my period came all the time and even heavier. Now that I’m reading through this arcticle and all these replies, I think my problem is a combination of stress and low progesterone. I’m a very paranoid person, and I always worry about everything before it even happens.

      I need to find a new doctor, and ask for a higher dosage progesterone pills. How are you doing now? Do you have any advice for me? I’m only 24, and I’m so stressed out about this. I don’t know what to do anymore. I thought I’ve tried everything. Please, any advice would help. Thank you.

    • Hi Sarinah, how did the Vitex act negatively? Did it not help raise progesterone? Did you take it along with estrogen because the estrogen may have overpowered the Vitex effects.

  51. I sufferfrom heavy periods and cramps so bad I had to pull the car over and let my 15 yr old son drive. I will soak thru a super tampon and heavy flow pads both together as I have to double up, in less than an hour. I started doing research on natural remedies and found red raspberry leafs. It doesn’t mask the problem like birth control, it fixes the problem. Please do your own research so I don’t misinform anyone.anyways, I take 2 a day even when I’m not on my period to regulate my blood,it made my life more bearable to say the least. Less blood flow, no clots the size of a golf ball,and even shortened it by a day. I will continue taking the capsules to see how it goes but so for so good. I encourage u to do your own research and try it,its all natural so what’s the harm in that. Good luck! PS. I’ve done it all too, ultra sounds blood tests always come back normal. But I don’t feel normal. I have faith that this is my answer.

    • Hi, wondering how your doing on red raspberry leaf capsules? I’m having (have had for years) the same problem everyone here is having, I seriously can’t take it anymore, I went to the Drs the other day for bad heavy bleeding again…I’m 44. Dr thinks low progesterone. So 200mg at night, maybe it takes a while to take affect, idk because since then it’s worse, I could hardly function yesterday at work, out of control, how can I bleed so much! I feel like I’m sick, run down weak, I’m so done…and now getting depressed about it…willing to go to the health food store if the red raspberry leaf capsules have been working for you…if something doesn’t change soon, I’m requesting this toxic organ removed!

  52. You truly need a progesterone in 300 mg at night … It will do a trick and heal.., check the Cmor centre dr. Jerylin Prior… Extremly smart woman doctor who is pioneer in females hormonal problems … Progesterone was given in early 50 ties by english female doctor also… It balances estrogen and normalized your cyckles girls!!!!!

  53. I have been through this since I started my cycle when I was 15, I am now 32. I was finally diagnosed with endometriosis at age 19 after my first child. Was also told I would never have children, I have 4 now. But as I write this I am currently awaiting for my hysterectomy next week because I can’t handle the pain and bleeding I have now. Instead of bleeding each month for 7 days I now am lucky to have 7 days of nothing in 2 months and the pain is almost worse than childbirth. Wondering if you have been checked for this? Hoping you find out your answers.

  54. I am 23 almost 24, and I have had periods like this since I was 11. They are extremely heavy. I go through a super plus tampon and pad in 30 minutes to an hour. They are extremely painful too. My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 2 years now to no luck. Every time I go to the hospital, they just look at me and say I am wasting my time. It is at the point to where I can’t work and I can barely move. The doctor usually just gives me an inflammatory pain killer (which I am allergic too.) Seeing this article shows me that I am not the only one going through this I just wish I knew what was going on. Is there any suggestions on what I should do because I can’t continue to live like this. I am even starting to go through it almost every other week. Please, if someone can help me, then, please do.

  55. Thank you for sharing. I am going through exactly this right now. Although along with a blood test I had a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound done which determined that I have a hemorrhagic cyst in my ovaries. It seems in my case as well no matter how much I am bleeding or how much pain I am in, I am just an inconvenience to the doctors. On the worst days I go through a fill pack of pads everyday and am up every hour throughout the night having to change my pads. But I won’t stop being an inconvenience and I will continue to be relentless until I get answers. We know our bodies better than anyone and I know when something is wrong. So I will keep pushing.

  56. Wow! Your post made me cry. Last Sunday I had my second episode of exactly what you described. I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one. Thank you for putting this out there for the world to see. Be strong and know you are not alone!

  57. Adelinajuline, Yes, with bleeding that heavy you should go to the ER. The general recommendation is if you are bleeding through more than a tampon or a pad every hour, for several hours in a row, then go to the ER.

    A few thoughts on treatment. Loestrin may not be the best option. I’m not sure what the rationale is for prescribing a low estrogen pill. I know you said you are taking three of them, but still…to stop the bleeding hormonally you may need more estrogen than that.

    You can also use drugs that help your blood clot to stop the bleeding. Typically in the ER they will use DDAVP or tranexemic acid by IV. These will both help stop the bleeding. You can also be given a prescription for tranexemic acid to be taken orally at home.

    You should ask to have your hemoglobin and ferritin checked. After all that bleeding you are likely anemic. They may only check your hemoglobin, and that is only part of the story. See this article for more information: http://www.hormonesmatter.com/overlooked-cause-fatigue-low-ferritin/

    I hope you can get it under control soon!

  58. I’m on day 120 of my period. I went to my general care physician when the bleeding became unbearable and soaked through my pants. I’m 25. She prescribed loestrin and has me taking 3 a day to stop the bleeding. I’m day 6 into the pills and I’m still bleeding through a tampon ever thirty minutes with huge clots bigger than the tampon itself. Do I go to the e.r.?

  59. Thank you for your response. Those things are possible looking up the symptoms. I am in Canada, and its so hard to get doctors to listen to you here. I had to go home from work today because of the pain and bleeding.

    About a year ago, they say that my uterus was swollen and at the time I was diagnosed with a cyst which they saw through ultrasound.

    I never bled like this before ever though until it started a year and a half ago and never stopped. Just before that, I didn’t have a period for 1 year. They have done multiple blood tests and 1 ultrasound and they came back normal. I was then sent to see a gyno. He did a pap smear and pelvic exam and he told me I most likely have PCOS and that I would need to do another blood test again to try to find it….I am confused by needing so many blood test cause I have already had 4 and each one showed I was fine. I am currently afraid to go get one at the moment because of how much blood I am losing already. I also was taking the birth control for the past couple of days, but I am afraid to keep taking them because the pain and bleeding have become much more severe since I started taking them.

    • Philippa, who wrote both of the articles I suggested to you is in Canada. Reach to her in the comments section of articles and perhaps she can point you in the right direction. I know it took years for them to diagnose her appropriately. You should also consider thyroid testing.

      Most standard blood tests will not show anything. You’ll need to ask for specialized testing. Talk to Philippa and dig into the research. There is an answer out there. Even though you have cyst on the ovary, I don’t think you have PCOS. Women with PCOS don’t have periods very regularly, maybe two-three times per year. If the birth control pill is making it worse, stop taking in it. Whatever you decide, learn to trust your gut. If it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t.

  60. I have been bleeding very heavy now for a year and a half. It stopped for about a month when the doctor gave me birth control, but it was making me so sick that I had to discontinue it (dizzy for one) I started trying to take them again a little over a month later, and they have made the bleeding 20x worse. I have so many blood clots and the pain is really bad. I can’t do my job or focus. I don’t know what to do…

  61. While it doesn’t help with the pain or the anemia or all of the medical issues that go along with the heavy bleeding, I have found that the diva cup instead of tampons (it holds clots, tampons don’t) and reusable pads (they absorb leaks that would run off the pad and onto my clothes) have drastically helped my experience with heavy bleeding. Issues with leaks and embarrassment are almost nonexistent now. And with the cup, I never have to worry about carrying enough supplies. Just empty and re-insert. It’s still annoying to be in the bathroom every hour to empty it when the bleeding is really heavy, but at least no more stress of going through a tampon every half hour and then running out because it’s hard to carry that many.

  62. I hope this will help any woman who is experiencing heavy periods, or irregular periods. Get ground flaxseed meal and take two tablespoons a day, every single day. Mix it in some almond milk or a smoothie. You can get flaxseed whole and grind it in a coffee grinder, or you can buy it already ground. It is easier to use already ground, just keep it in the refrigerator. A really good brand is Spectrum. Do not get flaxseed oil, as it does not have the lignans you need to regulate your period. Make sure you take the flaxseed meal every day, and don’t skip days. Flaxseed meal has been a tremendous help for me when nothing else worked. It has shortened my periods and lengthened my cycle. I hope you will have as much success with it as I’ve had.

  63. Hi Everyone,
    I am 44 years old and have had this prolonged heavy bleeding now for a year. All my life I have been regular never had issue’s with prolonged periods.

    Had to have a pint of blood last month. My hemoglobin count got down to 6.4. It was horrible could hardly move my legs to walk.

    They stuck me on Provera. Stopped my bleeding for a week. Started again Aug 3rd its now the 14th. I am cramming the iron pills and vit C.

    My bleeding is moderate to heavy no spotting. The blood is thin so it rolls up the pad to my underwear missing the pad. Cannot wear tampons. I am miserable.

    Gyno said to me while in the hosipital last month. We can “talk” about ablasion at your next visit?? All my tests came back normal. With the exception of hemoglobin and ferrite levels.

    I hate going to the ER for this issue. I refuse to go back to the ER unless I pass out or have shortness of breath.

    I only wonder how the body can function without organ shut down with such little iron in the blood? How does it manage? OR is there a point where the body can’t keep up. I haven’t heard of anyone bleeding to death from a prolonged period.

    • One of the things that I have learned over the years is that where there is one nutrient deficiency there are others and those deficiencies add up and wreak havoc on women’s health. The low iron should be tackled even before one considers ablation. Yes, the anemia can be a result of the blood loss and so correct the blood loss and perhaps correct the anemia. It may also be a result of other issues that are yet to be diagnosed and could influence the high blood loss – vitamin b12 deficiency for example is common with anemia (http://www.hormonesmatter.com/are-you-vitamin-b12-deficient/). Vitamin A deficiencies can also lead to heavy bleeding. Had I known some of these things years ago, perhaps I too could have avoided an ablation and the subsequent problems that followed. Most recently, learning the importance of nutrients in menstrual function, I was able to eliminate my daughter’s severe menstrual cramping, which had plagued her for years and would land her on the bathroom floor in pain. Supplementing with magnesium and vitamin D worked for her. (For reference, most women are vitamin D deficient and magnesium deficient in general, but I was surprised at how well and how quickly increasing her levels worked).

      The nature of your bleeding is interesting, runny fluid versus clotting and likely means something – perhaps a bleeding disorder. This is not often tested by physicians. I would rule this out too before proceeding with the ablation. http://www.hormonesmatter.com/bleeding-disorders-in-women-with-heavy-period/

      Advice – see a naturopath or a functional medicine physician who does micronutrient testing, replace what is missing and go from there. Also see a hematologist to rule out bleeding disorders.

      Good luck.

  64. For those still experiencing heavy bleeding, have you had a full endocrine workup to check thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal function?

    Have you been checked for a clotting/bleeding disorder? Von Willebrand’s is the most prevalent. It seems many gynecologists don’t even test for these. (I guess they’d rather do hysterectomies since those are much more profitable.)

    You likely already know that birth control or Rx tranexamic acid (Lysteda) or even NSAID’s are usually effective at reducing flow – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0015970/table/ch8.t1/?report=objectonly. But as some of you well know, these don’t work for some women.

    I had a hysterectomy and am suffering the many adverse effects even though I was close to menopause. Even if you keep your ovaries, there is about a 40% chance they will fail.

    A woman with all her parts produces ovarian hormones into her 80’s. These hormones are essential to good health and well-being. And the uterus and its four sets of ligaments are essential to pelvic integrity (positioning of pelvic organs as well as skeletal integrity – alignment of the spine, hips, and rib cage). I have written about this as well as other aspects of hysterectomy here on HormonesMatter – http://www.hormonesmatter.com/author/ws/.

    If you cannot take hormones, complete ovarian failure is a serious health issue as well as a quality of life robber. Something to consider…

  65. I am right there with you, and getting a hysterectomy next week. Only 28 too but at least a complete family. Today I’ve been told twice to go to ER but last time they treated me like a nut to go to er for a period. I have adenomyosis. Ask for Lysteda, and a diagnostic lapaproscopy. Demand it. Lysteda really made my bleeding far less and is not hormonal, I can’t do hormones either. Hang in there I know how it is.

  66. I’m experiencing heavy bleeding and I really don’t want to go to see a Dr. 2 weeks ago I was given birth control pills, but they did no good. What other medication can they possibly give me to control the bleeding?? I am feeling desperate. I bought some progesterone cream, but I am afraid I might induce the bleeding even more. Any help or advice will greatly be appreciated.

    • Hi, sorry to hear about your problems. The general rule of thumb I have always been told is that if you are going through more than 1 pad an hour – go to a doctor or ER. They will run tests to rule out something more serious and if it is just a heavy period, they will likely give you IV fluids. With heavy bleeding you could pass out, so make sure someone drives you and don’t do anything strenuous (no exercising, lifting groceries, etc.). I am not a medical doctor and this is just the advice I have received from drs and nurses over the years. This is not medical advice and please take note of the site’s medical disclaimer:
      Information contained in this site is general and it is neither intended, nor should be construed as medical advice. If you have any specific health care needs or require complete diagnostic and/or treatment information, please see a doctor or other health care provider.

      If it is just a heavy period and you don’t want to use birth control to regulate your hormones after this cycle – I would suggest going to see a naturopath in a week or two.

  67. Lisbeth,
    Here is a synopsis of what I wish I had known when I was your age that I know now.[I’m 61]. I had early puberty & early menopause. From the age of 12 I passed clots the size of chicken livers & would be on my knees vomiting from the cramps. Anemic for two weeks then start over. Wicked PMS by my 30s. Got Percodan for the cramps & high dose BC pills for the flow.[1970s].
    Many years later I found out that along with all the other risks; that BC pills artificially raise cortisol levels-suppressing immune system.
    By age 38 [after two kids] I was floxed from Cipro & was bedridden for a year. Did not figure this out for 15 years [got floxed 6 more times] now have CFS/FM/MCS, severe insomnia etc.
    Many dangerous & expensive inconclusive tests later ;they wanted to take my uterus but could find no fibriods,cancer or endometriosis. I finally did basal body testing on my own & got on non synthetic Armour thyroid based on that & symptoms like heavy periods, hair loss, & dry skin etc. This helped tremendously including my energy levels.
    I also got 16 huge amalgam fillings removed & replaced with composites. Had I known that Hg poisoning could CAUSE the thyroid problems I might have waited on the Armour.
    Also fluorinated drugs [not just quinolones] accumulate in the pineal gland blocking melatonin & pineal proteins which are needed for sleep, puberty & menopause.For a list of F drugs to avoid go to http://www.slweb.org & click on the FTRC link.
    Further research, hair & urinalysis turned out I was severely heavy metal poisoned but not just mercury. Lead & arsenic were very high among others. Turns out I was environmentally exposed as a child & young adult from lead arsenate aerosol sprayed on the gypsy moths on Cape Cod for 4 years till the birds stopped singing & Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring which jump started the EPA. In addition my mother was mixing amalgam fillings all day working for 3 dentists so I was poisoned in utero & by her breast milk.
    Chelating has helped a lot but don’t trust doctors to do it IV. Go to http://www.noamalgam.com and but Andy Cutlers book. It shows you the cheapest, safest, & most effective way to detox & quantify the results. Lab tests are available at http://www.directlabs.com. Took me 23 years to figure all this out and much damage has been done [DNA testing from 23and me concur], recovery is is harder when you get old so do it now!
    PS My biological dentist has had to do major chelation twice now because of his job [he takes out mercury] but also had a ton of lead & arsenic in his tests. He was not happy when I told him lead arsenate is heavily sprayed on all the golf courses as a pesticide & that’s where he got it from.

    • CAWS, would you be interested in writing your health story for a blog post. I am certain other women can learn from your experience and hopefully stave off some of the suffering that you have had to endure. Thank you for commenting.

      You can send us a note at: info@hormonesmatter.com

  68. My doctor never had a clue what was going on with me. They stuck me on different medications guessing that it would help me but they just made me feel worse and didn’t help the bleeding.

    A friend recommended Dr. Ben Gonzalez in silver spring, MD and he found out that I had a fibroid the size of a grapefruit! No other doctor even got close!

    He wrote an article about what happens when doctors don’t know whats wrong.


    Might help you a little:o)

  69. I came across your post while researching my yet again fainting episode. I don’t land to the ER, I sometime just pass out on a banch near by, and half an hour later (or sometimes longer) I would wake up and drag myself home.
    Came from a Chinese background, Dong Quai is one of the chinese medicine my mom and my sister in law, and lots of my chinese friends swear by. However, they are the most bitter testing thing you can have. According to Chinese medicine, they don’t believe in ‘pills’, they believe you have to make it a soup, slow cook them so that all the ‘juice’ got out into the hot water and that the body can absorb than a pill. Don’t know it if an old wives tale, but these soup are so bitter and smell so bad I refused to take them too.

  70. Hi Lisbeth! I am really glad I found the time to read your post as your instructions were really perfect for navigating through the site. I have been battling being anemic pretty much all of my life. Though I don’t feel like an expert on the subject my grandfather on the other hand swears by taking one iron pill a day. He is nearly 90 years young and a fiery spark of energy. I would consider consulting with a hematologist though for your bleeding issues. There must be something that he or she can prescribe that is safe and help you manage your cycle so it doesn’t affect you so harshly every month. I couldn’t imagine bleeding for 16 days like your first response does. I know that I used to have pretty long periods until I got pregnant for the first time. It definitely made me regular and three days at most. So maybe getting pregnant is not an answer but some light at the end of the tunnel at least.
    S Take care and good luck. Sincerely, Ursula

  71. I’m actually about to go to the emergency room myself for the first time for this in just a couple hours. Going on day 16 of heavy bleeding with clots and I’m wearing 5 pads at a time and changing them every hour and still bleeding through my pants, all over the bed, and furniture. They better do something.

  72. Have they tried bioidentical progesterone? It is a far cry from any of the synthetic, harmful progesterone available and also has mood enhancing/stabilizing effects. Synthetic progesterone makes women feel awful but stops the bleeding. Bioidentical calms, stops the bleeding and protects from the ravages of estrogen, which we continue to drown in in America for several reasons (plastics, BPA, chemicals etc.). Progesterone is the first hormone a women loses (generally age 35) and can also be used up in periods of high stress.
    Best of luck as you look for answers.

  73. Have the docs not investigated the possibility of adenomyosis?? Sounds very much like adeno to me! And totally understand what you mean about the lack of sympathy when you refuse their almighty hormones! I have severe endo and have had countless doctors wash their hands of me because i won’t take hormones to put me through a chemical menopause , or bc pills. But i took bc pills for years and had awful side effects so would never touch them again .

  74. Thank you both for the advice! I’ll look into both. I picked up some floradix on my way home from the ER and already had Moringa at home, which should both help rebuild my blood. The bleeding has slowed down tremendously, but the whole experience just added to my already maxed out stress levels. I’m thankful that this isn’t every month, but I’ll definitely look into the Chinese herbs, I’m fairly sure I have yarrow root tea and dong quai in the cupboard. My energy levels are starting to pick up, but it’s going to be a battle with doctors in the following weeks. Thank you for your support!!!

  75. Hi Lisbeth, I’m very sorry you had to go to the ER and are feeling so bad. I know exactly what you mean about how the next 2 weeks are going to go–I’ve been there myself many times. I know it is exhausting to fight the system, especially when you are already fighting illness, but you have to. There is more they can do for you. If you aren’t already taking tranexamic acid, you can ask about a prescription for that. They can give it by IV in the hospital, and there is also an oral form you can take at home. It’s a drug that works on the blood clotting pathway to help slow the bleeding. Also, if you aren’t taking iron, please consider taking some. I know oral iron is very hard on the system but it will really help your fatigue. You can also ask your doctor about IV iron. I’ve discovered that hematologists manage anemia much more aggressively than general practitioners. And it should be managed aggressively, since it can be very debilitating. Hope you feel better soon.

  76. You are brave!

    I bleed a lot too,have become anemic, I also refuse taking hormonal contraceptives because they are so bad for me in every possible way.

    I have been taking 2000 mg a day of dong quai (Chinese Angelica) + DIM + yarrow tea for the heavy bleeding,I started them last month and my last period was much lighter that I could go to work.

    My mood has improved, energy levels, and my skin 🙂

    Hope you can feel a little better soon.


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