Post Gardasil Severe Cyclic Vomiting, Migraines, and a Long List of Other Symptoms


This is a photo of Stephanie Matthews pre-Gardasil. Below is a photo of her in December 2016, while in the hospital. She is slowly starting to let me calendar her health with photos and writing.

Gardasil, the journey no one should take…

If this story helps just one more girl, this journey will not be in vain.

I will not be able to touch the tip of the iceberg with this story. So much more has happened over these past 4-5 years. It has been a whirlwind and like a whirlwind, and unwelcome event. If you take one thing away from Steph’s story it should be clear as a bell. DO NOT GET THE GARDASIL VACCINE FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR CHILDREN.

Stephanie was 23 years old at the time of her 1st Gardasil vaccine. As most young adults, Stephanie was working, had her own health insurance and took responsibility for her health and medical decisions. Stephanie had been a Type I diabetic since age 10 and knows how important it is to take care of herself. At her regular checkup the doctor said that she needed to get this “NEW” vaccine for the HPV virus. So the journey began.

Steph received her first vaccine in June 2008. The second in October 2008. The night of her second vaccine Stephanie was hospitalized in ICU for an acute respiratory problem and sky rocketing blood sugars.

The 3rd vaccine was given in December 2008.  Early in 2009, Stephanie took a trip to Mexico. On her way back she had uncontrollable vomiting, headaches, body aches and was again hospitalized.

Thinking that she may have picked something up while on her travels to Mexico, we pressed the hospital and doctors to check for parasites and pathogens. All tests came back negative.

She began being hospitalized over and over again with uncontrolled vomiting, headaches and body aches, Test after tests, revealed nothing. Then finally a diagnosis of gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying), from her diabetes. Her body was also full of yeast. The gastric emptying test came back inconclusive and one of them came back slow.

Here is the clincher, we did not give any thought to the vaccine, because we did not know she had the vaccine. It was not until we started realizing that her symptoms were not conclusive to gastroparesis, that I pressed Stephanie asking what she may have done differently or been exposed to. This is when she said “well, I had a vaccine”. Keep in mind she was an adult and trusting the doctors, she did not think this was relevant. They would not give her something to hurt her, she thought.

Connecting the Dots: It was Gardasil

It would be close to two years before the awakening as to Steph’s “mystery illness would be realized. It was while on my Facebook page a large flashing ad on the left of my screen shouting one more girl, got my attention. I clicked on it and found that several girls had the same symptoms. I had so many questions.

How was this vaccine tested?

What did the package insert say?

Did any other of these girls have already compromised immune systems like Steph with her type I diabetes?

Was it tested on this group of girls?

Why do some get sick but not all and why so many? It is like playing Russian roulette.

Why had other countries already taken the vaccine off the market?

This was just the beginning of the long long journey into the Gardisil nightmare.

Vomiting, Edema, Itching, Hair Loss, Extreme Moods, Jaw Growth, Bone Aches, and More

Since October 2008, Stephanie has been hospitalized over 80 times. She was in for three weeks in Southern California. This time on a purely liquid diet, hooked up to IVs, gaining weight and still vomiting.  She had headaches, disrupted menstrual cycle, large weight gain, itching, hair loss body aches depression, extreme mood changes.

She has had EVERY test over and over again.

Not one doctor that we encountered had yet to look or even consider the vaccine; they have blamed everything from her diabetes, to her being psychologically sick.

The doctors have gone so far as to say that they think we are crazy. Her last doctor in Southern California finally looked at the other girls’ stories and the website SaneVax. He threw his hands up and said, “If this were my mother, daughter, sister or aunt, I would go and get a second opinion.” Keep in mind by this time, Steph has had every blood test, scope, scan and test that was available, all pretty much inconclusive or if one came back positive once, it was not positive again.

They pumped her full of anti-nausea meds, antibiotics, fluids, painkillers, anti-fungal over and over again. Each and every hospital visit we would have to go over the same thing, and each and every time we would get the same treatment. We were always told by the hospitals,

“We don’t fix people here. We just get them well enough to follow up with their primary doctor.”

I could not get them to understand that she is hospitalized so much that by the time she gets out and gets an appointment to her primary doctor, she is sick again and admitted to the hospital. We have had 2nd 3rd and 4th opinions.

These symptoms are brutal. The vomiting is not something that stops on its own, and is accompanied by brutal stomachaches as well. Now you tell me, how does a person who is vomiting more days out of their life, than not, gain weight?

Other symptoms: It is almost like she has gone into menopause, with the hair loss, mood swings, and night sweats, hot flashes. This vaccine disrupts the entire neurological and endocrine system. In addition to the uncontrollable vomiting, her symptoms include: fatigue, fainting, dizziness, severe food allergies, missed menstrual periods, severe cramps, and bartonella rash. Weight gain, uncontrollable blood sugars, light sensitivity and heat sensitivity.

Nine Years Post-Gardasil: Still Sick, Mounting Hospital Bills and No Answers

By October 2010, Stephanie’s Cobra insurance ran out. She was now uninsured, unable to work, she could barely get out of bed, and her hospital bills had mounted to over $2 million dollars. I decided to move her to Northern California, so she would be closer and maybe get fresh start with new doctors. She had already been hospitalized numerous times in Southern California at five different hospitals.

The move north proved to us that the medical field is not willing to accept or take responsibility to go up against the “big Pharma” companies.

Steph spent most of April 2013 in the hospital. We went so far as to have her gallbladder removed, just hoping this would stop her uncontrollable vomiting, wrong again. One doctor actually told us

“So what if it is the vaccine, what are we going to do about it?”

Today, Steph is 31 she is on disability, and on Medicare, but still not one doctor is willing to look further into the fact that the vaccine has caused her symptoms. Her visits to the hospital are coming farther apart.


Steph Mathews 8.75 years post Gardasil
Steph Mathews 8.75 years post Gardasil

It seems that there is a series of things that happen before she gets sick. She becomes extremely tired. She will “swell up” get extremely bad migraines and body aches. Then the vomiting will start.  She will vomit with no food in her system and it will be hundreds of times and last for days. This seems to be occur every three months.

Gardasil Victims

Stephanie is not alone, there have been 394 deaths, and 51,522 adverse reactions reported to VAERS. This is only in the United States. Keep in mind; these are only reported reactions, how many other families have sick adult daughters that have not put two and two together? Many other countries are battling the same Gardasil Injuries, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, UK and Japan just to name a few.

Now they are going to be giving it to 12 year-olds in schools and without parental consent if that child wants it. And why in the world would they want 12 year olds to get this vaccine, without having to tell their parents? A 12 year old that became sick from this vaccine without parental knowledge would never be able to connect the two event! And so, the horrible journey in to Gardisil prison would begin.

I just hope that all of our girl’s stories help to get the word out that this vaccine, is a killer! It takes away lives. It makes the medical field and pharmaceutical companies millions, and now it is being said that many of these girls will become sterile. This is now being stated by the American College of Pediatricians.

My opinion is that these doctors and hospitals are scared to death to side with an extremely sick young girl, for fear of retaliation against the drug companies and mainly in this case MERCK. Please know that all 3 of my children had their childhood vaccines. I was not anti-vaccine, until this. The Gardasil vaccine “fast tracked” to the mainstream medical and do not have sufficient testing to deem them safe for anyone.

Please do not even consider this vaccine, it has damaged and killed more girls throughout the U. S. and other countries than the disease it was meant to protect against!

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  1. Hi,

    I know this is several years old but I had a question… Can you explain when you said one of Stephanie’s symptoms was “Bartonella rash”? Did you see an infectious disease doctor for the Bartonella through all of your many visits to doctors? I am asking because both my children, both boys, went through some unusual illnesses after our entire family was exposed to mold in our home for years (10+), slowly getting us more ill with each passing year. I think the mold exposure compromised our immune systems and made us more susceptible to other environmental triggers and illnesses.

    For one we all had to go gluten free. My eldest son did in fact have Bartonella. It was a neurological manifestation that kept him ill for over a year and a half. He even had stare-type seizures and at once point could speak. Only slurring came out of his mouth as if he was trying to say something. We didn’t know what it was until eventually a wavy-looking rash developed on his back. A scary time it was! We never got an official diagnosis because no one knew what his illness was at the time.

    My other son suffered from his 7th grade vaccinations. It wasn’t a Gardasil vaccination but he was injured. Again, this was during the height of our mold exposure and he should not have received a vaccine at all. But, we did not know at the time. The day after his meningitis vaccine he tanked. It is now 6 years later. Doing much better but still not the same person he was.

    I had someone call me from the department of health, or something like that, once and asked my opinion of the Gardasil vaccine and did I plan to get my sons vaccinated. You can bet I gave them an ear-full!

    Thoughts & prayers to you and your family.

  2. GARDASIL problem in Ireland is dire.Minister of Health urging Doctors to join him in the fight against hysterics scaremongers etc.Merck PIL SUPPRESSED In Ireland Irish Cancer Soc accepted €200,000 from Merck.After 5 yrs our daughter recovering following treatment in German & US clinics

    • Jonatthin this is a true crime against humanity! I am sorry for your daughter and The way Irekand is reacting! We truly need cl8nics workswide for the injured. Not all of us have the means to seek helo in other countries or functional medicine etc. Steoh had a drs appt 6 weeks ageo. The doctor was so rude to her. She asked for referrals and he snidly said oh you want someine that will listen!! He said he was se ding referrals and he never did. What can we all do about this treatment from government and doctors? I can no believe your givernments treatment in Ireland! We have to all stick together! Sending Love and prayers from th e US! I am glad your daughter is better!

  3. My daughter was also injured by the Gardasil vaccine. Not this severe, but all of these young girls and boys are lucky to be alive. The only thing that has hi my daughter her life back is Plexus health and wellness products. I am a Plexus ambassador and I know these products can help your daughter. Including her diabetes!

  4. This is just so awful and upsetting to read. Please please please visit the Facebook page called Building Boys – the woman who runs the page is promoting the Gardasil vaccine and I think it’s shocking. I have given my opinion and so have others. I know it’s a small drop in the big ocean but she has many followers and it’s so much more effective when speaking from experience. Thank you so much. Even just a few words of warning about the vaccination! I hope your daughter improves. My heart breaks for you.

  5. I find this story very disheartening. We now know that diabetics are thiamine deficient and require thiamine supplements in order to prevent the complications of diabetes. If you look at other posts on this website you will find a large amount of information regarding the relationship of the Gardasil vaccine as a stress factor precipitating thiamine deficiency. This unfortunate young lady was already thiamine deficient when she got the vaccine and the cyclic vomiting is a typical thiamine deficiency brain phenomenon. The other symptoms that she has are all mitochondrial in nature and would probably respond to large doses of the thiamine derivatives known as Lipothiamine. I recommend reading the many posts on this website that deal with this problem

    • Thank you we are doing everything we can. We have not found a doctor willing to listen. I am reseat hung the thiamine I know she has mitochondrial issues as well as mast cell activation. I would drive her around the country to find one doctor to help her but dont gave the means to do so! It has been a long journey and a frustrating one seeing this vaccine stil on the market. The benefits DO NOT out weigh the risks!

  6. She’s been poisoned. Have you put her on an aggressive detoxification regimen? There are techniques to pull the poisons out but you won’t learn about them in any hospital.

  7. Cousin Jeannie & Stephanie – my heart hurts for what you have and are going through. I hope the right people read your article and you get some help fighting back. Nobody deserves to be SO sick at such a young age. I love you both♡♡

  8. Jean – thank you for sharing your daughter’s story. Like you, I made sure my daughter (11 yo) had gotten all childhood vaccines, but she will not get any HPV vaccines. I am grateful to all who have shared their stories on this website, because I may not have ever known about the problems due to the HPV vaccines. I hope she finds some relief and recovers. Please continue sharing her story. You are impacting lives. Thank you.

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