Alexis Wolf post Gardasil

A Day in the Life of Alexis Wolf: Six Years After Gardasil

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Alexis is now 20 years old. Six years have passed since her first injection of Gardasil. Life has changed drastically since then. After the Gardasil vaccine, Alexis developed encephalopathy, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and a horrible seizure disorder that has yet to be controlled. Read the first part of Alexis’ Gardasil journey here.

Post Gardasil Brain Injury

Alexis’ brain injury post Gardasil is in the frontal lobe. This part of the brain controls so much of who we are. This has left Alexis with the mental capacity of about an 8 year old. She gets very confused easily and struggles with short term and long term memory so she requires constant supervision with frequent redirection on everyday tasks. Her skill level of preparing meals for herself and daily personal hygiene is almost nonexistent. She can no longer take showers due to the danger of having a seizure and falling. I have to help her take a bath and make sure she gets clean. I have to assist in washing her hair to make sure it gets clean. I also have to get her clothes ready for her. She can usually dress herself with little assistance.

Post Gardasil Bowel and Bladder Problems

Since receiving Gardasil, Alexis progressively lost bladder and bowel control.  She has to wear adult diapers.  Sometimes she will put her fingers inside her anus to try to help herself go #2. Although we have discussed this with all of her doctors and with her, telling her it is very dangerous for her and everyone one else, she cannot control herself. We make her wash her hands OFTEN. I wipe things down with Lysol wipes OFTEN.

Post Gardasil Pain

Alexis has often expressed frustration, depression and suicidal thoughts as to her present life and her future. She can be swift to anger and have great mood swings. She will slam doors, throw things, spit at us and call us a variety of cuss words. She is miserable most of the time. She complains about pain constantly. We have been turned away by three different pain specialist because they review her records and tell me she is “too complex” for them to treat. The only thing she has to help her with the pain is medical marijuana in the form of tinctures and vapors. When her head hurts really badly she will hit her forehead with the palm of her hand and say “brain get better, brain get better…” She also complains about all over body aches, sharp pains in her chest, joint and muscle pain. She will tell us that everything looks scary, strange and unusual even herself. The best description she was able to give us was that it looked like the walls were melting and people looked like cartoons. I had to take her out of high school for the above reasons. Her teachers were not very patient with her and they would push her buttons so one day she hit one of her teachers in the arm. The school called the police so I took her out of school.

Post Gardasil Seizures

Alexis’ speech patterns can often digress to repetitive statements over and over. This occurs without the knowledge that she is engaged in that behavior. Her motivation level is very low due to her brain injury. Getting her to do anything is quite the struggle. Almost every task is labored and takes lots of patience from the person helping her. Often at times she will flat out refuse to move and begs to take a nap. She naps off and on all day every day. We really do not know how long she sleeps at night but we think it is no longer than two hours at a time. The seizures happen all the time and they wake her up while she is sleeping. She is usually unable to fall back to sleep, so she wanders the house and searches for food. She has horrible impulse control and she is not able to tell if she is full or not. We have to keep the fridge and the pantry locked up at all times so she does not eat herself into a coma. If she eats a full meal and then has a seizure she will forget that she has just eaten and she begs for food saying that she is starving. We also lock up her medications because she will forget that she has taken them and try to take more even though I store them in those daily dose medicine boxes. She can have many, many seizures in a day. She takes anti-seizure meds and she also has a device implanted in her chest called a VNS therapy. It is supposed to reduce or stop her seizures but so far we have not really noticed a difference. She has had it for 3 years and soon she will be due for a battery replacement that will require another surgery. The battery should have lasted 5-10 years but the doctors have made so many adjustments on the therapy levels that the battery only has a few months left of power.

Alexis having a Seizure in 2010

Six Years and Counting

In the past six years we have had to deal with many people who do not understand the side-effects of the Gardasil vaccine. We have been accused of horrible things. We have had to endure being investigated by Child Protective Services, Adult Protective Services, police, detectives and more. Family, friends and neighbors have turned their heads and left us behind. Alexis’ father has not spoken to her in two years and all the help he had once offered is nonexistent. The government services that should support Alexis and her brain injury are bogged down so she is on a waiting list of over 40,000 people. I was told she MIGHT get services in 2019 when her name comes up next on the list. The way things have been going it is possible that all money and services may dry up and go away before her name even comes up.

Alexis’ inability to live independently will require lifelong care and assistance. I worry all the time about what will happen to her when I am no longer able to care for her. Every day new challenges arise so I can never put down my guard. I have been told by at least two doctors that I should look into some sort of institutional assisted living facility, but I cannot wrap my mind around that just yet. Life is quite different than it was six years ago, before Gardasil. Six years ago Alexis was a normal 14 year old. Starting to wear make-up and get interested in boys…working hard in school and enjoying honor roll. She had her whole life ahead of her and now she spends every day in a living hell filled with pain and misery, begging to be better, begging everyone to pray for her.

Six years ago, before Gardasil, life was very different.

Alexis Wolf before Gardasil
Alexis Wolf, age 14, before her first Gardasil injection.


Alexis Wolf after Gardasil
Alexis Wolf, age 20, six years after Gardasil.


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  1. My daughter has been really ill after HPV. After three months it started first ear infection then psychosis then vomiting 30+ times a day, Chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety can’t focus on anything not been in education for 2/3 years now wetting herself and needs brain EEG

  2. I came across this story as I was researching Lupron injections and how to cure myself from the damage. Your story caught my attention because in the back of my mind, I have always felt sick about when I felt pushed into allowing my son to get this same vaccine. This is so heartbreaking. My heart goes out to Alexis and her family. This is also maddening. My son got his HPV immunization at 11.5 years old. I questioned it and felt a negative feeling about it. His pediatrician told me that it will prevent future illness and disease. If he does not get the injection, he is at risk of spreading it or getting cancer. Why would he even get it, he was still oblivious to girls and not sexually active at all. So, although I did not want him to get it, I felt that if he ever got cancer from HPV it would be on me because I refused to give him the injection. So I gave in to his doctor. After he got the injection, he started feeling light headed. Maybe a month later he fell a few times and fainted. He began to have weak legs and they would go numb. He later had pain when urinating. He would get winded after a run. Prior to the shot, he was very athletic. He was an avid swimmer, he was in Jujitsu, he was never sick and he was extremely active. With all of these symptoms, I took him to see his doctor a lot. I was told that he’s growing rapidly because of puberty and these symptoms are all side effects. I got a second opinion. He was referred to specialists. He had an EKG and met with a cardiologist. He met with an orthopedic specialist to check his bones and spine. ( no neurologist)They decided to check him for Marfan’s and after weeks of testing it was ruled out. His heart was fine, bones were fine, labs were in range. They couldn’t find anything and said just wait until he gets through the rapid puberty spurt. He is 13 years old now. He still has the uncomfortable legs and is light headed some days. He is not as active as before and gets tired fast still. He used to be able to run bleachers and swim with stamina. In the back of my head I still feel that this HPV series of shots had something to do with his symptoms. He also used to memorize short scripts for his theatre classes, he lost interest in acting because he can’t remember his lines. It used to take him 60 minutes to 90 minutes to memorize a 3 page script. It takes him 4 days. I honestly feel like it changed something in him. And if he did have underlying issues, I feel like maybe something in that vaccine enhanced or made issues progress or worsen rapidly. I feel that some kids are more sensitive than others, maybe they are allergic or the dosage is just to high for the child to handle. I also feel that it is a chemical poison that damages their cells as it travels through their blood stream. I’m not sure. I’m going to research this now. Gosh, I’m so sorry that your child is now struggling because of this. It is frustrating because this did not have to happen. I hope that this can be reversed and that she will heal. Keep trying alternatives.

  3. Tracy, I’m so sorry for what you and your family are going through. I don’t see a current post & wonder how your daughter is now.
    As a parent of an 11 year old girl, who is due for her first HPV vaccination this June, this terrifies me. I am currently dealing with chronic thiamine deficiency, which no seems to be able to help me with, nor explain. From reading articles on this website, it seems this vaccine affects thiamine levels and I now worry how Gardasil may affect my daughter.

    Is there more than 1 type of HPV vaccine available? Is one safer than the other?

    Given my father died at 45 yo (I’m 46 yo) of a massive heart attack, I wonder if there is a genetic component that I need to look for in both myself and my daughter before even considering this vaccine. Anyone familiar with this?

    • As a parent of a vaccine injured 30 yr old: HHS was sued by RFK Jr with ICAN foundation and del Bigtree. They proved NOBODY has done ANY double blind placebo vaccine studies. EVER. I dont care if youhave to fire your pediatrician and go to a non vaccinating Dr of Osteopathy for medical care: DONT VACCINATE ANY MORE. Please listen to all of us who know.

  4. Wow, I am so god damn beyond furious with the medical bastards that did this to your daughter. They should be lined up against a wall and shot, all of them. How dare they do this to her, I can just imagine how awful as a mother you must feel. I know because I experience everyday the effects of a hysterectomy and female castration. There are no words. I commend you on sharing your story. The bravery, is amazing.

  5. Hi All

    I just want to share that I was suffering from Gardasil vaccine damage for more than 1.5 years since March 2013. I tried everything from hyperbaric oxygen therapy, zeolite, various detox programs and alternative therapies. I also took magnesium malate, fish oils, and many other supplements.

    Ultimately, the one supplemnet that healed me and repaired my neurological damage is Laminine. It is extracts from 9 day old fertilized avian egg and activates the Stem cells in your own body to assist in healing. I was healed over a period of 5 weeks on 4 capsules of Laminine daily.

    Please take Laminine for your complete healing.

    God Bless!

  6. Look for a doctor/clinic of Integrative Medicine, Tracy.

    Alexis needs chelation as well as general detox but you’ve gotta take time when quitting all the medication and you need professional help for that.

  7. Tracy,

    You’ve gotta DETOX her.
    You talk about the “side-effects of the Gardasil” but you didin’t think about all the so-called ‘side effects’ of other madication??

    Medicines are poison.
    Basically that’s what the top of Japan Pharmacists Association recently stated in a magazine “Weekly Gendai”, saying “Patients, discard all your medicines!”

    Alexis was swindled by this HPVV and on top, you took her back to doctors who sell various poison to people to buy more poison. Many of them are simply brainwashed through education and doing whatever they’re told but the tops should know what they’re actually doing.

    I don’t know what sort of medication she’s actually taken, but you’ve gotta do some research how to quit all of them safely, and detox her.

    It’d take some time I bet because now her body’s got various poison on top from HPVV, but detoxing will cure her. First slowly, and stop giving her any poison in foods drinks as well, then detox with Yaeyama Chlorella, zeolite etc.

    The more medicines from conventional doctors, the further she gets away from her recovery. This is a huge fraud going on for decades all around the world. They put poison in us and our children calling it “vaccination, immunization” and make money then, plus creating their future customers(patients).

    Hope you wake up.
    And best of luck to you both!!

    • It’s interesting, Chihaya, that you chose to offer your idea of a cure-all while insulting a parent who is doing her very best under the worst of circumstances. This parent is sharing her daughter’s story to assist others in learning enough to make an educated choice. If anyone needs to wake up, I would say it’s you…and maybe grow a little more empathy while you’re at it.

      • JenO,
        Actually Shihaya is awaken and right. This is no time to play with words pretending to be nice to people while we leave them in ignorance.
        We all need to wake up from deep sleep and face those criminals that are killing us thru food-vaccines-water-medications- the list goes on and on. Doctors are literally murderers (some of them don’t even know it yet), that’s what medical school gave them. You need to know it to save yourself. The education system is a fraud among everything else.
        Yes, Shihaya needs to deal with reality and help her daughter get back to health. It will happen only if she stops the poisons, detox, introduce real food in the body, good prebiotic/probiotic. Also find a Functional Medicine Doctor/ Holistic Doctor in your area. The first 2 things to cut out of your diet: WHEAT products and CORN products.
        GOOGLE the following: CAFO meat, FUKUSHIMA, GMO food, GLUTEN food=
        Self Education, real education is available to those who are awaken and out of the MATRIX.
        May GOD help us all!

  8. The story of Alexis Wolf is terrible. I have come to the conclusion that this vaccination results in depletion of oxidative metabolism. That is equivalent to a deficiency of oxygen. The result of course is loss of energy in the cells of the body and particularly of the brain. Although we now know that some of the affected girls have been made deficient in vitamin B1, this is not the only cause of defective oxidative metabolism. Vitamin B1 may be compared with a spark plug in a car. The fundamental result of its deficiency is a downgrading of energy metabolism. A huge amount of energy is required to run the human brain. Thus vitamin B1 deficiency acts as a model for understanding energy deficiency. It has been published that vitamin B1 deficiency is present in a number of brain diseases and seems to be involved in the inflammatory response. Exposure to large doses of vitamin B1, however, has been pour. This is an area of very important research, all too commonly neglected in clinical medicine. It would therefore be important for any GARDASIL injured person to get the transketolase test, since it begins to throw light on a position that is presently obscure.

  9. Tracy, I am HEALING from a brain injury from a motorcycle accident with the help of a very smart and compassionate doctor in San Diego, He has helped a lot of people to heal from a lot of things. Maybe he could help your daughter.

  10. These medical companies have way too much power with not enough checks and balances, we need to come up with something to put the money making out of health.

    As a hairstylist, I will make sure to tell everyone in my chair to stay away from this stuff.

    I can’t tell you how utterly frustrating it is dealing with doctors who only book you 15 minute appointments to see you and could honestly care less about the unhealthy person who is obviously experiencing something.

    There is not a worse nightmare.
    truly sorry. 🙁

  11. Dear Tracy,
    My heart completely broke reading about the medical nightmare your sweet Alexis has been through – the physical agony, pain, emotional changes, distress, complete ignorance by so many doctors, and unnecessary trauma she has had to endure. I felt compelled to write you because for the last 5 and a half years (I’m now 27) I’ve gone through a medical nightmare myself – Lyme Disease. This might sound way out there, but ALL of the symptoms you described can be classic for Lyme and coinfections. For two and a half years I went misdiagnosed and tested negative. Has she ever been tested? Lyme can be dormant in one’s system and certain things can trigger it to completely take over – I could be way off but perhaps the Gardisil triggered Lyme to become active while the shot itself also clearly caused damaged. I know you don’t know me but I feel so strongly that Lyme or some kind of bacteria that would possibly respond to IV antibiotic treatment could be explored. Please please please don’t hesitate to reach out and email me – in fact, I truly hope you do. You and your family have been through hell and back and I can tell you, I have as well and am right there with you. My email is Thinking of you and Alexis, hang in, and sending hugs and prayers.

  12. Chloe, Alexis’ symptoms were very bizarre at first. She got worse with each injection and we are not really sure when her seizures started. It is suspected that she was having seizures for several months before anyone realized it. Dr. thought she was acting out and trying to get attention. I fought and argued with them because I KNEW something was very wrong but no one would listen to me until one Dr suggested that she might be having seizures.

  13. So sorry to hear this happened to your precious daughter. I refused to vaccinate my daughter with the HPV vaccine in grade five and it was not a popular decision. The other children actually scared my child into thinking she would get cancer without it! Such a useless reckless vaccination!! I hope that stories like yours can help eliminate this poison from our children’s school systems! Keep telling your story because people need to know the truth!

  14. Hello I’m a 15 year old girl and have had the HPV vaccine. I was wondering how long after she got the vaccine she started having seizures and all of the other troubles?

  15. I have been reading about diatomaceous earth lately and how it has helped many people with all kinds of ailments, including cancer. It’s worth a try. It sounds like it flushes your body of toxins. I’m sorry your this happened to your beautiful daughter. What a nightmare it must be to see her in such pain.

  16. I would immediately buy a juicer and put her on a total organic raw fruit and vegetable diet. This will detox her body from the harmful chemicals and help her body heal. Or better yet contact the Gerson clinic and see if they think they could help. Am I 100% sure this would heal her completely? No, but I am sure it would help and it certainly couldn’t hurt!

  17. I am so, so, so sorry for your pain! There is nothing that I can say that will fully express my condolences and my condolences don’t make anything better. I will tell you that if I ever have a child, he or she will not get the HPV vaccine. You have done that. Thank you for sharing your story.

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