Ashley Adair

Five Years After Gardasil

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My name is Ashley Adair and I am suffering the side effects of something I thought would help me.  I received the Gardasil vaccine because the people and doctors all around me kept telling me “OH! This vaccine is the best thing to happen to the medical industry!” Of course my mom and I fell for it like many girls have. I want to let people know about the dark side of the Gardasil vaccine.

My Life Before Gardasil

Before the HPV Vaccine, I was the most energetic child. I went to school for 8 hours, then went to 3 hours of gymnastics practice, finishing with homework at night. My weekends were filled with gymnastics meets. After gymnastics I went straight into competition cheerleading, which were the same hours. I basically lived in the gym and loved every second of it. I was blessed. Overall I was a healthy child.

After the First Gardasil Injection

I received my first injection in April, 2008. My injection did hurt more than a normal injection. I had mild soreness and redness after. At the time, I didn’t recognize the symptoms I was having. I had slight fatigue, and I would occasionally have a very sore throat. I could not stick my tongue out and I just threw it off as an allergic reaction to chlorine because I was swimming a lot.

After the Second Gardasil Injection

The nightmare began in June, 2008. I received the second shot and I noticed it hurt a bit more than the first. I almost cried a bit, which is very much unlike me. I got a little lightheaded at the checkout line. After 30 minutes, I was fine. The very next night I told my mom I was very sick. I was crying in pain with my pelvis and legs absolutely killing me. I was running a fever and I was very nauseous. So like any parent would, she took me to the emergency room. Of course, the doctors only listen to one symptom and told me I had a stomach virus and that they couldn’t do anything for me. They sent me home.

The next day I was so exhausted and slept till about 3 o’clock. My mom came home from work.  I went outside and noticed I had some kind of rash all over my body. It looked like someone took a fine point purple permanent marker and dotted it all over me. My mom immediately took me to my regular pediatrician and he could not figure out what was on me. He ran a lot of blood work and we went home until we could receive the blood work news. My mom received a phone call around 9 o’clock; one of the scariest phone calls she has ever received. My doctor told her I needed to get back to the ER ASAP. He told her that my blood work was CRITICAL, and the rash on me was called a petechial rash.

Petechiae rashMy red blood cells and white blood cells were completely wiped out. They told me if I were to do a handstand my gums would start bleeding and I would bleed to death. If I caught a common cold my body would not be able to fight it off and I would die. Over the next six weeks I went through so many different rashes, EXTREME fatigue, joint pains, leg pains, shoulder pains, dizziness, and low blood pressure. I finally went to an infectious disease specialist and he told me not to get the third shot or I wouldn’t be here.

I finally started getting better. At the age of 15 I still had not received my menstrual cycle. I went to an OBGYN and he put me on birth control to start my period. That should have been a sign then but we didn’t think about it. I never gained my energy back. My senior year things started acting up again. I got a hemangioma on my lip.

This was very strange because it is mostly babies that will get a hemangioma, not adults. After that happened, I started getting very sick. I missed weeks of school at a time. I kept getting severe bronchitis and I just couldn’t shake it off. I also had to go to the doctor because I was very depressed. I was then put on Zoloft. Luckily my teachers worked with me and I graduated with A’s and B’s.

Ashley Adair Hemangioma post Gardasil
The hemangioma that developed on my lip.

Five Years Post Gardasil

Over the five years after I received the shot I always slept, never had energy, and kept getting what I thought was growing pains. In June of 2012 my growing pains were getting worse in my knees/legs. So my mom took me to the doctor and they couldn’t really figure out what was wrong. They put me in a knee brace and gave me medicine and sent me off. I also just did not feel good at all and my doctor ran some more blood work on me. We then found out I had hypothyroidism, I am now on medicine for that.

From June 2012 until now (August 2013), I face every day with severe pain. My pain is in my lower back, pelvic, hips, back of leg, and knee. I had eight epidurals for the pain. Nothing worked. My legs will also turn a dark purple almost black and it will travel all the way down to my feet.  No one seems to know what causes this.

Ashley Adair post Gardasil blood pooling
My leg turning purple.

I had an MRI for my back and found out that I am missing an ovary and have a mass on my uterus. Of course, when I went to the OBGYN for it, he did a sonogram and could find neither the mass nor my ovary. He threw me off like it was no big deal. I am now lost on whether I have an ovary or a mass.

I have discovered in this situation that doctors really will not try to help you. They just don’t believe you or throw you off to another doctor if they can’t figure it out. I also have lost family members because of this problem. Not everyone will believe you or know what you are going through, but I am here to get my word out so no girl or boy will have to go through the misery that I am going through. I want to create something good out of something terrible.

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  1. Carrie
    There is a class action lawsuit against guardisil now because of how many it has injured. My daughter was one as well however I didn’t realize it was the vaccine until I started doing research. Doctors are paid by big pharma to push these dangerous vaccines. They do not research VAERS and they are doing this on purpose to sterilize and injure unsuspecting girls and boys!

  2. My daughter has epilepsy. After the first dose she had twitches in the morning. Didn’t at the time realize the danger of Gardasil. She had her 2nd dose, two months later started her cycle and had a tonic clonic seizure. Lifetime in anti seizure prescription. My heart hurts. No more flu shots no more vaccines!! I trusted the pediatrician. God help us from this evil!!!!!

    • I agree it is evil when you really start researching it! We are trusting Doctors who are paid by big pharma to push these shots! They receive $300-$900 per vaccine dose per person! Therefore they have financial incentives to push these, and we trust them! I even tried to tell my pediatrician later after I researched the dangers, and they kicked me out of the office ! It is really pure evil on the unsuspecting public

  3. How do you do the detox? My niece us going thru anxiety, heart palpitations, hair loss, mood swings, she had hpv vaccine in 2018..thanks

  4. Get your child into a hyperbaric chamber, hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost is about 30 a session. Also seek out Chelation therapy it’s a bit more costly, but well worth the money. Each session is around $150.00.
    Good luck.
    Notee: Chelation therapy is a medical procedure that involves the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body.More at Wikipedia

  5. I gave my 11 year old daughter the 2 HPV vaccines about a year ago and I was not aware of all these stories. I trusted her doctor and he assured me and made me feel like it was completely safe and could potentially save her from cancer in the long run. My daughter hasn’t experienced and side effects besides mild headaches here and there which I think are normal in a growing teen. But, I often stress, lose sleep and cry at the thought of her getting sick from these shots in the future. I would never forgive myself.

  6. All these ridiculous new ailments and syndromes they have invented for the novel combined side effects of their toxic poisons. It just makes me ill it’s so vile.

  7. I’m sorry if I’m repeating this information but everyone should (at the very least) get on a detox diet for several months to remove heavy metals from your system as much as possible before more irreparable damages occur. My daughter got the HPV recently and she reacted adversely within 2 hours. I immediately got online did research and within hours begun detoxing her. We are 10 days in (from the date she got her vaccination) and she is recovering well. We will continue her on this diet for 4 straight months to make sure we’ve done everything. And please do not medicate unless absolutely necessary. For example, for my daughter’s pain, we did not give give her ibuprofen or tylenol because all that medicine does is suppress the pain. Masks the problem. It doesn’t heal and will not last long-term. A temporary “symptom reliever” in my opinion. We are healing our daughter naturally. Please visit an osteopathic doctor whose approach are natural and understands the body’s natural healing power. Sometimes medicine may “heal” one problem, makes you feel like you’re better but than weakened your immune system to heal your body by itself and cause another health issue. The key always is to build your natural immune system. Vaccines do not increase but actually weakens our immunity because it isn’t given a chance to fight off diseases. I’m not entirely against vaccines as I know that sometimes the lesser of 2 evils is that we have to do it so we can’t spread illnesses like the mumps or Polio. But we are giving our children 3x more vaccines than we, ourselves, had to endure growing up. Many vaccines are unnecessary! HPV is not contagious. It does not protect against even the cancers they mentioned. And it only lasts for 6 years. Doctors make $200 per vaccine. My daughter was injected with 3 vaccines at once including the HPV. That’s $600 for one child. Seeing 7-8 patients in a day is $$$$ in the bank for doctors. I’m sad to say but the tables are turning. MDs are now quack doctors when we used to think D.O. and chiropractors and their holistic approach to health was wackadoodoo stuff. Boy are we wrong. Their approach is about preventive and boosting your body’s natural healing mechanisms. MDs are about after the fact, medicating and suppressing symptoms. Injecting us with more chemicals for every ailment. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email if you want to know what I do to help my child detox from heavy metals. I want to help share any information that is working for my child. God Bless and I pray that anyone who is dealing with this will be healed.

    • I know this is 2 years after you have posted the comment, but could you please let me know how your daughter has responded in the last couple of years after doing detox diet. Also, what did the diet include?

    • Hi Sam, I’m hoping you can contact to share you tips and results for detoxing your daughter. I fear now that her Gardisal injections 7 years ago (she is now 21) was the beginning of her physical ailments and mental health. She has finally been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, ehlers-Danlos syndrome and BPD. All things causing huge issues independent and then jointly. Any stress causes the pain to increase. Lack of ability to work consistently causes financial and confidence issues.
      Any ideas would be great, thank you

      • Hi, There is a heavy metals detox spray called Coseva TRS which has helped me! I just spray it under my tongue twice per day, it has been 4 months and my energy is up; heart palpitations are gone; brain fog has lifted; no more migranes; a reoccurring rash on my leg is gone for good; I can finally sleep through the night, with vivid dreams – I’m yet to see it help my period pain but I think my detox takes longer because of this Gardasil shot. I also passed a lot of candida. It is safe for children as well @cleanheavymetalsdetox on Instagram has more info.

    • Hello Sam, in 2018 my son was given the Gardasil 9 vaccine series and his health declined and was hospitalized several times and has made trip after trip to the ER sometimes every few days. He is jaundice and his liver is enlarged and now his spleen is borderline enlarged. All the doctors he has seen have all said it is not due to the Gardasil vaccine. I don’t know if it is or isn’t for sure. I only know he was a perfectly healthy 15 year old prior to the vaccine. He is now 20 and is weak, fatiqued, underweight and unwell in general. We even found out he had had Hep A at some point and we don’t have a clue how that could have happened at all. We were told at one hospital that he has Addison’s disease which is an autoimmune disease . I have read that autoimmune diseases are common after Gardasil. I had never even heard of that before. He was given steroids (those are harmful as well) which he is to take for the rest if his life. I questioned the doctor’s how could that have happened? I mean…just out of nowhere??? This angered the doctors, ANY and ALL questions angered the doctors as they don’t like concerned parents to question them and this lead to them leaving horrible lies in his medical charts about me as a mother. It’s been a rough ride for my son and our entire family as we love him dearly. We finally decided to seek out a naturopath as we were getting nowhere with conventional doctors. He has had milk thistle, choline, cilantro, L- glutathione, numerous vitamins to build him back up (he went from 159 lbs to 114 lbs) He just started coconut charcoal yesterday. I have been talking with the mother of a Gardasil injured son for about a year now and she has helped me alot with info. She told me that the vaccine contains horrible things and aluminum is one of the ingredients. I am hoping the charcoal will pull out any aluminum and any other toxins that may be causing my son’s poor health.. Like I said, I don’t know for sure if Gardasil is the cause of my son’s health issues , but I do know for sure there was nothing wrong with him before he got this horrid vaccine. Since all this began I have been on a never ending search to get my son cured. Please let me know of anything I can do to help him reverse the damage or if you have any advice. I have never been about masking a health issue…I am only about getting to the root of the problem and correcting that…naturally if possible. Letting our doctor talk us into giving our son the vaccine is the BIGGEST regret of my life. Thank You for your time. Shelly

  8. Ashley I’d like to start by saying you are very brave! These vaccines cause neurological damage that effect the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. You can research this and also the Vegas nerve. Myself and my son have been damaged by recent vaccines. Please check our Dr Nemechek in Verrado Arizona. Although his website talks about SIBO he does not publish his involvement with the cases in court over Gardasil. The FDA doesn’t like him too much which is why I took my son to him. Again, please look him up and entertain this idea
    May you be blessed!

  9. Hi Ashley,I just watched your video and I’m sorry about the situation your in, but at the same time I’m thanking you for all information you gave me, because I was almost about to allow my daughter to get the HPV vaccination. But since I decided to do some some research before I allowed her to have the vaccination, and I’m glad I did; and God bless you.
    try this nature health solution
    buy the Aloe Vera gel.
    Aloe is cure inflammation try.

  10. I’m hoping some of the contributors to this website would be willing to support Fiona Kirby from Ireland who is going to court to try to get Gardasil taken of the market. Her daughter was seriously hurt by Gardasil and she is trying to keep this from happening to other girls. She has received very little support so far and is ridiculed in the local papers.
    I don’t know this women but have been following her fight. She could really use some help!
    She has a GoFundMe page

  11. Ashley,

    I found your video on Youtube and I want to say thank you again for sharing your story. It has recently been suggested that the reason that I have had abnormal Pap Smears (for the past 10 years) and I’m now having to go through procedures to remove the precancerous cells from my cervix and cervical canal are due to Gardasil.

    But now after watching your video and reading your story I am LIVID. My symptoms are all starting to tie back to 1 point in time – when I got the shot. I have also been diagnosed with Hypothyroid disease (my initial level was that of a coma patient), Epstein Barr, and Estrogen dominance. I also have dealt with severe back and hip pain for many years. All of this individually didn’t really stick out until NOW – now it all ties together – now it all makes sense- now I know 100% that Gardasil is to blame.

  12. Know this post was put up a while ago but had to say something- the purple rash looks like blood pooling, i get this along with severe growing pains/ pins and needles whenever i stay standing stationary for longer than 2 mins along with purple/black feet. This has only come on in the last 2 months, along with hypothyroidism, other circulation issues and anxiety-attack like episodes (despite being the least bit anxious), i am constantly exhausted and in some sort of pain as well as being lightheaded. I too had the gardasil shot in 2008 and my immune system has been compromised ever since (pneumonia, sinusitis, glandular fever, bronchial infections, vertigo, mycoplasma, etc) however it has only recently been suggested that gardasil might be responsible for this.

    • Emma, Would you be interested in sharing your health story post Gardasil? It’s been a while since we’ve had any of these but the symptoms that you speak of are very common and far too few recognize or understand them. Your story would help get the word out and perhaps push our understanding along.

    • At what point in your cycle did you receive the shot? It is known that women are more vulnerable to knee acl injuries early in their cycle. Maybe that also applies to vaccine injuries.

  13. I found your video on YouTube when I was searching damaging effects of vaccinations. For decades I have been against vaccinations and I’m so sorry for what you have gone through. Can I suggest reading a lot of books on natural healing and detoxification? The chemical medications they gave you are not healing the root of the problem/damage. Maybe you have already looked into these things since you made that video but I truly wish you a complete recovery. Never give up hope and remember nature has all the answers to bring you to the best state of health your body can be.

  14. First, I am truly sorry you are having all these health issues. However, how can you be certain your symptoms are caused solely by Gardasil? It seems your issues can be caused by a number of things. There is no medical evidence supporting that the vaccine was the direct culprit. I am not saying it is impossible, but this seems to only be based on the correlation of the shot with your new issues. Does not mean they are related, doesn’t mean they are not related. The shots do hurt because it is injected between the muscle and the vaccine is irritating which gives that burning pressure type feeling. Like I said, not trying to say it isn’t or diminish your concerns because you are clearly having health issues. I am just not convinced it is related to the vaccine due to lack of evidence other than time line correlation.

    • You clearly work for pharma. How dare you. My two girls were damaged because of your lies. I read the research studies. In case you haven’t noticed, the families affected are some of the best and brightest you will come across. We are not fooled by your bs. We all know we failed our children because we did not keep our eyes open to the corruption of big corporation. We still wanted to believe that our children’s doctors and schools would do what was right for them – after all they are human. So we thought. But you are not human are you? Only those few whistle blowers who have left their jobs because they could not face what they have done. Read the primary research. Those individuals responsible should hang their heads in shame. They may not have known what would happen, but they knew they could not predict the effect this improperly tested poison would have. they just took the money and hoped for the best. May they rot.

  15. Thank you so much for writing this..I only got the first one but stopped after. I haven’t had my period sence should I see a doctor? I got it at 17 I’m now 18. Mydocotor told me it was my choice to get the first one but didn’t say what it did. Thank u so much for sharing your experience. Hope you feel better in your life that shouldnt have happened to you

  16. My daughter had her 2nd shot in 2009 and after her 2nd shot she had a seizure, all the test said normal except they found an abnormal heart beat.Now it is 2014 and the seizures are back, she is seeing a cardiologist for her heart and soon another eeg and a neurologist. I am so scared for my daughter…. They told us it was safe and now I pray for my daughter’s life! I pray we can find the proper Dr. To help her! This is NOT normal for a 15 year old girl! Thank you for sharing your story BTW

  17. Ashley,

    Thank you for getting the word out about this. There are way too many stories like yours. I too have suffered a lot physically, but not because of a vaccine (that I know of, at least.) I have Interstitial Cystitis and Celiac Disease. I have left medical doctors completely in the dust and am now doing my own version of enzyme therapy and other supplements to re-build my digestive system and immune system. I hope you are able to figure more out.
    God bless,

  18. I’m sorry for all your suffering, Ashley! Thanks for speaking out about this dangerous vaccine. I too was a victim of the medical profession (unwarranted hysterectomy and ovary removal) and now have little faith in anyone in healthcare. You can read my stories here (author WS).

  19. Ashley – you just keep right on speaking out! Keep looking forward, but do try to add more vitamin D3 to your diet if you haven’t already! Don’t worry about what others think, you’re just a reminder of how life is!

  20. Ashley, I am very sorry for your suffering. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you will continue to look for answers. Sometimes it takes going through many doctors to find one who will listen and help you. Have they ever mentioned complex regional pain syndrome as a possible cause of your pain? If not, it might be something to ask about. It is not very well known, but it can cause the type of pain and skin changes you mention.

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